15 Terrifying Facts About The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle is a triangular region in the North Atlantic ocean that is somewhat bounded by Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. This area has been known to exude paranormal activity and is even feared by many people. Although many skeptics will chose to degrade this area's abilities, others may even blow it out of proportion. Truth is, none of us really know what goes on in this daunting area, but what we do know is that too much has happened to deem it a coincidence.

The Bermuda Triangle also goes by the name of "The Devil's Triangle" and it isn't too hard to see why. Many curious disappearances have occurred in this region, so many in fact, that speculation and myths have been on the rise for centuries. Many explorers and navigators have even reported seeing strange lights and unexplainable occurrences that if spoken about, will surely make them look like they've spent too many time at sea.

What's worse is that there has been no recognition for these impossible occurrences from the government and so it is left to the public to fantasize over. From ship to airplane, bizarre events have rattled even the most conservative of minds and will continue to do so.


15 Christopher Columbus Was The First To Speculate Over The Bermuda Triangle


Christopher Columbus kept a journal throughout his voyages in hopes of keeping every little detail documented. His journal, "Vita del Ammiraglio" which translates to, "The Life of The Admiral" proved to be very informative in helping the modern world understand what went on all those hundred of years ago.

In 1492, Columbus set sail in hopes of finding an alternative route to Asia, and ended up discovering the Americas instead. His journey brought him directly into what some people like to call, "The Devil's Triangle" but unfortunately for the native people of North America, the Bermuda Triangle did not disappear Columbus' ship.

"There exists the possibility of never leaving this legendary sea. My compass acts strangely. This sea seems to have the ability to draw things in from all over the Atlantic like a catch-basin." Is an entry from Columbus' journal. The explorer also documented witnessing a fiery ball fall from the heavens.

14 The Vast Majority Of Disappeared Ships and Airplanes Were Never Recovered


Curiously enough, many incidents that involve the Bermuda Triangle have yet to be explained or even confirmed. Ships and aircraft have continuously gone missing since the 1600s, and until today, many people chose to neglect the stories told by the few people who have survived this phenomenon.

Due to the major current that emanates from the Gulf Stream of Mexico, many floating objects found in the Bermuda Triangle can be hard to trace. The powerful stream can travel as quickly as 2.5 metres per second and can be found flowing through the Straits of Florida and right into The North Atlantic. Thanks to this current, it would be near impossible to find any stranded or disabled aircraft or ship.

In 1925, a ship named the SS Cotopaxi left the shores of South Carolina with the hopes of reaching Cuba. However, two days after departure, all signs and communication with the ship were lost and the boat was never seen again. That is, until last year, when the ship was recovered after 90 years, seemingly intact for it's neglected condition, and with no signs or remains of human life. Even the captain's logbook remained empty of any indications of what could have taken place.

13 Compasses Stop Working In Its Vicinity


One of the most reputable reasons as to why so many ships and planes go missing in the Bermuda Triangle is because of the compass. How can such a small thing affect the reality and lives of so many people? Well, that's easy. The compass only has one job; to point to the Magnetic North Pole, and when it stops working, even a captain can start leading their crews in circles.

The compass is a special device, simply because it does not require batteries or technology to function properly. The little needle is naturally attracted to the magnetism of the Earth and simply points in the direction of the Magnetic Pole. So when off at sea — you do not question the compasses ability to point you in the right direction, but you should.

There are only two recorded places in the world where the compass points to the true North instead of the Magnetic one. One is in the Bermuda Triangle and the other is off the coast of Japan, in an area referred to as the Devil's Sea. The confusion that the compass goes through is known as magnetic declination, and it has proven to divert even the most experienced of navigators.

12  12. There Have Been More Disappearances Than We Know


Like most mysteries, the more we know, the less we speculate but when it comes to The Bermuda Triangle, many people tend to have different ideas on the puzzling matter. In truth, with so many disappearances, it becomes hard to accept the military's excuse of, "human error"especially since they have a military base situated inside the very same triangle. Although reports have been made that the site has been closed, can we ever really trust what we are told?

In reality, there are many disappearances reported every year that can be lead back to the Bermuda Triangle but not enough are confirmed as so. Smaller ships and aircraft have gone missing but without the proof of radar and communication, most are barred off as untrue or as human error.

11 Whole Crews Have Gone Missing


When a ship is found floating and intact— one would expect to find a full crew aboard it. With that in mind, it can be difficult to accept that that is not always the case. There have been tales of giant squids, space monsters and even pirates, but when the goods are left in tact, and a lack of motive causes you to furrow your brow— it can be a hard tale to swallow.

In 1872, an American ship known as Mary Celeste set sail from New York City with ample amounts of denatured alcohol. The merchant brigantine was destined to deliver this alcohol to Genoa, but it never reached its destination. The ship was discovered near the Azores Island instead— but what remained on the ship is what truly disturbed the public. All alcohol prevailed, as well as the entire crew's personal belongings and provisions. The crew was nowhere to be found, and they were never seen or heard of again. The ghost ship showed no signs of struggle or robbery— they simply just vanished.

10 It Is Not As Small As We Believe


The government has become notorious for trying to keep civilians in the dark. Whether there is more to know about the Bermuda Triangle than they let on, it's a question we will most likely never get an answer to. Although nearly everyone has heard the spooky tales of the uncharted triangle— the majority of officials refuse to see this mysterious ocean space as a threat or reality.

No matter the negligence, there is still the underlying truth that over 100 ships and aircrafts have gone missing from this particular area. With all that proof, it becomes a little hard to accept this dead-zone as a coincidence. The Bermuda Triangle is believed to take up at least 500,00 square miles of the ocean, but some think it to be three times bigger than that actual size.

9 Boat Or Plane — It Will Get You


While some believe that ships have been the main victims to the peculiar effects of the, "Devil's Triangle" aircraft have also continuously been reported as missing. It is believed that time is distorted while flying over this particular area as well as navigation tactics, which can seriously damage the outcome of travel. Whole planes have vanished off the face of the planet in a matter of seconds, without even the slightest indications of turbulence, storms or malfunctions.

One particularly strange occurrence happened back in 1945 when Flight 19, which was construed of 5 U.S Navy Avenger bombers, simultaneously vanished out of thin air while on a small training mission. To add to the mystery— the rescue team who set out to find survivors or wreckage from the incident also disappeared and were never heard of again. This strange incident resulted in the loss of 27 men and 6 planes.


8 Some Believe It To Be A Time Portal


What is believed to be a, "time storm" might be the most frightening phenomenon of all, and despite its unbelievable stigma — at least it offers some sort of explanation.

Bruce Gernon is a pilot, turned author, who is mainly responsible for the theories that revolve around the, "time storm." Although in his eyes, these allegations are far from theoretical. Gernon spent 31 years of his life trying to piece together the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. He became obsessed with this topic, simply because he experienced the impossible while travelling within the airspace of the triangle.

Gernon recalls flying in his plane and then entering what he calls, "electronic fog." He believe's that the disappearances mainly revolve around this fog taking, and capturing entire ships and aircraft. He remembers escaping the time storm through a tunnel vortex and when he emerged from it—he was fast-forwarded 30 minutes in time and 100 miles forward.

Although not many people believe that Gernon's experience is a genuine one— others have confirmed witnessing similar effects conform in the sky and then disappear.

7 It Is Not The Only Area In The World That Exudes Strange Activity


The oceans of planet Earth are and might forever be one of the greatest mysteries. From unknown creatures to underground volcanos, we are merely ants floating in a puddle asking to be swallowed whole. The Bermuda Triangle is often speculated over but does it really stand alone when it comes to uncharted phenomenon?

Much like the Bermuda Triangle, there exists a similar area known as, "The Devil's Sea." This area is located in the Pacific ocean, near the island of Miyake and the South of Tokyo. It is also known as an ocean graveyard and is home to many daunting disappearances. Like its cousin Bermuda, it has the tendency to disappear entire ships, crews and rescue parties. Both triangular dead-zones occupy the same latitudes and affect the compass' ability to give an accurate reading. Coincidence? I think not.

6 It Has A Bad Reputation


The Bermuda Triangle has caused fear and amazement in minds all around the world. Where some fanatics are delighted by the thought of a danger-zone that inhabits the planet Earth and the possibility of something more, others are completed turned off by the idea. For every argument stating that the Triangle's affects are true, there are a dozen counter-attacks stating that it is false.

If there is one thing we should take into consideration, however, is that contrary to what we believe, the Bermuda Triangle is one of the most highly travelled routes in the Atlantic ocean. Many ships and planes fly to and from this area every day, and reach their destinations without a misplaced hair on their body. Some can argue that a higher volume of travellers ensures a higher volume of casualties. Either way, we all believe what rings true to our ears and never more.

5 It Is Believed To Be The Home Of Atlantis 


Atlantis is the lost city that today's civilization has continuously been searching for. Atlantis has been lost for 10,000 years but some believe that it was found in the 1960s by the US military. The city was engulfed by the ocean and left uncharted for centuries, but it is now believed to have been found 600 feet below the ocean near Cuba.

Paul Weinzweig and Pauline Zalitzki are two scientists that truly believe that the underwater city belongs to the ancient civilization of Atlantis. These scientists have confirmed the existence of the enormous city and have even sent underwater robots to retrieve footage of the ruins. These findings include the confirmation of four giant pyramids, several sphinxes and a numerous amounts of undefined structures.

“The U.S. government discovered the alleged place during the Cuban missile crisis in the sixties, Nuclear submarines cruising in the Gulf (in deep sea) met pyramid structures. They immediately shut down the site and took control of him and the objects, in order that it will not come to Russians hands.”

4 Some Believe It To Be Alien Territory


Many people refuse to accept the possibility of aliens, and in the end, if this refusal allows you to sleep soundly at night—exercise it freely. There is a stigma that surrounds the topic of UFOs and gateways to an outer realm, but I'd like to think that a good percentage of the population could keep an open mind — what's more out there, aliens or entire ships disappearing?

In 2009, naval cameras and many people flying through this specific zone reported seeing a cluster of bizarre lights in the sky surrounding the Bermuda Triangle. Some even went as far as saying that the lights seemed to form a vortex. The cluster remained for about an hour before gradually fading in the darkness.

In 2014, another similar incident occurred; a cruise ship also spotted UFOs on the horizon of the Bermuda Triangle. They described the lights as illuminating and also said that it appeared to be surrounded by a certain type of vapour. The sightings of these lights even date back as far as 1492, when Columbus wrote down in his log about a similar experience.

3 Home To Rough Weather


The area that makes up the Bermuda Triangle has been known to be home to extremely frightening weather conditions. The US government agency directly blames bad weather and mediocre navigation for the numerous disappearances. Well, that's good to know right?

The US government agency has completely ruled out any and all theories that revolves around worm holes, aliens and underground cities. Stating that the disappearances that occurred in the Bermuda Triangle were comparable to many disappearances all over the world.

However, cruise ships and air planes constantly sail and fly through this zone and through many more hazardous areas and live to tell the tale and so it must be the captain's fault. In the case of Flight 19 — it must have been all 5 airplanes who messed up big, all at the same time. To think more than that, well that's just blasphemous.

2 It Creates Rogue Waves


If you've never heard or encountered a rogue wave — then consider yourself lucky, because most people who have encountered one haven't live to tell the tale. Rogue waves are extremely dangerous and unexpected. Over the past few decades, scientists have been able to expand their knowledge and confirm the possibly of these killer waves. At first, these waves were seen as myths told by seamen, who wanted to bask in the glory of having encountered one and survived.

A rogue wave can be created when swelling occurs in the ocean. When two swelling's meet, they conform at different speeds and directions, which result in a monster waves. These gigantic waves quickly disappear after the damage is done, but it can clearly sink any ship in its path. The Gulf Stream, which passes through the Bermuda Triangle has been known to create these temperamental waves. Many skeptics believe that this is the root cause for the ocean-based disappearances. But what about the air-based ones?

1 Some Blame Coincidence and Human Error


Many people cannot handle the truth, which is why our government sees fit to hide many discoveries and discrepancies in life as we know it. Even though there have been more than 100 disappearances alone in the Bermuda Triangle—unexplained ones at that. People still chose to believe that human error and coincidence are the two main factors in the peculiarity that revolves around the Bermuda Triangle. But as Superman's Lionel Luthor once said, "Coincidence. That's an explanation for fools and liars."

Human's mess up, more than they should, but when experienced sailors and pilots vanish without distress calls, seemingly out of thin air, is it really that strange to think outside of the box? If it had been a couple ships, here and there, then sure—rule it out as a hiccup, but with so many strange occurrences happening back-to-back. It can become hard to turn a blind eye. Most people can't handle the truth, can you?

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