15 Surprising Things China Doesn't Want Us To Know

China is, without a doubt, a very amazing and vibrant country to say the least. They have made so many advancements just within the last five years when it comes to technology and the way we live our everyday lives. They continue to produce many different products that assist in many of the things we do everyday. However, it didn't come without struggle. China's history tells of the trials and triumphs they have had over thousands of years. And while their climb to success is repeated throughout their past, they have held their fair share of secrets, like high execution rates and deeply rooted piracy practices.

Yet, China shouldn't be bashed. Every country has its own secrets that they wish would not be exposed to the world. But while secrets are meant to be hidden, it's only a matter of time until they are revealed.

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15 Dwarf Park

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While it isn't something that could create a security problem, the Kingdom of the Little People in China is still something that few know about. This 'interesting' entertainment park consists of over 100 dwarfs who are employed to provide quality entertainment for visitors. Comical shows of all kinds are performed often, and with the rise in tourism, this peculiar dwarf park never hurts when it comes to business. Many watch the dwarfs perform, and the performers never disappoint the audience.

14 Christians in China

It's probably the last religion that people expect to see in China, however, Christianity is on the rise, and China is well on its way to becoming the country with the largest Christian population in the world. It's been said that China now has more Christians than Italy. However, not many people know this and probably with good reason. China can be strict about their religions, which is why the talk of religion in China doesn't always bring Christianity to the top of anyone's mind.

13 Birth Defects

It's a terrible thing to have to watch a child grow up with any form of birth defects, however, it's an inevitable truth. In China, birth defects happen quite more than one would think. Considered to be on the rise, birth defects occur in 1.2 million babies every year. Since 2001 the rate of birth defects has actually increased by 40% and looks to still be increasing. Many people blame the high amount of pollution in the country. For every thirty seconds, there is a baby born with a birth defect, and as the numbers rise so does the worry.

12 Air Pollution

We have all heard about the terrible air pollution in China. They tend to keep quiet about how bad the air actually is. On some days, when the air is so thick and full of chemicals, people have to wear breathing masks in order to make it to their destinations. This occurs because of China's rapid industrial growth. While people think this terrible air pollution is just limited to China, due to a jet stream, San Francisco suffers from air pollution as well. It's believed that about a third of San Francisco's air pollution can be blamed on China.

11 Vacant Buildings

Not only is there a huge vacant mall, there are also millions and millions of vacant homes within China. 65 million homes have no residents and are completely vacant. These places are scattered all throughout China and they aren't simple homes or buildings that have been abandoned for years, these are cities and houses that were built because of extreme population expectation, but once no one moved into the cities, they were left vacant and completely void of human life. Visiting these sites feel like ghost towns and there are many of them, all over the country.

10 Poverty

Poverty is a terrible thing, and at one time or another, a lot of people have had to experience the terrible ordeal. It's estimated that over 100 million people are suffering from severe poverty in the country, due to severely low wages. Some people only make about $2 a day, while there are others who make as little as $1 a day. China's population is so large that it's hard to keep such a large amount of people out of the hole.

9 Reincarnation Banned

We all know that one of the defining attributes of Buddhists is their belief in reincarnation. It's a part of the religion just like an arm is a part of the body. However, the Chinese government has actually banned various Buddhist monks from being able to reincarnate. The communist government stated that their actions were for the control and management of the reincarnation process. However, many know it is simply a way to disconnect people from the influence of the exiled Dalai Lama.

8 Vacant Mall

If you have ever wondered where the world's largest mall resides, then look no further than China. But this mall isn't like others because, simply put, it barely has any stores or shoppers. 99% of the New South China Mall has yet to be used and the mall has been open for seven years. The mall stretches out with 7 million square feet along with 2,350 spaces capable of housing shops of many sizes. The only shops truly doing business in the entire place are the few fast food places that are located near the entrance.

7 Blocked Websites

China has always had a thing for control, and that 'thing' is expressed highly over the many different changes they have made when it comes to accessing the internet. While everyone in the United States can view pretty much any website, China does not share that freedom. Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and many others are blocked. Even the New York Times has been blocked after they published something that the communist Chinese government didn't quite agree with. And while a few sites have been unblocked over the years, China still isn't taking any chances.

6 Cave People

We've all been taught the history lesson about how man once resided in caves to keep away from the harm and the dangers of the world, but those times have passed... but not in China. For more than 35 million people, a cave is home. In the Shaanxi Province, one of the more popular places the cave dwellers can be found, the people are tending to their homes and living their everyday lives. While it isn't an ideal thought for most of us in America, it's something that the people of the caves are accustomed to.

5 Contaminated Water

Countries all over the world suffer from water contamination, but what's terrifying is that over 700 million people in China ingest contaminated water every single day. The biggest cities only treat about 10% of the raw sewage that's produced. The rest of the waste is dumped into places like lakes, rivers and various places that, when distributed, tend to soak into the ground, therefore contaminating the ground water.

4 Time Zone Issues

Not too many people can say that they have their own time zone, however, China certainly takes the honors. Due to China's communist regime, in 1949 it was decided that China should have their very own time zone called Beijing Standard Time. This was, of course, a means to assert more control over the country. The large zone has provided a few problems however, such as late sunrise hours around 10am in certain parts of the country.

3 Piracy

The term piracy was once defined as the attacking and robbing of another one's ship, however, as time progressed, we chose to use the word to represent whenever someone was taking part in the unauthorized use or reproduction of someone else's work. In the year 2010, China had this happen quite a bit. 78% of the computer software that had been put into computers had been pirated. No matter how you look at it, that's a very large amount, and while we have piracy happening all around the world, especially in the United States, there's no doubt that China's numbers are exceptionally higher than the rest.

2 Execution

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Most countries, especially the United States, have evolved their ways of execution into what is considered humane. And with the rise in people who are considering the death penalty a bad thing, there comes some backlash to the countries that still execute their criminals in strange ways. China, for example, still executes some of their criminals by firing squad. Of course, execution by chemicals has been one of the most popular, and we have all come far from hanging our criminals, but China still holds their tradition of the firing squad and it doesn't seem like they will be breaking their tradition anytime soon.

1 The Gobi Desert

It's known that the Gobi Desert is one of the largest deserts out there, however, what many may not know is that the desert is expanding and it is doing so at a terrifying rate. The desert itself is 500,000 square miles, which is almost the size of Peru. And with each year, 1,400 square miles are added onto that. What makes this happen is the extreme amounts of deforestation, grazing, and even water source depletion. Whether people turn a blind eye or not, the Gobi Desert is, without a doubt, growing every single day.

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