15 Things Donald Trump Has Done That Makes Us Think He's Pranking Us

Americans loved watching Donald Trump on screen in his series The Apprentice, and they love him even more on screen as a presidential candidate. Or so they did. At first, it seemed comical to watch someone like Donald spew uneducated hateful rhetoric and embarrass himself. Instead, we watched as many Americans found his campaign as inspiration to ignite their hateful rhetoric. At this point, Americans are not laughing anymore and growing more and more worried about the very real possibility that he could be our next president.

But maybe we don’t have to be worried, perhaps this is all an elaborate joke meant to be one of the greatest pranks on the country in recorded history. Maybe within the next few months we’ll see Donald get on stage to make one of his memorable speeches only to say that he was kidding the entire time and it was all a joke. Perhaps one of the other nominees are in on the scheme as a political stunt to gain votes.

It would be rather entertaining to watch the republican party scramble to figure out what to do to defeat Hillary, but the likeliness of this happening is very low. Not many thought that it would last this long, and the idea of it being a joke in the beginning was something we actually considered. But after the RNC, reality is setting in. We still can’t help but wonder if everything Donald is doing is a joke. Here are 15 of the biggest things that make us question whether we’re getting pranked by Trump or not.

15 He's Friends With Bill Clinton


You may have seen photos circulating the web of Donald Trump playing golf with Bill Clinton, which is something common among businessmen and politicians, regardless of whether or not they’re truly friends. But Donnie’s relationship with Bill Clinton is more than just an occasional golf game. Before beginning his presidential run, Donald was rather vocal about his support for Bill as a president. He defended him when the Lewinsky scandal came out, stating that the whole ordeal was overblown. The Clinton’s were even invited to Donald’s most recent wedding. It’s also been noted that Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are friends themselves. It seems like Donald has an awfully tight connection with the Democratic family, but he would never admit that now. Since beginning his campaign, he has refuted claims about his close relationships with the families, and blaming business purposes for all of their previous encounters. We have to wonder if this is only being said to gain votes against his opponent, however.

14 He's A Reality TV Star


There have been plenty of presidential candidates with little experience, and numerous celebrities turned politicians. However, Donald Trump seems to be a little too much of a celebrity to be taken seriously as a president. He’s known well for his role on The Apprentice, a show in which he gives a contestant the chance to work for his business. Everything he did, however, seemed to be for his brand. The show was huge for him from a promotional standpoint, and helped advertise and promote his products, such as Trump University and even a Trump brand of steaks. He makes sure to plaster his name large on any brand he can get, even putting his name on buildings he doesn’t actually own. For someone so obsessed with their brand, it’s hard to not wonder if he’s running for the good of the country, or the good of his name.

13 He Wants To Censor The Media


One of the reasons Donald has such a following are that fans claim he “always speaks his mind”. For someone so passionate and reliant on the first amendment, it seems odd that he has interest in possibly censoring the media. He stated he would want to create certain libel laws that would allow him to sue news publications who print horrible and false information about him. While it is already completely legal to sue over false information, it is not to print something horrible. He should consider that when he speaks out against, well pretty much everyone, especially not doing any fact checking before he opens his mouth. A lot of his fans also use the first amendment as defense against hate speech, so it seems strange that he and his followers are so supportive of the idea of silencing anyone who speaks out against him.

12 He Discusses His D*** Size


During one of his speeches, Donald Trump felt it was very necessary to clarify that he didn’t have any issues, in reference to the size of his male anatomy. Maybe that would be something we cared about if we were electing him President of the adult film industry, but as the leader of the free world, it really doesn’t matter what sort of genitalia he has. His evidence was the size of his hands claiming that they were large, meaning his penis must be large. There isn’t even any scientific evidence proving a correlation between penis size and hand size, something that we would hope the president of the United States didn’t care about. It seems obvious he cares more about proving his manhood than having legitimate discussions about the important issues that our country faces. But in all honesty, those are pretty tiny hands, right?

11 His Real Name Is Donald Drumpf


Donald Trump’s ancestral name is Drumpf. That’s right, only 2 letters away from the word dump. The truth to his heritage was exposed on the HBO series Last Week Tonight, in which comedian John Oliver takes a look at the week’s news in a satirical perspective. He did a segment on the Republican nominee several weeks ago, in which he started the hashtag #makedonalddrumpfagain, in mockery to Donald’s campaign slogan. It’s no wonder Drumpf hasn’t exposed the truth to his name, as it isn’t nearly as mystical and hopeful as the word Trump. The name change occurred sometime in the 18th century. We’re sure Donald is pleased for the name change, as it is hard to imagine he would have gotten very far with the original last name. A name like that makes it hard to not see Drumpf as a cartoon character, or evil villain in a comic book movie.

10 He Didn't Care His Wife Plagiarized A Speech


Donald’s wife recently made headlines after being called out for plagiarizing one of Michelle Obama’s speeches. Not too long after, the speech reporter came forward apologizing for the accident, stating it was an honest mistake. The writer was going over ideas of what to put in the speech with Melania. Melania had stated she admired certain aspects from Michelle Obama’s speech, so the writer jotted ideas Melania was giving, not realizing Melania was giving direct quotes from the speech. Donald Trump has responded by defending the speech writer and Melania, claiming the attacks aren’t fair. For someone to not care about a huge mistake in their campaign seems to raise suspicions of how dedicated he is to the presidential race. Donald’ Trump is known for telling people they're fired in his reality series, however, he has assured the public that no one will be fired over the huge mistake.

9 He Encourages Violence


Supporters of Donald Trump are known to be violent, as he has had many clashes between protesters and opposing fans at his speeches and rallies. Often times, protesters disrupt his speeches, which makes many of the people there upset. Donald has on numerous occasions told his audience to retaliate against the protesters with physical violence, and stating he would back them up in court if there were any issues. While it is logical for someone to hate the people who protest them, it is crazy to comprehend that someone who wants to be president of our country would encourage physical violence against anyone in the US. Not only does he encourage violence against protesters, but he also doesn’t seem to mind the murder of innocent children. He has stated before that he would do whatever it takes to defeat ISIS even if that meant murdering innocent civilians and families in the process.

8 He Claims We Need Global Warming


In one of Don’s infamous Tweets, he claimed that we needed global warming due to the fact that New York was so cold. Whether or not he actually believes that we “need” global warming, it’s still a rather uneducated thing for a presidential hopeful to claim. He has also stated that global warming was created by the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing noncompetitive. He quickly claimed it was a joke, though the original tweet didn’t seem to be that humorous. Global warming among other environmental issues are a serious aspect of the campaign that he should be spending time learning about and building a legitimate argue for instead of tweeting jokes on the internet. But it doesn’t seem he cares too much about spreading educated truths to his followers, another reason why it’s hard to believe he actually cares about the future of the country and our world.

7 He Said He Would Date His Daughter


Among many offensive things Donald has said about women, one of the worst is the fact that he would date his daughter if she was not actually his daughter. It’s also a statement he’s made on more than one occasion. Not only is it a creepy statement for any father to make about their daughter, but for the potential future of the president of the United States to make, it’s extra unsettling. The idea that the only thing stopping him from dating her is that they share the same blood is a very disturbing one. The claims weren’t even made on the fact that his daughter is educated and successful, rather that she has a nice body. Although Donald is known for dating models, and his daughter did have a modelling career for a while, it’s still something that just doesn’t need to be said or thought by anyone involved in the family.

6 He Referred To 9/11 As 7-11


In a speech in which he commended firefighters and police who helped in the aftermath of the devastating attacks on September 11, Donald Trump referred to the event as 7-Eleven. It’s one thing to have a slip up every once in a while, but to compare one of the greatest American tragedies to a convenience store that’s known for frozen drinks and Doritos stuffed with cheese is nothing less than a humiliating offense. Donald didn’t even notice that he made the mistake in the speech and did not correct himself. For someone to not show remorse for making such an error doesn’t show good character for someone who wants to be the leader of those great officers he was commending. He also built much of the campaign around his advocacy for New York City after the terrorist attacks, showing that he might not take the central ideas that his campaign relies on so seriously.

5 He Began His Platform On Racism

One of the main events that brought huge attention to Donald Trump’s campaign was his claim that Mexican immigrants were rapists, among other offensive remarks. This comment surprisingly had positive feedback for a lot of people, and became an important symbol of his campaign. When people are preparing for speeches, there is an immense amount of work that goes into crafting the right statements to appeal to potential voters. The fact that he was completely ok with including such controversial statements in his speech suggests that it was a publicity stunt in order to get voters' attention. And it definitely worked. Since then, he has stated many other racist, sexist, and hateful speech against certain people and demographics, and he and his followers don’t seem to care. It is obvious he doesn’t care about getting the votes of anyone who takes offense to the comments, and that fact that he’s completely content for the remarks being associated with his image makes it seem all the more like a big joke.

4 That Hair


Really though, what’s with his hair? The physical appearance of a presidential candidate is obviously no factor in whether or not they would make a good president. What really matters is their platform. Bernie Sanders didn’t have luscious locks himself and Hillary Clinton is known for her vast collection of colorful pant suits. At this point though, we have to ask ourselves how someone can be OK with having hair like that? Especially someone who makes comments on just about every person’s appearance. Donald is by far the most easily caricatured billionaire, with his bright orange skin and extreme comb-over, he makes it very difficult for us to take him seriously. Could you imagine that face on one of our bills? George Washington was no looker either, but at least we didn’t have to make the dollar bill larger just to fit his hair.

3 The Wall


The wall is one of Donald Trump’s ideas that has gotten him the most amount of followers. People love the idea of having a giant wall blocking out potential illegal immigrants, but don’t love the logistics of it as much. That’s because there really aren’t many. Donald has made it very difficult to keep up with the actual plans, as he has no idea how to get it built other than to have Mexico pay for it. He also often changes his mind about how high it should be, and doesn’t offer up any other strategies for illegal immigration should the wall idea fail. Anne Coulter, a popular Trump advocate, often discusses how she can’t wait for “The Great Wall of Trump” to be a tourist attraction. While Trump does own several architecturally impressive buildings, something about a giant wall named after him doesn’t sound very aesthetically pleasing. At least it wouldn’t be called “The Great Wall of Drumpf.”

2 He Makes Fun Of People With Disabilities


As previously stated, Trump doesn’t hide the fact that he doesn’t appreciate reporters who don’t agree with him. It was his treatment of one reporter, however, that has us wondering how it’s possible that this guy is still able to run for president. The reporter was Serge Kovelaski, who was born with deformities in his hand and lower arms. Though Trump refutes the claims he was mocking him, on an angry rant, Donald shook his arms in a mannerism that suggests he was poking fun at the reporter. It’s one thing to make fun of someone in your own time, but to do it to a crowd in which fans are able to applaud such behavior is appalling. How could someone who claim they want to make America great be so offensive towards a voter? He’s made it clear he doesn’t care what people think in the way that someone who was trying to prank America would do.

1 He Praised Hillary Clinton In The Past


As the election comes closer and closer, Donald Trump is the least shy he’s been about his comments on “Crooked” Hillary. He’s never afraid to insult the democratic nominee in every way possible. But at one time, he felt very different about her. In fact, Hillary Clinton just released an ad in which she shows a clip of Donald praising her! He claims that she’s a good person, does a great job, and that he really likes her and Bill. The entire thing is rather fishy, given the hateful rhetoric he spews about Hillary. It is also rumored that at one point, Bill had told Donald that he should show interest in the Republican Party not too soon before Donald made it clear he was running for president. The alleged conversation has many people theorizing that Donald is only running to make himself look like a buffoon and get people to vote for Hillary. If that’s the truth, it’s working, but also seems pretty elaborate for someone who has said some of the absent-minded things he has.


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15 Things Donald Trump Has Done That Makes Us Think He's Pranking Us