15 Things You Didn't Know About The World's Oldest Profession

Ah, the world's oldest profession. Throughout history men have had certain needs, and there have been certain women who have been willing to sell themselves to meet those needs. It is almost a perfect marriage (no pun intended). That is, if you have really loose morals and do not mind getting arrested from time to time. Or being called a "John" a lot.

A lot of people have a view of this practice, and the entire business that goes along with it; it's a little bit false. That makes sense, of course, there has to be something scary and unknown about the whole thing. Normalizing things like this has a whole set of consequences for society that a lot of people are not ready to deal with at all. Ever hear the whole story about Pandora's Box? Well, that is pretty much what you are dealing with here.

But the thing is, while some of the things you are going to find out here are kind of mind blowing, there are all sorts of aspects to the world's oldest profession that are really pretty normal as well. Because at the end of the day, the world's oldest profession is just that. It is a job. A huge business, for sure- one of the biggest ones in the world, in fact.

Also, it's one that you are not a part of and know nothing about, right? We get it. Don't worry, there's nothing to be concerned about here; our lips are sealed. Anyway, here is TheRichest's list of  15 things you didn't know about the world's oldest profession.  So now you know.

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15 Most Johns Have A High School Education

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That same study showed that most pimps have a high school education and that almost 30% of them have some college. A lot of people in this industry come from a place of poverty and even having a high school or higher education does not necessarily give them the opportunity, or the ability to make good money. There is a huge amount of money to be made in this industry, and a lot of people get into it for that very reason. Money talks in our society. If given a choice between collecting welfare, or working in a demeaning job for $9 an hour, or being their own boss and making thousands, or maybe even hundreds of thousands of dollars, what would you choose? I am not sure I even know what I would choose myself, but I do know that it would not be an easy choice.

14 Johns Employ A lot Of People

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Okay, so we know that this whole business is destructive to society and is bad for women, we get all of that. But hey, look at all the money it puts into the economy! Money does not stop in just one place, it moves around. Pimps and escorts employ all sorts of people. There are marketers who place ads in Craigslist and other places; there are drivers for the girls. They also often need to hire child care, and some of the more successful ones even hire secretaries. These guys are regular pillars of the community! Well, okay, not really but money does make the world go around, and there is no doubt that these guys spread a lot of it around. So next time someone tells you how bad this whole scene is, why don’t you blow their minds, and just give them a lecture on the benefits of trickle-down economics.

13 It Generates More Money Than Illicit Activities

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Guns and drugs are both very hot issues right now. Everyone is always talking about the drug war, and the toll it takes on our society, and rightfully so. People also spend a lot of time talking about the problem of illegal guns, especially in the light of all of the recent tragedies. But the thing is, the prostitution trade generates more money than both of those things put together. Crazy, right? But also true. There was a study done recently by the Urban Institute that said just that. Just in Atlanta the industry is doing $290 million a year. Are you kidding me? It seems that a lot of people like their guns, and even more like their drugs, but they still can’t beat the one thing that people seem to crave the most. It makes sense really. It is not called the world’s oldest profession for nothing after all.

12 It Isn't As Legal As You Think In Nevada

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Alright. Maybe it isn’t quite as illegal as you think, but it is still pretty darn legal when it comes right down to it. Brothels are legal there but street walking? Not so much. When you think about the situation it kind of makes sense, at least from a public health standpoint. When you go to a brothel you are entering a building where you know that all the women that you may choose ( yes, you do get to choose) have been tested by medical professionals. When you choose to roll with a streetwalker for all you know she has just jumped out of a dumpster behind the local 7/11 where she crashed out last night. Nevada is basically saying there is nothing wrong with this industry if it is regulated by medical professionals and the law. They take no moral stance on it at all; the stance is purely one of public health.

11 All Types Of People Do It

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I know who you think the typical customer is. Some low class dude, who is probably really sweaty and is either single or is in a bad marriage. Well you are wrong. There is literally no class, or race structure that goes to see people in this industry the most. In fact when you think of it, who has more money to spend on something of this nature, some low-class guy, or a high class corporate lawyer? As far as race goes, 40% of customers are white, 20% are latino, 17% are black and the rest could not be determined. According to some pimps, cops are some of the biggest customers of all; they tend to leave clients alone for favors here and there. Now that of course does not mean all cops, just some of them. Most cops are pretty straight up despite what you hear.

10 Pimps Have A Lot Of Expenses

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You think it is easy being a pimp? No way man, not even close. They not only have to keep control over women, sometimes in the most nasty and violent ways, they also have a lot of day to day expenses. According to the study by the Urban Institute, some of these dudes make around $30,000 dollars a week. Ummm...what? Maybe I should have a different job. Actually, come to think of it, I value my freedom and moral code a tad too much to do that. But I digress. The thing is that while these dudes are making top dollar they also have a lot of expenses eating that up. Think about having to pay for transportation, housing, clothing, hotel rooms, security, and advertising. That isn’t just for them, it is for their employees (by this I mean street walkers of course) as well. Hate the game, not the player.

9 Most People Get Into It Through Family Or Friends

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A lot of people wonder how women, or men even, get involved in a business like this anyway. I mean sometimes you will see some funky ads on Craigslist or something that make it pretty obvious that they are looking for someone to work in the business, but it isn’t like you can just pull up to a storefront and fill out an application. Well, it turns out that most people get into the business through friends or even family. Kind of gross, right? “Hey Mom, can you get me a job where you work?” takes on a whole new meaning. It also makes sense though. What you do in life has a lot to do with what is normal to you. So if your dad works in the insurance field, or is a landscaper, then it tends to be something that you know a lot about. Same goes for this industry.

8 Independents Don't Have Much Time To Do It

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A lot of people might wonder why anyone would ever work with a pimp. Why would they not just do it all themselves? While this might seem like a good question on the surface, the answer is actually pretty simple. The pimp does all the things that take up a lot of time. This is time that could be spent doing her job and making money. Think of all the time that it would take for the worker to advertise to find clients, then screen the clients and book them. Also if she chose to have her own security she would have to pay for it herself. While it is obvious that it might be better for a woman in this field to make her own decisions and be in control of what kind of work that she does, there are many obvious reasons as to why she might choose to work with a handler.

7 Pimps Aren't Afraid Of Getting Busted

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You might think that if you were in the business of being a pimp that you might spend most of your time looking over your shoulder worrying, and afraid of what might happen to you next. I know I would be a little bit paranoid about being busted. But apparently they don’t worry about that a whole lot. Most of them feel that their jobs are pretty low risk, and when you really think about it, they are never the ones actually doing the deal so the odds of arrest are pretty low. Most of them have the view that even if they are arrested the chances of them doing actual real time are pretty much nonexistent. And when you think about the fact that these dudes can make up to the previously mentioned 30 grand a week? Well, it seems like that is not that risky at all.

6 Undercover Cops Don't Have To Identify Themselves

I knew a guy years ago that was involved in some illegal activities. Don’t judge me, it was a long time ago. At one point he asked some other guy he was dealing with if he was a cop. The guy said no. But guess what, the guy was a cop and eventually the guy I knew was arrested. The same thing goes for prostitution. Some people are sadly under the impression that if they ask an undercover cop if they are in fact a police officer that this person has to say "yes." I think those same people tend to believe in the Tooth Fairy. But who am I to judge? The bottom line is the cops don’t have to say anything. Most arrests of prostitutes are done in an undercover manner of course, as they have to actually prove what is going on and going undercover is the best way to do that.

5 Craigslist Is Not The Only Game In Town

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Back in the day people could openly advertise adult services on Craigslist. One could just say “Hi I am an escort and this is my phone number.” That all stopped in 2010. Well the open aspect of it stopped, people still do it all the time. The whole thing is just a little more hidden. People write pretty much the exact same words, they just try to hide it, and that is all Craigslist really wants. The big dog in this area though is a site called Backpage.com which runs the ads right out in the open. And when I say open I do mean open. If you take a look around there, be prepared to shield your eyes as pretty much anything goes. But if you are a weirdo that wants to pretend he really is not, at least for a little while, then Craigslist is still the place to go.

4 They Recruit On Social Media

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Things these days are all online. That is where business is conducted and that is where people figure out how to hook up with each other. In the old days if you wanted to find an escort you would literally go driving around in your car until you saw a woman hanging out who looked sketchy. If you were out of town you actually would have to go to the bell hop in your hotel, give him $20 bucks, and hope that he could hook you up. Those days are long gone. Pimps are like anyone else; they find women to work for them through social media, whereas they used to have to approach them in the clubs or the streets. Same thing with transactions. Women are found online, hotels are booked online and the cash is often exchanged digitally. What a great new world we all live in!

3 The Job Is Dangerous

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This list has been kind of clinical so far, with all sorts of things mentioned that are about the business, but there is one thing that we should mention that is rather important as well. This job is extremely dangerous. I say that more about prostitutes than I do pimps of course. They are constantly in harm's way. It truly is the most dangerous profession. There are way more deaths of prostitutes than there are in professions like logging or working on an oil rig. One study said the death rate was over 300 per 100,00 women. To put that in perspective, the death rate on a boat like that is featured on The Deadliest Catch is only 127 per 100,000 workers. So to put it mildly, working in this industry is dangerous. If you are thinking of getting into it for any reason, it might be best to think again.

2 Pimps Usually Work In A Larger Area

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While there are some pimps that just work in one area, mostly lower-level of course, many of them work in a much larger circuit and kind of run their business regionally. They tend to move around a lot, but not in a random way: they go to a different city in the same cycle, arriving for a few weeks, making sure all is cool, then moving on to the next. That way regular customers know what to expect, as do the pimp's employees. This seems to be yet another way that the pimp protects himself from the law. When one thinks about it, the whole thing makes sense. If things get hot in one area, you just go to another for a little while. It seems like the most profitable circuit is the South, and includes Miami and Atlanta, but there are circuits all over the country and the world for that matter.

1 Pimps Aren't Happy With How the Media Makes Them Look

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What a surprise, right?  Who would have guessed? It appears that pimps don't like the way the media show them to be. For one thing they don't like how it is always assumed that they use violence to control women, and some of them even don't like being called "pimps". It seems they think of themselves more of businessmen. The thing is, they are businessmen. It is just the business they are in involves being a pimp. Why is that so hard to understand? With all that said, I do kind of get it. The way the media portrays them is always as these black, jive-talking guys that look like they just walked off the set of Starsky and Hutch. I mean obviously they don't all look like that, or act like that. But hey, I am in the media and I just wrote that so apparently I just broke the mold.


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