15 Of The World's Absolute Worst Baby Names

What's in a name? Everything! The process of finding a name for your little bundle of joy is fun and exciting. It's such an incredible honor to bestow a name on another little human being. After exploring piles of baby name books and digging through family trees, you'll end up with a list of names that you'll narrow down to one or two of your favorites. Then, you might start asking your friends and family to give their opinions on your favorites. Lastly, as soon as you hold your newborn in your arms you’ll call them their name—and it will be perfect.

For the majority of newborns their names are traditional, such as Sophia or Mary—perhaps a favorite Great Aunt's middle name or perhaps a modern twist on an old classic like Beau or Monroe. The name ends up being placed on the newborn's hospital wristband and on their belongings. Everyone will be able to admire the beautiful newborn baby and their perfect little name.

Now, what if the name was worse than awful? What if the name was so horrible and/or embarrassing that the hospital didn't want to comply with the parents wishes for the baby's name? As bizarre as that sounds it isn't as bizarre as some actual baby names out there. Without further ado, here are 15 of the World's Worst Baby Names!

15 Billion

There were five babies born in 2014 with the name Billion. Yes, Billion. Parents wanted to jinx their children by making them paupers with a name like this.

14 Princecharles

Princecharles is all one word. What a royally pain in the rear this child's name will be when he has to constantly spell it out and correct people on its spelling! Why on earth parents would do this to their child is anyone's guess. Princecharles was named after Prince Charles of England but it would've been a million times better had his parents just separated the words and called him Prince Charles.

13 Audio Science


No, you aren't suddenly reading a college course description, this is a baby's name, specifically the child of actress Shannyn Sossamon (pictured above) and her ex-boyfriend Dallas Clayton. In 2003, little Audio Science was born and his name became an instant "Wha-t?!" It's bizarre and pretty much as far from being a name as you can get.

12 Moxie Crimefighter


Yes, Moxie Crimefighter is an actual baby name. It's not just a fictional character's name. Moxie is the daughter of actor/magician, Penn Jillette and his wife Emily. How someone could even imagine coming up with a name as nuts as this is shocking let alone ridiculously stupid.

11 Apple

An apple a day keeps the bullies away! At least you hope it does when your name is Apple. Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband Chris Martin, named their daughter Apple because Gwyneth loved the name. Gwyneth has stated she chose the name because it made her think of something good and wholesome. Chris just went along with whatever Gwyneth wanted.

10 Sadman

9 Seven

1..2...3...5..6......7! Musician Erykah Badu (shown above) and her boyfriend/musician Andre 3000 have a son named Seven. Erykyah has said that she decided on the name Seven because you can't divide Seven, and Seven is a powerful number.

8 Pilot Inspektor


No, that's not a misspelling, the baby is actually named Pilot Inspektor. The parents are actor Jason Lee and his girlfriend Beth Riesgraf. Jason has said that he named his son Pilot after a song he heard by the band The Grandaddys. The middle name Inspektor because he just liked the sound of it.

7 Obamanique


There's not one but SEVERAL little bundles of joy with the first name, Obamanique. Yes, Obamanique. Yes, named after the 44th U.S. President, Barack Hussein Obama. The little infant Obamaniques are running around the U.S. and Kenya.

6 North West


Is there any surprise that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian's baby girl landed on the list? North West is the name of an airline. North West should not be the name of your baby girl. It's not just the fact that it's totally gender neutral with no hint of being for a boy or girl, but it's not even fit for a dog.

5 Hashtag Jameson

Hashtag Jameson was the brainchild of parents who were interested in something modern, but at the same time, something that no one else would have. They came up with Hashtag Jameson to capture attention and admiration for being unique, creative and well...pretty ridiculous!

4 Orga*m

3 Facebook

In Egypt, Jamal Ibrahim named his daughter Facebook after the role the social media giant played in spurring a revolution in his country. He wanted to express the ultimate thanks to Facebook for its role in getting rid of the despised President Hosni Mubarak.

2 Lucifer


In 2014, Natalya Menshikova of Russia bestowed the name Lucifer on her bouncing baby boy. Russian authorities tried to dissuade her from giving the baby such an unpleasant name but she insisted he be named Lucifer.

1 Adolf Hitler


Hands down the world's worst of the worst baby name is Adolf Hitler. The parents of Adolf Hitler Campbell are Heath and Deborah Campbell of New Jersey. In 2008, the name garnered the world's attention when a grocery store refused to put "Happy Birthday Adolf Hitler" on the little boy's birthday cake.

Heath and Deborah said they liked the name because it's "unique and nobody else in the world will have it". They also have three other children named Hons, Joycelynn Aryan Nation and Honszlynn Hinler.

In 2009, authorities stepped in and took the children away from their parents. Multiple domestic abuse issues and child endangerment caused a judge to rule the children could not return to their parents. It's unknown if the children were given different names but for their sake hopefully they were given non-Nazi inspired names!


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15 Of The World's Absolute Worst Baby Names