15 Times Lady Gaga's Wardrobe Made Us Question Her Sanity

Few may know the name Stefani Germanotta, but we all know the stage name that has performed and influenced pop culture for some years now: Lady Gaga. When you hear her name, it's inevitable to think about the singer-actress' unforgettable, often outrageous, outfits. Since Lady Gaga, who has released a new single and will be returning to American Horror Story this season, came onto the musical, pop scene, she has stunned us all with her choices of outfits whether on the street, during performances, or doing fun celebrity things like attending events and product launches.

What we see is crazy outfits, but is there a method to the madness? In the past, Lady Gaga mentioned that her choice of outfits are a reflection of her state of mind and how she's feeling. Using Gaga's own logic and looking at her outfits, we can assume she feels like a fantasy character, like Alice in Wonderland, a magical, mystical creature that belongs in a fictional movie, and even a butcher just to name a few things.

It has been confirmed that Lady Gaga will be performing at the Super Bowl half time show this year, so we can only imagine what will be in store for us viewers come February 5, 2017. While we sit back and try to guess what Lady Gaga will shock and surprise us with, let's take a look at some of her wackiest, craziest outfits that make us question her sanity and exactly what's going on in her head.


15 An Oriental-Inspired Outfit

We've seen Lady Gaga dress up as many things, and for this look she taps into the Asian culture to create this Oriental-inspired look. To be honest, the outfit isn't as bad as some of the other outfits we've all seen, but what throws the look over the top and makes us wonder what exactly she was thinking is the umbrella. With a conch shell to keep away the sun (and it doesn't look like it's that sunny anyway), the umbrella definitely gives this outfit that special Lady Gaga touch. It is possible that Gaga is taking a page out of SpongeBob's book and is using the conch shell as a 'shellphone' (pun intended).

Lady Gaga's possible mood: She watched Memoirs of a Geisha and decided to recreate the look with her own flare.

14 Victorian With A Little Bit Of Armadillo

A lot happens during awards shows, especially very memorable moments during MTV's Video Music Awards. From the assortment of performances to outfits on the red carpet, which actually is not red, this is the place to make a statement. And Lady Gaga never disappoints; of course, she would bring her A-game for the awards show. This look can be described as modern-Victorian with a hint of wildlife with the notorious Armadillo shoes by Alexander McQueen. Also, Lady Gaga was accompanied by officers dressed in uniform. Not sure what the meaning and overall message was for this look, but it's Gaga so it doesn't need any explanation. Or does it?

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "I want to mix Downton Abbey with something from the Nature Channel."

13 Hair Today

Lady Gaga's hair always makes a statement, so there's no surprise that she would pay homage to her extraordinary locks. What other way is there for you to show your love of hair other than donning a dress made of, you guessed it, hair! With a white hat and long white gloves that are typically a part of uniforms of cheerleaders and spirit squads, Lady Gaga wears her spirit gear with a purple hair-dress. What makes this very interesting, as well, is Lady Gaga's own hair is also intertwined with the hair on the purple dress. If there was a 2016 version of The Adams Family, Lady Gaga would definitely have the role of Cousin It.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "The hairier the better."

12 Undercover Gaga

When you're a mega superstar and pop icon, sometimes you don't want to be seen in the public, so it's no surprise to hide your face. But if you're Lady Gaga, simply hiding your face is not enough. Why not go all the way and create an ensemble that will not only cover your face but also let people know it's you without them even seeing you? This look can be described as one a little kid would wear when she or he wants to play dress up and decides to use a blanket or towel to turn it into something straight out of their imagination. Also, Gaga's white, Victorian wig is yet another complexity and outrageous addition to this outfit. This isn't the first, and won't be the last time we see Lady Gaga with her face covered.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "I wish I could stay under the covers all day."

11 Corpse Bride 2.0

It seems as though Lady Gaga didn't get the memo that Tim Burton finished taping and producing The Corpse Bride, which is one of the only explanations for this look. Another possible explanation could be that Lady Gaga is preparing her Halloween outfit early, and testing it out. Whatever is the reason for this outfit, it has to involve something about a bride, ghouls and goblins, and some sort of enchanted spell with a heroine that goes on an adventure to save the day. Or Lady Gaga is on her way to do community service and volunteer work as a duster cleaning people's houses. As much as you might wish this was a prop or a photo taken during a taping of American Horror Story, it's not, and you can't deny this is just another example of Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "I wonder how I would look as a human roll of toilet paper."

10 Bloody Crowns

Here, Lady Gaga displays another outfit that covers her face and another jaw-dropping look debuted at the MTV Video Music Awards. This see-though lace dress accompanied with an intricate head piece that covers her face and serves as a crown leaves many in shock and in awe including Eminem, who presented the singer with her award. While this look wouldn't be that bad if the headpiece was omitted, what makes this outfit a classic Lady Gaga look is Eminem's reaction: it's like he's trying to look and understand what's going on while not appearing to stare. His face is saying what many of us are thinking and for that, this look is legendary. Maybe it's time for MTV to create an award category for outrageous outfits inspired by the songstress.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "Does blood and lace go together?"

9 Horns And Plaid

Horns and plaid are the first things that come to mind when looking at this outfit that Lady Gaga wore during an ArtPop promotional run. The plaid print is loud enough and makes our eyes hurt, but the hair featuring two obnoxiously huge horns and some streaks of blue, along with the spiral appliqué surrounding the dress is bound to leave anyone looking at this outfit confused. What makes this worse, as if it couldn't get any worse, is the fact that Gaga's spiral decor around her dress turns into a tail. So is this supposed to be her trying to channel a bull during a challenge with a Spanish matador?

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "If all fails, I can cause a stampede and run out."


8 Chicken Little

Here we go with another Lady Gaga face-covering look. This is another example that if the headpiece were to be removed, it's possible that this wouldn't be a bad look for Lady Gaga compared to the other looks she has worn over the years. However, we cannot ignore the gigantic, brown McDonald's chicken nugget piece that is covering her head and her entire face. Zoom in to the picture and you'll also see something gold that resembles a beak. Could it be the 2016 revamp of Chicken Run or Chicken Little starring Lady Gaga? With her success on American Horror Story, it wouldn't be surprising if Gaga is continuing her acting ventures and opportunities.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "Less beef, more chicken."

7 Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Gaga

Is it true that Fuzzy Wuzzy wasn't a bear but is actually Lady Gaga in a custom? Who would've known! After multiple outfits that cover her head and face, it's not far-fetched to think Lady Gaga doesn't like to be seen, although her outfit choices are sure to stop anyone in their tracks. Looking at this all white fuzzy outfit that includes a headpiece, a dress, and pants, which might actually be boots and not bottoms, it's hard to stop yourself from walking up to Lady Gaga and saying "It's so fluffy!" in your best impression of Agnes from Despicable Me.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "I want to look like what the inside of a pair of Uggs feels like."

6 Homeless Chic

While Lady Gaga can be credited for pushing boundaries and stepping outside of the box, her outfit choices don't always get the praise from others. Sometimes she's spot on, while other times she misses the target by a long shot. In this look, for example, Lady Gaga's outfit choice misses haute couture and avant-garde by a long shot and spot-on hits homeless chic. Mixed with what looks like matted hair and plastic bags, Lady Gaga looks like she should be traveling with a shopping cart going from garbage can to garbage can collecting cans and bottles. Where's the recyclables you ask? They're to the right.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "I fell into a dumpster but didn't want to miss this interview."

5 Bad Hijab

Here we are again with yet another example of Lady Gaga hiding her face. What makes this outfit different than all of the others is that she's wearing what is typically a traditional and conservative garment. When you're Lady Gaga, however, you can even turn a traditional, conservative garment into an outrageous outfit to land her on any 'worst dressed' list. A modern-day hijab paired with platform heels and a few furry tails that look like they should be attached to the back of a Cub Scout's hat and voila, a Lady Gaga outfit sure to keep your audience questioning and guessing.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "I didn't have time to clean up my fort, so I decided to just wear it."

4 Ice Capades

Lady Gaga's music, and her clothing choices, have always been multi-dimensional and full of different levels: especially her outfits. With pink geometric shapes on her face as her make up of choice, a shimmer jacket that would look great on any figure-skater during a competition, and the multiple icicles on the top of her head, this is the epitome of a Lady Gaga approved outfit. Aside from resembling an iceberg that could puncture any floating vessel or device, Lady Gaga also resembles some sort of crystal or gem. Though, the former seems funnier than the latter. What we can say is that Lady Gaga loves headpieces. Maybe she should launch her own line of turbans and head-wraps.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "I was an original gem before Steven Universe."

3 The Butcher

Once again, Lady Gaga chose the MTV Video Music Awards to wow us all. What can be classified as one of her most notorious, well-known outfits— the meat dress left everyone in attendance and those watching from home, in shock, awe, and disbelief that Lady Gaga was wearing everything she could possibly grab from the meat department. Accompanied with fishnet stockings, which is probably the most normal part of the outfit, one can only wonder what the aroma was like coming from Lady Gaga's meat dress and the 8 ounce steak on her head. Does it smell like meat or did she use meat tenderizer?

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "This should save me tons of money during my grocery shopping this week."

2 Two-Face

Did you know after Harvey Dent became Two-Face in the Batman series that he had a daughter? Her name is Lady Gaga with this particular look. A cross between Mr. Dent, a piece from an art gallery, and Boy George, Lady Gaga once again does what she does best: makes us question what she has on and why she's wearing it. A wide-brim hat, a peplum skirt, funky socks, and platform oxfords sounds like harmless props for an '80s costume party, but once again, this is Lady Gaga. It wouldn't be surprising if she was just taking a trip to the store.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "I can't decide if I'm happy or sad. You know what? I'll just be both!"

1 Roses Are Red

Since she rarely wears them, it can be assumed that Lady Gaga does not enjoy wearing pants. If this theory behind Gaga's distaste of pants and trousers is true, than it is obvious here with her mesh, flesh-toned catsuit. The catsuit isn't fully the questionable part of the outfit, per-se, but rather Gaga's choice of catsuit donned with a few flowers and, of course, another head piece leaves us to question why she's wearing the outfit. Aside from the catsuit, Gaga's choice of shoes also are questionable since they resemble spikes or very sharp teeth. One could only guess that Gaga is channeling a boutique of flowers.

Lady Gaga's possible mood: "Instead of bringing a bouquet of flowers, I'll just be the boutique of flowers."


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