15 Paranormal Insurance Policies You Won't Believe Exist

Over the years, we’ve seen some unusual insurance policies pulled by celebs. One case includes Gene Simmons, the KISS singer who bought an insurance plan for $1 million to insure against physical damages to his tongue. Or take Troy Polamalu, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ strong safety. A company Polamalu worked for, Procter & Gamble, insured his hair for $1 million, mainly because he was the star actor for their shampoo commercial. It’s interesting to see the lengths people will go to ensure their success remains intact, even if their winning smile or body part goes down the tubes.

At any rate, a select group of insurance companies have long moved past the days of just insuring the regular and ordinary. As reports of paranormal sights, terrors, and wonders continue to burgeon and flood the web, insurance companies have also taken steps to insure their customers against the bizarre, the supernatural, and the horrifying.

Whether it be things that go bump in the night or the strange, unearthly creatures of the night whose stories chill the bone, the supernatural has its place in the insurance industry, albeit a smaller one. This is a far cry from the scientific or academic circles of today, where such paranormal anomalies are viewed with a high degree of suspicion. We might wonder why this gap exists. We might suppose the obvious. The greater circle of humanity believes in things like ghosts and demons, so naturally this is good for business. If people fear something they believe in or are having trouble with, then naturally they'll want some financial assurance for the future. Hence, the following most unbelievable insurance policies available.

15 Ghost Insurance


With the advent of cable shows and websites that document sightings and hauntings, ghosts have become a prime-time event these days. This is not to say that the phenomenon wasn’t there before, but you might say it’s more popular in the public eye after the increased TV and internet exposure.

With that comes a lot of fear as well, and some people are genuinely concerned, especially if they believe they have a haunting in their house. As a result, some insurance carriers across the globe now offer policies to protect against a threat of ghosts, either physical, emotional, or financial. Insurance companies are also insuring theme-type haunted houses in the event that there’s some sort of casualty or injury during business hours. Shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghosts Adventures have also secured public liability and professional indemnity coverage for ghost attacks on behalf of their staff working on ghost hunts.

14 Loch Ness Monster


Concerned about Nessie? Well, there’s actually a policy that will cover you in the event that you swim across one of the lakes where the famed aquatic monster is supposed to dwell. In 2006, more than 100 triathletes competing at Loch Ness in the Scottish Highlands each bought insurance to protect against the alleged dinosaur-like being, known for haunting and startling residents and tourists from time to time. The policy insured them for up to $1 million each in the event that the creature happened to bite or attack them during the race. To date, there have been no major reports of Nessie attacking anyone, but there are some YouTube videos reporting some hostile 'encounters' at Loch Ness. Though most of these reports are probably jokes or hoaxes, the fact that so many athletes were this frightened of the mysterious creature of lore says something.

13 Werewolves


Werewolves, a type of human that can supposedly shapeshift into half-person, half-wolf, are recounted in tales as far back as the medieval period. In the 1600s, in the town of Dole, France, a proclamation enabled residents to track down and hunt an alleged werewolf in the area. When peasants heard screams in the nearby woods and went to investigate, they reported seeing a creature attacking a small, ten-year-old boy. Gills Garnier was arrested by the town and burned at the stake for the incident. He alleged being able to turn into a werewolf. Although some sources report Garnier was simply a cannibal and serial killer (and this is the likely explanation), these stories and others have managed to arouse people’s fear and terror of the beasts. Of course, insurance companies would never discriminate and offer insurance for injuries resulting from such an encounter as the Garnier case.

12 Vampires


It was in 1969 that people going to the Highgate Cemetery began to see some strange, terrible things happening in the quiet, rural resting place. First, they would find dead animals with no blood left in them here and there. Then, people began seeing a tall, dark person with a weird presence hanging out in the place. People eventually dubbed the strange figure “the Highgate Vampire.” It became such a big issue that city officials closed the graveyard at night while vampire hunters investigated the area and dug-up many of the graves. It’s stories like these that give some people something to worry about when it comes to the vampire phenomenon. And it’s also stories like these that have led some insurers to also include vampire insurance in their list of paranormal insurance policy plans. Maybe Transylvania is in another world, but for some, it may be closer to home than a mere dark fable.

11 Black Magic... Not


While black magic has been of some concern for many people through the ages, it’s interesting to note that no insurers appear to give this sort of coverage. This may be due to the fact that some governing bodies have taken the legal view that black magic or voodoo insurance is a type of scam. Such was the view of the courts in a Sunnyvale, California case in 2013, when a woman charged a client $800,000 over the period of a decade for help in assisting against alleged voodoo from her ex. The insurer in this case, Peaches Miller, initially met the divorcee as a psychic reader. Then, Miller told her she needed mirrors, a tabernacle, and an assortment of other items to battle the curses from her ex-husband. Miller was convicted of grand theft and extortion after charging fees for the black magic 'insurance'. At least we can say that black magic insurance has been around in some way, though it doesn’t appear to be common anymore.

10 Poltergeist


Often described as “troublesome spirits,” poltergeists are a type of spirit that is said to be able to move or levitate objects. They are also said to be able to create loud noises in a room and even pinch or bite a person in certain cases. Unlike some hauntings, poltergeists are said to be more interested in terrorizing a particular person versus a particular location, as is more customary for some ghost or evil spirit reports one hears.

Naturally, with these sorts of qualities, the poltergeist is perhaps one of the scarier encounters one might imagine within the supernatural realm, and it is one that many people would probably pay anything to get rid of. So it is that poltergeist insurance is among the list of paranormal policies that one can obtain in this world. The problem is believed by some to be worldwide. Cases of these entities appearing have been reported in the US, Japan, India, Brazil, and Europe.

Perhaps the most famous case of anyone buying this type of insurance comes from the UK. In 2002, the Royal Falcon Hotel in Lowestoft insured both clients and staff up to £1 million against death or injury as a result of a rumored poltergeist in the hotel. The policy also covered them for other paranormal casualties.

9 Alien Abduction


Over the past few decades, reports of alien abductions have surfaced well into the higher reaches of media. A lot of it came to the fore in the early 1990s when John Mack, a Harvard psychiatrist, announced his belief to his colleagues and to the world that many of these abductees were not delusional but actually reporting real interactions with ETs. It created a firestorm of controversy at the time. But Mack, before he died in 2004, was one person, along with actress Shirley MacLaine, who decided to avail himself of alien abduction insurance. We might conjecture why. Maybe he was terrified he might experience it, too, or maybe he was hoping to verify the phenomenon if it happened to him. An insurance payout would certainly bolster his arguments about abduction. Currently, over 30,000 people worldwide hold alien abduction insurance. A well-known seller of the insurance is the Saint Lawrence Agency in Florida.

8 Alien Implants


Some alleged abductees have noticed weird objects under their skin. Over the past few decades, ufologists and physicians have performed operations to extract the metallic objects, some of which have been reported to be triangular in shape. Famously known as alien implants or chips, these objects are the subject of a wide degree of scrutiny and interest, and many claim they are physical proof that abductees’ stories are real and not hallucinations.

Some physicians have noticed strange anomalies in the way the metallic objects are encased in the skin. Among believers, there’s a great deal of conjecture about what the implants are used for, but one theory is that they are used as a tagging device of some sort to keep track of the abductees’ whereabouts. As too fringe as this research sounds, insurance companies who cover abductions often include the cost of surgeries to extract these objects into their policy plan for abduction customers.

7 Bodily Injury


As part of these abduction policies, people seeking alien abduction insurance can also opt to buy insurance that covers bodily damage and mutilation that is sometimes reported after abductions. For example, some abductees and ufologists have discovered “scoop” marks on the skin of alleged abductees, a piece of physical evidence that might bolster their case that they were in fact abducted. Others report poke marks, as if a five-prong fork has been wedged into the surface of the hands and feet or some other area of the body. Others also report large or small bruise marks in different areas of the body. In this case, it might be tough to get a finding on what sort of marks constitute ET— some might apply for a payout for an ordinary scratch— but we can leave that to the experts.

6 Unknown Diseases


Some abduction policies include a stipulation on unknown diseases that might result from an abduction. Although it’s tough finding any reported cases of this happening, it’s reasoned that, if someone is sitting near or touching an extraterrestrial, he or she might contract an unknown illness from the ET one comes in contact with. Really, this is sort of a devastating concept: What if abductees contracted a terrible new virus that spread rapidly throughout society? But then again, the ETs are probably so advanced, they might not allow any illness into their bodies and into the general public— or would they?

Interestingly, some insurers were willing to pick up the bill for this unforeseen problem if it happens to their clients. Again, proving such diseases are ET may be another matter altogether, but an unknown illness of any sort, even a non-alien one, might trigger a payout.

5 Interstellar Travel Insurance


Another aspect of alien abduction insurance is the ability to protect one’s self against travel problems, providing one can prove they’ve been abducted and taken some place far away. Typically, such policies cover medical problems in foreign countries where the clients are currently not insured. In this case, the coverage is for an undocumented voyage in a craft that is almost never seen in the sky by most observers. Naturally, you might question whether one can prove such a claim to an insurer, but a few of these abduction claims have actually been paid out by insurers. Florida’s UFO Abduction Insurance Co., for example, has paid out twice to abductee claimants. Clients have to pay $19.95 per policy and can make up to $10 million per claim.

4 Space Sickness


Space sickness is sometimes experienced in the high reaches of space when astronauts are above earth’s atmosphere. This sickness, known as Space Adaptation Syndrome, is different than normal motion sickness and is caused by variations in gravity as one moves beyond earth’s field of gravity. As the gravity changes pressure, the space traveler can experience changes in pressure that can lead to disorientation, nausea, and even visual illusions.

While abductees often claim to be subjected to medical examinations in confined spaces within a UFO and may not have a window outside, it is believed by some that they are taken into space at varying times throughout the process. Due to their ability to perform erratic movements in the sky, UFOs, it is believed, are capable perhaps of some sort of gravity control. That is, they might be able to eradicate the effects of the so-called g-force; this allows the ships to change directions, it is speculated, at thousands of miles per hour without injuring the ETs and people inside. For this reason, the ETs may have eliminated space sickness. Still, some UFO insurers cover this illness.

3 Pregnancy


One unusual commonality between abductee reports, researchers have discovered, is that many of the so-called Grey aliens are often performing medical experiments with people’s reproductive abilities. Some report that the ET's endgame in doing all of this is to create a hybrid species between Grey and human. According to James Gilliland, a UFO researcher, this is apparently being done because the Greys are a dying breed, with a weak, fragile DNA. Allegedly, they need some sort of mixture with human genetics to continue their genetically ill-disposed species. Female abductees are impregnated for a while, and then the baby is taken aboard the Grey ship to live once it is delivered in the ship. A few years ago, an Italian woman spoke to UFO researchers, alleging that she had been artificially inseminated by ETs a total of 18 times. Some insurers of abductions now include pregnancy financial relief as part of their plans, based on these reports from abductees.

2 Repatriation


If you are ever abducted, there might be a slight chance that you never come back or you'll just wind up on a foreign, distant planet. Or you might require money if you are dropped off in some foreign country. You might consider abduction repatriation insurance in case you are worried about being stuck in some place far away. Usually, the people who report abductions are returned to a nearby woods or back in their bedrooms, but there may be some cases we don’t know about. Could missing person reports be a result of such abductions? Researchers on the subject may wonder about this issue from the time to time when they see those photos on the gas station walls. We might remember the movie about Travis Walton, Fire in the Sky. It was about one of the best documented abductions in history, mainly because five of his friends all passed the polygraph tests in testifying that they saw Walton go up in a beam of light into a UFO in an Arizona forest one night. Walton disappeared for five days, leading to an intense manhunt by law enforcement. He reappeared later on a nearby highway.

1 Mind-Body Separation


During the early 1990s, Dr. Corrado Malanga, a professor at University of Pisa, conducted a series of studies on hundreds of people claiming to be abducted. Through hypnosis and other methods, Malanga discovered that different aspects of these peoples’ beings— their mind, body, and soul— had fallen out of coordination. This was different than most ordinary people, who have these aspects of their being in some degree of agreement. This is sometimes referred to as the mind-body connection in some circles. In this case, it feels like the mind is not tuning into the body. Some insurers actually cover this area of research in their plans for alien abduction. Although it seems obscure as an injury, some people view this mind-body disconnect in abductees as one of the psychological traumas resulting from whatever is happening. Malanga concluded from the study that the ETs were potentially engaged in some sort of technological practices that could actually move the mind, or consciousness or soul, within one’s physical frame.


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15 Paranormal Insurance Policies You Won't Believe Exist