15 of the Most Unnatural-Looking Celebrities

One can only imagine the amount of pressure celebrities have to endure to remain youthful and attractive; it must become exhausting and merciless for them. Everywhere celebrities turn, the paparazzi is there trying to take their pictures, and usually it's at a not so desirable time, leaving them to be judged and ridiculed for their appearance. It's no wonder so many stars undergo different procedures to alter and enhance their bodies, whether it's liposuction, face-lifts, tummy tucks or Botox.

In attempts to maintain that young and attractive look, or in some cases to get it back, many celebrities have spent a considerable amount of time at a plastic surgeon's office in hopes of regaining their beautiful features. With a small injection here or there they can quite often get away with minor alterations in their appearance without anyone knowing. However, some choose to go under the knife and have major plastic surgery, leaving them with a face or a body full of very noticeable mistakes.

Jocelyn Wildenstein and Heidi Montag are just some of the celebrities who are known for getting a great deal of work done on their bodies. Most of the celebrities that have altered their appearance with surgery probably didn't need it to begin with, at least by normal people's standards. Most of them were beautiful or handsome and now are left with less than appealing appearances.

Here is our list of 15 of the most unnatural bodies in Hollywood:

15 Cher

Cher has never hidden her love of plastic surgery, but how many times can she possibly try to "Turn Back Time"? She's admitted to having had just two surgeries - breasts implants and a nose job. However, some experts have speculated that she may have even had liposuction, tummy tucks, a fat grafting facelift, eyelid surgery, and Botox.

She's stated in the past that "Everyone says I am terrified of getting old, but the truth is that in my job becoming old and becoming extinct are one and the same thing."

14 Barry Manilow

Despite a report in 2003 that Barry Manilow had an upper and lower facelift to remove drooping skin from his eyelid and tighten his aging face, he was also spotted leaving the hospital disguised in a wig and dark glasses that same day. Manilow insists that he has never gone under the knife for plastic surgery, despite what the media might like to believe. The evidence is there, Barry. This is not the face of a naturally aging 71-year-old man.

13 Gene Simmons

There is no speculation involved when it comes to Gene Simmons and the changes he's made to his appearance. The KISS front man along with his wife Shannon Tweed went under the knife on their reality TV show Gene Simmons Family Jewels. So of course, he would have to be very open about the procedure, since he shared it with the world on reality TV. When asked about why he got a facelift he said; "I'd thought about it before, I was aware I had jowls."

12 Daryl Hannah

Do you remember how amazing Daryl Hannah looked in Splash ? Even in Kill Bill she looked incredibly hot, then one day, In Touch magazine published some shocking pictures of her altered face. Even after her recent pictures she still denies ever having any kind of plastic surgery. she's rumored to have had a face and a brow lift as well as fillers in her cheeks and lips. Looks about right to us. What do you guys think?

11 Heidi Montag

Via popsugar.com

Back in 2010, Heidi Montag famously underwent 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day. One of the major surgeries included F cup-sized breast implants. Since then, Montag has had her implants reduced to C cups, and now says that she may have gone overboard with her plastic surgeries - you think? Some of the procedures she had that same day were a brow lift, nose job, and Lipo on her inner and outer thighs. She also had her ears pinned and her chin shaved.

"I definitely regret the surgeries that I have had over the years," The Hills star says. "I think I was so young and in such an unstable situation in my life with so much going on and so much pressure. It is really hard to be a woman in this day and age with all the media and internet and comments, there is so much more negativity coming at people, it is a lot easier to be insecure and let that get to me."

10 Bruce Jenner

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It's no secret Bruce Jenner has had work done through the years. In fact, he's pretty open about all the work that he has had done in the past. If you look at some of his pictures through the decades, particularly from when he was an Olympian in the '70s, it's plain to see he had a strong square jaw and slender nose. Looking at him nowadays you can’t really say he has those features anymore. Jenner's nose has come to be pointy, and his tight face suggests that he’s had a number of lifts. He's even had his Adam's apple reduced. The frequency of all of his appearance-altering changes is somewhat alarming, especially his most recent ones.

9 Priscilla Presley

Over the years, the aging actress has undergone multiple face-lifts and Botox injections. Priscilla Presley's experience with plastic surgery has been a devastating one. Her fascination with the world of cosmetic surgery became a nightmare after she fell victim to an unlicensed plastic surgeon who was later jailed for using illegal surgery techniques and even injecting illegal unapproved drugs into his patients. The once naturally beautiful 69-year-old must be regretting her decision to put her looks in the hands of the wrong doctor.

8 Pete Burns

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Dead or Alive singer Pete Burns' addiction to plastic surgery throughout the years has made him barely recognizable to his fans. In 2010, the singer won £450,000 in damages from cosmetic surgeon Dr. Maurizio Viel, who Burns claimed left him 'suicidal' after his lip implant operations went wrong. Despite botched surgery jobs, he has no desire to stop altering his appearance and has said, "I also have regular peels and Botox. It's something I'll always do. People redecorate their homes every few years and I see this as no different. Changing my face is like buying a new sofa."

7 Renee Zellweger

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6 Melanie Griffith

5 Janice Dickinson

Unlike most celebrities who don't like talking about the ways in which they try to defy the odds of the aging process. The world’s first supermodel-turned-reality TV star isn't shy when it comes to talking about all of the work she has had done on her.  In fact, Janice Dickinson loves talking about the considerable amount of work she has gotten done over the years. “I live for plastic surgery,” she has said. Dickinson has confessed to having a tummy tuck, face-lift, and Restylane and Botox injections.

4 Scott "Carrot Top" Thompson

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The wildly red haired comedian "Carrot Top" is known for the unique and quirky gadgets he incorporates in his comedy routines which have attributed to his fame. But between the time he first appeared and most recently, the star has clearly undergone some physical changes. It has been speculated that he has undergone plastic surgery and may very well use steroids because of his suddenly muscular and veiny physique. Experts have said that it appears as though Carrot Top has had Botox injections, lip plumping, laser peels and an eyebrow lift.

3 Mickey Rourke

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We've all heard the song, "Hey Mickey" by Toni Basil which includes the famous lyrics "Hey Mickey, you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind." Well, unfortunately those lyrics don't apply to the once attractive, Mickey Rourke anymore. After his acting resurrection in the movie The Wrestler, a lot of his fans were shocked at the actor's plastic surgery-enhanced appearance. Plastic surgeon experts have suspected that some of his work includes a facelift, upper eye lift and a hair transplant.

2 Donatella Versace

It’s pretty clear that over the years fashionista Donatella Versace has had some work done. She has only admitted to getting Botox, and has said "I'm not like this genetically, I use tons of cream and take care of my hair and skin.” It seems as though she may have had adjustments to her nose and lips, as they appear to have a different shape than they did in years past, but there is no real published evidence of this. What do you think of these noticeable changes; just Botox or could it be plastic surgery?

1 Jocelyn Wildenstein

Socialite Jocelyn Wildenstein married into a very wealthy art-dealing family, and began experimenting with plastic surgery in 1997. The surgeries began as a gift to her husband, who was fascinated with cats (Whatever happened to buying your significant other a wallet, cigars or some socks?) It's reported that Wildenstein spent $4 million on numerous procedures, including cheek implants and a huge amount of facelifts. This resulted in dramatic changes and gave her a feline-like appearance, hence the nickname "cat woman".

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