15 Of The Creepiest And Most Mysterious Places On Earth

Everyday we walk by things that we may think are bizarre, but there are even stranger things that exist all around us in today's society. If you look around the world, you will find there are many mysterious and odd places one can find. It's almost limitless and the strangeness attracts people from all over, making the strange even stranger.

But what truly makes something strange? Is it an abandoned town that hasn't been inhabited for hundreds of years? Or is it an island that is completely void of people, with only strange dolls residing there? Perhaps it's the abandoned theme parks which have been scattered all around the world. Whatever it is that makes these places around the world so strange, the fact isn't doubted. When did these things become strange? The fact is, it entrances us and urges us to learn more about these strange and unusual places. So, here is a list of fifteen of the most strange and unusual places around the world.

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15 The Abandoned Subway of Cincinnati

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In the 1990s, beneath Cincinnati's bustling streets, there existed a system of tunnels made into a subway. Unfortunately, because of the lack in funds and the city running out, the building had to stop, leaving an underground area completely vacant. The subway is made up of a maze of tunnels with twists and turns that could confuse quite a bit of people. This area definitely takes the cake for creepy and abandoned, as well as strange, to say the least, but the decision to completely remove it hasn't exactly been made yet.

14 The Island of Dolls

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When it comes to creepy and strange, few can top the place known as The Island of Dolls. This is a place located in Mexico, and is full of interesting stories. The island is completely uninhabited, apart from the thousands of dolls all over the island. Legend states that a young girl met her end in the canals of the island. After her death, it is said that dolls started washing up on shore, seemingly from nowhere. At the time, one person was on the island and took it upon him or herself to hang the dolls in various spots around the island. Since then, the island serves as a memorial for the young girl, in a certain sense.

13 Centralia, Pennsylvania

via ghosthuntingtheories.com

If you're a fan of the famous movie Silent Hill, you might have heard about this interesting and creepy town. Centralia once existed as a mining town in Pennsylvania, full of people and bustling with activity. However, the coal beneath the city caught fire and because of this occurrence, most of the people in the town had to leave. All but ten people decided to leave the town, and to this day, the coal continues to burn beneath the streets. It's been said that the coal has been burning since the 1960s and will probably continue for many years to come.

12 San Zhi Resort

via dailymail.co.uk

In order for construction workers to end a project, it often takes a lot of time to get the work halted. However, when it came to the San Zhi Resort in Taiwan, it didn't take the workers too long before the construction was ended. At one point, the San Zhi Resort was meant to be a place of relaxation and escape for those looking for a vacation of any sort. With interesting pod-styled houses and a beautiful area, it was going to be the ideal getaway. However, due to so many construction deaths, they abandoned the project, and decided to stop making the homes. The houses still stand today as a mark of curiosity. What really made them halt construction?

11 Varosha

via abandonedabandoned.com

There is an island known as Varosha, on the coast of Cyprus, and it is completely void of people. From afar, this amazingly structured island looks like a very busy and bustling city full of people and business. However, upon closer inspection, it's obvious, Varosha hasn't seen people for quite some time. During a time, when the Turkish invasion was taking place, the city was quickly evacuated. People never went back to the island and it has remained a ghost town since 1974, full of empty buildings, vacant streets, and a solemn silence that creeps upon you when your eyes fall upon the city.

10 Maunsell Sea Forts

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In a spot in the North Sea of England, you will find very strange looking structures. These awkward looking structures stand tall, with what appears to be defensive weapons pointing out of the windows. During World War II, these buildings were constructed in a defensive manor to protect against any type of Nazi invasion. These structures now stand as a ghostly reminder that England took a stand against the Nazis just in case of a take over.

9 Kryziu Kalnas

via wikimapia.org

Kryziu Kalnas, or what is commonly known as the "Hill of Crosses", is a place deep within Lithuania that, for so long, was meant to be a ceremonial place where various Lithuanians would come to mourn those who were lost at the tides of war. It is known that the Soviet Union completely destroyed the area, twice, by taking a bulldozer to the location. However, dedicated Lithuanians simply built the site bigger, honoring their fallen, and it now holds over 100,000 upon its hill. The hill is a very important tourist destination of Lithuania, and is commonly visited by many.

8 Kabayan Mummy Caves

via philippinecaves.blogspot.com

There exists a place down in the Philippines that many people may not know about. For a lot of us, burying the dead in the ground is the best way we know to honor the dead. However, at one point in time, the occupants of the Philippines took their preservation of the death to another level. Instead of burying the dead below ground, they took to mummifying and placing them in man made caves on the land. These mummies are considered some of the best preserved in the world. They remained completely isolated until their discovery.

7 Oradour-sur-Glane

via lemonde.fr

The destruction of cities during World War II was completely devastating. Nazis destroyed so many homes and killed countless people, however, one town still stands today as a ghostly reminder of their terrible ways. The French town known as Oradour-sur-Glane, was one of the many towns that was burned to the ground. All that remains of this desolate town, today, are the ruins. The town is currently uninhabited and remains a ghost town.

6 The Door To Hell

via bigthink.com

What has been known to many as the Door To Hell, the natural gas field in Derweze, Turkmenistan, which eventually collapsed in 1971, turned into an underground cavern which the Soviets decided to set ablaze one day while at work. They thought it would burn away the rest of the gas, however, after the cavern continued to burn they soon found out that it would be burning for quite some time and continues to burn to this day. It has grown into a rather popular tourist destination for those who know about it and is visited quite often by tourists all around the world.

5 Jacob's Well

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There are a lot of things in Texas that exist as popular tourist destinations, and the theme for Texas seems to be that everything is "bigger in Texas". This definitely seems to be the case with the deep well located in the state, known as Jacob's Well. This deep stint into the Earth is over 100 feet deep. While the locals have been known to jump into the well for recreational purposes, divers from all over have taken their chances by venturing deep into the well's nooks and openings. While there exists very sharp and jagged rocks all along the tunnel's sides, that doesn't prevent the fearless souls who have decided to venture within its depths. And unfortunately, there have been a few who have perished within the waters.

4 Leap Castle

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Ireland is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places in the world, to say the least. It is full of amazing places and possesses a deep, rich history, no matter where you walk. One of the most unusual places to visit for strange occurrences exists as, what many call, Leap Castle. This creepy, old castle holds a deep history and is known to house many ghosts and strange happenings. A rumor exists that states that throughout its halls, roams a force known as the Elemental. Another attribute to its creepy tendencies is the rumor that the castle was built upon a torture pit, and that the castle once held very historic versions of slaughters.

3 Akodessewa Fetish Market

via sickchirpse.com

What is commonly called Africa's Voodoo Supermarket, Akodessewa is known as the ideal place to go to for very unusual fetishes and charms. Located in Togo, Adodessewa is considered to be the world's largest fetish market. People from all over Africa visit the market in order to retrieve strange and unusual items like shrunken heads and skulls. The practice of Voodoo began in West Africa, so it's no wonder that certain markets in the country will have Voodoo items for sale.

2 The Catacombs Of Paris

via cultture.com

Deep beneath Paris' streets exists a collection of tunnels. These tunnels are know by many as the Catacombs of Paris. Access to the tunnels is restricted to the public, and for good reason; however, that doesn't stop individuals from finding their own ways in when they want to take a look at what is buried deep below Paris. The maze of tunnels measure well over 186 miles with twists and turns that can lead to death rather quickly.

1 Hoia Baciu Forest

via indiatimes.com

The strangest place goes to a creepy and terrifying forest, located deep within Romania's beautiful landscape. Hoia Baciu is its name, and many people have gone missing within the forest, never to return. It is considered The Bermuda Triangle of all forests and possesses some very strange qualities. There have even been multiple UFO sightings in the area and peculiar electrical phenomena. Ghosts have also been sighted within the forest, as well as strange apparitions. Many people admit to feeling anxious or worried whenever they set foot within the forest. And while it doesn't help with the creep factor, the local plant life resembles something out of a fairytale, making the forest appear even creepier than others.

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