15 Unexplained Surveillance Photos And Videos That Will Freak you Out

The world is full of the unexplained. It seems, as a species, we have more questions than answers about who we are, why we're here and just what the hell is going on out there. Raising questions about

The world is full of the unexplained. It seems, as a species, we have more questions than answers about who we are, why we're here and just what the hell is going on out there. Raising questions about the things we can't explain only seems to bring more questions for each answer. And more often than not, just when we think we've found an answer, we only uncover more questions.

That effect is only compounded when we find any shred of proof or real factual evidence for things that we previously thought to be impossible. It seems that when we have proof of the strange and the unreal, it only serves to cause us to ask more questions, and dig deeper down into the rabbit hole. In some cases, the effect of this is truly frightening, because we have evidence of something frightening and, no matter how we would like to dismiss it, the fact remains that we have seen something that simply should not be. This is when we must ask - How far down the rabbit hole do you really want to go?

And so, for your reading pleasure, I present to you fifteen pieces of evidence revealed in surveillance video and photograph that appear to verify the existence of the weird, frightening and unknown. Try not to ask too many questions because each answer will only confuse you more. And they say that when you stare long into the abyss, the abyss will stare back into you.

15 The Duendes

Via Youtube

A bizarre story from a tiny town in Argentina, where a creepy lawn-gnome shaped creature is seen wobbling across a street. As the story goes, a boy named Jose Alvarez and his friends were hanging out when they heard a sound as though someone was throwing rocks. They saw the grass moving, and the camera catches a blurry image of a tiny, bipedal creature with a pointy hat hobbling around. The kids freak out and start screaming. They inform the newspapers that they are still scared to go outside due to the creature. A few other reports have come up of the Duendes in people's yards, but no further footage has surfaced. Critics say that this is obviously a hoax. What about you?

14 Steven Koecher

Via Crimetracker

This is the missing persons case of Steven Koecher, a thirty-year-old man just trying to find steady income. His behavior and whereabouts leave search parties and family strained for answers. On December 12, 8:30am, he's in Overton, NV. One and one-half hours later, he's back in Overton. At 8am the next day, he's already nearing Las Vegas. His phone begins sending pings to the tower that he is in the upscale Henderson area. The phone communicates with the tower for five days before dying. He is seen on private home surveillance footage exiting his car. He is never seen again. The strangest part? When he started traveling, he had less than two bucks in his account, but his back seat was filled with Christmas gifts for his family.

If you have any information, please contact St. George Police (435) 627-4300 or visit the Find Steven Koecher Facebook Page.

13 Kayelyn Louder

Via Fox13

Kayelyn Louder, 30, went missing from Murray, Utah, on September 27, 2014. After calling 911 explaining that her and her roommate believed that there were two men that somehow entered their home, even though the door was still bolted, Kayelyn was seen on CCTV wandering around the woods by her apartment with her dog, barefoot in the pouring rain. She was later found dead in the Jordan River, and her autopsy was found to be inconclusive. Though the conclusion of the police is that her death is ruled a suicide due to a history of depression and anxiety, many claim that the evidence doesn't match the determination. To make matters worse, she had called the police on a previous occasion, claiming there was a fight at a wedding she was attending. Unfortunately, there was no fight. There wasn't even a wedding. You be the judge.

12 The Floating City

Via TVS China

The eyes and the mind can play tricks. During a thunderstorm in China, 2015, hundreds of residents claim to have seen a city that was floating in the clouds. Many pictures circulate of the phenomena, which depicts large, tower-like structures in the clouds. Though scientists dismiss this as a case of fata morgana, there are many more that claim that fata morgana does not occur in this way. Still others postulate that CERN or HAARP may somehow be involved. Regardless of the guesswork, the fact is that since witnesses in China have come forward, there have been reports of similar occurrences in the United Kingdom and California as well. Is this a parallel universe opening up, a case of fata morgana or something even more sinister looming on humanity's horizon?

11 The Fresno Nightcrawler


This loveable creature is known as The Fresno Nightcrawler. It has made two appearances, one in California and the other in Yosemite National Park. This case is particularly eerie because no one can give a straight answer or even a dismissal, as to what this might be. In Fresno, you can see it moving in a way that makes it seem like it is only composed of legs, and even then, the movements seem otherworldly and surreal. The Yosemite Version is much more clear, and has been speculated to only be a superimposed image of men in stilts. In and around the forested areas in California, there are stories of carved "earth fairies" that look like these images, but references for them seem to be missing as well. Leads are slim, and new reports of the creatures dwindle. We may never know.

10 The Corona Mall Abduction

Via NBC News

If you ever thought that being abducted in an area full of people as an impossibility, think again. This is the story of the Corona Mall Abduction, which took place in Corona, California on November 12, 2004. In a busy mall parking lot, a girl in her 20s is abducted on camera after being chased by two men. She is stuffed into a trunk and never seen again. Police have no leads, and cannot identify the kidnappers. Worse, they don't even know who was kidnapped. In the video, you can see people watching as it happens, but no one tries to help. No one calls the police. The event was reported by a security officer, later, after he watched it on CCTV. Blurry video prevents identification of the people involved, and prevents even a make and model check of the car. If you're not alarmed, you're not paying attention.

9 The Floating Child


Russia can be a strange place to those who aren't familiar with it, and video like this doesn't help. In this video, we are greeted by a happy puppy romping through the woods with its master. After being called, the dog disobeys the command and seems to chase after something that has caught its attention. The dog's master runs after him, and is greeted by a strange sight. A small girl in a red jacket is floating in the air while an older woman looks on. The girl's head bobs and rolls back and forth in a rather demonic fashion as she floats. When they realized they'd been noticed, the girl sinks to the ground, and the two run off into the woods. If this is real, we are forced to ask. Who are they, and why does the older one seem to encourage this?

8 Levitating Cars

Via Youtube

Somewhere in China, the cars are levitating just like the cities are. In this CCTV footage, we see a rather busy intersection. People cross the road but stop as two vehicles pull into the intersection. Suddenly, the van in the front lifts up rather violently from its wheels and flips over onto the car behind it. The car behind it is seen lifting as well, but only about half as violently as the first. The people cross the walk as though nothing even happened. So what are we seeing here? Explanations have come up and persist, spanning the array from wires to magnetic fields and even time distortions. The one thing that I can say here is that I genuinely hope that these drivers had good insurance. Who is going to flip that thing back over?

7 The Ghost Car

Photo Courtesy Youtube

Russia, again! This particular incident has been the subject of intense scrutiny. Dashcam footage showing a car apparently appearing out of nowhere. The subject of teleportation is huge, because scientists and skeptics all say that it can be dismissed with camera angle and subject view, while others can easily refute these statements using their own evidence. And so the argument continues to rage over whether or not teleportation is possible. The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of these videos showing up, where a subject appears seemingly out of nowhere and speeds off into their own personal sunset. Some of them, like this one, make it difficult to just pass off as camera angle and trick of the camera. Are our brains playing tricks on us, or is something a lot more weird going on?

6 Man Meets Himself

Via Youtube

August 30, 2006. A man named Håkan Nordkvist comes home to find his house is pooling with water from a leaky water pipe. Being the awesome, self-reliant Swedish man that he is, he claims he grabbed his tools and opened up the kitchen sink with the intent to fix the issue. What he'd found, however, was not so much a leaky pipe, but according to him, something a little more like the wardrobe from The Chronicles of Narnia. When he looked into his cupboard, he saw a tunnel. Following the tunnel, like any adventurous man should, Håkan found himself in the future, 2042 to be exact, where he claims he met himself. He took a video on his phone, but it lacks audio and the quality seems suspect. The men do look alike, and they sport the same tattoo. What do you think?

5 Alan Jeal

Via Youtube

According to authorities, Alan Jeal spent an entire night wandering by bus and on foot through Cornwall, England. From Wadebridge to Truro to Mewquay then to Paranporth. He wandered each city for hours only to wind up washing ashore, completely nude, on the Paranporth beach the next morning. He was wearing one sock and shoe. His other sock was balled up with the wires from a set of earbuds and stuffed into his mouth. Some cash and ID were found inside his wallet in a jacket pocket later. The jacket found was not the same jacket he'd been wearing in the surveillance footage of him in these cities. No one knows what he was doing wandering in these areas for the entire evening, and police still do not know what happened to him. Anyone who had played online games with Alan are encouraged to contact the police.

4 Ahead Of Its Time

Courtesy "The Clown"

The year is 1928. An era of silent film is in full swing and Charlie Chaplin is filming The Circus which became one of the top grossing films of its time. In it, there is a background image of a woman who walks by and seems to be holding something up to her ear. There are many theories as to what is happening in this video but the most popular seems to be that she is a time traveler holding a cell phone or similar device up to her ear. There has to be a rational explanation for this, right? There couldn't have been cell phone devices all the way back to the early 1900s, could there? With the sheer number of these sightings, it has become truly difficult to say whether or not these are documented cases of time travel, or something else entirely.

3 The Florida Clown


Starting in California as a photography project, the craze of "clowning" has started to spread like a hysterically terrifying travelling circus across America. It started with some dude calling himself "The Wasco Clown" taking pictures of himself around their cozy town. Then, like a wildfire of complete creepiness, the contagion of clowning spread about thirty miles to Bakersfield where it really took off. Somehow the trend hitched a ride all the way to Jacksonville, Florida where residents have caught at least two of these clowns on camera. Although in California, officials have stated that there have been no attacks, the danger may be rising, as both of the Florida clowns have been recorded trespassing. One opened a gate to the yard and stood there staring at a camera, while another destroyed a pumpkin while staring at the surveillance camera. And you thought Pennywise was scary.

2 The Superhero

Photo courtesy Youtube

Folks in China really do seem to see a lot of potentially supernatural circumstances, as we see in this one from 2012. The CCTV footage shows a busy intersection at night. Soon, a collision seems imminent as a cargo truck approaches the intersection at high speed just as a tricycle cart is also making its way across the intersection at a much slower pace. Just as the cart is about to be struck by the truck, there is a flash as someone appears to be moving at supernatural speeds and grabs the cart. There is another flash as the cart and both people are seemingly teleported to safety. This seems more like an episode of The Flash than time travel or angels.

1 Lars Mattank

Via CCTV & Youtube

Another sad story about a missing kid. This one has a few twists that seem very odd even to a casual reader. The story goes that, while vacationing in Bulgaria, Lars suffers an ear injury and cannot fly home as expected. He takes up residence at a hostel, but soon calls his mother to explain that something weird is going on and that she should cancel all his credit cards. Soon, he calls her again to explain that he is being followed and watched by four strange, dark men. The last known footage of Lars shows him arriving at an airport by cab, going into a doctor's room, then fleeing on foot after he is told he cannot fly OR drive. He climbs a barbed wire fence and is never heard from again. His last message to his mother reads, "What is Cefuroxim 500?"

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15 Unexplained Surveillance Photos And Videos That Will Freak you Out