15 Things You Won't Believe Kim Kardashian Taught Us

When it comes to the Kardashian family, there are people who love them and people who absolutely abhor them. In fact, there is very little room for any middle ground, because it seems that most people have chosen their team: Team Kim or Team Hate! Today we are definitely going with Kim Kardashian lovers, because whether you want to acknowledge it or not, we can learn quite a few things from this reality TV star. So here is our list of 15 Things You Won’t Believe Kim Kardashian Taught Us. You might be thinking we’re crazy. How could Kim Kardashian, of all people, teach us something? Well, you will just have to read our list to find out!

It turns out that Kim is full of wisdom and lessons about life in and out of the public eye. She has been through quite a lot since she burst onto the Hollywood scene in 2007, and there have been plenty of opportunities to go through emotions, experiences, and the ups and downs of life. We have watched Kim cry, celebrate, get angry, and be criticized. We have watched her transition from sex tape girlfriend to celebrity fashionista to body positive warrior. It is amazing to think about how much Kim has transformed, and how she has changed the way we think about reality TV stars.

So please don’t judge; just give this list a chance and try to look at it from an undiscerning mindset. You will realize that even if you don’t like Kim, her life experiences can teach us a few things.

15 How To Wear Neutrals

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Nine out of ten times when you spot Kim Kardashian out on the town (or just chilling at home) you will find her wearing neutrals. There are times when Kim wears head to toe neutrals (black, gray, navy blue, white, tan…) she is the queen at making neutrals look anything but boring. And given her body confidence and star power, she could wear just about anything (or nothing) and still be a fashion icon. Some favorites include her November 2014 look at the Hairfinity event in Hollywood, in which she wore a blush-colored overcoat on top of a high-waisted maxi skirt and matching crop top. There was also the 2015 Met Gala, in which Kim stunned the paparazzi and the crowds with her ensemble: a sheer Roberto Cavalli gown with a super long train of white feathers. An open back and silvery sparkle accents hid her private areas while exposing lots of skin.

14 How To Embrace Your Body

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These days we are seeing a surge in body positivity, but there is still a body ideal in Hollywood that a woman needs to be white, thin, and blonde. But Kim has flaunted her curves, her feminine figure, and her body before, during, and after pregnancy. She is not afraid to show some skin, nor does she see her body as something to be ashamed of, no matter what kind of shape it’s in. Kim adores her body and doesn’t try to fight it; you will never hear Kim putting herself down. Seeing a nude selfie of the Kim Kardashian, with her ample booty, her thickness, her fabulous curves, her confident empowers a lot of women to embrace themselves and accept who they are right now. Even when Kim had just given birth and was looking to drop some pounds, she still loved her body and embraced it in the moment.

13 How To Look Good Pregnant

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Um, yes. If you thought that pregnancy ruined a woman’s body and took away all of her attractiveness, then you seriously live under a rock because Kim Kardashian expertly pulled off the maternity look without it looking like a “maternity look.” Maybe back in the day expecting mothers had to wear clothes that resembled potato sacks, but when Kim was pregnant (both times) she wore stunning outfits that were both daring and classy. Last year, Kim was expecting her baby boy, Saint West. During that pregnancy, the reality TV star fashionista wore a little black dress, a lacy jumpsuit, a pure white Valentino gown, her signature neutral outfits, and a willowy trench with a deep V-neck. Clearly, being pregnant didn’t stop Kim from looking fierce. If anything, it gave her a beautiful glow and gave her a greater appreciation for her body and all it can do. Women are amazing!

12 How To Find Your Best Angle

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Kim’s sister Kylie Jenner may be a young selfie queen, but Kim Kardashian herself is a pretty decent selfie taker. She knows how to achieve her best angles, play up the lighting, and use the right filters to really make her Insta photos pop! And whenever she appears in a magazine or on the Internet, she always seems to look flawless. Take her cover of Paper magazine, in which she “broke” the Internet with her booty. Of course, there are other more subtle examples of Kim displaying her luscious curves and pretty face. When you consider the fact that Kim spends most of her life in the public eye and on social media, you can bet that she has learned which angles and perspectives make her look best. When the paparazzi finds her, she poses just right. When she’s snapping a story for Snapchat, she rests the camera at the best angle (sometimes on her chest). In a group selfie, she is the one taking the pic.

11 How To Contour

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Whether it is her cheekbones, her lips, or her body, Kim definitely knows how to contour. Throughout the years, we have seen Kim swear by her bodycon slips and undergarments, share her contouring hacks, and even say that she was “so over” contouring. Yet the truth is that everyone in the Kardashian-Jenner family does some amount of contouring, and that’s okay. At least we know. As for Kim, she is actually a great makeup muse, and her beauty hacks have been featured by many print and web publications. Thanks to her, we know how to contour our noses to perfection. Kim also gives us other makeup and styling tips, from her strong dark brows to her nude plump lips. She always seems to be on top of her makeup game, whether she is doing it herself or has an assistant making her up while Kim cuddles her daughter North West.

10 How To Handle Criticism

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It doesn’t take much for Kim Kardashian to be criticized, and it seems that she needs to battle the haters on a daily basis. So if there is anyone who can show us how to deal with criticism, it is Kim. She takes it with charm and grace, and in short, she doesn’t really let the hate seep into her life. She has better things to do with her life than listen to people trash-talking her. From her nude selfies to her parenting skills, Kim has all kinds of comments and reactions thrown at her day after day. When someone on Twitter called her out for not spending time with her daughter, Kim shot back stating that just because she doesn’t post her every waking moment, that doesn’t mean that she isn’t hanging out with her kids. On another occasion, people were calling her out for her pregnant nude selfie. Kim took it with grace and stated that she was glad she was raised by confident strong woman. Win!

9 How To Throw A Birthday Party


Ain’t no party like a Kardashian part ‘cause a Kardashian party don’t stop. Seriously though, this family knows how to throw a birthday party and celebrate. Kim likes to celebrate special events and birthdays with party themes and pretty food. She also enjoys the element of surprise, and she was the recipient of a surprise party for her 35th birthday. For her sister Kendall’s Sweet 16, Kim helped to plan a fun bash in which rapper Tyga performed and hyped up the crowd. Kim makes sure to invite all of the friends and family, and she loves to have candy on hand, of course! It is important to Kim to have personal touches at the party as well. For instance, at her 35th birthday, the guests wore fake baby bumps because Kim was pregnant at the time. How sweet is that? We can’t wait to see how Kim celebrates her kids’ birthdays through the years.

8 Family Is Important

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At the end of the day, Kim is on her family’s side. Even if her sisters anger her to no end or she is embarrassed by her mother, or she is dealing with hate thrown at her father, Caitlyn “Bruce” Jenner, Kim values family. She even said once that family is more important than money, so if you think she is a gold-digging scammer, think again. Kim really showed solidarity for her family when she visited Armenia, her homeland, which suffered a horrendous genocide by the Turkish Empire 100 years ago. The country has a tumultuous history, and Kim decided to travel there in person to experience it all firsthand. She made headlines when she visited, but for her, it took on grave importance, and there was a moment when she lit candles to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the genocide. Clearly for Kim, her family will always hold top place.

7 How To Be Persistent

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If you want to make something of yourself, the odds are that you will have to keep pushing and pushing. Being persistent is something that Kim had to learn firsthand. She had to shake the reputation of being the naked girl in Ray J’s sex tape. She had to overcome the stereotype that she was just a dumb reality TV star with a huge butt. She had to continue striving to be taken seriously as a celebrity, a Hollywood figure, and a business woman. There are other areas of life in which Kim has been persistent. For instance, in matters of love; she was married to Kris Humphries and that was a huge hit to her reputation. People said it was a publicity stunt and that she wasn’t even in love with him. She had to be persistent and stay true to herself and now she is in a loving relationship. It’s with Kanye West, but whatever.

6 It’s Important To Forgive Yourself

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This is another real-life skill that just about everyone needs to adopt. Some will find it easier to practice than others, but we can turn to none other than Kim Kardashian to give us a brief lesson. She knows that it is important to forgive yourself, and she definitely has. Kim could have let the leaked sex tape she was in ruin her forever, or she could forgive herself and use it to her advantage. We all know the path she took! Nowadays, most people have forgiven Kim for that poor lack of judgment, and she has certainly moved on and is doing other stuff to better herself and others. Even when Kim posts something offensive, or focuses on herself instead of others, or makes a bad decision, she is able to forgive herself and continue moving forward. Living in the past is not an option!

5 Timeliness Is Crucial

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Believe it or not, Kim takes her role as a businesswoman seriously, and she is always trying to arrive on time at events. Whereas her husband Kanye West might think nothing of arriving two hours late for a concert - his concert - that just wouldn’t fly with Kim. Even with two young children, she makes it a point to get to her events and appointments on time. This is an important role of being taken seriously in the business world, or even just in general. And when you’re Kim Kardashian, you have a reputation for being a bimbo, so she has to work extra hard to come across as intelligent. If you pay attention, you can realize that there are some pearls of wisdom coming from Kim, and the fact that she holds being punctual as a top priority emphasizes compliments that wisdom. Kim is not only a successful reality star, she is an entrepreneur.

4 Don’t Hide Your Feelings

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Even if you have never seen an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, we’re pretty sure that you have seen Kim cry. She doesn’t do it all the time, but she definitely is not afraid to let her emotions out and just be candid and real. That is something that a lot of people can appreciate, especially because there seems to be this attitude in Hollywood that you need to be #perfect all the time. Us wise folks know that this just isn’t true, and Kim Kardashian can be a good example of this. She has cried about all sorts of things, from losing an earring in Bora Bora to feeling as if she is screwing everything up. Sometimes crying is the best way to get all of that stress out, and we applaud Kim for being unafraid of being ugly on camera. Now you don’t need to fear your crying face!

3 Even Celebs Don’t Know What They’re Doing

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It can be really easy to think that other celebs really have it going on and are totally on top of their game. Yet Kim Kardashian is one celebrity who will let you know that there are times when she has no idea what she is doing. And that’s okay! This humility and ability to accept that you aren’t always in control has helped Kim to become a role model for women. People look up to a public figure that can admit when she’s wrong or when she’s just plain confused. There have been times when Kim was just plain lucky, and there have been times when she worked hard for her success. But one thing is for sure: she will always be honest with you. We think that more people could reduce their daily stress and feel more at ease if they simply accepted and owned the fact that they don’t have it all. Nobody does!

2 Stress Less, Laugh More

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Sure, Kim and her family tend to get stressed out a lot, but that is a normal part of life. Besides, Kim is an entrepreneur, a TV star, and a public figure that is constantly being bombarded by the paparazzi. On top of that, she has her duties to her family with Kanye West, and with two little ones you can bet that she has a lot of pressure on her shoulders. Even so, Kim always makes time to laugh and even poke fun at herself, and it is that kind of attitude that has made her such an intriguing reality television star. We have seen Kim cry about the DASH business, we have seen her get into arguments with her sisters and mother, and we have seen her feel overwhelmed with life. But we always see her happy in the end. Kim was right when she said having fun is really what life's about.

1 Be Social Media Savvy

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If there is one thing that we should take away from Kim Kardashian, it is that being social media savvy can lead to magical things. Kim is one of those celebrities who always has a killer Instagram spread, and her Twitter and Snapchat is always updated with her latest shenanigans or professional endeavors. Kim mixes it up with serious and funny posts, and that makes people want to keep coming back for more. Plus, these days social media is such a crucial part of our lives; it is how we get news, updates, and keep in touch with friends and family near and far. As for Kim, she uses social media for fun, as well as to promote her brand and other products. See if you can spot the product placements in some of her posts! Don’t blame her; this is just a girl doing her job, and she does it well.


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