15 Times Cannibalism Really Happened

If there is one thing that tends to freak people out, it is cannibals. It is bad enough that someone goes out and kills someone else, then they have to eat them too? Come on, that is seriously such bad form. But does this really happen? Are there really those people out there that do this kind of thing, or is it the type of thing that is just kind of put out there like an urban legend? You know, one of those things that is meant to scare and shock but does not really exist after all. Like zombies now, Hollywood once loved cannibals and made  a whole bunch of exploitation films about them back in the '70s and '80s.  So maybe it's all just a front, right?

Oh no, it definitely happens- more than you think actually. It isn't that there are just tons of people out there running around that want to eat you and your loved ones, but it happens enough for us all to know that it is most certainly something that occurs from time to time. And I am not talking about  the tribes of the West Indies and other cultures where eating people is just kind of a normal thing to do. Over here in our time and our culture eating people is just so not normal, but yet people do it anyway.

You want proof? All right then, but you may be sorry that you asked. What follows is a list of a whole bunch of people that did a whole lot of eating of other people. Here are 15 times cannibalism really happened.

15 Accused Murderer Eats Woman's Face


Matthew Williams was the kind of guy that you would not want to be around in public, let alone in a hotel room. If you don't believe me, just ask the woman he murdered and started to eat.

According to this article. "Security staff raised the alarm after they broke down the door and discovered him allegedly eating the woman. Williams, who had only been released from a long sentence for violence just two weeks ago, died after he was struck by a high voltage taser which was being used to apprehend him."

Oh what a shame. He died? Can you imagine being the security staff that had to deal with something like that? I am not entirely sure, but I truly doubt that they dealt with anything of that nature during their training.

14 Albert Fish - Just Old Nasty


Throughout the history of crime and murder there have been plenty of people that have committed more, or worse crimes, than Albert Fish.  But as far as being just plain old nasty? Fish might take the cake in that department. He used to brag about all the different twisted and horrible things he did to children, but he also was known to do all sorts of horrible things to his own body as well. He liked pain, whether it was his or someone else's. He is best known for the case that ended his reign, which is when he kidnapped, killed, and ate parts of a girl named Grace Budd. He was caught by sending a letter to the parents of the girl telling them how awesome the whole experience was.  Albert Fish, what a guy.

13 Man Killed And Eaten On Bus


A man named Vince Weiguang Li was on a bus in Canada when he  pulled out a huge knife and stabbed a sleeping passenger repeatedly in the neck and chest until he was decapitated. He then strolled around the bus showing the severed head to the rest of the passengers, who of course screamed in terror and ran off the bus. While he did so he ate the victim's eyes, ears, nose and tongue. Ummm...gross.  Why did he do this? Let him tell you in his own words. He heard a voice of course.  “The voice told me that I was the third story of the Bible, that I was like the second coming of Jesus (and that) I was to save people from a space alien attack, I was really scared. I remember cutting off his head. I believed he was an alien. The voices told me to kill him, that he would kill me or others. I do not believe this now.” Oh good. As long as you don't believe it now, then no big deal.

12 Issei Sagawa Eats Classmate, Becomes A Celebrity

Issei Sagawa is the only one on this list that killed and ate someone and became kind of a celebrity for it. The Japanese are so odd. Sagawa was a foreign  student in Paris when he killed and ate Renee Hartevelt. He initially asked her to come to his pad in  Paris to read poetry. Ladies, if that is not a huge red flag then I do not know what is.  When she got her there he shot her from behind, had his way with her dead body, and then spent two days feasting on her.  So, of course once he was caught, he would go to jail, right? Well, not really. He went to prison in France for a brief while, then was extradited to Japan, where he now lives and makes his living as a writer and food critic. He also has appeared on a few TV shows as a "celebrity guest."

11 Florida Man Eats Face


Austin Harrouff, who is 19-years-old, was out to dinner with his parents recently when he started acting odd and took off. While walking home, he came across a man and woman in their garage, killed them both and started eating the man's face.

According to the Miami  Herald "by the time police arrived at 9:30 p.m., they said Harrouff was on top of John Stevens’ body, biting off bits of his face and stomach. After several shocks from a taser and bites from a police dog, multiple officers were eventually able to haul the “growling,” “grunting” man off the body."

According to Austin he was not on any drugs at all, but the word on the street, and in the media, is that he was messing around with a drug called Flakka, which by all accounts is not a real good idea.

10  1o. Rapper Big Lurch Eats His Buddy


Big Lurch was a fairly well known rapper who liked to do a lot of PCP; his real name was Chris Singleton.  One of those things is more relevant to this story than the other. One night he was smoking a ton of PCP  when he realized that he had to kill the Devil. If this makes sense to you , then you are probably also on PCP . Big Lurch murdered his roommate, Tynisha Ysais, who presumably was the devil and then started to eat her face and her lungs. Trust me, you don't want to know anything more about the whole lungs thing. When Big Lurch was  arrested he was naked and covered in blood.  He was sentenced to life in prison. Which makes sense, considering he killed someone and started eating her and all of that.

9 Bath Salts Zombie


One day in 2o12, Rudy Eugene got naked and began trying to eat a homeless guy in Miami, Florida. I know it doesn't sound that fun, but hey, who knows? The word is that  Eugene was on "Bath Salts."  Bath salts is basically synthetic cocaine and if that sounds fun to you then go seek help immediately. The drug is supposedly like a combination of meth, cocaine, and PCP. Eugene started by trying to eat his victim's face, and apparently actually ate almost all of it. You can see photos of this if you want to on the net; personally I decided against typing those search terms into google. There has been some doubt over whether or not bath salts actually were to blame here, but personally I am almost going to hope there was some explanation for it.

8 Man Eats Rich People And Prostitutes

Oddly enough this one murderer and cannibal seemed to have some sort of moral reasoning for doing what he was doing.  It was not like he just chose to eat just anyone. How wrong would that be? He only killed older men who had a lot of money and young prostitutes. Yoo Young-chul, a  man from South Korea used to say: "Women shouldn't be sluts and the rich should know what they've done." He killed over 20 people and ate quite a few of them afterwards. Hey Yoo, we hate to break it to you, but you kill people and eat them. It is not like you are on the moral high ground or anything with this whole thing. Talk about a pot calling the kettle black.  No one likes a hypocrite, especially one that eats people.

7 Man Keeps Fridge Full Of Snacks


Matej Curko was married and had kids, but still managed to eat a whole bunch of people and keep them in his fridge. He met people over the Internet; with some of them he would make a suicide and cannibal pact ( ummm, can someone explain to me how this happens?) but if he could not convince them he would just kill them and eat them later.  He kept parts of the bodies of two women in his fridge, so I am assuming most of  the snacks his wife and kids ate were things like Oreos and other things that did not need to be put in the fridge.   Eventually he was caught by an undercover agent pretending he wanted to kill himself and be eaten (again..what?). He was killed in a shootout when the agent attempted to apprehend him.

6 Cannibal Served Victims At Parties


Nikolai Dzhumagaliev not only killed seven women, and butchered them, he also served the meat to his friends at parties. Really? Well, with friends like that... Dzhumagaliev was another dude who thought that killing and eating people was okay, but that being a prostitute was super-bad. It should have been a tip off to people that he was a bit messed up when he had his teeth replaced by metal fangs. At some point some of the people at one of his parties opened up the fridge and saw a human head and some intestines in there, and that was the end of his reign of terror. For now anyway. Apparently he was released after ten years of rehabilitation. Sounds great, right? I am sure he is all better now.

5 The Otaku Murderer


Tsutomu Miyazaki was known as "The Otaku Murderer"  or "The Little Girl Murderer." I think you can pretty much tell right now before I even go any further that this guy was a bit of a mess. He killed four young girls, drank their blood and had relations with their bodies. He was born with deformed hands, but I imagine other people that had the same condition didn't turn into awful monsters like he did.  Sort of like our boy Albert Fish, he would send letters to the families of his victims, letting them know the awful things he had done. He was eventually busted by a young girl's father, and was later hanged for his crimes. Apparently, the fact that he had deformed hands was not that big of a reason to feel badly for him after all.

4 Russian Homeless Men Kill And Eat Man


So apparently the homeless roll a little bit different in Russia than they do here. Over here we have soup kitchens, where homeless folk who are hungry can have a meal; over there I guess they just kill people and eat them. At least that is what three homeless guys in Russia did. They attacked a victim with knives, cut him up, and ate him. Who says the homeless are lazy? I mean it is one thing to go and try and get a job to make money to get food, but it is another entirely to be hard working enough  to go out and get your own food like these guys did.  The investigation was started when body parts were found near a bus station in Moscow. Too much information? Come on, this whole article is too much information. It is about cannibals after all.

3 Murderer Eats Friend After Being Released


British man Peter Bryan was arrested for killing a woman with a hammer. Apparently he was a well-behaved murderer while incarcerated  because he was put in a low-security facility. In England, low security basically means you can walk away which is exactly what Bryan did. He headed over to a friend's house, and killed him with a hammer (because apparently that was Bryan's thing). When the cops showed up, Bryan was cooking pieces of his friend in a frying pan. Apparently killing people with a hammer causes one to get a powerful hankering for food.  I am going to go out on a limb and guess that Bryan probably was placed in a slightly more secure unit this time after he was apprehended.

2 Toilet Clogged For All The Wrong Reasons


Joachim Kroll, a man from Germany, was very popular with the neighborhood kids and was known to give out candy. Okay, so you know where this is going already. When a neighbor asked to use his toilet Joachim said he probably should find another "because it is blocked up with guts." When someone attempted to fix the toilet, parts of a missing girl were found. And hey, he also had body parts of children in his fridge. Kroll killed 14 young women over the years and had partly eaten all of them. I think it is fair to say that whoever was the chief of police in his town was no Columbo.  It's always the weirdo that lives alone that gives out candy, pretty much every single time.

1 Jeff Dahmer Does His Thing


Who else would be number one on this list but Dahmer? He is truly one of the most prolific, and oddest, serial killers ever. He would lure many men back to his apartment, then drug them and do experiments on them, trying to get them to be his zombie slaves. He would do so by using muriatic acid and a drill to the brain, but sadly for Dahmer, this never had the desired zombie affect, and his victims would just die. So then he was just left with a dead body, and what to do with a dead body? Well, if you are Dahmer you eat some of it.  Dahmer was eventually arrested, but not before killing numerous people and eating some of them. He was killed in prison by another inmate who apparently was sick of Dahmer bragging about what he had done.

Sources:  wikipedia

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