15 Possible Ways The World May End Tomorrow

The planet Earth is cherished by so many and with very good reason. It's the planet we all call home, as well as the place we need in order to survive. Without our planet, there would be absolutely nothing for any of us. That's why it is very important for us all to take care of it and make sure to cherish what we all hold dear. But what would we do if an asteroid the size of our own planet came hurtling towards Earth?

There are all sorts of catastrophes which happen in the world everyday, and it's these terrifying events that cause us to rethink the way we are treating our planet. No one can say for sure what is going to happen in the future. If we could, we might have been able to avoid quite a few mishaps over the years. But we must all do our part in taking care of the Earth, even if it doesn't seem immediately effective. In the long run, it is exactly what we will need. But because of our current actions, as well as forces of the universe that we simply cannot control, there are ways in which the world could very well end tomorrow. Here are fifteen of some of the craziest ways the world could suddenly end.

15 Asteroid Impact

14 Gamma-Ray Bursts

13 Rogue Black Holes

12 Solar Flares

11 Earth's Magnetic Field Reversing


10 Global Warming


9 Particle Accelerator Mishap


8 Nanotechnology Disaster


7 Global War 

6 Robots Take Over The World


5 Mass Insanity


4 An Alien Invasion

3 Divine Intervention

2 Deadly Fungal Contagion

1 The Snowball Effect


Probably the scariest way the world could end, would be through multiple means of disaster. Most scientists believe that it is more likely for this to happen than anything else. When you combine multiple disasters into one giant one, it creates an entirely different monster. For example, global warming could be increasing the presence of pathogens. Then, at the same time, shifts in climate could be happening all around the world. In the meantime, ecosystems would be collapsing, making it more difficult for us to produce our food. Also, all of the bees would die out, leaving the world with nothing to pollinate the crops, along with trees losing their ability to filter out agricultural water. All of these situations hitting us at once could cause more damage that one terrible catastrophe. It wouldn't be a simple process at all, and this is what should terrify us the most.

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15 Possible Ways The World May End Tomorrow