15 Shocking Celebrity Conspiracy Theories That Are Actually Possible

The life of a celebrity comes with certain perks; there's the fame, money and adoring fans that no doubt make life that much sweeter. However, celebrity life also comes with its downsides and responsibilities that us normal folk could never experience or even understand.

With their lives constantly under scrutiny and every move they make documented and commented on by everyone, these celebrities live in a fish bowl with their audience constantly watching. As well as that, there is the added weirdness of the celebrity conspiracy theory. With their lives blessed with fortune and fame, some people put these celebrities on such a high pedestal that their lives cross into the realm of legend and folk lore. Add to that the birth of the internet, and you have a place in which these theories take off and actually have people believing in them.

With this list we look at the 15 conspiracy theories that have plagued the celebrity world. Although they may sound ridiculous, enough people believe them that they actually start to sound plausible. So after reading this article, go and check out the evidence and see what truth there is to these.


15 Marilyn Manson Was in The Wonder Years


We start our list with a seemingly small theory that for some reason will not go away. And because this rumor hasn't been laid to rest yet, which it easily could be, this conspiracy theory has some thinking that there's more to it than just a simple mistake.

When the internet was still a new thing, a rumor gripped the few people that had access to it and it wouldn't let go. The popular TV show The Wonder Years had a young actor Josh Saviano among its cast. Firstly, the resemblance between the young Saviano and Manson, (Real name Brian Warner) is uncanny. So the rumor started that Saviano grew up to be Manson.

Manson has always denied this and has stated several times that he was not in The Wonder Years. However, the fact that this rumor is still out there seems to indicate that it isn't going away anytime soon. To this day the two of them have never been seen together, so the fuel to this theory still burns.

14 Kanye West vs Taylor Swift Was Set Up


If there's one thing to grab the headlines and get people talking, it's a celebrity at odds with another celebrity. Rivalry and friction are a sure fire way to get publicity. When you have two singers who are trying to push their brands to the masses, then a feud between them can enhance this. This is what many conspiracy theorists believe about the now infamous spat between Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

Back in 2009 at The Video Music Awards, the beef between the two started. With an acceptance speech that many people viewed as contrived in order to gain a bigger audience, the two added fuel to the fire by publicly disrespect each other. Using their music, videos and in fact any public event in which they had the chance, they took the opportunity to belittle each other. With the spat seemingly coming to an end and Kanye and Swift becoming BFFs, the public aren't having it and call "publicity stunt" on their bust up.

13 Stevie Wonder Isn't Blind


Stevie Wonder is one of the giants of the music industry. The "Superstition" singer has won countless awards, sold millions upon millions of records and is regarded as one of the true geniuses of music. But even if you aren't aware of his music, which we'd find hard to believe, you will still know Wonder as he's that blind musician guy. Or is he?

The rumor mill or "truthers," as they like to be called, have been speculating and collecting evidence on this theory for quite some time. According to these truthers, there have been several incidents in which Wonder did things that would require sight. For example, during a performance in which Wonder sang a cover of the Beatles classic "Hey Jude," Wonder dropped the mic and caught it. There have also been accounts of Wonder looking people in the eye. Most notably again is his apparent dislike of Boy George, as Wonder has been caught giving him the "evil eye." That's either a great case of Spidey senses or there's more to this rumor than meets the eye!

12 Keanu Reeves is Immortal

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If you're looking for a celebrity conspiracy theory that is completely out of left field, then look no further than this one. There are so many people that believe this incredible theory, that there are several websites dedicated to proving Keanu Reeves is immortal.

There's no denying that the Matrix star has aged well, and even going back through his early work such as Bill and Ted, there isn't much difference between Reeves then and Reeves now. But ageing well and being immortal are very different things.

The evidence that these theorists have includes many agreeing that Reeves shows no signs of ageing at all. Then there's a French actor named Paul Monet, who used the pseudonym Keanu Reeves; he died on the 1920s by the way. Then there are photos of other people throughout the last century who all bare an uncanny resemblance to the Hollywood star. Convinced? We're not either, but many people out there believe that Reeves will outlast us all and be making movies for centuries to come. Another Matrix trilogy then?!

11 Beyonce and Solange are Mother and Daughter


As you will see further down this list, this isn't the only conspiracy theory involving Beyonce. The singer, actress, model and business woman has been center stage in our lives for many years now. However, the clean cut star has also had her share of controversy.

This particular theory centers around her younger sister Solange. The theory goes that Beyonce actually gave birth to Solange when she was young and to stop it from destroying her life and future success, it was covered up and they pretended to be sisters. The fact that there is only five years between them is a lie and the age gap is actually fourteen. This all sounds fanciful but the only thing that gives this theory some plausibility is that these reports come from members of Beyonce's family. Either a big cover up or people trying to cash in on the Beyonce brand by selling stories. The truth is out there...

10 Lady Gaga Has a Penis


This is a theory that has been going for years. Since Lady Gaga first burst onto the music scene, her outlandish and outrageous persona and style has lead to many myths and urban legends surrounding her life. The most prominent of all of these is the idea that Gaga is hiding something in her pants. The theory goes that Lady gaga is in fact a hermaphrodite; having both male and female parts.

Adding fuel to the fire are supposed people who have known Gaga and have been ambiguous in their confirmation regarding Gaga's genitalia. Of course, Gaga being who she is, isn't one to shy away from such rumors and tackles them head on, often dressing in drag, being equally ambiguous with her answers and maybe even pushing the rumor herself. After all, the idea of being both a female and male plays up to Gaga's quirky persona and just makes her fans love her even more.

9 Tom Cruise Holds 'Girlfriend' Auditions


When you've been one of the biggest superstars in the world for the last twenty years or so, stories and theories are bound to start. Tom Cruise is no stranger to conspiracy theories and rumors. Whether it's his religion, his sexuality or his lifestyle, the Top Gun superstar has had to deal with his fare share of chatter over the years.

However, when his marriage to Nicole Kidman ended, the rumor mill went into overdrive. Once again his sexuality was at the forefront of people's minds, but when Cruise suddenly and publicly declared his love for Katie Holmes, a lot of people thought it was contrived.

The theory goes that as Cruise is the poster boy for Hollywood, he needed a fitting partner to promote that. So Cruise, with the help of the movie studio, held auditions to find who would be his next wife. With many famous actresses meeting with Cruise to see if they fit. There was even talk that Cruise and Holmes' baby was part of this contrived Hollywood pairing too. Maybe in years to come the truth will come out, but until then the rumors are still going strong.


8 Beyonce isn't Blue Ivy's Mother


Another entry and another conspiracy theory for the "Bootylicious" star. Having already been involved in one possible baby theory, Beyonce is at it again and this time people are saying that she wasn't pregnant and Blue Ivy isn't her child.

It has been well documented and publicized recently that the marriage between Beyonce and Jay Z hasn't always been a happy one. With reports of affairs, the couple have had their shaky moments. However, they have always stood strong together, and when Beyonce confirmed she was pregnant, it was happy times for the couple and their fans.

However, during a TV interview, Beyonce was picture with a 'floppy' and 'folded' belly rather that a solid one that you would expect from a pregnant woman. This sparked the rumor that Blue Ivy was a love child between Jay Z and another woman. Beyonce, not being one to let this get the better of her, faked being pregnant so they could tell the world that this was their child.

7 Britney Spears' Meltdown Was Due to Bush


This one is an interesting one; and out of everything that can be seen or read about such conspiracy theories, this could be the most plausible of all. We all know the drastic fall from grace that Britney Spears had. The once innocent and sweet pop sensation had a dramatic and public meltdown as she transitioned from teenager to adulthood. But was this meltdown contrived?

The George W Bush administration had a variety of problems and his time in office was constantly under scrutiny. So what better way to distract the public's interest than with everyone's favorite pop star exploding; shaving her head, getting married and then divorced, fighting with the paparazzi, having psychiatric problems and losing her kids. It's almost the perfect plan to help Bush. Whether or not this was planned, it certainly helped Bush as all anyone could talk about was Britney.

6 Michael Jackson Was Castrated


If there is one celebrity in whose life has been plagued by controversy, theories and rumors, it's Michael Jackson. Rumors circulated about the singer's appearance, sexuality, childlike demeanor, and even more publicized, his close friendships with children themselves. There's no denying that Michael Jackson has been one of the biggest superstars and influences in the history of entertainment, but following his death in 2009, the conspiracy theory machine picked up its pace.

This particular theory goes that during childhood, Jackson was taking some heavy anti-acne medication to combat, well, acne. The drug in question was a strong anti-male hormone drug which combats certain male tendencies such as acne. Many so called 'experts' use Jackson's voice as proof that this was the case. The high pitched tones of his voice, to some, are proof that his voice never broke, which is a common trait of adult males that have been castrated.

5 J.K. Rowling Doesn't Exist


There's nothing people like more than an underdog succeeding. The story of J.K Rowling's life is a classic rags to riches story that could warm even the coldest of hearts. Living her early life in poverty and struggling as a single parent, there didn't seem to be any hope of a good life for Rowling. But then an idea about about a boy wizard in a magical word changed Rowling's life almost overnight. With Harry Potter becoming one of the most successful book and movie sagas in history, the future suddenly seemed bright and sunny.

However, as much as people love the idea of the underdog, people also can't accept this kind of change so quickly. So in the corner of the internet a rumor started, and before long the rumor picked up steam and became a plausible conspiracy theory. J.K. Rowling is an actress picked out by a group of writers. Knowing that a female author and a sad back story would help sell books, the Harry Potter writing team built the vast franchise and let struggling actress Rowling take the fame.

4 James Hewitt is Prince Harry's Dad


Anybody from the UK will be more than familiar with this conspiracy theory; a theory that has been around for many years, and one that some people even attribute to another conspiracy that involved the death of Princess Diana.

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana's marriage hit a sticky patch in the late 1980s, a lot of people thought it was because of an affair that Diana was having with James Hewitt. Although at first glance this just seems like a British Royal Family scandal that doesn't have any real legs to stand on, on closer inspection there maybe more to it.

The dates of Diana's affair do fit in with the timeline of Harry's birth. But the most convincing evidence of this theory is Harry himself. When father and sons are pictured together, it's clear to see the difference; especially between brothers Harry and William with their different facial features, hair lines and  hair colors. Mix that together with photos of a young James Hewitt (the resemblance is striking) and you have a conspiracy theory that has some weight to it.

3 Bob Marley Was Murdered by the CIA


When it comes to the CIA, there are a few theories and stories out there that link them to the death of a prominent figure. The most famous ones involve the likes of JFK and Marilyn Monroe. However, these theories don't really stand up when you look at them closely. But a very strong case could be made for the death of Bob Marley.

The revolutionary singer was at the forefront of political change in Jamaica and the voice of a changing generation. Let's also not forget that Marley had already survived an assassination attempt. So when Marley was later 'gifted' a pair of boots, many people believe that the boots had cooper wire inside that were laced with a virus. When Marley put them on, the wire cut his foot and the substance entered his system. Sounds implausible, right? What gives this theory some weight is that the executive of the CIA at the time, Carl Colby, was seen backstage at a Marley gig when the boots were given to him.

2 Paul McCartney is Dead


This is probably the most famous and talked about conspiracy theory in all of celebrity history. The Beatles, as we're sure everybody in the world is aware, were a rock n' roll band from Liverpool, UK. Taking the world by storm and cementing themselves as one of the greatest collection of musicians the world had ever seen, The Beatles moved from rock stars to legends. But what would have happened if one of them had died at the height of their success? We all know what happened after The Beatles when John Lennon was assassinated and many years later when George Harrison died. But what if that had happened before they truly became great?

This is what this conspiracy is all about. Paul McCartney died in a car crash. Rather than announcing this to the world, the rest of The Beatles and the record company held auditions for a McCartney lookalike. The only evidence of this are clues that The Beatles left behind. Album covers, ambiguity and the fact that McCartney himself has not lived up to his 'genius' song writing status since. Comb through the mounds of half-evidence and it really does make you think.

1 Icons Faked Their Deaths


There are many conspiracy theories out there on how or why a celebrity dies. But the number one on our list is a combination of all theories that certain dead celebrities aren't in fact dead at all. When a much loved celebrity dies, it's hard for some people to fully accept this notion and they cling to the hope that it's all a ruse and that their money and power have somehow made it possible for them to start a new life away from the spotlight.

The most talked about people in this scenario are Elvis, Tupac, Jim Morrison and we can now add Michael Jackson to this list. Somehow the life of a mega star has become too much for these people, so the only way out is to fake their own death and start again. Maybe they're all living together on some far away island?!

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