15 Scary Technology Hacks That Could Happen To You

Technology is certainly an amazing thing, but just like everything else that is amazing in this world, it's not close to being perfect. We’ve all heard of computers being hacked, but these days even the most unlikely of objects are connected to a network that could be hacked. Every single day, you probably use at least a few devices that could potentially have its security breached, including your phone and your car.

With this in mind, here are 15 scary technological hacks that have happened fairly recently. Let us know which one creeped you out the most. Were you or someone you know a victim?

15 Disabling A Vehicle’s Brakes

14 The Ashley Madison Reveal


13 VTech


12 Android’s Stagefright


11 Gas Station Pumps

10 Federal Fingerprints

9 Baby Monitors

8 Credit Card Readers

7 House Arrest Trackers


6 Nuclear Facilities

5 US Department Of Defense

4 Medical Devices

3 Smart TVs

2 Self-Aiming Rifles

1 Airplanes


When we think of terrorism involving airplanes, we usually think of violent hijackers, weapons and bombs, but as technology advances, terrorists may not even need such tactics to take a plane down. Security researcher Chris Roberts got himself into some serious trouble after revealing that a plane could be hacked and he had done it himself by doing a live test—without authorization. He did so by hooking his laptop up to the Seat Electronic Box, which is under every passenger’s seat. He then accessed the flight’s entertainment system and the Thrust Management Computer, which helps to control the engines. All it took was Robert's issuing a command to cause the plane to move sideways. Hopefully, this event led to tighter security.

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15 Scary Technology Hacks That Could Happen To You