15 Strange Things Women Have Shoved In Their V-Jays

Ever heard the expression, curiosity killed the cat? It's a fair question. Many of us are curious souls when it comes to matters that are private in nature. And what can be more private than self-satisfaction?

If you have ever seen the movie American Pie then you know all a teenage boy wants to do is practice on something warm and soft that could simulate the act of having sex. It is based on a curiosity that we have where we begin to aimlessly search for things that will help us receive pleasure. And when you are young, you really don't know better. As you grow up, you also become more adventurous. So you end up doing things that you would never even think about as a youngster. This is where women get a little bit crazy in regard to what things they use to pleasure themselves. Women, especially young women, become adventurous as doing the same thing day in and day out does not meet their excitement level. And there's always the possibility that a woman needs to store something in a hidden place and what better than her privates? So there could be a dual purpose for a woman's vagina.

Women's vaginas are in a lot of ways like the ultimate Dolce purse that can be used to store things and also can be quite exciting at the same time. So let's get to it. These are 15 Strange Things Women Have Stuck In Their Privates.

15 Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

14 Cowbell

13 Xbox 360

12 Concealed Weapon

11 Call Me Later

10 Porker

9 What’s Up Doc?

8 Light The Way

7 Freezer Burn

6 The “Chain Trick"

5 The Screw-Driver

4 Marijuana

3 Glow Stick

2 Butt Plug

1 Hot Dog

Obviously, one of the most phallic foods out there is a good old American hot dog. It is even referred to as a wiener so we really shouldn’t be surprised by this one. What one young woman did while going through puberty was quite interesting. She took a nicely warmed hot dog (presumably boiled) and wrapped it in plastic wrap. After she finished wrapping it, she put the hot dog in the roll, so to speak. This is definitely an interesting one. The warmth, the originality and the fact that you can buy them in bulk makes them the perfect disposable “go-to” pleasure toys. Hey, if it works for ya, then go for it. And don’t forget, they come in all different sizes ladies, including footlongs!


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15 Strange Things Women Have Shoved In Their V-Jays