15 Rappers You Didn't Know Were Accused Of Ending A Person's Life

A world of money and beautiful women is reason enough to become a rapper. It’s not all fun and games, however, and a lot of rappers are often stuck under the cliché that they are reckless men, involved in drive-by shootings. Sometimes the rumors are true while other times these guys get a bad rap. There have been legendary battles between rappers that have resulted in the deaths of friends and family members. Many songs have even been written about the shootings in the rappers' lives. There have even been rappers that have used their music videos to rap about murders they committed.

Rappers are often seen toting guns and acting tough in videos while their fans go crazy. There are many assumptions out there about what it means to be a rapper, whether you can be a rapper and still be considered a good person. Many rappers have terrible pasts and some of them have risen above their pasts, while others swim amongst corruption and deceit. Some of the best rappers out there are amazing people who do a lot of good for their communities. We are always told to not judge a book by its cover and that stands true. Just because a man or a woman is a rapper doesn’t mean that they are going to do something wrong. But in the case where it does happen, check out the list below. Here are 15 rappers that you may recognize and be surprised to find out were accused of murder.

15 Gucci Mane


In 2005, while in Decatur, Georgia, Gucci Mane found himself in a position where he was attacked by a group of men. Although Mane was caught off-guard, he and his friends fired back at the crew and killed one of them. Mane went on the run because he was afraid of what would happen to him if he were caught. He didn’t want to spend any time in prison, so he fled. The police found the body of the boy behind a middle school and went on the search for Mane. Gucci Mane eventually turned himself in nine days after the shooting. He was charged with murder and would have served a large sentence, but the charges were eventually dropped. Usually in these cases they don’t get that lucky but in this case, the evidence went in their favor. It was proven that Mane acted in self-defense and Mane was released.

14 Chi Ali


Chi Ali was once accused of murdering the brother of his girlfriend. In 2000, he was accused of the murder of Sean Raymond, who he shot and killed. After the shooting he fled and was on the run for awhile, almost a year before he was arrested. Chi Ali even appeared on America’s Most Wanted which eventually led to his arrest. Chi Ali was sentenced to 12 years in prison after he made a plea deal, and he was released in 2012. He was known for his rap career in the '90s and when he was released from prison he released another album called The Fabulous Chi-Ali. After his release Chi Ali stated, “I took a life, and you can't take that back, so that's probably the worst thing one can do. I want to send my condolences to the family, and no matter what I say, I'm never glorifying that. I want everybody to get that straight."

13 C-Murder


C-murder was known to be a famous songwriter, rapper, and actor before everything fell apart in his life. In 2002, C-murder was approached by a devoted 16-year-old fan while he was at a nightclub. It’s unclear as to what happened when he was approached, but C-murder began to beat the kid and eventually shot him. In 2003, C-murder was convicted of the murder and sentenced to life in prison. C-murder's dream of a rap career went down the sewers the moment that shooting happened. The victim’s father said that the fan had posters of C-murder all over his bedroom wall and adored the rapper, following his career from the beginning. There are many holes in the original story and no one really seems to know what angered C-murder so much that he would kill one of his own fans in cold blood. Maybe he was just one of those celebrities that aren't comfortable with being approached, or perhaps it was a self defense situation.

12 Big Lurch


In 2002, Big Lurch found himself high on PCP one night and in doing so committed one of the most horrific crimes in history. It wasn’t a shooting like you would normally hear when it comes to rappers, but instead Big Lurch attacked his roommate in such a way that he could only be called a monster. Tynisha Ysais was Big Lurch’s roommate at the time of the killing and while the rapper was high he disemboweled the body in the apartment. When the body was found, police discovered that the lungs had been removed from the body and there were bites on the body from one end to another. Big Lurch couldn’t remember the horrendous crime on his roommate even though he was eventually found covered in blood and innards. Big Lurch was eventually convicted of murder, and he will spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole.

11 Max B


Max B got himself into trouble in 2009 after he was involved in an armed robbery. He wouldn’t be the first rapper to be arrested for robbery and probably won’t be the last. As with most armed robberies sometimes things can get out of hand, and the crime doesn’t go according to plan. Such an occurrence happened that fateful day, and it resulted in the kidnapping and murder of David Taylor. Max B wanted to leave the scene with a hostage in the hopes that he would get away but instead, the situation escalated to the point where someone was killed. Max B was apprehended and sentenced to 75 years in prison for the crimes that happened that day. Shockingly enough, despite his crimes and his time in prison, Max B was still able to secure a deal to release a solo album during his time in jail. He is one of few rappers that continued his career after being involved in a murder.

10 Ra Diggs


Ra Diggs was involved in quite a few violent crimes during the year 2001, in which three murders occurred. He had a huge involvement with gang-related drugs and had no problem removing people when it suited him. He was eventually convicted on numerous murder charges and was sentenced to 12 terms of life in prison which add up to a whopping 105 years of incarceration for over 21 federal charges. It was later discovered that Ra Diggs was part of the Bloods gang and a drug operation. The three men that were murdered were tied to the drug ring that Diggs was involved in. The prosecutors eventually caught Diggs based off of his music videos. They stated that the rhymes were nothing more than Diggs admitting and bragging about his crimes. The defense, of course, argued that the lyrics on the videos were just fictional accounts, but in the end, the defense lost.

9 Cassidy


There was a drive-by shooting that occurred in 2005 that involved Cassidy and some of his friends. The crew instigated the setup and went out looking for trouble. They went out in the hopes of taking down a rival gang, and they succeeded. Cassidy and his friends fired at some unarmed men in Philadelphia resulting in the death of Desmond Hawkins. They caught the group off-guard and it changed Cassidy’s life forever. At the time it was determined that Hawkins was shot in the back by Cassidy while others were hospitalized. The rest of the men survived the ordeal except Hawkins, and Cassidy was brought up on murder charges. Although he was responsible for the murder, he only served eight months in prison because the only witness they had available refused to testify on the stand. In the end, Cassidy got lucky because the witness flaked; many men in his position served much longer sentences.

8 Cool C


Cool C was a popular rapper who was famous in the '80s and had made a pretty good career for himself. Cool C is another rapper that was involved in an armed robbery that went wrong. In this case, however, it resulted in the death of a police officer. Officer Vaird, just happened to walk into the bank at the wrong time and was shot by Cool C as he was trying to flee the scene. Everything was shown on the surveillance video and prosecutors had ballistic and forensic evidence. Cool C was sentenced to death by execution. His harsh sentence is no doubt because he killed a cop, one who wasn’t supposed to be there at the time. Pictures circulated through the media where cops were seen crying at her funeral. She was a young mother with children, and the case took on a life of its own. Cool C has spent fourteen years appealing the death penalty, and at the present time he is still on death row.

7 J-Dee


J-Dee was one of the guys that was part of Ice Cube’s crew. At the time of his arrest he was making a name for himself in the rapping world. He was considered a rising star by Ice Cube and everything seemed to be working out in his favor. He was in the process of recording what would be his debut album when his life started to change for the worse. In 1994 J-Dee was charged for murdering Scott Charles. The murder occurred because Charles was the roommate of J-Dee’s girlfriend. At the time, Charles told the girlfriend that he knew Dee was seeing other women. J-Dee was sentenced to 29 years to life. The case was glamorized because at the time it seemed like such a harsh punishment considering other rappers served much less sentences for similar crimes. He became an author during his first thirty years in prison.

6 Cdai


Cdai was involved in a murder that another rapper, RondoNumbaNine set up. He wasn’t the one that wanted the guy dead but he followed along with his friend to get the job done. He was aiding in helping the rapper commit the murder and oddly enough, he was the only one that went down for the murder. The plan was to murder Javan Boyd, a Chicago livery driver. At the time of the murder Javan was just sitting in his cab on the job waiting for his next customer. Cdai and RondoNumbaNine approached the cab and opened fire on Javan, killing him instantly. He didn’t even see it coming and had no time to react or escape. He was shot in cold blood. They probably would have got away with it, except for the fact that Cdai dropped his cellphone at the scene of the crime. He was sentenced to 38 years in prison, while RondoNumbaNine was never convicted.

5 Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is one of the most popular rappers in the industry. He’s insanely talented and has a fun, laid-back approach to his career. Although he was involved in a murder charge, he was one of the few rappers that wasn’t at fault for it. In the '90s he was accused of murder but was eventually acquitted of those charges. One night, while Snoop Dogg was out with his bodyguard they were involved in a shooting with a rival gang. As a result, one of the gang members died and both were arrested for the murder. When evidence was brought forth on the shooting, the two were let go. The charges were later dropped because it was shown that Snoop Dogg and his bodyguard were acting in self defense. Obviously Snoop Dogg’s career was never affected by the allegations and he went on to have a very successful career in music.

4 Earl Hayes


Earl Hayes was part of the Money Team and was a very good friend of Floyd Mayweather. They spent a lot of time together and often appeared at events as friends. He seemed to have the perfect life with a great career ahead of him and had many famous friends. In 2014 he shocked the world when he murdered his wife because he thought she was cheating on him. Hayes believed his wife was having an affair with singer, Trey Songz. Once she was dead he then proceeded to shoot himself while he was on FaceTime with Floyd Mayweather. The event shocked Floyd Mayweather who had no idea that his friend had killed his wife moments before he made the call to him. His wife, Stephanie Moseley, was a dancer and VH1 star and the two appeared to be happy together. They were both found dead in their L.A. apartment.

3 Mac Minister


Mac Minister was on the road to fame and fortune, but he hadn’t quite got there when he found himself in trouble. His career hadn’t quite peaked in the music industry though he did have an appearance on one particular popular TV show. However, it was not the kind of show that most people hope to be on. He found himself on America’s Most Wanted because of the murder of Fat Tone Watkins. He killed Watkins as retaliation for the murder of Mac Dre and then left town. He went on the run and almost got away had it not been for his appearance on the widely watched TV program. Mac Minister was eventually captured ten months later and arrested for the murder. He was charged with murder and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He never got to see the full realization of his music career and those dreams died when he went to prison.

2 Rosco P. Coldchain


In 2008, rapper Rosco P. Coldchain was arrested for a double murder, one was intentional while the other appeared to be a matter of circumstance. One of the murders was that of a teenage boy who was shot down by the rapper. The young boy was shot, and the victim died at the hospital. It is believed that the shooting of the teenage boy was drug related and Coldchain was acting out in retaliation. There was another man that was killed at the time of the murder but there is very little information on him. He seemed to be just at the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that, Coldchain was convicted of a double homicide. At the time Coldchain was signed to the Neptunes but that fell apart after he was charged with murder. He was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

1 G-Dep


In 2001 G. Dep was a well-known rapper who had his whole future ahead of him. He debuted his first album that same year and has had a successful career ever since. No one ever suspected that he had a deep dark secret that he had been hiding for years. In 2010, to the surprise of his friends and family, however, he decided to walk into a police station and confess to the murder of John Henkel. The murder occurred in 1993, and there was never an arrest. It was an unsolved murder that G. Dep probably would have gotten away with. The murder case eventually went cold and years went by. G. Dep, however, had spent 17 years being haunted by the murder and could no longer live with it any longer. He felt that he needed to make things right in the eyes of God, and let his conscience be free.


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15 Rappers You Didn't Know Were Accused Of Ending A Person's Life