15 Things You Won't Believe Are Sold On The Black Market

The prospect of illegally sold items can be traced back to many different moments throughout history, however one of the most ideal times for black marketing came around World War II. Black markets have been around for quite some time and have created such an impact upon everyone around the world in a variety of ways. Since the rationing during World War II, people have been finding ways to change the way we buy our items. And even though the term is widely known, not many people know exactly what the black market is. Most consider the black market to be the illegal sale and trade of various items. And while this may seem harmless to some, it is a very illegal ordeal. Some of the items which are sold on the black market tend to get a lot more attention than others. Such things include: human hair, sperm, and even something as abnormal as baby formula. There are a wide variety of items to choose from and even the internet has been affected by black marketing schemes. However, certain unusual items have caught the attention of the public and here, we have a list of fifteen of the most unusual items ever to be sold on the black market.


15 Sugar

Normally, the first thought that comes to mind when thinking about what items are sold on the black market, are weapons or drugs. However, some of the most unusual items such as sugar are sold at considerably great rates. Malaysia, a particularly interesting country, actually has a black market set up for sugar, simply because it's an item that is hard to come by. For anyone not wanting to pay large fines for sugar, this is a considerable option for many. Turbinado, which is the type of sugar that's usually sold at the markets, is much healthier than white sugar and consider much higher in standards.

14 Almonds


Almonds are a great snack for anyone looking to curb the appetite, but there's a little fact about them that many people do not know. When you purchase almonds at the store, the package might say they are raw and natural, but in actuality, they are not. In order to be legally sold, almonds must go through a pasteurization process. This is done because almonds actually contain a very natural ingredient which can be used to make cyanide. For those who don't know, cyanide is a deadly, toxic gas and can be used as a weapon in many different cases.

13 Laundry Detergent

Every day, we use items to make our lives a bit easier when we're cleaning or trying to do laundry at home. A common household item such as laundry detergent isn't something one would think to be an ideal purchase on the black market. However, detergent is somewhat of a money-maker for big groups of criminals. Large illegal criminal organizations have been known to send out scouts to steal the stuff from different stores. After they have been stolen, they are sold to whoever they can make profit from and criminals make a large buck by selling these detergents.

12 Twinkies

The best thing about the sweets of today is that they're so easy and accessible. The convenience of driving to the store and simply buying your favorite treats is ideal and optimal. However, in 2012 when Hostess announced that they were going out of business, there was scare involving everyone's beloved treat, the Twinkies. Everyone rose into a panic and suddenly, everyone was selling the popular snack online and grabbing as many as they could get their hands on. Luckily, someone else decided to continue the delicious snack and so Twinkies lived on and the black market continues to make a profit.

11 Rhino Horns

Animal cruelty is something that should never be tolerated, and the slaughter of endangered species is a constant struggle worldwide. However, one of the most hunted species for illegal sale is the white albino rhino. Their horns are coveted by poachers of all kinds and because of this, they are in a great danger in their area. Once the rhinos are killed, their horns are cut from their bodies to be sold on the black market for a great price. This is one of the more popular items sold on the market, as well as one of the most morbid.

10 Sea Cucumbers

There exists all kinds of special delicacies around the world and one of the most unusual is the sea cucumber. These creatures are illegally sold in black markets, especially in China. The sea cucumber is considered illegal to purchase and the fishing for these creatures has been banned in the country as well, due to over-fishing issues. Unfortunately, because of the major restrictions, this only empowered the black market as well as the demand for these ocean floor creatures. And plenty of individuals in many Asian countries are always willing to pay a great price for these sea cucumbers.

9 Transportation

Illegal transportation is something that is popular in the black market. It's as simple as that. In many places, public transportation such as buses, taxis and so on, are legal because the government keeps a close eye on the regulation of such things and makes sure all forms of transportation remain in check. However, on the black market, public transportation can be found at very low prices and even with people who can take you to places you probably shouldn't be going. That doesn't stop people from taking part in it though, as this is one of the more popular things about the black market.


8 Video Game Scores

MMORPGs, otherwise known as Massive Multiple Online Role-Playing Games, have been given a rise in just the past few years. Not long ago, many people didn't think it was possible that these games would gain such popularity. However, they have, and with that rise of popularity, comes criminals trying their chance at an opening for illegal opportunity. Hackers, specifically, have been hacking into accounts for quite some time and stealing passwords, as well as other personal information and even identities. After they have obtained them, they sell them on the black market for a high price, making a profit off of someone's information.

7 Human Hair

Yes, human hair is actually being sold on the black market. While this is a little concerning, there's a situation even more disturbing. The people who obtain this hair to be sold are the ones who rob salons and hair stores by ramming cars in to the front of the store and even robbing people with extreme force, all for human hair that will be sold on the black market for a great price. While this is a popular trend for criminals, it's hard to imagine someone going to great lengths simply for the purchase of extensions, however, it is something occurs on the black market regularly.

6 Baby Formula


It's widely known that a mother will do just about anything to make sure her child doesn't starve, but just in the past few years, a very strange happening has occurred. Many people have been caught stealing baby formula. It's theorized that this is because it can be used to produce a certain base for drugs such as heroin and methamphetamine. Some stores across the country have even taken such extreme measures as to keep the formula locked away until the time of purchase. It certainly isn't the first thing one would think about when it comes to the black market.

5 Sperm

There is always going to be something strange to find on the black market. By far, one of the strangest items that can be found on the black market is sperm. This unusual buy is very popular with those who are deeply interested in the workings of artificial insemination, as well as moms who are desperate to have a child. However, in Canada it is actually highly illegal to sell your sperm and it's a dangerous road to go down. What makes the sell of sperm so dangerous is that there is no way of telling if the sperm being sold is free of STD's.

4 Holy Water

The question suddenly comes to mind, why would anyone purchase holy water on the black market? The defining aspect of faith is your belief and for many this belief is very strong. Although there are vendors who sell it, that doesn't mean the product is safe. Sellers always tell the customers that the water is from a certain area when it's actually from a place that holds certain poisons which can kill you and make you very sick. It's a sad case, but an unfortunate truth as so many liters have been sold and then bought on the black market.

3 Plastic Surgery

Possibly one the most famous trends that has been on the rise for quite some time is plastic surgery. Ever since it was made possible, people have been tripping over each other to get to the plastic surgeon and get whatever they don't like about themselves, changed and tucked. And while this is judged by many, it is a profession with very determined professionals who know what they're doing. Unfortunately, some people become so desperate to change their appearance that they're willing to go to great lengths such as contacting untrained individuals on the black market to do the surgeries for them.

2 Flight Attendant Uniforms

There are some very strange things in this world, and the black market sells many things such as jewelry, clothes, and cell phones, but a strange fact that many people may not know is that it also sells Japanese flight attendant uniforms. The reason for these uniforms being so popular ranges in different areas. Some people look to buy them for cosplay purposes, others use them for p*rnography or adult filming with a particular taste, and others, like criminals, desire them for the access that they might provide into certain airports for criminal activity. Definitely not something that would be ideal.

1 Organs

Humor rises when someone starts joking about selling organs and body parts to the black market, however, this is a very real thing. People from all over have been selling their organs and body parts for a big buck and it's not at all unusual. Kidneys especially have been sold at a very high rate, as well as human hair, and even blood. While many may find this rather disturbing, sellers on the black market do not turn their heads at the opportunity to find a great kidney and find substantial profit in the selling of these body parts and organs.


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