15 Utter Lies You Were Taught In School

Chances are you didn't have great teachers if you were told this stuff...

School… it’s a place where young people go to learn the most important facts about life and become prepared to live as adults. Some of us have lots of great memories from school, others not so much, but the fact is that perhaps every one of us has learned something new and useful in life from this place.

However, today we hear lots of new scientific discoveries about all things imaginable. Some of the science news tells us that not every fact we were taught at school is right.

You shouldn’t be surprised as even teachers, people who are responsible for giving people the most factual information, aren’t supercomputers and may miss important news - even about their own subject.

This means, that sometimes, teachers may teach you things that they think could be right, but in reality, is either wrong or partly wrong.  Do you want to know the facts they taught you as an unquestionable truth? Then continue to read below, and you’ll be surprised!

15. 1950s America Was Perfect


If you heard that the 1950s were the best years Americans ever had, then you are mistaken. In this period, the U.S. citizens were still experiencing economic problems due to the failures in World War II and many died as young males.

However, it was just a tiny piece of the harsh truth. Rampant racial segregation, alcoholism, and domestic violence were problems many Americans experienced daily. Also, there was a war in Korea and a constant danger of nuclear war with Russia that only worried more already overwhelmed citizens.

14. Ferdinand’s Assassination Started WWI


Many history teachers tell pupils that Gavrilo Princip, who assassinated Ferdinand with one shot, is the one to blame for one of the bloodiest wars in history. In truth, Ferdinand wasn't such an important figure to become the cause of World War II.

Rather, Ferdinand was only a small piece of a bigger game. At that period, many countries had many colonies that were used to gain additional resources for further growth. But one country didn’t have colonies. It was Germany that was becoming weaker and weaker among other European countries. As there weren’t serious wars for the past 100 years, people forgot about how horrible it is to fight against each other and even wanted World War I to start.

13 Adolf Hitler Was A Military Genius


When people think about Germany during the World War II period, many believe that Hitler was the one who created all tactics and decided every action. But in reality, he was just the primary figure in public and rarely made important decisions in war.

If you didn’t know, Hitler fought in World War I and survived only because he was always hiding, while other German soldiers were risking their lives to save him. As Hitler was bad at tactics, Herman Goering and Erwin Rommel were two primary generals that most often decided what actions Germany should do. When Hitler was giving his ideas, most often he was talked out of them, as most of these ideas were terrible.

12 The Middle Age Was A Disaster


The Middle Age is sadly notorious for being the worst age in history. Many diseases, poor people, lack of scientific knowledge, wars, inequality, and many other bad things were a part of daily life.

Moreover, many historians concentrate so much on what happened in the Middle Age that they forgot to say good things. Many works of literature, art, and some scientific masterpieces were created in the Middle Age.

Also, historians rarely say that in every age, people experience new problems. Climate change, lack of high-quality food, and deforestation are problems even modern technique and scientific knowledge struggle to stop.

11 Christopher Columbus Traveled To America For Exploration Purposes


Perhaps you know Christopher Columbus as a person who is recognized for discovering America. What you may not know is that exploration wasn’t the primary reason why he decided to take such a crazy trip.

At that time, every country wanted to become bigger and powerful, so they did everything they could do to achieve it. Educating people, increasing production, building well-protected towns, and looking for undiscovered lands were things rulers did to increase their power.

So, experienced sailors like Columbus were needed to find new areas to… exploit. Yes, not to discover and brag to others, but to use all resources to strengthen a country.

10 You Need To Drink Eight Glasses Of Water Per Day


The first problem about this fact is that there are many different types of glasses. So, how much water can be in them? This means that one glass of water can contain from 100 millilitres up to half a litre of water.

Also, every person is different. Gender, weight, height, genes, and age play an important role in determining how much water you should drink. If 1.5 litres per day is a perfect amount for a young and slim woman, for a 30-year-old male bodybuilder, it would be a disaster.

Furthermore, many nutritionists forget to say that small kids from six to eight years old rarely need eight glasses of water, as they become too hydrated and can become sick. One of the best ways to know how much should you drink is to drink when you feel you need to.

9 The Greenhouse Gases Only Harm Us


You should know that greenhouse gasses are needed for us and other species to survive. Without them, the Earth’s climate would be too cold, so many animals and people would die. The only way to survive for us would be to use all imaginable heat sources like volcanoes and hot springs to heat our living environment.

But by using such heat sources, we couldn’t create big populations as we have today, so there would be only small villages and towns. Moreover, extracting resources and expanding into new areas would become a lot more difficult and a dangerous task.

8 The Great Wall Of China Is Visible From Space


No matter how popular the Great Wall of China is, it isn’t visible from space; unless you use improving technologies. While the Great Wall of China is about 9,000km long, it’s just 10m wide, so it’s too narrow to be visible from the far distances of space.

Moreover, both NASA and China’s astronauts said that this is an unreal fact. Objects that could be visible from space must be wide and long at the same time. It should be something similar to Giza Pyramids, but much bigger in size to become visible from space.

7 The Trojan Horse Is Real


The myth says that after 10 years of war between Greeks and Trojans, the Greeks became tired of fighting and started to lose their will to win. It took much longer than they thought so many warriors started to miss their families.

So, the myth goes further and gives details about how Greeks decided to make a surprise attack by hiding themselves in the Trojan horse. Later, the Greeks took this horse through a gate. At night, a group of Greeks went from the Trojan horse, opened the gates and all together, defeated the Trojans.

The only problem is that there is no real evidence that the Trojan horse has ever existed, so many historians believe that it was just a horse-shaped battering ram.

6 We Evolved From Chimpanzees


Scientists have found many bones and other pieces of evidence that show that at once, there were similar beings to chimpanzees and us. However, it isn’t enough to be definitely sure that we evolved from chimpanzees.

We may be the descendants of different species like orangutans or gorillas. Or, even from any other type of organisms. Due to this fact, some scientists believe that some sort of advanced aliens came to the Earth and altered our evolution. DNA changes, controlling of our behavior and maybe even teaching us useful knowledge for survival are things aliens could do us if they were here.

5 Einstein Was A Bad Mathematician


Some teachers want to encourage students by saying that Albert Einstein, in his early days, was bad at school subjects. While it’s true that some subjects were difficult for him, he was a great mathematician.

Before he was 12 years old, he knew more about math than most adults know today. Moreover, he was so curious and advanced on this subject that he wanted to leave school because it was stopping his improvements. To help the little Einstein, his parents bought him lots of books so he could further develop his skills.

This myth became popular due to the fact that before he entered school, he had speaking problems.

4 You Should Eat Meat One To Three Times Per Week


There are many studies that tell us to eat less meat, as it helps to avoid diseases and allows you to live a longer and happier life. Yet, if you choose to eat high-quality meat, you can live as long or even more than vegetarians and vegans.

For example, in the North of Canada, there are still people who continue traditions and live away from civilization. How do they survive a cold climate? They build small houses from ice blocks and eat a diet that consists of healthy meat.

Such a diet allows them to live at least 80 years and they don’t experience such problems as heart diseases, high cholesterol levels, and cancer, because they hunt and eat only wild animals that possess high-quality meat sources.

3 Stars Burn


The burning process can only start if the atmosphere has oxygen. If not, burning can’t happen. Stars emit light and heat by using the fusion of atomic particles to convert matter into energy, or simply put, light and heat.

Either way, they create a massive explosions and throw away all of their matter from which new cosmic bodies form. Planets, satellites, cosmic rubbish, and even new stars form from once stars that once lived. Or, if stars are at least 10 times bigger than the Sun, they become black holes and drain everything that is around them. But this happens rarely as most stars are too small to transform into black holes.

2 You Have Only Five Senses


In elementary school, you probably heard about the five senses every healthy person has. But in truth, people have at least 20 different senses - like hunger, balance, temperature, and thirst.

Why haven't many people heard about this in school? It’s due to the fact that researching such senses are a lot more difficult and often require modern methods researchers didn’t have the past.

Actually, even today, we lack good enough technologies to know every detail about these senses. More importantly, school is the place where people are taught basic things about science, as not everyone is interested or determined in learning about the human body.

1 There is No Left And Right Side Of The Brain


Not long ago, scientists believed that there was no difference between the left and the right side of the brain. But now we know that this is a real fact. What can these different sides tell? According to your personality, they tell which side of your brain is more active.

The left side of the brain is more dominating among logical, analytical, accurate, and reasonable individuals. The right side is used more among creative, emotional, vivid, and sensitive people. But most often, more or less, both sides are working at the same time, so don’t be surprised if you find qualities that suit you from both sides.

Another important detail about the brain’s different regions is that your gender has an influence on what operates at a given time. If you’re a male, the left side of your brain is more dominant. If you’re a female, it’s a bigger probability that the right side of your brain is dominant.


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15 Utter Lies You Were Taught In School