15 Unbelievable Facts You Didn't Know About Dreams

Have you ever found yourself flying around the Earth, saving people from aliens like one of your favorite superheroes only to realize that it was a just beautiful dream? Well, you’re not alone. Dreams have always amazed humanity as a strange natural phenomenon that even today’s scientists can’t explain.

If you think about your dreams deeply enough, you can understand their strange and hidden messages. If you’re not the best thinker in the world, you can always find dream meanings on the internet, or by visiting professional mental specialists who know a lot about dreams and what they mean.

Of course, not all dreams point towards something super important. Sometimes dreams are simply a manifestation of what dreamers think about while they're awake. For example, if one person thinks about how to write an amazing book, it’s a high possibility that the same person will see himself in dreams writing, publishing and telling others about his book. Simply put, what you think while you’re awake, eventually settles into your subconscious mind and can be seen in your dreams.

Do you want to learn more unbelievable facts about dreaming? Then see the 15 weird facts about dreaming below!


14 You Can Learn While Dreaming


To become masterful at learning while you dream, the first thing you should do is increase how long you can dream while asleep. This is done by increasing the time you spend in the REM cycle. By increasing the amount of time spent, you’ll have more time to learn, as well as remembering what you’ve learned, as this cycle keeps the brain highly active.

For instance, famous scientist Nikola Tesla slept only two hours per day. What’s more interesting is that he was able to spend the whole two hours dreaming and finding solutions to problems he couldn’t think of while he was awake.

13 Dreaming Can Make You Happier


People who fully learn how to control dreams tend to be happier than those who don’t know how to do it, or don’t remember their dreams at all. It’s not a surprise as they spend more time doing things others can only imagine.

Also, when they dream about particular things for a long time, they become more confident in their abilities and are able to reach dreams in real life. Do you know what makes people happier than anything else? It’s not a healthy diet, running, or brain exercises. Good emotions send positive electrochemical signals throughout your body that allow cells to work more efficiently.

Also, people who dream about what they want to have usually have more joyful memories that increase their mood while they are awake and further helps to reach goals.

12 By Dreaming, You Can Remember Lost Memories


If there are periods in your life that you don’t remember or only partially remember them, it’s a great idea to learn how to see more dreams. As you dream, your body becomes calm and it is able to see things that you can’t remember while awake.

To increase the chance of seeing lost memories, sleep alone and in a silent room where no one could distract your sleep. Before going asleep, think of a particular time in the past, so your unconsciousness would know what to show you.

If you don’t succeed in the first time, continue reaching these memories, and one day you’ll start to see at least little pieces of lost memories and finally, one day, the big picture will arise. Want to try it but don’t know what you want to remember? Try to see your very first childhood memories, as only a few people remember what happened when they were toddlers.

11 Some People Prefer Dreams Over Their Real Life


It happens rarely, but some people become so good at controlling and seeing their dreams that they lose their interest in their real life. It happened when researchers were examining how the brain works and a group of participants was monitored. As researchers saw, a couple of people became so interested in living in dreams that they forgot to enjoy a time they spent while awake.

Researchers gladly helped these people to become interested in living while awake again. They did so by explaining that dreams are only an addition to the real life rather than something that can change it. At first, participants weren’t sure if researchers wanted to really help them but later understood that life is a lot more interesting if you enjoy it while dreaming and living at the same time.

10 You Can Stop Nightmares


Everyone has experienced a nightmare or a series of them. Such horrible dreams scare people and decrease their mood and performance while they are awake. Nightmares, however, have a good side.

Most often, they happen when a person has emotional or mental problems in real life and they serve as symbols that indicate that you have problems. They also give details about how to solve them. These problems can be very different. From anger to bad memories about the past.

To stop nightmares, you first have to realize why they happen and what they want to show. After you do so, the next step is to do what you need to do. Become friendlier among colleagues, say thanks to people more often and all sorts of other different solutions may be needed to stop the nightmares.

It can also sometimes be a lot simpler solution, like eating easier to digest food, comfortably sleeping and avoiding horror movies before bedtime. That last one is pretty obvious, right?

9 You Can Learn Lucid Dreaming


Also known as a conscious dreaming, lucid dreaming is a technique that allows people to control their dreams. Want to drive the fastest car in the world? You'll have it. Want to become a businessman? No worries!

Some people can lucid dream from their childhood, while others need to learn it. If you want to try lucid dreaming, you should think about what you would like to dream before you go to sleep so your mind will know what to show you in dreams.

Also, it’s recommended to find surreal things in dreams that would indicate that it’s not the reality but a dream, exactly like in Inception. In the morning, write down every detail about your dreams you can remember.

Do it daily and, after some time, you’ll see that you not only better remember your dreams, you'll also start to control what happens in them. Simply put, in dreams you'll feel yourself like in the real world but will be able to create whatever you can imagine.

8 Dreams Can Show Your Destiny


Some scientists believe that reality is just a really elaborate illusion that we control with our thoughts, aware of it or not. It's a wild claim, but we must consider that there have been cases where people have dreamt about something, only to experience the same thing in reality shortly after the dream.

Lincoln dreamt of his assassination. Famous writer Mark Twain dreamt of his brother’s death. Several people dreamt about the Titanic catastrophe before it happened. It's possible that dreams foreshadow important events in your future, so it’s good to think about what they could mean.

To do so, search for important details while you dream that resemble something you have seen in reality before. For instance, people who saw Titanic and its catastrophe may have realized that it’s better to avoid traveling by this ship.

So, if you’ll ever see very realistic dreams in which something happens, make sure to take that into consideration for your real life.


7 There Are Many Inventions Inspired By Dreams


Dreams not only allow people to see the future; they also give great ideas about how to be successful and innovative. As I said, what you think about while awake has a good chance of appearing in your dream. Larry Page dreamt about Google, Elias Howe to build the sewing machine, Dimitri Mendeleyev how to formulate the periodic table and so on.

When your body is completely relaxed, your subconsciousness starts do its work. Suddenly, you're dreaming of ideas you'd never have while awake. Movement, distractions, unnecessary thoughts, and other things make it difficult for the brain to relax and find great solutions while you're awake.

Also, this technique works even if you’re awake. For example, when advanced yogis meditate, they say that they often see visions and sounds that definitely aren’t from the real world. It’s because while people meditate, their bodies go into the same state as if they were sleeping.

This means that if you have difficulties in seeing dreams while sleeping, you can try to do it while meditating.

6 Brain Activity Increases While Dreaming


When you're sleeping, brain activity is lower than when you're awake and full of energy. When you start to dream, especially highly emotional dreams, your brain activity skyrockets to the same levels as if you were awake, and sometimes even higher.

This is because emotional dreams trigger many different brain regions at the same time and when combined, make your brain active and more capable of remembering emotional dreams.

Also, this type of dream is better for learning how to control dreams because when you’re in them, people feel more alive than in regular ones. If you want to have more of these dreams, simply think about how you achieve it before going to sleep and sleep for short periods of time as it helps to keep the brain active (as that is needed to create highly emotional dreams).

Some advanced dreamers also offer to try watching emotional movies and books to trigger this type of dreams.

5 Sleep Paralysis Is Real


Long ago, sleep paralysis was said to be a myth and, in some places, people who suffered from it were said to be possessed by demons or souls. Today, we know that sleep paralysis is real.

Two primary characteristics that determine if a person has sleep paralysis are the inability to move, and a feeling of something dangerous and extremely evil-minded while you are paralyzed. When this happens too often, people experience changes in their behavior because such happenings increase amygdala activity that makes people suffer from stress and increased sensitivity.

Stress, an unhealthy diet, worries, and many other factors influence sleep paralysis. Also, it’s recommended to change sleeping positions, the room, and, in the worst case, even living area.

To make sure you’re less worried before going to sleep, try to drink a glass of warm water with two tablespoons of honey.

4 In Dreams, You Only See People You Already Know


Scientists discovered that you can see in dreams only people you’ve already met in reality, no matter when or for how little time, because as little as a few seconds are enough.

This may be due to the reason that our brains can’t imagine new people, they only recreate their old images in new situations. Also, scientists found that people tend to dream about people they see more often because you, more or less, think about them while you're awake and conscious (so you think about them while dreaming and unconscious, too).

So, if you see people in your dreams that annoy you, don’t think of them while awake. At first, it may be difficult because people tend to think about bad things more often than good things. Keep practicing, and you’ll soon be able to see people you like to be with.

3 Most People Have Multiple Dreams Per Night


Researchers proved that people can have up to seven dreams per night. It depends on how many and how long your REM cycles last. The REM cycle is one type of cycles people experience while sleeping that cause an increase in the brain's activity that is needed to create dreams. Simply put, more REM cycles mean more and longer dreams.

REM cycles increase activity in your brain, so your sleep quality decreases because your brain works as much as if you were awake. In the longer term, it may result in tiredness and inability to work efficiently while awake.

If you want to have more REM cycles and keep yourself healthy, start small and increase their length by one hour per week. By doing so, you’ll be able to see the ability to control dreams, and keep yourself active while awake too.

2 What You Dream About Depends On Your Gender


While genetic differences in females and males are smaller than 0.1%, both genders dream about sexual themes often. However, males tend to dream more about aggressive scenes and 70% of all characters in their dreams are males.

If genetics has a low probability of playing a role in what people dream about, then it could be a cultural influence, as in most regions males are encouraged to be strong and able to fight. Females are encouraged to be altruistic and caring about their family.

Other influences that have an effect on what people dream about are food, physical activity, sleep quality, diseases, and many more less important factors. But the primary thing that influences what you dream about is still in your thoughts while awake. Such factors like healthy food and exercising are tools that make people feel good, so influencing good thoughts can create good dreams.

1 Animals Also Dream


Scientists aren’t too sure about this, but at least some animals can dream. It’s because animals are very different so they may, or may not be able to dream.

If you aren’t sure about that, carefully watch any pet, like a dog or a cat, sleeping and you should see that they make strange noises and move their paws as if they were doing something while awake.

What do animals dream about? Good question, but if they are similar to us, they should dream of something they do in real life. Running, eating, and enjoying their time with other animals and humans are perhaps primary things they love to dream about.

Because most animals sleep less than humans, scientists believe they tend to see less and have shorter dreams. If an animal is sleeping a lot, like cats do, they should be able to see more and have long dreams.

1. Some People Dream Only In Black And White


Perhaps you wouldn’t like to watch today’s movies in black and white, yes? Sooner or later, it would become boring without colors ... but there are 12% people in the world who can only dream in black and white. What could cause this effect? It may be because their vision centre in the brain works differently and while asleep, they can’t create colors in people's mind, so they experience only white-black dreams.

Another theory is that the problem could be that for some deep emotional reasons, while they are unconscious, their brains can’t create colorful dreams. If so, then they need to find and eliminate emotional problems they may have.

Or, for some particular reasons, 12% of people prefer to see black and white dreams but can’t realize it. After all, every person is different, so there are many different tastes in how to live and see dreams.


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