15 Surprising Things China Doesn't Want Us To Know

China is, without a doubt, a very amazing and vibrant country to say the least. They have made so many advancements just within the last five years when it comes to technology and the way we live our everyday lives. They continue to produce many different products that assist in many of the things we do everyday. However, it didn't come without struggle. China's history tells of the trials and triumphs they have had over thousands of years. And while their climb to success is repeated throughout their past, they have held their fair share of secrets, like high execution rates and deeply rooted piracy practices.

Yet, China shouldn't be bashed. Every country has its own secrets that they wish would not be exposed to the world. But while secrets are meant to be hidden, it's only a matter of time until they are revealed.

15 Dwarf Park


14 Christians in China

13 Birth Defects

12 Air Pollution

11 Vacant Buildings

10 Poverty

9 Reincarnation Banned

8 Vacant Mall

7 Blocked Websites

6 Cave People

5 Contaminated Water

4 Time Zone Issues

3 Piracy

2 Execution


1 The Gobi Desert

It's known that the Gobi Desert is one of the largest deserts out there, however, what many may not know is that the desert is expanding and it is doing so at a terrifying rate. The desert itself is 500,000 square miles, which is almost the size of Peru. And with each year, 1,400 square miles are added onto that. What makes this happen is the extreme amounts of deforestation, grazing, and even water source depletion. Whether people turn a blind eye or not, the Gobi Desert is, without a doubt, growing every single day.

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15 Surprising Things China Doesn't Want Us To Know