15 Of The Strangest Addictions People Have Admitted To Having

With things ranging from coffee to cigarettes, many of us struggle with addictions in our daily life. But be prepared, because this list of addictions is nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Between eating cat food, snorting baby powder, and marrying your doll, these are definitely 15 people who have got some serious issues.

We all have our quirks, but this is something entirely different. Imagine having to lock your bedroom door so that your daughter doesn’t come in and steal a chunk of your mattress to eat. That bizarre situation may sound made up, but as you'll learn, it is a reality for someone on this list.

For a long time, drugs and alcohol were the mainstays in people's minds when they thought about an addiction. That perception is changing though as neurologists and psychologists learned that the chemical signals activated in the brain during certain activities, such as sex and gambling, could make these behaviors just as addictive.

Like substance addiction to drugs or alcohol, these addictions can have serious consequences to these people's well-being.

How did they even form these strange habits? Scroll down to read the list of the top 15 strangest addictions people have admitted to having.


15 Addicted To Growing Her Hair

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Asha has a potentially dangerously unhealthy addiction to growing her hair. She has not cut it in 25 years, meaning her hair has grown to be about 21 feet long. Asha used a staggering 24 bottles of shampoo a month keeping her hair clean, and it weighs in at 25 pounds when wet.

She has become completely attached to her hair, even nicknaming it "Mr. Cobra."

When talking about it, Asha said "It’s my baby, my sweetheart, my crown. It makes me feel unique. one of a kind — a living legend. I am the Black Rapunzel, I talk to him a lot, I stroke him a lot, and yeah, I do kiss him a lot, too. It’s Mr. Cobra.”

Doctors had warned Asha that carrying around that much weight on her head, neck and shoulders could lead to nerve damage, but she has no plans to cut her hair.

Asha appeared on the TLC series My Strange Addiction and ever since, people have been hounding Asha to find out what hair care products she uses, what her hair care routine is, and how they can grow their hair to be long and strong.

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14 Addicted To Smelling And Chewing On Dirty Diapers

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Can you believe that someone has admitted to their disturbing addiction to hoarding, sniffing and chewing on dirty diapers? 22-year-old Keyshia from Queens, New York, says the more urine in the diaper, the better. "It has to have pee in it...the heavier ones that have more pee smell better."

Keyshia's obsession began two years ago when she started hoarding dirty diapers and taking them everywhere. "I love it, it just tastes amazing. I have one when I'm cooking in the kitchen, I have one in my drawers, I have one when I'm sleeping, I keep some in my trunk, I keep some in my pocket book."

Keyshia gets the soiled diapers from friends and even strangers. When talking about the taste, Keyshia said that it is similar to that of sour candy. "You know when you're walking into a room and you smell a strong smell like food and you kind of taste it? That's what it's like." Keyshia is expecting her first child, which means that she will finally have an in-house source for addiction. Keyshia will not have to find friend's with babies to steal diapers from anymore. She told her therapist, "I feel great because I'm about to have my son and he's going to produce a lot."

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13 Addicted To Stinging Herself With Bees

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Margaret is a 53-year-old woman who’s addicted to stinging herself with bees.

To relieve pain from arthritis she started stinging herself with bees, or to put it better, encouraging them to sting her. That was years ago, and since then it’s spiraled into a full-blown addiction.

She said, “I read how people have been using it to relieve certain pain

symptoms. The first time I stung myself it didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would and it just got easier every time.”

Margaret stings herself on her hips, elbows, fingers, ankles, and even her forehead. When talking about her addiction, Margaret mentioned "What started as an occasional sting for medical reasons has spiraled into 15 stings a day." She even now keeps beehives in her home to have easy access to them and has taken to carrying bees around with her during the day. But it’s not just because it feels good for her. She’s even got her husband supporting her stinging obsession.

“You’ve gotta admit, after I’ve had at least 10 stings — the sex is great,” she said to her husband while filming for TLC's My Strange Addiction. He agreed that it was.

She has stung herself over 50,000 times.

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12 Addicted To Eating Rubber Tires

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19-year-old Allison eats tire shavings. Her boyfriend works at a tire plant and he brings home the shavings and tire pieces to feed her addiction. Allison's boyfriend says he does not support her tire munching habit, but hasn't figured out a way to help her curb the addiction.

He seems to have failed to realize he could simply not bring any more rubber tires home. Allison apparently feels that her tire chewing habit is a modern way of saving money in financially strapped times  and when talking about it, she said "I saw some rubber and I was like, 'This could save some money 'cause it's free.' So I chewed it, and I don't think I've bought much gum since."

Allison's doctor has told her that her addiction is dangerous to her health because of the chemicals in the rubber.  Allison resolved to merely "cut back" on her tire consumption, previously she had been gorging on two feet of rubber a day. Allison described the feeling of eating them as being "A shock to your taste buds! Kinda like beef jerky with your teeth springing off it! It's a workout for your jaw."

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11 Addicted To Eating Plastic Bags

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A man is so addicted to eating plastic bags he even steals them from grocery stores to satisfy his cravings. Robert is 23 years-old and lives in Oakland, Tennessee and has been eating plastic bags since he was seven years old.

Robert has estimated that since the beginning of his bag-eating habit, he has consumed a staggering 60,000 bags, which is enough to cover an entire US football field.

He starts off his day by eating a bag for breakfast. Robert's favorite kind of plastic bags are the ones that newspapers come in. He says that the blue ones are "just delicious."

Sometimes Robert will go around looking for leftover newspaper bags from house to house to satisfy his cravings. Robert has even survived for a day and a half without proper food after gorging on plastic.

His fiancee, Ashley, is concerned over his addiction and wants him to stop before their wedding in six months. His wife-to-be claimed that the last straw for her was when Robert was too full to go try wedding cakes with her because he had filled up on plastic bags...

Eating plastic can cause liver damage and intestinal blockage. Robert hasn't currently experienced either of those while eating plastic bags, but continuing on with this habit is obviously going to be detrimental to his health.

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10 Addicted To His Car

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We all know how men love their cars, but this young man really took his love for his car to the next level. A man in his late twenties named Nathaniel is in a sexual relationship with his 1998 Chevy Monte Carlo, which he named Chase.

At one point, Nathaniel attempted to explain the nature of his relationship with the car to his father.

Nathaniel: “I’m in an intimate relationship with Chase, both sexually and emotionally.”

Nathaniel’s dad: “How does that work? How can you have sex with a car?”

Nathaniel: “Mainly it’s just a lot of rubbing up against it. It involves masturbating as well.”

You can understand why his Dad was then speechless.

Nathaniel says that he goes on dates with the car, strokes it, kisses it, is intimate with it, and even gives it birthday gifts. Nathaniel has said that he cannot go more than 24 hours without seeing Chase. Being apart from the car for too long would bring him to tears.

Nathaniel has said that he has fantasized and thought about having a relationship with cars previously, but Chase is his first real relationship with any of his cars. Nathaniel has revealed that he is also attracted to four-wheelers, jet skis, and airplanes.

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9 Addicted To Eating Cat Hair

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A middle-aged woman from Detroit named Lisa has one strange eating habit. We have all heard of people eating weird foods, but this doesn’t even qualify as food.

Lisa is a self-professed cat hair eater. The woman consumes three quarter-sized hairballs a day. According to Lisa, that is more than 3,200 hairballs since her addiction began almost a decade ago.

Lisa gathers clumps of cat hair from around her apartment, whether it is on the floor or on the back of the couch. But Lisa prefers the hair to be fresh off of the cat itself.

What this means is that Lisa will literally groom her dear feline friend with her tongue. She does know that they can do that themselves, right? But don’t worry, she doesn’t lick their butt or in between the paws that step into the litter box. Whew! Bet that makes you feel a lot better, eh?

Lisa says that her fur feasting habit began as a way to bond with her pets. She says that it made her feel closer to her pets and that chewing the cat hair is her way of relaxing.

Lisa eats a clump of cat hair about once every two hours, saying "I'll kind of break it apart and then just put it in my mouth. I'll chew it up a little bit and then take it out and maybe mess with it a little bit and then put it back in."

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8 Addicted To His Life-Size Doll

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Well, I guess beauty and love never fade when you are in a relationship with a life-size doll. A man who goes by Davecat met his wife, Sidore Kuroneko, at a goth club in 2000.

It was love at first sight, but it took Davecat over a year to save up. When he did, he finally bought her online for about $6,000.

Sidore is a “RealDoll.” These dolls are manufactured by Abyss Creations to look like a human woman. Sidore is covered in an artificial skin that is made of silicone, so she has soft, smooth skin.

Sidore even has a fake tongue. These dolls are typically made for sex, but Davecat insists his relationship has more to it. This is evident by the fact that the two wear matching wedding bands that say “Synthetik love lasts forever.” The couple is considering some sort of ceremony for their 15th wedding anniversary. How… sweet?

If Davecat ever tires of Sidore, he can always spend some time with his mistress, Elena, also a RealDoll.

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7 Addicted To Inflatable Animals

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It seems some people really have a thing for inanimate objects. This man is in a relationship with 15 inflatable animals. Because, you know, one just wasn’t enough. Mark, who is in his early twenties, has romantic relationships with um… balloons? When talking about it, Mark said, "In the back of my mind, it's just all in my head."

According to Mark, he had had a rough childhood. He was often lonely growing up and his mother had a mental illness and was not able to care for him properly. Mark said that he didn’t want to be lonely anymore, so he has 15 inflatable animals who are all his best friends. Mark has admitted, “My inflatables are the funnest creatures I have to hang out with in my life. I’ll eat with them, watch TV together, I bathe my inflatables. I do take my inflatables out swimming… They’re soft, they’re cuddly…It’s really nice to have someone to talk to.”

We can only hope that Mark has since made some more human friends.

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6 Addicted To Eating Mattresses

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Jennifer’s addiction to eating mattresses began at age five when she ate the seat of the family car. Jennifer now eats about a square foot of mattress every day.

According to her, she has consumed more than eight whole mattresses since her addiction began, and added “I start out with the good stuff. The good stuff to me is the pillow top itself." She said she keeps going until the mattress starts to smell funny, or there’s nothing left but the springs.

She eats so much mattress foam that she regularly clogs her toilet, leading to even more concern from her family. When she runs out of mattress to eat, she says she sneaks into family members' bedrooms when they are not around to steal chunks from their mattresses. Forget about hiding the cookies, you need to hide your mattresses around this woman!

Jennifer has been told by doctors that it is extremely detrimental to her health to continue with this strange addiction.

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5 Addicted To Eating Her Husband's Ashes

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Brace yourselves: This woman is addicted to eating her deceased husband's ashes.

Casie, who was in her early twenties at the time, had recently lost her husband when he died suddenly from a severe asthma attack. She said that she began coping with his death by carrying her husband's ashes with her everywhere she went. Casie took “him” to the grocery store, to bed, and she would even cook his favorite meals at home, but would not eat them.

Casie said that the addiction began when she accidentally got some ashes on her fingers one day and instead of wiping them off, she licked them off. Somehow, she became obsessed.

She described the taste of her husband’s ashes as “rotten eggs, sand, and sandpaper," and that she has grown to love it.

Casie was concerned how she would deal with her husband’s ashes not being around after she has consumed them all, but I suppose she'll cross that bridge when she gets to it.

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4 Addicted To Drinking Urine

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After a long day some people like to unwind with a glass of wine or a cocktail. For 53-year-old Carrie, she enjoys a warm, comforting glass of urine.

Yep, urine. Her own urine, but still, urine nonetheless.

As if that isn’t bad enough, Carrie also washes her eyes and face with it. She has even poured her own urine in a Netti-Pot to clean out her sinuses and brushes her teeth with it. While she claims it tastes just like water, you have to admit that's pretty weird.

Carrie believes that consuming her own urine is a fool-proof way to battle her cancer. Carrie's not the first person to come up with this strange, supposed cure, as it has been a health fad for centuries with a loyal following.

British newspaper The Independent reported in 2006 that Egyptian medical texts, as well as Chinese and Indian documents, have mentioned drinking urine as a cure for diseases. Advocates of the current urine-drinking movement reportedly say it can boost energy levels, cure diseases and improve sexual function.

Most doctors doubt the practice's health benefits and warn that it can cause dehydration and can damage your body. Each time the urine comes out of the body, it will be more concentrated than the last time.

If it tastes just like water, why not drink water, Carrie?

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3 Addicted To Snorting Baby Powder

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Normally when people are talking about snorting white powder into their noses, they are talking about something completely different. But for Jaye, her  addiction is snorting baby powder. While Jaye’s addiction to snorting baby powder may not be illegal, it is extremely detrimental to her health.

Jaye’s friends and family were convinced that she was hiding a secret drug problem when they began to notice a thin layer of white dust on practically every surface in her house. A true sign of an addiction, Jaye feels she would not be able to function without her daily fix of powder. Her addiction has been going on for the last sixteen years and has spiraled out of control.

Jaye actually places the substance up her nostrils using a tablespoon about ten times a day. It is widely known that inhaling talcum can cause aspiration pneumonia, a condition that damages airways, which come from breathing in a foreign substance.

Jaye estimates that since the start of her strange habit, she has probably snorted around 1,125 pounds. That is almost a half a ton. That is like half an elephant! Or in other words, it's a baby elephant made out of baby powder.

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2 Addicted To Eating Cat Food

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We know that a lot of pet foods out there claim to be made with human-grade food, meat, vegetables, and vitamins. But regardless, they are for your pet! They are meant to keep your furry kitty healthy, not be the source of nutrition for a middle-aged woman.

Mary from Michigan reportedly eats a mind-boggling 900 kitty treats every day. She says she began binging on the treats after going through a difficult divorce.

Mary says that following her divorce, she had spent a lot of time at home alone with her three cats. She was tempted to try one of their treats, so she did. Mary was instantly hooked, saying that they make her mouth water.

Her family and friends are very concerned about her health, because shockingly, a human cannot survive on cat food alone. Mary's brother Tommy said "It's gross. There are four basic food groups and cat food is not one of them."

Mary is unemployed but she still spends $200 (£125) on cat food for herself every month, which she admits is more than she spends on human food. On top of that, she needs to purchase cat food for her actual cats.

One thing is for sure, Mary is always sure that she has a stash of the goodies in her car, purse and by her bedside table for late-night munchies.

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1 Addicted To Eating Paint

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Heather Beal is a mother of two from Alabama that is addicted to drinking paint. She estimates that since her addiction began, she has probably guzzled close to three gallons of paint.

Shortly after her mother died, Heather was cleaning out a desk and found a paint pen. She was attracted to the smell and suddenly had the urge to taste it. Since then, she has consumed the contents of a paint marker every day, which is something she said she really enjoys. "As it's going down your throat it feels very nice and warm, almost like a thicker version of warm milk, but obviously, it's got that very strong chemical taste, which is perfect to me."

Heather prefers to eat paint from paint markers and goes to the hardware store nearly every day to feed her habit. When asked why she prefers markers, Heather opened up, saying "I drink paint from markers because I have looked for other paint both in quart or gallon form, and I haven't found one that satisfies my desire."

Medical testing reveals that Heather has abnormal kidney function which is probably a consequence of her harmful addiction. Just remember kids, don’t drink paint.

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