15 Terrible Secrets The Clintons Want You To Forget

The election is on, and in a couple of months Americans are going to decide who their next president is going to be. Those living elsewhere have a lot to gain or lose, but no power to do anything abou

The election is on, and in a couple of months Americans are going to decide who their next president is going to be. Those living elsewhere have a lot to gain or lose, but no power to do anything about it, making everyone wait on pins and needles, fearful and hopeful of the outcome. However, this election is not between two people. It is about those who like one particular candidate (Donald Trump) and those who will do anything to keep him out of office. It seems that a trained monkey could run for the Democrats and the outcome would not change, since all eyes are on one man. This allows Hillary Clinton to run practically uncontested. Her plans, her past and her track record go unnoticed by the public and especially the media. For all intents and purposes, she could have set off a bomb somewhere and no one would notice. We will change all that here, and try to put Hillary back in the spotlight.

Trump has no prior political experience, therefore he can only be attacked and judged on his words. The man definitely has a lot to say. For sixteen years Hillary was probably the most influential politician on the planet, who wasn't the President. Hence Hillary can be judged on her words and her actions as well. However, no one ever does; not the media and definitely not the courts. So who is this person and what is she trying to keep hidden from the media over the final two months of the campaign? Did you know that Hillary (not Bill) Clinton has been charged with lying in a court of law more than once? The question one has to ask is, who do you trust more? The loud mouth who lays all of his cards on the table, or the quiet person who hides everything important, slipping under the radar? Quite frankly after reading this article, everyone will ask for a blank ballot so that they can write in the name of their favorite cartoon character; it's probably safer for the world.

15 Failure Started Her Political Career And Marriage

Failure is nothing to be ashamed of. In many cases it is failure, not success, that shapes our future and makes us who we are. Donald Trump has his documented failures, and Hillary has one that no one would believe. As a law graduate from Yale, she failed her first bar exam in Washington D.C., thus somewhat forcing her hand into marrying Bill Clinton and moving to Arkansas with him. It was 1974; Bill had already proposed to Hillary on a trip to England. They seemingly had everything in common as they both enjoyed politics, and they both overachieved. However, Bill wanted to return home to Arkansas, while Hillary could not see herself living there. She moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts instead, hoping to later move to the capital. Bill kept trying to get her to come to him and Hillary would always say no, even though she would spend most of her money on phone calls with the future president. Two-thirds of the candidates passed the D.C. bar exam, but Hillary didn't. She did however, pass the Arkansas bar exam and thus she moved there, and the power couple was formed. It took Hillary 30 years to disclose this.

14 Hillary Is Angrier And More Violent Than Trump Behind Closed Doors

In the 50s, it was okay to huff and puff when you were the boss in the workplace. Today if you do that, you get sent to anger management classes and you lose your job. Hillary apparently can't control her temper behind closed doors. Former secret service officer Gary Byrne, released a book entitled Crisis of Character, which examines Hillary Clinton's conduct as First Lady, under his watch. According to Gary, "She gets angry at things that are policy issues that, you know, take time to fix, and she's got this attitude where she wants things fixed right now, immediately. She screams and yells at people".

To further elaborate on this issue the officer offered this description: "Like I’ve said, she has blown up at me before, and agents, and her staff. At one time, I saw her staff so afraid to tell her about a mistake that was made. They weren’t upset about the waste of the mistake, ordering the wrong invitations, they were terrified that someone was going to have to tell Hillary Clinton that there was a mistake made." He further went on to say on an interview on Fox News that he, "feels so strongly that people need to know the real Hillary Clinton and how dangerous she is in her behavior. She is not a leader". The book further documents unwarranted cursing of officers and inferiors. The following article from The Daily Mail explains her verbal abuse when she was First Lady.

13 Bill Clinton Had Multiple Affairs And Ordered The Secret Service To Cover Them Up

Former secret service officer Gary Byrne, also had a few secrets concerning his time with then President Clinton. In his book he writes about several different affairs and how the Secret Service was expected to clean up after him. When asked in an interview with Fox News about how many affairs Bill had, Gary responded; "In the White House complex? I’d say easily three, maybe four, that I know of." How important is this? Adultery is not a big deal legally, but sexual harassment in the workplace is a huge deal, so is lying in a court of law about this. If Bill did not realize the importance of this, he would not have had his own security cover this up. Back then everyone loved Bill because America was doing well and thus turned a blind eye, me included. However times are different now.

12 Hillary Clinton Is A Hypocrite

Bill Clinton has had multiple affairs. That is obvious and most of us don't really care, at least until you read this excerpt from a book. A few months ago one of his many ex-mistresses, Dolly Kyle, released a tell all book. Dolly (a lawyer herself) dated the president from high school all the way until he got elected president (she was his mistress). The book has not gained mainstream media attention yet, but it discloses a few scary allegations. Kyle said she had no intention of becoming a figure in the 2016 campaign, but Hillary forced her hand late last year. “I did not want to write this book, but the last straw was watching Hillary on television last December, looking into the camera and saying very sincerely that women who claimed to be r*ped and sexually assaulted deserve to be believed,” Kyle explained. “I thought, ‘You lying hypocrite!’ Yeah, sure. We need to support them unless it was your husband who r*ped them and it was your husband who sexually assaulted them,” she added. According to the author, Hillary always wanted to be president and didn't give a damn about anyone in her way.

11 Hillary Clinton Has No Patience For The Mentally Disabled

In the same book mentioned in the previous entry, Hillary's penchant for anger and selfishness apparently knows no bounds. On that point, Dolly Kyle insists that, “This is a very angry, mean, lying, vindictive woman who is temperamentally unstable. This is why she can’t have a press conference. Have we heard anything from her in more than six months? No. Everything has to be scripted and controlled." As further proof of this she reminisced about a particular Easter Egg hunt when Hillary was first lady of Arkansas. There were a few mentally challenged children involved. When they were obviously taking their time looking for the eggs, Kyle wrote: “She went up and [spoke] to one of the troopers. The story diverges as to whether the mic was open or whether she was yelling so loud it was heard everywhere. She said, ‘When are they going to get these f**ing retards out of here?'”.

10 Bill Clinton May Have Single-Handedly Modernized China's Military

Back in 1993, a US DOD paper was written outlining that China was increasing its military capacity with its primary purpose to prepare for a potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait against US Backed Taiwan. So what does Bill Clinton do about this? Between 1996 and 1999, Clinton approved exports of computer equipment, peaceful nuclear technology and satellite equipment to China that single-handedly created the monstrous Chinese Military.

In 1999, The Select Committee published the Cox Report detailing how China had been stealing US nuclear secrets since the 80s and how in a few short years prior to the report, China had gained a modern nuclear arsenal. The most controversial detail is how various government agencies were lax in 1996 when the US exported satellite technology to China. At the same time, Loral and Hughes, manufacturers of such technologies, managed to sell their equipment to China, without getting approval from the proper US State Department. Certain government agencies knew this was going on though, but did not report it. The report lists other various anomalies that allowed China to develop the capacity to strike the USA and Canada, between 1996 and 1999.

9 Bill And Hillary Clinton May Have Sold State Secrets For Personal Profit

The previous entry highlights how China became a military superpower. This entry highlights why this may have happened. Many of us have heard of ChinaGate. The basis of the scandal revolves around the 1996 Presidential Campaign when Bill Clinton came under fire for accepting money from far too many Chinese Nationals and far too many companies doing business with China. However, the Clintons did not fall from this scandal, because the Monica Lewinsky scandal which came soon after, drew all of the media attention away from this far more serious threat.

A 1998 Senate report identified Ng Lap Seng as "the source of hundreds of thousands of dollars illegally funneled through an Arkansas restaurant owner and alleged member of the 14k Triad Group, Charlie Trie, to the Democratic National Committee during the Clinton administration". Seng was also a notorious casino owner and leader of various crime organizations. In 2010 he wanted to enter a business venture with Sands Casinos of Vegas. Sands hired a private investigator to perform a background check on Ng Lap Seng. Their investigation was later released to the media and can be found here. Even though it was quite negative, the Vegas Casino did business with this man and paid the price. It details all sorts of criminal acts and government bribes that made this man a billionaire. The Clintons were friends with this man for many years. 

8 Hillary Supports Victims Except Those Who Attack Her Philandering Husband

Juanita Broaddrick has been alleging for close to twenty years now that Bill Clinton r*ped her twice in 1978. Not even the great advocate for women's rights, Hillary Clinton, wants to believe her. Hillary repeatedly states that all r*pe victims should be believed, except of course this one lady. In a 2015 interview, Juanita was adamant in her anger towards Hillary: “Shame on you, Hillary, that’s disgusting,” Broaddrick said of Clinton’s attempt to run for high office in part on women’s issues. “Shame on you, Hillary. It’s time to be truthful,” she added. In this same interview she recalled a personal meeting with Mrs. Clinton in 1978, in which, the victim felt that the future First Lady strongly implied the r*pe victim must stay silent about her traumatic experience. In another interview, Broaddrick said she “almost died” when she saw a Clinton campaign ad in which the former First Lady insisted all women must be sided with if they accuse men of sexual assault.

7 Even More Illegal Campaign Funds

Just as Bill Clinton left office, he, his wife and daughter started the Clinton Foundation. Depending on what facts or tax information one uses, the charitable foundation spends anywhere from 6%-80% of its funds on charitable work. It takes some major accounting knowledge to figure out which value is correct, so we won't go there. Nevertheless it was recently revealed that funding for the foundation comes from some high profile criminals. Recently, something called The Panama Papers were leaked to the press detailing hundreds, if not thousands, of rich tax evaders who used the Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca to hide their money in illegal shell corporations among other things. Whose campaign benefited highly from the criminals caught in this scheme? Vladimir Putin, Hillary and Bill Clinton. Who are these criminals? First there's Frank Giustra, head of the Canadian chapter of the Clinton Foundation who received enough political favors from the Clintons to become a mining magnate. There is also Ng Lap Seng, who we previously mentioned. Another famous criminal donor is Marc Rich, the man who benefited from one of Clinton's last pardons as president. What does this mean? Who knows, but can any explanation really be good enough?

6 Bill Can Lie in Court, But Hillary Is So Much Better At It

In 1996, The New York Times published an article on Hillary Clinton called Essay; Blizzard of Lies. The conclusion of this article from the very left leaning paper is that: "Americans of all political persuasions are coming to the sad realization that our First Lady -- a woman of undoubted talents who was a role model for many in her generation -- is a congenital liar." Let us start with the first lie. On July 20th, 1993, Vince Foster, a close family friend and White House Counsel, committed suicide. Immediately after this man's death Hillary ordered the overturn of an agreement to allow the Justice Department to examine the files in the dead man's office.

Why did she do this? In his office were files that provided incriminating evidence against Hillary for her involvement with a criminal enterprise known as Madison S&L (Whitewater scandal). It was later revealed that Hillary's aide stole those files from his office. Her entire staff, including herself, lied about the existence of these documents for two years. Two years and two days later, a copy of the documents was found. Because the statute of limitations for this sort of thing is two years, Hillary escaped Criminal prosecution by two days.

This is not the worst thing she did to her friend. According to former FBI agent Coy Copeland, one week before his death both Hillary and the dead man were in a meeting. When Vince voiced a legal objection to Hillary's statement, ''Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting. She told him he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time.'' Don't get in this lady's way even if you're a close friend.

5 Let's Go For Perjury Number 2

During Bill's first stint as president, the First Lady was involved in something called TravelGate. In summary it involved allegations that Hillary fired seven people who acted as travel aides, and replaced them with people from a firm close to the Clinton's. You can't do that if you are anyone in the government, let alone the President. The President was absolved of any wrongdoing. Hillary on the other hand, was found to have made false statements to investigators. In a memo revealed a few years later, people helped her cover this up because there would be "hell to pay" if the furious First Lady's desires were scorned on this issue. The career of her lawyer who transmitted these lies went downhill. Why she lied could be anyone's guess.

4 The Bosnia Airport Sniper Lie

Anyone remember Brian Williams? He was the anchor for NBC News that lied about being in a downed helicopter in Iraq circa 2003. Apparently wanting to be a war hero is contagious because Hillary got in the act in 2008. During her failed Presidential run, she reminisced about her time in Bosnia during the war a decade earlier, having said, “I remember landing under sniper fire. There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport, but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicles to get to our base.” Apparently CBS pulled out a video of the event proving that there was no sniper fire and Hillary was walking upright just fine. The war was over by the time she visited. The best part is that she lied after her travel companion, comedian Sinbad, challenged her initial, more mild account of the incident.

3 Conflict Of Interest

One of the Presidential hopeful's campaign promises is to rein in on influence from people who dish out campaign funds. On her website she has the following quote: "There’s no question that we need to make Washington work much better than it does today. And that means, in particular, getting unaccountable money out of our politics… That’s why I’m so passionate about this issue, and I will fight hard to end the stranglehold that the wealthy and special interests have on so much of our government."

So far we have shown some of her past accomplishments on this matter, with ChinaGate, the Panama Papers and pardoning hefty campaign contributor Marc Rich. Her track record is not very good. There is more however. During her husband's tenure, 800 people stayed for free in the Lincoln Bedroom. Clinton raised $5.4 million from these guests who were pretty much Hollywood celebrities. The law is clear that partisan campaign funds cannot be solicited on government property.

Seats on Commerce Department international trade missions were sold to corporate big shots in return for contributions to President Clinton's 1996 re-election campaign. The investigator for this one died and no one took over. Monica became the big topic. Many of these same people also contributed to Hillary's campaigns. Hillary also received speaking fees from many companies who she is trying to rein in when reading her statement above. Of course unless transcripts of her speeches are released no one can prove any wrongdoing, and even if they could, the Clintons are like Teflon, nothing sticks.

2 E-mail Gate; National Security Is A Joke

This is a big enough deal that it requires two entries. At one point Clinton was Secretary of State. In other words, she was responsible for things like foreign affairs which made her the person who needs to keep secrets away from foreign powers. So how does she do this? Does she have a top secret workstation guarded by supercharged government firewalls? No, she keeps a server in her basement and protects potentially top secret information from the world with GoDaddy! (this is just an example, I don't know who her provider is). Her reasoning was that she kept it for convenience.

Apparently she must be a computer genius to have one of those. But when it was revealed that she failed to disclose that she carried two e-mail devices, she played the dumb blonde stereotype. Here are some quotes that are hilarious: When asked if she wiped out (deleted contents) from her hard drive, she responded: "What, like with a cloth or something?". She compared her e-mail to Snapchat by saying, "Those messages disappear all by themselves."Her best quote is that she felt The White House wouldn’t have been hacked “had they been using my server.” Apparently to the leading Presidential candidate, national security is a joke. Even Donald isn't this dumb.

1 E-mail Gate; What Actually Happened

The FBI came out with the results of the investigation in July 2016, proving once again that Hillary is made of Teflon. The justice department has not made a decision yet but will most likely follow the recommendations of FBI director, James B. Comey. The director recommended that no criminal charges be brought forth against Hillary. Mr. Comey did however, call Mrs. Clinton "extremely careless" in using a private email address and server. He also raised questions about her judgment, contradictory statements she made about her email practices, and he said it was possible that hostile foreign governments had gained access to her account, and declared that a person still employed by the government (Mrs. Clinton left the State Department in 2013) could have faced disciplinary action for what she did.

According to the director, a criminal charge would only be warranted if there was evidence that Mrs. Clinton intentionally transmitted or willfully mishandled classified information. The F.B.I. found neither, and as a result “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.” Nevertheless, remember her statement about the fact that the White House would never have been hacked if they used her server when reading this? How can National Security be entrusted to this person? How can anything be entrusted to either candidate? At least one is openly careless, but at least he has one positive attribute; he will change his mind and acknowledge when he has made a mistake or an error in judgement and not leave his backers under the bus.

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