15 Outrageous Shots Of Wasted Celebrities

Most people enjoy a tipple here and there, with some even preferring to take it that little bit further. Indulging in alcohol and drugs has been a pleasant pastime for as long as can be remembered. From fermented booze in early Egypt, distilled alcohol from rice In India between 3000 and 2000 B.C and the current Meth crisis now sweeping the states, substance abuse has been around forever. But what happens when the need for weed suddenly becomes too much? Addiction can be an extremely serious matter and when left untreated can get steadily out of hand. With dependency becoming much more prominent today, it is now common practice to see celebrities all over the world desperately trying to kick their habits in full view of the media and civilians alike.

However, not everyone has a problem and not everyone is an addict. Whether it be binge drinking, smoking, popping pills or just plain old getting high, it is likely that you have done at least one. But thankfully, the escapades of 'normal' individuals are often hidden away, only for your friends to see and a few embarrassing photographs the next morning. But what happens when you are in the public eye? Just like everybody else celebrities are, if not more, inclined to taste the treats that are on offer. And with the paparazzi as venomous as ever, household names are now unable to unwind or even let their hair down without being snapped or pictured doing so. But let's face it, we don't half enjoy it! Here are 15 awesome pictures of wasted celebrities.

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15 Zayn Malik

via metro.co.uk

When Zayn Malik was caught blazing a joint in the back of a car with fellow One Directioner Louis Tomlinson the whole was world shocked. However, not only was it the drug of choice that was surprising, but the sheer insolence of not seeming a bit bothered about it. With the words 'joint lit, happy days!' heard in the background by Tomlinson himself, the camera then pans to Malik who professes 'very controversial.' Controversial indeed Zayn. Later leaving the band to pursue a solo career, Malik seems to be getting more and more daring as the days go by.

14 Scott Disick

via pinterest.com

With a reputation for being a bit of a boozer, among other things, Disick has regularly been snapped a little worse for wear. In and out of rehab a number of times, things really hit the fan when Disick was snapped questionably in the arms of another woman, resulting in a very public breakup with partner of nine years Kourtney Kardashian. Now said to be back in rehab, the odds on failure look to be pretty high. However there have been rumors of a Kardashian/Disick reconciliation.

13 Emma Watson

via tumblr.com

All round good girl Emma Watson is rarely pictured with a hair out of place. Therefore the world rejoiced when pictures of the Potter star a little sozzled were released. Usually seen to be extremely prim and proper, it is refreshing to see Watson loosening up a little. However, even under the influence, Emma still manages to look glaringly beautiful doing so, keeping her charm and quintessential rapport. All this from just a bottle of Corona!

12 Paris Hilton

via dailymotion.com

Once the queen bee of socialites, Paris Hilton has been extremely quiet of late, depicting a more serious side to the once hot, drunken mess she used to be. Often snapped with a number of gal pals, including Nicole Richie and a then-unknown Kim Kardashian, the heiress spent a large part of her life flat out wasted or seriously hungover. With every picture more frightening than the last one, you name it, Paris Hilton has most certainly done it. Or drank it.

11 Prince William And Kate Middleton

via lolwot.com

Yep, it's not just Prince Harry with a penchant for the hard stuff. Known to enjoy a few shandies, Prince William and Kate Middleton have often been snapped a little worse for wear in their youth. Said to be a former party girl and all-round waster, Kate Middleton was once known as the life of the party, a far cry from her now sensible and refined image. And what of the future King himself? A regular at London's hotspot Boujis and all night benders a frequent occurrence, William certainly knew how to live it up. Whoever said the Royal Family were a bunch of old English aristocrats clearly had no idea!

10 Kirsten Dunst

via popsugar.com

Blonde beauty and party animal Kirsten Dunst is no stranger to the paparazzi. Often snapped stumbling around with a glazed look about her, Kirsten most definitely puts the drunk in Dunst. Still managing to look just as glam, Dunst recently checked into rehab with depression, stating 'I was struggling, and I had the opportunity to go somewhere and take care of myself. My friends and family thought it was a good idea, too.' However with her depression and drunken nights out not related, sources later claimed that  'she does drink and she does have wild nights, but that was never the root of her issues'. Keep on boozing Kirsten!

9 Lindsay Lohan

via coviral.com

What's a drunk celebrities list without Lindsey Lohan? Notoriously known to enjoy a drink or five, drugs have also been apparent in the trials and tribulations of the Lohan life path. After Admitting to taking cocaine during an interview with Piers Morgan, Lohan also confessed to dabbling with marijuana and ecstasy. With her drinking and drug use eventually landing her in jail, Lohan seems to be on the up, displaying a much more sane attitude and approach to life. Kind of.

8 Simon Cowell

via blogspot.com

Multi-millionaire Simon Cowell certainly knows how to let his $5 dollar haircut down. Often displayed knocking back a few, with a cigarette usually hanging out the side of his mouth, mom's favorite Simon is a renowned boozer. Recently blasted for giving a drunken slurred speech at the Music Industry Trusts Awards, Cowell began to embarrassingly bring up the newly departed Zayn Malik, all whilst standing with the remaining members of One Direction. Awkward, hilarious and damn right ridiculous, drunk Simon is 100% better than sober Simon.

7 Jonathan Rhys-Meyers

via pagesix.com

When pictures surfaced of a disheveled looking Jonathan Rhys-Meyers looking a little worse for wear, the whole world was shocked. Known to have suffered from alcohol and drug addiction in the past, Meyer's relapse came as a huge blow to many. Snapped swigging vodka from the bottle with his jeans undone, Meyers publicly apologized to his fans on Instagram stating, 'I am on the mend and thank well-wishers and sorry for my disheveled appearance as I was on my way home from a friends and had not changed. I feel I made a mistake and feel quite embarrassed but this was just a blip in my recovery otherwise I'm living a healthy life.'

6 Victoria Beckham

via google.com

Famous for her sultry tone and smile-less poses, Victoria Beckham secretly knows how to have a good time. Again, not exactly known for cutting loose, it is a nice and refreshing change to see the former Spice girl letting her hair down- I mean, come on, she is married to David Beckham, right?! Speaking of, pictured hanging on the arm of the hunk himself, Posh was recently papped with what looked to be a suspicious wet patch between her legs. Here's hoping it was just wine....

5 Robert Pattinson

via thegeyik.com

Known to enjoy a tipple or two, heartthrob Robert Pattinson has certainly made his mark on the drinking circuit. Counting Jamie Dornan and Katy Perry as his drinking buddies, Pattinson was recently filmed performing an extremely boozed up version of the Boyz II Men classic 'I'll Make Love to You.' With his failed relationship with Kristen Stewart behind him, Pattinson is now engaged to girlfriend and English singer FKA Twigs- just imagine the bachelor party!

4 Christina Ricci

via modifikasisepedamotor.com

Making the move from successful child star to triumphant Hollywood A-lister can be difficult. However, making it look extremely easy, Christina Ricci has well and truly aced it. Seemingly seen to be toasting her success, Ricci was recently papped stumbling out of a nightclub after a night on the hooch. Appearing to not listen to her own advice, Ricci was once quoted as saying 'why would you get drunk and fall over in front of photographers? I don't really know.' Bet you regret that comment, huh?

3 Mischa Barton

via celebuzz.com

Oh, Mischa Barton what happened? Once lauded as the the next big thing, The OC starlet has ever so slowly slithered into obscurity. With a notorious past that includes drugs, booze, and more booze, Barton was once snapped leaving a nightclub to throw up, only to return to continue her partying. Things finally came to a halt however when Barton was charged with possession of marijuana, driving under the influence, and driving without a valid license. Luckily avoiding jail time, Barton now lives a quiet life and was recently seen on Dancing with the Stars.

2 Amy Winehouse

via thesun.co.uk

If one photograph could help steer you away from drink and drugs then this would be it. Famous for her serious drug addiction to class A's and addiction to alcohol, Amy was ridiculously talented with a voice that could rival only the greatest. Often snapped looking pale, sick, and extremely underweight, Amy was a force to be reckoned with. In and out of rehab before her untimely death, she even managed to kick her drug habit. However, it was her deadly dependence on alcohol that finally did it, sadly succumbing to alcohol poisoning in 2011. Rest in Peace Amy.

1 Cameron Diaz

via spletnik.ru

Embodying her role in the successful movie Bad Teacher, Diaz has been known to unwind under the influence of alcohol. Hollywood's golden girl and all-round beauty, a sozzled Diaz was snapped giving the finger with pal and rumored ex-beau Ed Norton. Still known to enjoy a beverage or two, Diaz was recently pictured leaving a London nightclub a little disheveled. Now happily married to Benji Madden, Diaz shows no signs of slowing down.

Sources: theguardianmirror, dailymail

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