15 Shocking Images Of Brawls At Fast Food Chains

There is an old adage that you don’t mess with big people when they are hungry. Sure, we all get cravings and when we are hungry; we sometimes get just a tad more irritable. So when people get riled up in fast food restaurants, all hell can break loose. And let’s be honest, you don’t want to get in between a large person and their food. And we know what fast food clientele tend to look like. I’m not saying that everyone who eats fast food is fat; I mean I dig in at McDonalds and Taco Bell just like many others, but more than anything, I think it’s fair to say that the vast majority of people who dine at fast food restaurants aren’t the most upstanding, fit human beings on earth. We know who and what we are. So it makes sense that there can be a bit of drama that can occur.

What is it about public places that brings out the worst in people? It’s amazing how many fights break out in public. What’s worse is when that fight happens and engulfs a bunch of innocent people. Naturally, these fights often go viral and are available for all to see on the Internet. There is good reason for what happens in a fast food restaurant versus a fine French restaurant. Say what you want about the clientele, but drunk teenagers are a heck of a lot more likely to brawl than guys wearing thousand dollar suits. Beside the crazy reasons why these things happen, we certainly do enjoy the entertainment when it hits the web. These are 15 Shocking Fights At Fast Food Places.


15 Burger King (Panama City, Florida)

It’s always nice to enjoy spring break with your friends. It’s great to get out and have loads of fun hitting the beaches. And what can go wrong when you combine large amounts of college students and even larger amounts of alcohol? Well, you get a lot of hungry drunk college kids who want to eat Burger King. And then you get people throwing words around and soon after you get an all-out brawl. Panama City, Florida was the scene of this colossal brawl. The source of the issue was a girl in a bikini who got angry because she wasn’t getting her food fast enough. So, naturally, she made a complete spectacle of herself and began hurling around food and anything and everything she could get her hands on. People began running into one another and problems ensued. The incident was caught on a cell phone.

14 McDonald's (Toledo, Ohio)


Over the years McDonald's has been infamous for keeping a tight deadline on when breakfast ends. Customers have complained over and over again that as the clock hits 11:01, breakfast has evaporated from their favorite morning hang out. So it was interesting when on New Year's morning a woman went to a McDonald's searching, not for breakfast, but, for chicken McNuggets. When the employees at the drive-thru let the woman know that it was breakfast only, and her McNuggets were not available to be served, she got just a little bit pissed off. The Toledo Ohio native went into a drunken rage and shattered the drive-thru window and followed that up by punching an employee right by the window. Her outburst earned her 60 days in jail and some pretty nice fines.

13 Burger King (Oakland, California)


Burger King has some competitive value menu prices these days. The burger joint has been challenging McDonald's for decades for burger supremacy. Although McDonald's is atop the fast food mountain, Burger King is still the choice of many. So when two pregnant women in East Oakland California decided they wanted their Burger King, they showed some high emotions in the parking lot. We all get just a little bit excited when we are very hungry and we can understand pregnant women being just a little more excited than most to get their hands on a nice big Whopper. But these two women took their beef to a whole new level when their big bellies went toe-to-toe in the Burger King parking lot becoming a viral sensation. It's not often you see pregnant warfare in the middle of any parking lot but then again maybe you haven't been to Oakland California. This is pretty much on par for that town.

12 McDonald's (Boston, Massachusetts)

Have you ever walked into a restaurant just as they were about to close? If you feel any bit of anxiety crossing through that threshold, imagine what the employees feel like as they see you enter as they're trying to get home. Often times, customers rush to the doors of a restaurant just as it's closing in order to get what they want. But they almost never think about the employees and their plight to try and get home after a long day's work. Customers believe you need to stay open for them even after the restaurant closes. That was the mentality of this customer who entered a McDonald's in Boston, Massachusetts. The customer tried to order food 5 minutes before the restaurant was to close. Considering we are talking about fast food, this isn't the most absurd of requests. However, the manager was in no mood to serve any more customers. So when a verbal confrontation broke out between the customer and the manager, things got heavy pretty fast. The manager showed the customer who was boss by dragging the customer across the counter and put a new emphasis to closing time. The manager showed the customer who was boss.

11 McDonald's (Los Angeles, California)

It is very annoying to wait in line. We find that we spend way too much time waiting in life. That feeling is only amplified when you are hungry. And for some, hunger can spur some pretty intense agitation. This was the case in South Los Angeles when a man had been waiting in line. His patience was growing thin as he waited behind with his children for food when a 16-year-old girl jumped in front of the man. That is when he became irate and snapped. The two argued for just a moment before the man reached back and cold-clocked the girl, landing two vicious blows and knocking her out. He then stormed out of the restaurant without a word, his kids following behind. Clearly, this man has some anger issues.  The saddest part is wondering how many beatings his kids take from this anger-management wannabe dad.

10 McDonald's (Cheeseburger Mania)


When it is St. Patrick’s Day, you can guarantee one thing: lots of drinking! St. Patrick’s Day is one of those holidays where people love to hit the bars and get smashed. Millions of people get drunk on this holiday in the name of drinking. So it should come as no surprise that there is an excess of drunk people wandering the streets on this holiday. A night at a McDonald's, one of these special people appeared at the register. He was demanding a cheeseburger in his belligerent drunk voice. The entire incident was caught on a cell phone camera as the man leaned over the counter, shouting at the employees. Then, he turned his focus on other patrons who were attempting to calm him down. In one of the most brilliant fast foot takedowns or all time, one of the customers is rushed by the drunk man and he responds by pantsing the drunk. This causes the drunk to lose his balance and become concerned that his goods are visible to an entire restaurant. The fight was pretty much a bad high school wrestling match with one of the participants showing his hairy white bum most of the time. The best part of the video was one of the onlookers in a black T-shirt thoroughly amused in the background as he watches this all unfold, giggling, from a nearby distance.

9 Chuck E. Cheese (Beaumont, Texas)

Chuck E. Cheese is where a kid can be a kid. Most recently, Chuck E. Cheese has been working on becoming more adult-friendly with food items that appeal more to the older crowd. Certainly, I can attest that their food has gotten a lot better. But when you are inside a Chuck E. Cheese there is always one guarantee; madness. The House of Mouse is always crazy with a lot of kids, a lot of games and a lot of noise. But that's nothing compared to what happened one night in Beaumont, Texas, where a kid's party turned ugly. Fights started up like an out-of-control brush fire when parents started brawling all over the place. Women were attacking women in various areas of the restaurant and it was all caught on camera by a very amused patron. This epic failure was only made worse as kids were crying as they watched their parents embarrass themselves.


8 Tacos Del Rio (Eastvale, California)

advertising about a fast food brawl. This is one for the books. It takes place at a Tacos Del Rio fast food restaurant in Eastvale, California. All is quiet when suddenly things get real hectic real fast. Two guys suffer a massive beat down out of nowhere. It all starts with a guy on his cell phone. He is texting and minding his own business when 3 guys come in to jump them. But the 3 guys, one shirtless, gets a beat-down by the two guys who land some wicked shots. Stumbling around, most likely with concussions, the guys who started the brawl seem to get what they deserved. Patrons and employees are left to clean up the mess as the two dudes who got their rear ends kicked stumble out of the fast food joint. At minimum, it was entertaining.

7 Denny’s (East Oakland, California)

Welcome to Oaktown! If anyone has ever been to Oakland, California, then you know it can be a pretty rough and tough place. When you add the craziness of Halloween to the equation, then you know you are in for a crazy time. The incident took place in East Oakland, California. There, two rival groups of women from different parts of Oakland were just trying to enjoy some “Moons Over My Hammy” when a Halloween brawl broke out. Words were exchanged and then chairs, napkin dispensers and anything and everything that could go aerial went flying around the restaurant. Plates were shattering as the two groups of women yelled across the restaurant at one another and made a mess of the place. There were no fists thrown but the restaurant was left in shambles over this territorial beef.

6 McDonald's (Cleveland, Ohio)


National hiring day was supposed to be a positive event at a McDonald's in Cleveland, Ohio. The event that was supposed to be geared toward giving people opportunities to obtain jobs. But the event turned into a nightmare very, very quickly. Things got ugly when two women pulled up in a silver Infiniti to join the line of people applying for jobs. Those two women got into an argument with another group of women that were waiting in line and that's when things got crazy. With a parking lot full of people and with the manager and owner of the restaurant outside to greet potential employees, the two angry women in the Infinity got back in their vehicle after an angry verbal exchange that supposedly surrounded a man. The driver, with her door still open, decides she's going to back out as quickly as possible and high-tail it out of there. She ends up running over four people: the restaurant manager, the owner and two other prospective employees in making her get away. She pauses in the parking lot after seeing what she has just done and then bolts. She was able to initially get away on foot once the car was tracked down by the police with her friend getting arrested. But once a warrant was put out for her arrest she immediately turned herself in knowing she was in deep trouble. It's safe to say that the two women in the Infiniti were not hired.

5 McDonald's (Brooklyn, New York)


Leave it to Brooklyn to be host to one of the most brutal McDonald's beatdowns on the list. Here, it is teenage women who take front and center. This fight also puts to shame the expression “you fight like a girl.” The violence that exploded at this restaurant was initially between two angry female teens. However, one of the women got pummeled. There is a rule in fight club: don't fight a gang of Crips. And that is exactly was this one 16-year-old girl tried to do. Although her beef was with a 17-year-old neglectful mother of one, the teen bit off more than she could chew. She got a few swings in early and then she pulled the shirt off of the baby mama, but she got beat on from all directions. Then she went to the ground for cover and took a rough beating that rendered her unconscious. The baby mama of the Crips gang was already in hot water with the law for assaulting members of her own family and with child services. This swell citizen drew a lucky judge and got sent to the psych ward for her many behavioral issues instead of getting locked up where she belongs. The 16-year-old learned a valuable lesson: don’t fight a group of gang members when you are rolling solo.

4 Denny’s (Chicopee, Massachusetts)


Two men and three women were involved in this strange encounter. It occurred at a Denny’s in Chicopee, Massachusetts. Of course, when you are talking Denny’s, you are talking late night drunk people looking for a cheap greasy fix. Denny’s is the place. The Chicopee Denny’s turned out to host an interesting double-bill of two different fights. The problems which were carried over from the parking lot into the restaurant weren’t exactly clear but the footage picks up with a man, standing, beating on another man, seated in a booth. He whales on the man seated as the man’s girlfriend attempts to defend the nearly defenseless man. After a few wicked shots to the head, the large aggressor strolls out of the restaurant. Then his chunky girlfriend starts getting loud and arguing with the woman who just saw her boyfriend get his butt kicked. A third woman gets involved and after a very lengthy argument, the chunky girl unloads. She unloads and unloads, knocking the two women out with wild haymakers, proving she punches just as hard as her boyfriend.

3 McDonald's (Greenwich Village, New York)

Some customers feel like they have the right to do almost anything. At a McDonald's in Greenwich Village, New York, a male cashier was doing his job when two females paid with a $50 bill. Per protocol, he is required to check to make sure the large bill isn't a fake or counterfeit. However, the women took offense to the cashier checking the bill and they became unruly. First, one of the women spit in his face and then slapped him. The employee took a step back as the two women hop the counter and shouted threatening the worker with “we’re going to fu*k” you up!” the worker fled to the back to grab something to protect himself with. It happened to be a metal rod which came in handy as the women were stopped in their tracks as he swung and beat them to the ground. Now certainly, the cashier may have been a little overzealous as he gave a few extra whacks to the women who clearly deserved something for threatening a person for no reason. One of the women ended up getting beaten so bad that she had her skull partially crushed. The grand jury heard the case and decided to return a not guilty verdict and the cashier avoided a trial. It was clear he was not looking for trouble while at work. An ironic twist to the case was the cashier had just finished serving 10 years in prison for manslaughter after shooting a 17-year-old classmate and killing him. In this instance, Lady Justice got it right.

2 Five Guys Burgers (Miami, Florida)


Five Guys Burgers in Miami, Florida is the hot spot for this crazy sequence. It isn’t entirely clear how this all got started, but an employee tosses cups at a little angry customer who proceeds to flip out. But if there is one rule of Five Guys Burgers, it’s don’t get in a fight with employees from Five Guys Burgers. What happens next is this customer’s worse nightmare. She looks for an opportunity to strike a blow against an employee and instead runs into a wall of 5 Guys employees. That is when a female employee tosses haymakers at the unruly customer. If that wasn’t enough, another female employee joins in. A manager attempts to subdue the customer and quell the fight but he does more to hold the customer steady as a punching bag for his other employees. The customer bites off way more than she can chew and takes a number of good shots before relenting and the employees backing off. Customers seem more than amused to watch the loud mouth customer flee. The gist: don’t mess with the employees at Five Guys Burgers.

1 McDonald's (San Francisco, California)

Certainly, the most popular fast food chain in the world has been responsible for the most instability this far. One police officer referred to this brawl as 70 people strong. The fight took place at the McDonald's on Brannan near 3rd Street by AT&T Park where the World Series was taking place with the Giants playing the Rangers. After the game, fans swarmed the McDonald's for some good old fashion late night snack food when all hell broke out. It starts with two women. One woman mistakes the other woman's friend for her daughter. That starts the fight. From there mayhem ensues with a whole slate of people jumping in and out of the fight for seemingly no reason. A large Latino man gets involved and throws his weight around, seemingly hitting anything and everything. Fights start up all over for no reason. Police arrive to put an end to the massive brawl.


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