15 Organizations That Are Allegedly Run By The Illuminati

Ah, the Illuminati. For years there have been whispers about politicians, celebrities, and wealthy individuals that belong to this mysterious group that conspiracy theorists believe is seeking a 'New World Order' that would impose a totalitarian world government. Their goal is complete domination of the human race.

To dumb it down, these are allegedly the people that are controlling everything behind the scenes, while the rest of us have no idea what is going on.  There have long been people that insist that the Illuminati exists, while other people say that there is no way that could ever be going on.

But this isn't just people that are thought of as being in the Illuminati, there are whole groups that are suspected of being a part of it, too. There are many groups that seem harmless from the outside, but in the meantime, behind closed doors, are suspected of holding secret meetings, and plotting to take over the world.

What groups are suspected of this type of thing?  Well you will have to read on to find out, because the secret groups sure won't tell you themselves. So you better watch out, because  these are 15 organizations that people claim have ties to the Illuminati.

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15 The Vatican

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Of course, what would any good Illuminati conspiracy theory be like without tying in the Catholic Church? Theories abound about secret rituals and sacrifices, and not only that but if you want to really snare the unsuspecting sheep of the world, what better way to do it then through religion? The Vatican and the Catholic church are at the head of any good Illuminati conspiracy theory. And why not? There have been theories about this for centuries.

14 Satanists

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What would a good conspiracy theory be without throwing in some Satanists? This one is just a little bit sillier than a lot of others on the list, but yes there has been talk that because of all the secret rituals, that Satanists are part of the Illuminati, and that maybe Satan himself is the one who is controlling the whole thing. I imagine a true conspiracy theorist does not want this one to get in the mix too often, as it just waters down the rest of the theories out there.

13 New Age Movement

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This one is a little complicated, so you have to bear with me a bit. Basically the thought process is that if everyone just got all mellow and formed one religion, then it would pave the way for one global government, which would make everyone easier to control. And let's face it, who would be easier to control than a bunch of New Agers? Pretty much all you have to do is smile at one of them and offer to pay for a yoga class and you are in like Flynn.

12 The Fourth Reich

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What would any good conspiracy theory be without some sort of reference to Hitler and his crew? Well, apparently they never truly went away, and are behind the scenes, pulling the strings of the Illuminati. Then once they have everything under control they will start flying around in UFOs and using things like time travel to rule the world. No, I am not making this up. Anyway, please look both ways before you cross the street, so you don't get run over by a Nazi in a UFO.

11 Wall Street

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Of course Wall Street would have to be on this list. According to conspiracy theorists, all of what goes on Wall street is controlled by the Illuminati. Financial booms and busts are all engineered behind the scenes, just to make us poor sheep think we are actually in control of our financial futures.  Let's face it, if a secret society were to hold power over everything and everyone, the one thing they would really need to control would simply have to be Wall Street.

10 Big Oil

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Other than controlling Wall Street, and the world's financial institutions, what else would one need to control in modern times to rule the world? Well, oil of course. Those in the know about the secret cabal would suggest that despite how it looks on the outside, in secret all of the big oil producing nations are in cahoots. The goal is to work together to control any oil crisis, and occasionally raising and lowering the prices just to create some panic and to make people more patriotic.

9 Big Pharma

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And of course Big Pharma is also necessary to really pull this type of thing off. How much easier would it be to control people if they were medicated and docile?  Doctors invent mental illnesses and fake diseases and over-medicate their clients. Or so goes the theory.  They then medicate them, which just makes them weak, sick and less likely to do anything about world conditions. Many doctors are accused of being on the Illuminati's payroll.

8 Reptoids

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Oh yeah! You didn't think I would forget about Reptoids, did you? Well, there are some people, a whole bunch of them actually, that believe that Reptoids have taken human form and are running the world.  That's right, they are from another planet, they are shape- shifting lizards, and they are ruling the world. I would pretty much not believe this in any way, except I used to go out with this one chick who I am pretty sure just had to be one of them.

7 The International Jewish Conspiracy

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Of course we can't leave out this one. It is simply just way too popular. There is a huge segment of our population that blames pretty much everything in the world on this particular group of people. Pretty much everything that goes wrong in the world is because of this secret International Jewish Society. While in reality this one is not any more realistic than the one about reptiles, sadly a lot of people still actually buy into this one.

6 Communists

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We can't leave these guys out either. According to one scholar, “The World Marxist/Communist Movement was spawned from Illuminati conspiracies. When Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, and their henchmen seized control of Russia and its republics and set up the Communist-led U.S.S.R., they were simply following The Plan of Adam Weishaupt’s Order of The Illuminati and Albert Pike’s Palladium of International Freemasonry.” Darn those evil commies!

5 Ordo Templi Orientis

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These guys were total weirdos, there is no doubt about that, so no wonder there are some Illuminati rumors floating around them. These guys have been around forever, and many occult symbols had their origin with this group. They were led by Alistair Crowley, who continues to have a lot of influence today with many occultist types.  This link to the Illuminati is rather murky, but it still exists, and has to be included in any such discussion as this one.

4 Bohemian Grove

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Known as the Grove, this  is a huge campground of 2,700 acres that once a year hosts a gathering of  some of the most powerful people in the world, who wear costumes, speak to each other in code, and do secret rituals. None of us "Sheeple" are allowed. Is it any wonder that this is tied to the Illuminati? I mean, what the heck is actually going on in there? If any of you ever gets invited, do me a favor and shoot me an email so I can figure out what is up.

3 Knights Templar

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This is the philanthropic arm of the Free Masons, which we will talk about in a bit.  They obviously are not the same thing as the original Knights Templar, which was a group from the crusades, but just having the name makes them a little odd, at least in my book.  The modern day Knights have been linked to a lot of murky figures and deeds, and again, they are part of the Free Masons and seriously, what is that all about anyway? Does anyone actually know?

2 Skull and Bones

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Okay, let's be honest here for a second. If you go to Yale, arguably the most prestigious university in the world, and you also belong to a secret organization called Skull and Bones, then people are going to talk. This secret society has been around since 1832  and has long been tied to the Illuminati, and other dark deeds. With lots of secrets and rituals involved with this group, they are suspected of controlling the CIA, which of course also ties into the Illuminati.

1 The Free Masons

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These guys are at the top of pretty much everyone's conspiracy theory list. Who the heck are these guys and what do they do? While the rumor is that they secretly control government, politics, the entertainment industry and finance, who really knows? This is one of those things where the truth is they are probably just a bunch of  middle-aged schlubs that hang out together in a secret club, but let's be honest, that would be even odder than if they were secretly in control of the world.

Sources: wikia

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