15 Ugly Photos Of Celebrities Who Usually Look Hot

Celebrities sure are beautiful and glamorous. As long as you catch them at exactly the right time, in the right make up and in the right lighting, with their hair done perfectly. Otherwise, a lot of them look pretty horrible. How bad do they look? Well, they sometimes look really bad.

I know you want to think that the famous woman you have always had the hots for looks that way all the time, but the truth of the matter is... she doesn't, not even a little bit. In fact, there are times (from a certain angle at a certain time of the day perhaps) that you probably would not even ask your favorite celebrity out if you saw her looking like that. Am I saying these beautiful women are ugly? No, not even a little. Am I saying that image and the way someone is made up has a lot do with how they look? Yep, no doubt about it.

What is that you say? You don't believe me? Well, check out how ridiculously horrible some of your favorite stars can look. Here are 15 ugly photos of celebrities who usually look hot - sorry if I ruined your fantasy.

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15 Kate Hudson

via pinterest.com

We all know how hot Kate Hudson is. Man oh man I really wish I could... umm, wait a minute. Kate looks horrible. Well, not quite horrible really, just sort of, I don't know, what's the word? Normal, that's it. Kate has been the star of many movies and is known as one of our time's greatest beauties, but one would not know that from this photo. What is wrong with it? Well, what isn't wrong with it really. Just a bad photo of a lady that usually looks rather awesome.

14 Beyonce

via www.reddit.com

We get it Beyonce, you were having a moment. You were on stage and totally rocking out and just doing your thing, never thinking that a photo would be taken that would make you look this horrible and ridiculous. I wonder what the guy thought when he took this photo? This one is so bad that it's awesome.  Jay Z probably keeps this one in his wallet for when he gets mad at her, so he can look at it and not feel like he is missing anything.

13 Lindsay Lohan

via sofakingdrunk.com

At this point we have all seen numerous photos of Lindsay not looking her best. We know, we know- it is hard to always look awesome when you are in and out of rehab constantly. But with all that said, this one is a classic of a hot celeb looking bad. Lindsay is not just drunk here, she is Sofa King drunk and basically luggage. Of course, we feel a bit bad for her for being such a boozebag back then, but still, this is a horrible photo, of someone that at the time was thought of as a really hot woman.

12 Britney Spears

via celebitchy.com

There she is guys. Britney Spears, once one of the biggest stars in the world, once someone that guys used to drool over. But if you just looked at this photo, you would think you were looking at some chick outside of Walmart that was mad because you bought the last box of Oreos. While this is a list of hot celebs that usually look hot except for in these photos, sadly we get the feeling that Britney may look like this more often than not these days.

11 Jennifer Lopez

via revue.idnes.cz

It isn't so much J-Lo's face here, although that does not look that great, it is more the leg. The leg which lets us know that no matter how glamorous and hot certain stars are, when you step behind the curtain you might be looking at a middle-aged woman that just doesn't look all that great. Seeing that leg could be the biggest wake up call I have had since I found out that Santa wasn't real. Thank God I still have the Easter Bunny though.

10 Mila Kunis

via celebitchy.com

Okay...what? This one is a total record scratch. I mean, here we all are thinking about Ashton and how he left this one older but totally hot chick, Demi Moore, for this young and incredible smoke-show of an actress. And now we see this photo of Mila looking like she is heading down to the 7-11 for a Slurpee and a bag of Doritos? This is almost too much to handle. Ashton, if you are reading this, please write in and set the story straight. I want my fantasy back.

9 Katie Holmes

via i.imgur.com

Well at least we have Katie Holmes. Nothing can take that from us. Well, Tom Cruise kind of took her from us for a little while, but at least she will always be hot. Ummm... Well, okay - she looks awful here. Of course it is a bit of a bad angle and she is looking like she did not sleep enough, but still, Katie, what happened to you? Other than the Tom Cruise thing which is over now - thank God. Now all she needs to do is forget all about him, and forget about this photo, too.

8 Tyra Banks

via wordpress.com

It is all about perspective really. If this photo was of your friend's mom, you might say "Wow she sure looks good for her age" and be proud of her for wearing a bathing suit. But it isn't of your friend's mom; it's of Tyra Banks, who is thought of as a beautiful woman and is host of America's Next Top Model as well.  So therefore we have to say this is not a good look on Tyra. The face, the body, all of it. I am sure this is one she wishes was never taken.

7 Demi Moore

via gossip-juice.com

We felt kind of bad for Ashton, so we decided to throw this one in of Demi. While she still does not look all that bad, this photo looks way more like a woman who is behind the counter at a convenience store selling you a carton of smokes than someone who is a famous celebrity. Still though, Demi has hung in there for a long time looking hot, so we can't get on her too hard for not looking good in the occasional photo. But this is not one to be proud of.

6 AnnaLynne McCord

via foolpix.net

All right, someone should call the cops immediately. Obviously someone has kidnapped AnnaLynne and replaced her with whoever this is. All kidding aside, yeah this is a really bad photo.  It isn't so much that these women look so bad without makeup, it is more that these women wear so much makeup that we don't even know what we are looking at. Which is confusing, and as we all know, guys don't like to be confused or tricked. We are simple creatures.

5 Nicollette Sheridan

via livejournal.com

There is no shame in getting older, of course, and Nicollette is not getting any younger. She still looks rather classy in this photo, as classy as one can be that just stopped off for a coffee in the morning but still, that is not the face that one expects to see when you hear "Hey look, it's Nicollette Sheridan!" The former Desperate Housewives star looks a little desperate for some makeup. Maybe all she needs is a few sips of that coffee to make her look like her usual self.

4 Adriana Lima

via rnkr-static.com

All right so it isn't quite "ugly" but it sure is close enough. Look at this photo of her smiling into the camera long enough and even the biggest Adriana Lima fan is going to run and hide. This sort of has the vibe of some awkward girl at school that has a crush on you; not one of the hottest models around. Adriana is so hot, though, that even her ugliest photos are not ones to be embarrassed about. Well, not too much anyway.

3 Jennifer Lawrence

via rnkr-static.com

In some of these photos it might just be the angle, or maybe even just the expression. If the head was turned a bit differently maybe, if the eyes were open a little more. I mean we love Jennifer, we don't want to be mean to her. But hey, this post is about ugly photos of hot celebrities and this one fits. She looks far from a hot celebrity. In fact, if you saw her on the street looking like this you would walk right past, unless of course you were craving an iced coffee.

2 Katy Perry

via photo.voici.fr

Okay, Katy, you don't look all that bad here, all things considered. But still, when I think of you I want to think of a hot woman that drives me wild, and I have to be honest, this photo does not do that. You look like my mom if I woke her up and needed some cough medicine when I was twelve. Please, for the love of all that is holy, please do not post any more photos like this in the future. Stick to the glamour shots. I offer this as a public service for all men, not just myself.

1 Pamela Anderson

via blogspot.com

Pamela we get it - your time was in the past.  You are getting up there in age a bit and even the hundreds of thousands of dollars you have spent trying to keep yourself hot is still not enough to stave off time. No shame in that. Still, though, you don't look too good here. The hair, the eyebrows. You used to be a sex symbol and in this photo you look like someone's mom that just got out of the lake at the summer cabin and is about to make some ham 'sammies for the kids.

Sources: allwomenstalk, ew

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