15 Scariest Trail Cam Pictures That Will Freak You Out

Trail cameras are great tools to catch various forms of wildlife. They capture any type of movement in the woods or even around your home. They're often the perfect means to catch suspicious activity going on around your property at night. But what do you do when you catch some particularly scary footage that can't be explained?

People catch all kinds of things on trail cams, but sometimes, these devices catch strange beings, creatures and even what appear to be spirits in the middle of the night. Some are very scary while others are just plain creepy. There exists a very large amount of these pictures, and while some are obviously fake, others have been known to look very real, leaving the viewer completely unaware of what is going on. That seems to be the case with the photos we have collected here. In this list you will find pictures that have been captured by trail cams from various people.

Be sure to observe each one very closely, as you might notice certain attributes that stick out. But don't look too close, for these pictures are very strange and some are even disturbing.

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15 Spirit Of The Woods

via youtube.com

Finding animals in the woods on a trail cam is completely normal, but what isn't normal is finding someone standing directly in front of the trail cam. In the picture above, what appears to be a creepy lady or man is standing in the woods, with no light, dressed in a very strange looking robe. There doesn't appear to be any other animals around her, and the fact that someone is alone in the woods at that time of night is rather disturbing. Not to mention, it is completely dark outside, making it hard for anyone to see, much less make their way around in the woods. So what is really going on in this picture? Could it be that this lady or man was lost and trying to find their way? But truly, why does it look as though the figure knew that the camera was there? Could it be that she was aware of the camera's presence?

14 Pioneer Ghost Girl

via trail.az

Possibly one of the scariest things to ever come across, would be a creepy little girl in the middle of the woods. However, in this picture, it seems that the little girl is very entranced by the deer. What makes this photo so creepy, is that the little girl seems almost see-through, while the deer appears to see her. Not to mention, a little girl out in the middle of the night is definitely not normal. Perhaps we could prove away this photo by stating that the little girl was simply sleepwalking. However, it doesn't look like the girl is completely there. They say animals can see spirits so, perhaps this trail cam picked up a spirit who happened to be a little girl, lost and looking for her parents. Whatever the reason behind this picture, it is certainly a creepy one and not something you would want to run into at night.

13 The Flying Hunter

via yaplakal.com

In this picture, the deer on the right looks completely terrified. Just behind him, it appears a flying creature is taking off after him. Just in the midst of the moment, the trail cam went off, giving us this strange looking photo. While the creature in the back seems to resemble a flying squirrel, it isn't entirely clear what the creature is. However, the question is presented whether or not this small looking animal is after the deer or if they are both running from something farther back in the darkness. Either way, whatever is going on in this picture, animals that are terrified and running from something is definitely something to take caution to, especially in the woods in the middle of the night. Of course, this picture could possibly be ruled away by saying the animals were simply scared by the flash, but no one can really say for sure.

12 Zombie Boy

via millixeber.com

One of the creepiest photos on the list, this picture shows a little boy in a white shirt and silver shorts. He appears to be lost, with a blank expression on his face. The boy looks almost hypnotized, as though his body is there but his mind is in an entirely different place. Once again, the question is begged whether or not this is a simple case of sleep walking or if the child is somehow a spirit caught on camera. If he was a ghost, the picture is very clear, which is highly uncommon among ghostly photos. Most of the time spirits seem almost see-through or spectral, while the boy in the photo appears to be very real. Perhaps he was lost on his way home, but if that was the case, what was he doing so in the middle of the night? Perhaps he was a boy who had been missing for quite some time, but why would he look so clean?

11 The Grim Reaper

via viraldiario.com

For those who happen to believe in the Grim Reaper, this photo is surely one of the most terrifying. But from the looks of it, it seems that this Grim Reaper is probably a fake. He is holding a scythe, looking directly at the camera. However, his face is completely white, leaving the impression that the figure is possibly just a dressed up mannequin. But, if we look to the left at the Reaper's right hand, it appears to be in motion. It also seems that the figure is either inside some sort of field or directly on the outside. But with the descriptions that are displayed below the picture, stating the temperature outside, who in their right mind would dare brace against such temperatures simply to fulfill a prank? Though, considering the date which is so close to Halloween, it's very easy to imagine that this was simply a silly prank, used to scare the owner of the trail cam.

10 The Lost Woman

via esplota.com

By far, this picture is one of the creepiest ever found. The stilled frame shows what appears to be an elderly lady, dressed in a white night gown, slightly hunched over with gray hair put up in a bun. Many questions come to mind when first looking at this picture, the first probably being, what is an elderly lady doing out in the middle of the woods in the dead of night? While trail cams are originally placed in areas that people won't normally walk through, it's hard to answer such a question. The picture closely resembles that of a horror movie scene. But the reason behind the photo will truly never be known as trail cameras can only capture that one moment in time. One thing is for sure though, elderly women do not normally go roaming through fields at night, dressed only in their night gown.

9 The Alien

via bigpicture.ru

The photo above shows a vast field with trees just at the edge. In the very middle, a small figure can be seen standing in the distance. But is it really a figure? At first glance, it appears to be a man with a strange looking white aura around him? The black in the middle appears as a person, but is that truly what it is? It isn't the clearest picture, as it looks like the trail camera that took the photo was quite old, from the looks of the picture. It also looks like a picture of a strange egg-shaped object with a black opening in the front. The means of figuring out what is in the photograph is futile, considering no one is entirely sure where this photo came from. There are rumors of course, but confirmation is needed rather than assumption, and it looks as though no one will ever know what truly happened in this photo.

8 The UFO

via cideas.ge

This picture was taken just a few, mere moments before the picture in number 9 of this list was captured. It shows a strange, white light, surrounding something black at the top of the picture. The first thought that comes to mind is a UFO. Of course, many people would swear that isn't what this is, simply because UFOs are considered to be fake by many people. But in this photo, the closest object that resembles the picture has to be a UFO. Believers from all around the world have been pitching their theories and ideas about aliens and abductions. Perhaps the aliens didn't realize they were being captured by a camera? Either way, the picture is definitely a mystery, and because the photo seems so old, the truth involving it will most likely never be revealed. But that doesn't take away from the creepiness and mystery that this photo presents to the public eye.

7 The Creepy Footprint Tracker

via ghostsnghouls.com

This terrifying looking photo was captured on November 11th, 2012, at 7:23pm; at least, that is what the photo's time stamp states. In the picture, an upright being can be seen standing and looking down at the ground. The figure appears to be rather hairy or blurry, but it is very hard to tell. With so many different creatures running around in the woods, it's no wonder that once in awhile, trail cameras will pick up something terrifying and surreal. The creature appears to look like a strange version of a Sasquatch or even Bigfoot, but what it really is, we will never have the chance to know. Perhaps it is a regular animal, standing on its hind legs. Just behind the creature are footprints. It seems like the creature is tracking something by following the tracks. It would be a terrible night to encounter one of these terrifyingly hairy things.

6 Bigfoot Himself

via mysteryhistory.tv

The picture above shows a strange, dark figure, running through a wooded area. The figure is shaped very similar to an ape, and some would even say Bigfoot. But, the image is blurred, offering very little to go on when it comes to identifying the creature. With so many photos like this, its hard to say if it is real or not. But, since it came from a trail camera, the possibilities are a little more likely. There are two things which stand out, making the photo rather strange. The first is the fact of the figure looking so similar to an ape. The other, being that the photo was captured during the day, probably when the sun was about to go down. The time is stamped at 6:18:37, leaving it a mystery as to whether or not this picture was taken in the morning or in the evening.

5 The Deer Whisperer

via vamoslaportugal.com

Here is another strange picture of children in the woods. The photo shows two deer, one closer to the trail camera and the other farther in the back. A child is standing to the left of the deer farthest back and she looks terrified. Maybe it was the flash from the camera, or perhaps she is lost and can't find her way back. Whatever the reason for her here, the deer do not appear to be that scared of the little girl, and that is very strange. Deer are normally very skittish and highly afraid of humans. Perhaps this is another trail camera, capturing the spiritual essence of a young girl who tragically passed in the woods. Or, perhaps the trail camera has simply been placed near something as simple as a campground. But why would a young girl that small be wondering around in the woods so late at night, with no light to guide her way?

4 Aimless Ghost

via millixeber.com

Here is a photo showing a little bit more of what we saw in picture number 7. The figure can be seen walking around in motion based on the blurs in the photo. This is definitely a creepy sighting, considering how tall the being looks along with its hooded appearance. While the figure is in motion, it almost seems as though it is a ghost, aimlessly making its way through an empty field. One thing is for sure, the creepy looking being doesn't look like something that would be pleasant running into late at night, as I'm sure the owners of this trail camera probably thought the same when they first found these photos. Unfortunately, the time stamp cannot be seen on the picture of the figure in motion, but in a blur, the figure seems to be walking away from the camera, once it notices its picture being taken.

3 Frightening Goatman

via 20minutos.es

There is a lot that can be said about this photo, but the main word to be used would be terrifying. Encountering something like this in the woods would definitely not be something to look forward to. In the picture, a body can be seen, lying on the ground, face in the dirt, with a bag lying at his foot, bloodied and dirty. While just above the body, a strange looking creature, resembling a man, can be seen leaning over the body with his hand reached out to the camera as though he is reaching out to someone. His head looks to be the head of a goat mixed with a man, with long horns, pointed ears, and feet that look like hooves. While this picture is most likely fake, considering the digital attributes parts of the photo possesses, it is certainly one that captures the imagination and makes one fearful of the things that go bump in the night.

2 The Jersey Devil

via millixeber.com

Of all the creatures that exist deep within the night, there is nothing scarier than the ones who stalk other animals as prey. There is a picture that has been captured on a trail camera, and many feel it is the Jersey Devil. While the time of the trail camera is unknown, the photo shows a deer, jumping through the air, just barely within the camera's view. On the other side of the camera, there is a strange looking creature with bulging dark eyes, a demonic looking head, wings that extend from its back, along with a tail. The creature is on all fours and it appears as though the being has horns as well. And while many people consider this to be the Jersey Devil, some people may think that this is simply an animal which hasn't been discovered just yet. While these are all assumptions that have been stretched, the truth is still out there, roaming around the woods in the middle of the night.

1 The Rake

via treasurenet.com

The creature in the photo above has been called many different things. But what makes this photo so scary, as well as number one on the list, is the fact that it looks very real. Many people have called this creature The Rake, a mythical creature who comes to people's homes at night to either take their lives or terrorize them. The creature in the photo has long skinny, white arms that extend from his creepy bulging shoulders. Atop them sits a head, large and white, with a sunken nose, along with very large white eyes. Its mouth doesn't appear to possess any teeth, but the being doesn't look too happy to have its photo taken. Perhaps it was casually making its way through the woods when it was caught by the trail camera. Whatever this creature may be, it wouldn't be fun running from something as scary as this.

Sources: ViralNova, WideOpenSpaces

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