15 Shocking Lip Jobs In Hollywood

The standard of beauty seems to run in different phases through history. While it was once horrifying for someone to say you have a big butt, now all of a sudden it has become a compliment. Women actu

The standard of beauty seems to run in different phases through history. While it was once horrifying for someone to say you have a big butt, now all of a sudden it has become a compliment. Women actually buy butt pad underwear to give the illusion of a full derriere, and some even go so far as to get butt implants. However, the one thing that seems to stay the same, no matter what the changing beauty fads may be, is the look of full and voluptuous lips.

From makeup tricks to a permanent duck-face whenever a camera shows up, celebrities all seem to want the Angelina Jolie look no matter how naturally thin their lips are. The ironic twist to this sad new fad is that the "before" pictures usually show a fresh-faced wannabe starlet with an ultra attractive homespun look. Rather than stick with the look that helped get them to where they are now, they opt to overhaul their face in ridiculous ways. To achieve this, many have turned to plastic surgery to enhance their lips. From casual lunchtime fillers to full-on injections, the motto seems to be “go big or go home.”

The result has been some truly shocking lip jobs in Hollywood. If the desired result was a subtle and pouty look, these celebrities definitely deserve their money back. From cartoon expressions to medical nightmares, check out our list for the 15 most shocking lip jobs in Hollywood and see how some of these celebrities have managed to completely ruin their faces.

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15 Donatella Versace


While the name absolutely drips style and sophistication, Donatella Versace picked up where her brother left off after his death. Becoming a style icon in her own right, she has become a highly respected fashion designer with big name friends in the music and film industry. However, age has not been a friend to Donatella, and her efforts to hold onto that blonde and youthful look has come at a price. Before photos show a perfectly proportionate mouth with naturally plump lips, while after photos show a complete transformation. The bottom lip shows injections that almost cause a butt-like impression with an actual dip. This wouldn’t be so bad if both lips weren’t so stretched and injected to make them look completely fabricated, but I guess “go big or go home.”

14 Elsa Patton


While Bravo no longer shows The Real Housewives of Miami franchise, anyone who’s seen the show knows that the true breakout star was Mama Elsa. Elsa Patton may not have been on the intro holding out a glass of champagne, but she was definitely a star of the show. With over-the-top antics, attitude, and style choices, the only thing that overshadowed her booming personality was her incredibly bad lip job. Since her botched plastic surgery became all fans could talk about, shocking before and after photos surfaced showing what a transformation her face had undergone – including lips that were made to look stretched into a “Joker-like” expression that just never went away.

13 Marysol Patton


Proving the apple really doesn’t fall far from the tree, Marysol Patton is following in the footsteps of her mother, Mama Elsa. While you may look at Marysol with a “tsk, tsk,” one look at her mother will make you fully understand what you’re dealing with. Showing similar signs of stretched out lips, you can already make out the distinct cartoon-like expression her mouth forms – especially when smiling. Both lips are plumped to create an unrealistic shape, and we can only just hope that she doesn’t continue to have more plastic surgery down the line – since we already know what is at the end of that path.

12 Taylor Armstrong

Via Eva Rinaldi / Wikimedia Commons

Another botched Housewife sob story, Taylor Armstrong was a prominent cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. With a seemingly endless storyline, she went from spending tens of thousands on a child’s birthday party to dealing with a physically abusive husband to becoming a widow all in her short time spent on the series. While she may not be a cast member on the show anymore, people still remember her patented duck-lip look. Because of the fact that she already has a naturally larger mouth – with big white shiny teeth – the lip job simply brings more attention to how disproportionate her face looks. The lips are plumped to the point where there really isn’t a depth variation at the corners of the mouth. While normal lips thin as they reach the corners, Taylor’s are just as wide and plump as ever to give off a strange duck appearance.

11 Lisa Rinna


It’s not often that a celebrity gets botched plastic surgery, but then still manages to get acting, hosting, and spokesperson jobs. Aren’t they supposed to just sit in isolation in their mansion somewhere? Yet, somehow Lisa Rinna has managed to get the public to simply accept her botched look, and take it for what it is. While you may laugh that the only spokesperson job she can get is for adult diapers, she was paid $2 million for that diaper commercial and she’s laughing all the way to the bank. In the meantime, maybe she should use some of those funds to deflate her lips. As if the lower lip wasn’t bad enough, her top lip seems to have an inverted cavern in the middle that makes you wonder whether or not she can actually keep her lips closed. With a forever hole in the middle and a rippling effect on top, she definitely makes the list for the most shocking lip jobs in Hollywood.

10 Jocelyn Wildenstein


Long before Paris Hilton became famous for being famous, Jocelyn Wildenstein was the wife of billionaire businessman, Alec Wildenstein, and was a fluttering socialite seen at any event worth going to. Things changed for Jocelyn once the alleged affair led to divorce. While she ended up with a divorce settlement of $2.5 billion, photos of her dramatic transformation makes you wonder exactly how much of that was injected into her face. The result has spawn snickering nicknames like “Catwoman,” but it’s not just the eyes that got completely botched. Most bad lip jobs are due to extreme plumping with injections, but Jocelyn has an almost flat lip look that makes it appear as if she doesn’t even have lips at all. Instead, the lips are more defined by extreme lining – which is even more disturbing since it just looks like the same stretched and dimpled skin as the rest of her face.

9 Farrah Abraham


If it wasn’t bad enough to reach fame through a show like Teen Mom, Farrah Abraham branched out to include everything from adult films to relationship counseling shows. However, the most shocking television appearances have stemmed from her botched lip injections. Posting photos on Twitter of the dramatic duck bill that resulted from swelling, this became a cautionary tale for those considering a lip job. She went on a number of different doctor shows, including Botched and The Doctors to talk about her experience under the knife. While she was able to get the duck bill down from its original horror, she is still left with lips that offer a cartoonish “Jessica Rabbit” look.

8 Meg Ryan


While she may have been thought of as America’s sweetheart during the time of Sleepless In Seattle and You’ve Got Mail, a lot has changed since Meg was the heroine audiences rooted for to find love. Nowadays, fans are just rooting for her to get her old face back. Since audiences are used to her look from the good old days, no one was ever really bothered by the fact that she didn’t have very much of an upper lip. Whether she was trying to overcompensate for this or just going for a completely new look, the result became something very reminiscent of “The Joker.” Not only are the corners harshly twisted into a defined line, but the top lip has an aged and feathered look.

7 Courtney Love


Coming from a rock/punk background, no one expects Courtney Love to be the epitome of style and sophistication. However, the outrageous headlines she’s known for often happen outside her concert venues, and usually involves showing her breasts or having them suckled by a stranger in public. While these seem extreme enough, the plastic surgery choices she’s made over the years definitely trump them all. If it weren’t bad enough with the cheekbone implants, her lips look completely battered and bruised. Not only is the bottom lip look swollen as though she was punched in the face, but the top lip looks almost drawn on asymmetrically.

6 Dolly Parton


Every music genre seems to have artists that are just accepted for their love of plastic surgery, and it doesn’t affect the fans’ love of their music. For Pop it was Michael Jackson, and for country it is Dolly Parton. While generally known for her gigantic breasts, recent years have shown her love for plastic surgery has started to turn upward to her face. The top lip has started to bulge on the sides and dip inward towards the middle, but it’s the bottom lip that shows the true metamorphosis. Another victim of the horizontal mouth with seemingly no corners, I wonder if she still sticks by the saying, “It takes a lot of money to look this cheap.”

5 Melanie Griffith


Previously thought of as the luckiest woman alive since she got to call Antonio Banderas her man, audiences quickly turned on her once she started to age (badly) and he seemed to look the same. So much so that once they divorced, nobody ever thought of Antonio as the wicked man that left his devoted longtime wife. Instead, there were a bunch of nods of agreement since she had obviously taken her love of plastic surgery too far. Her lips have gone through quite a transformation over the years, from duck bill or puckered up, but the new look seems to have settled on completely flat and abnormally high up. She doesn’t even appear to have a medial cleft, and instead it just pulls flat across to coincide with the form of the upper lip.

4 Tori Spelling


Since the passing of Aaron Spelling, the public has had an ever-changing perception of Tori Spelling. From poor little rich girl to a woman scorned, the reason behind this skewed perception is due to her constant antics on and off the screen. From reality shows depicting a failed Bed & Breakfast to a show geared towards delving deeper into her marriage, Tori Spelling hasn’t exactly been the picture of mental health over the years. It isn’t surprising that she’s more than just dabbled in plastic surgery. In an attempt to create a more fuller look to her lips, the result has become a bottom lip that is almost triple the size of her top lip. The medial cleft reaches all the way down to create a look that would be almost comical if it wasn’t so freaky.

3 Lil Kim


When it comes to plastic surgery enthusiasts, people don’t usually think of rap artists as the ones to go under the knife. While Lil Kim often seemed to be comfortable in her own skin (literally, since she once showed up wearing a dress accentuated by a boob hanging out only covered by a pasty), it’s surprising that she would feel the need to change her face through plastic surgery. Not only did she change her eyes, cheeks, and nose, but the lips got a major overhaul. Plumped to the point where they seem to turn away from the face, she is left with an expression that looks almost painful.

2 Kylie Jenner


It’s hard to believe that the two little girls we saw running around on Keeping Up with the Kardashians are all grown up (and most likely going to get spin-off reality shows of their own). While her sister Kendall has gone on to be a full-fledged supermodel, Kylie has gone her own route in seeking out fame. Following in the footsteps of older sisters Kim and Khloe, Kylie is focusing on achieving an over-the-top look fueled by lots of plastic surgery. Since audiences have seen her grow up, it was obvious something drastic happened seemingly overnight when all of a sudden her normally thin lips became blown up like water balloons on her face. She tried to claim it was contouring, makeup tricks, and even suction cup illusions before finally owning up to the fact that she had received fillers to blow up her lips.

1 Mickey Rourke


When seeing Mickey Rourke now, it’s difficult to imagine that at one point he was considered a leading man heartthrob. Comparing his look on such films as Wrestler and Sin City to films from his heyday, it’s almost impossible to believe that it is actually the same actor. While in 9 ½ Weeks he was the perfect pairing to a young Kim Basinger, he now seems almost alien-like with all the botched plastic surgery. The lips are definitely at the top of the list when it comes to his facial mishaps, with a top lip that seems to discreetly disappear into his skin and a bottom lip that is overly swollen and puffed beyond belief.

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