15 Surprising Dating Sites That Exist In 2016

In a world that seems to be full of gizmos and gadgets, it is no wonder that online dating has become one of the most popular ways to date and an insanely lucrative business. Dating will always be in the market (pun intended) as people search for their other half; these sites are cashing in on people's search for love. Let's be real though, love isn't the only thing people are after when they put up their profile. People go online for casual sex, friendship, a counterpart that they can relate to as well as a long term romantic relationship.

The entire scope of dating has changed drastically over time. Back in the day, the gentleman would court and woo his object of desire, it would be very chivalrous and proper. Today? Not so much. Sure you can definitely go out, grab a drink and enjoy yourself, but dating doesn't seem to be taken as seriously as it once did in the past. Perhaps the availability of these sites allow for people to attain what they want so easily that it is not such a challenge to court and date in person like in the past.

Realistically, one goes on the desired site of choice and an online discourse is the result of today's modern technology. You can completely get to know your mate's personality and desires all from behind a screen. As online dating becomes more and more popular each day, all types of sites have began to emerge. Take a look at the following 15 surprising dating sites that exist in 2016.

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15 For Ugly People

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A little opposite from the find your face site, theuglybugball.com is a site designed for the "aesthetically challenged". For all the sites full of beautiful and sexy members, this site allows for people who feel they are below average in the looks department to still find love or at least try. There are no regulations or standards you must meet in order to be a member, so it is at your own discretion if you feel that you are ugly.

Theuglybugball.com is proud to announce their responsibility for the engagement between two members recently. The couple met online then proceeded to go on roughly four dates and from there got engaged. The site emphasizes the importance of personality over looks which is 100% a valid point. Is it really worth being stuck with someone who is beautiful and sexy but who treats you poorly or whose attitude is just the pits? Not really. There is a match for everybody, so take your time - ugly or not.

14 Hot Sauce Passions

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Is it time to heat things up in your love life? Well hotsaucepassions.com is for you! This site guarantees meet ups that will give you the sweats. Basing user's desires to find a mate who shares the same enjoyment of liking it hot! The site features a diverse range of hot sauces where user's can pick and choose their topic of conversation based on what they've seen. It ranges from the type of peppers used to make a sauce, the level of heat as well as specific regions of where the sauce comes from. As a user, you are able to join groups like cayenne, piri piri, habanero and jalapeno.

13 Diaper Mates

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Now when I said surprising sites in 2016, this one definitely takes the cake. Diapermates is a site dedicated to adult babies or anyone that loves the use of diapers and diaper lifestyle. Paraphilic infantilism is another word for adult baby meaning a person with a sexual fetish for role playing with a regression to an infant-like state. The site seems very detailed and has many facets like top members, birthday photos, popular videos as well as a calendar tracking how many photos went up on the site each day. The site is flooded with pictures of adult people wearing diapers and expressing their love for them.

Going on a date with someone who enjoys this type of fetish is definitely not for everyone, so this site allows for the so-called diaper community to gather together and not feel judged but rather embraced by each other.

12 Dead Meet

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Are you dying to meet someone? Well this site is just for you death lovers...let me explain.

This site caters to anyone who is involved or working within the death industry. Think people who do makeup on dead bodies for funerals, taxidermists, cemetery workers and yes, people involved in the cremation process. These people are definitely useful within society because not everyone would be so comfortable working with the dead - someone's gotta do it. This site allows this community to come together, as the average Joe might be weirded out by someone with this type of profession. As great as it is for these deadly members, I couldn't help but think is it infested with people who have an adoration to really love the dead if you know what I mean? Sometimes we don't understand other people's desires, but it is definitely important to be cautious when interacting with people online, especially with a site that comes off a little sketchy. Don't kill yourself for love is all I'm saying.

11 420 Singles

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The hunt for love can definitely blow at times, but this site allows for users to end up blowing the good stuff with each other, just the way they like it. As marijuana is slowly but surely becoming legal all over, there are still people who associate a stigma with the plant. Knowing this, 420 singles created a place where stoners can get together and share their love of herb together. To avoid the conversation of, "do you smoke?" "smoke what?" This site straight off the bat is welcoming of anyone who supports, inhales or distributes it.

The site gained major recognition by being featured on Jimmy Kimmel, SNL and Jimmy Fallon. The late night comedians have a habit to finding humor about the cannabis community and most probably helped this site get high ratings. In the words of Bob Marley, "don't worry bout a thing, because every little thing is gonna be alright". No woman no cry! Check out this site if you want to get high on love.

10 Prescriptions For Love

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To be honest, you never know anyone's story until you walk in their shoes. Prescriptions for love caters to people who are dealing with a health condition or disease. It is a great site that helps users avoid the awkward conversation and stress of having to tell a new mate that you have a condition. There is an emphasis on the importance of honesty which is completely respectable as not everyone chooses to divulge to a partner a harmful disease or hidden secret. There are many conditions included in this site in a few categories: aids, little people, transplant patients, obesity, burn victims and tourette's syndrome.

9 Clown Dating

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Are you done with clowning around trying to finally settle down? Join clowndating.com to really get goofy about finding your quirky counterpart. This site dedicates itself to users who love clowns, are clowns or are clown wannabes. Members are from all over the world which is great for the traveling clown who is always on the road. Performing commitments can lead for these clowns to check in at all parts of the globe at any notice, so the brilliance of online dating allows for its members to clown around wherever they may be at the time together.

8 Gluten Free Singles

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Whether you have celiac disease, intolerance, allergies or are just altering your diet and overall health, this website allows you to connect with other singles who are on the same page as you. A typical date involves some form of wining and dining and this can be very uncomfortable from someone dealing with a gluten issue. Double-checking the menu or grilling the waitress about what exactly is in the specials can make you look anal or intense. Being with someone who doesn't suffer or understand the whole gluten thing can just stress you out.

This site straight off the bat allows singles to communicate with each other based on their health issue. The site isn't just focused on the romantic world. It provides evening socials, recipes and advice and tips on how to date. Two thumbs up for this health conscious site.

7 Date My Pet

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Animals really are a man's best friend. They are loyal, committed and obedient. Guy or girl, it is obvious that people love their pets. Why wouldn't we? They are always at the door with a smile waiting to greet us as we walk in, they will defend you at a moment's notice and they just project love all the time.

This site realizes that and created a domain for users to share their pet love with each other. The site was featured on Good Morning America and showed the world that there is an outlet for pet-lovers looking for love. It is difficult sometimes when you are trying to seal the deal or get in that first kiss with a pet jumping all over you or choking on cat hair, we know. Datemypet.com encompasses an acceptance and adoration for pets allowing for pet lovers to hook up with ease. Woof! Woof! Go get em you dog.

6 Fat B@st@rd Dating

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"Being a fat bastard doesn't mean you have to get in shape to find a date." This site claims that the fatter you are, the better. "Qualities" such as being overweight, lazy or obese are to be admired. The site demonstrates that fat people have a large presence (pun intended) and are great cuddly partners. It is not aimed at holding any air of degradation and emphasizes its humoristic approach to living in an overweight lifestyle. Surprisingly, not all of the site's members are fat, but many have joined who simply are attracted to that type of physique.

Having a site like this eliminates people from posting outdated photos of themselves that are no match to what they physically look like presently. No date feels cheated or tricked at someone bending the truth about what they look like due to shame or embarrassment. Fat bastard dating is the way to go if you are looking for some big love and acceptance.

5 Ashley Madison

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You may or may not have heard of this hugely popular site based on the fact that it has been involved in some major scandal recently. This site is designed for married people who cheat on their spouse. It claims it doesn't promote infidelity but with a slogan like, "Life is short. Have an affair", I beg to differ. The site claims that couples should seek counseling if trouble arises within a marriage, but then quickly follows up emphasizing that one should have a partner to fulfill their unmet needs. The site was hacked in 2015 and all 43,710,ooo members were exposed leading for mass chaos around the world. Some members went on to commit suicide because their secret was out, many marriages ended in divorce and saying that some people were left sleeping on the couch is an understatement.

4 Find Your Match, Literally

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This is probably one of the more scientific and technologically advanced sites out there today. The site is made for users to find someone who looks physically similar to them. Facial mapping software is used in analyzing your face as well as a potential mate. The technology zones in on 9 points of the face in order to find your match. The areas are the eyes, ears, nose, chin and corners as well as centers of the mouth. The founder of the site was inspired to create it because countless people would always tell her that her and her ex husband looked almost identical.

If Kanye was single, there is no doubt he would be on the site right? Some people just love the way they look and having a counterpart who is almost twin-like can be pleasing for those in love with themselves. I wasn't joking when I told you there is every type of site out there today!

3 Date My Single Kid

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It is every parent's dream if they could pick a mate for their kin, but in reality that is not something that happens too often. Sure, there are plenty of arranged marriages and strict limitations provided by one's parents all over the world, but not everyone desires such a way in finding a partner for life. The founder of this site is a mom who opened up the door for other parents to fix who they want up online, just like she is doing with her adult son. The matchmakers aren't limited to just fixing up their sons or daughters but also their grandkids, nieces and nephews. If the person who is on the date finds it is heading south, the matchmaker is allowed to be the scapegoat and take the blame for the mixed match.

The site has gained interest from others and the founders have appeared on The Today Show promoting their online business.

2 Wealthy Men

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It is no secret that there are plenty of gold diggers out there, both female and male, especially in the online dating world. At the same time, there are also plenty of sugar daddies and mommies who are more than happy to share their wealth, perhaps in exchange for love, companionship, sex and much more. This site allows for lovers of that lifestyle to match up. Not anyone can join this site though, the men must start off by making minimum $100,000 a year and the ladies must be beautiful. They should have called it Superficial.com. All photos, professions and income are verified so there is no lying about things and the end game of both parties is known. There are currently more than 250,000 members and the women outnumber the men 10 to 1. The income levels range from $100-$500k/year, $500k-$2 million/year and $2 million plus per year. At the moment there is only a wealthy men's site available with this creator and no female version. At what cost would you buy love?

1 Can Do Better

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This site makes little sense in being categorized by the standard dating site as there are a few twists and turns along the way. Usually a site will bring two people together by getting to know each other's personalities through chatting and peaking interests with nice pictures.

This site has all of that yes, but in order to get to that stage, you essentially have to break up with your current partner. People in relationships submit a photo of themselves as well as a photo of their current partner. Other users already on the site then judge which of the two are hotter. After the votes are tallied for the couple, the person who "won" the votes is allowed access to the site to talk to other members. Therefore the members established that this person "can do better" than being with the person they are currently with. Sometimes both people in the relationship aren't always aware that their partner is submitting this and sometimes they are. Either way, this site is like no other.


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