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How many times have you been out and about with your guitar, playing whatever original tunes come to mind as you roam the streets of an urban center when suddenly you notice that you've broken a string on your guitar or the pick has slipped out from between your fingers

and fallen down a sewer grate? How tragic! We're guessing this has actually never happened to you or that, if it has, you are the type of person that wears a fedora or a formal vest over a plain white T-shirt. Yet, if you have found yourself to be that unfortunate someone, fret not (see that pun there? We're proud of that one)! This vending machine, found in Portland, dispenses things guitarists (and other strings instrumentalists, like those playing violins, mandolins, and ukuleles) might need on the go or in tight spots, like picks, strings, and tuners. This hipster vending machine is wildly popular in Portland and is likely to come to an urban center near you soon enough.

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