15 Of The Most Repulsive Sounds In The World

There are some people who are very affected by sounds - others, don't really seem to notice or care what's going on around them as far as noises go. Sound is a huge part of life, obviously, seeing how it's one of the five senses. Sometimes though, it's hard not to wish to go temporarily deaf.

Some people are pretty open about their aversion to certain sounds; there are some people who get really angry, so it's pretty clear when something or somebody around them is making an awful noise. Whether it be smacking gum or crinkling a bag way too loud, over and over, there's only so much a person sensitive to sounds can take. There's actually a condition that's related to those individuals who can't handle listening to certain noises without getting upset or very frustrated, and it's called misophonia. Misophonia is literally "the hatred of sound," but not just any sound. The sounds are often really specific, like somebody chewing with their mouth open, and it'll drive the carrier of misophonia to an almost breaking point.

People with misophonia can either get mildly annoyed or even go as far as a full rage and panic from being exposed to the sounds that they hate. Personally, we know that most of us probably don't have a severe case of misophonia, but chances are most people probably register somewhere on the scale. Unfortunately, there are tons of sounds that we just can't deal with without getting extremely annoyed. Some sounds are just too much to handle - and here are 15 of them that'll make your blood boil at just the thought.

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15 Fork scraping on a plate

In most cases, this sound is pretty easy to avoid. Eating out at restaurants usually isn't so bad because there's a lot of people talking and the regular hustle and bustle you get from being at a public eatery. However, it seems nearly impossible to avoid this sound during family dinners. There's usually an uncle or a grandma who scrapes every single last bit of food off of their plate - you know, with the fork angled sideways in an attempt to scoop everything up? Yeah, that sound. Don't do that.

14 Whiny adult voices

People without kids are most likely more easily annoyed by hearing children whine and throw temper tantrums because they don't have any of them; but people without kids can also avoid hearing kids whine pretty easily. What is hard to avoid though are those adults who have whiny, baby voices. Unfortunately, this type of voice always belongs to a woman and it only seems to come out in public when she's with her boyfriend. Hearing a grown woman speak to another grown adult with a baby voice is infuriating - how old are you again?

13 Nails on a chalkboard

Even for people who aren't too terribly affected by sound, it seems that the nails on a chalkboard sound gets everybody going. Not only is it incredibly annoying, but this sound is typically kind of painful, too. Kids who grew up and went to school in the nineties know how terrifying it was to sit and wait for the teacher to accidentally scrape the board and bring on the worst sound ever. Children these days don't know how lucky they are to have white boards.

12 Alarm clock

It really is hard to tell if the sound of an alarm clock is truly annoying or if we're conditioned as a society to hate it because most of us all set alarms. The sound of an alarm clock is the worst thing to hear in the morning, because it means it's time to get up and face the world. Even when we hear the sound of an alarm clock on television or in movies though, it triggers the same type of reaction as it does in the morning - annoyance and anger. It seems that changing the sound of an alarm clock doesn't work either; either way, whatever your alarm sound is, you're really going to learn to hate it.

11 Grinding teeth

The sound of grinding teeth is not only incredibly maddening, but it's also uncomfortable because it sounds painful. Luckily, this sound is pretty easy to avoid. This sound is most commonly heard if you sleep in the same bed with a hookup or significant other and happen to wake up while they're sleeping, or don't fall asleep as quickly as they do. When that happens, you're left not being able to fall asleep and angry that you're forced to listen to the sound of teeth grinding together. When this happens, it's best to just nudge them so they don't end up having a sore jaw the next day and so that you can get some sleep.

10 Coughing

Everybody is unique and individual in their own way - we all have our own laughs, voices and yes, coughs. Coughing is one of the most terrible sounds to hear, especially if you're in an enclosed space or eating at a restaurant. Small coughs are annoying, big coughs are annoying, but the worst kind of cough to hear is the mucus-y, phlegm-y ones. When you hear those kinds of coughs, you know that somebody just has a huge ball of slime lodged in their throat. What's even worse is when they start talking and realize they have to cough more because there's tons of stuff still stuck in their throat. Absolutely disgusting.

9 Crying babies

Hearing a baby cry for a minute or so totally isn't a big deal. Babies cry a lot, as we all know, because it's one of their only ways to communicate with their parents until they can talk. Listening to a baby cry for an extended amount of time is when it starts to get to be too much. One of the worst instances is when you're travelling on some sort of public transportation and the baby just keeps wailing on and on - a plane, train, or bus always seems to have a crying baby and an apathetic parent who gave up on trying to fix the situation. Unless you're a total jerk, there's not much to be done in this situation but to try and block it out and wish you were somewhere else.

8 Crinkling bags

This is a sound that most people probably hear once a day, which is extreme unfortunate. The sound of a bag being crinkled and messed with to the point where it sounds like it's intentional is maddening. It's hard to explain why this sound is something that induces anger, but it does. There's also somebody at lunch or on the bus that has to get their chip bag just right, and won't stop until they are satisfied - even if that means annoying the living you-know-what out of the rest of the people around them.

7 Gulping while drinking

In my case, I've never gulped without it being intentional (and that's been only to annoy somebody, because I'm the worst). There are people out there who gulp with every drink though, which is hard to understand. It's physically uncomfortable to gulp and you literally have to think about carrying it out to actually do it - so, why? Gulping is not only super annoying, but it's dramatic. We get it - you really like your drink or you're really thirsty; but I promise you that you don't have to gulp to get your point across.

6 Someone eating something crunchy

I'm kind of a hypocrite when it comes to this one - I absolutely cannot stand listening to somebody eat anything crunchy, but I love eating crunchy things (and I'm an ice chewer). Chips, cucumbers, ice, you name it, I most likely cannot sit and listen to someone eating it. Weirdly enough though, if I'm eating said crunchy food with somebody so I'm not just listening to them eat, I can tolerate the sound. Sometimes, I'll eat chips with somebody just to make sure that I won't get upset. You have to do what you have to do.

5 Throwing up

Listening to somebody throw up is almost physically painful because it makes your own stomach hurt. There are some people who have such weak stomachs and gag reflexes that they'll get sick or almost get sick just from listening to somebody else puke. Listening to somebody throw up is awful; sometimes it's a bubbly sound, sometimes the sound of the vomit hitting the floor or the water in the toilet is what gets you, but no matter what it is, it's a bad sound. Even when you're personally vomiting, listening to yourself vomit is hard to handle.

4 Burps

The sound of somebody else burping is disgusting to most people. This should be a motivation to keep your burps quite and to yourself, if not in a private location. Burping is already considered rude, so it's hard to understand why some people pride themselves on how loud they can burp. Tiny burps aren't necessarily disgusting, but they are unsettling. People who have the burps where it sounds like they could've thrown up in their mouth are awful and shouldn't be allowed to burp. To make matters worse, the fact that you can smell somebody's burp after they've done it is just bad.

3 Consistent sniffling

It's almost hard to not feel bad when getting upset over somebody sniffling because we've all been there. This normally happens when somebody is sick, so in most cases it's not really someone's fault - but it's still just so annoying. Listening to somebody sniffle, and sniffle, and sniffle over and over again starts to wear you down. All you can think is, "Jesus, do you not know how to blow your nose? Stop. Just please stop." It's the worst when you're stuck in a public place with a sniffler because you just can't seem to get away from it fast enough.

2 Dogs licking

For the longest time, it was hard to believe that anybody else would be getting annoyed by this sound, but it turns out it's pretty common. Listening to a dog lick itself is one of the worst sounds - it's a consistent clop clop clop kind of sound. After thirty seconds or so, it's impossible not to nudge your dog and tell him or her to do that on their own time. Dogs also have one of the worst water-drinking sounds ever. It's hard to explain that sound, but being in a room where a dog is drinking water for minutes on end is hard to do.

1 Someone chewing with their mouth open

The holy grail of every worst sound possible is the sound of somebody chewing with their mouth open. Most children are taught from a really young age that chewing with your mouth open is not only rude, but annoying, and this is great parenting. The sound of somebody smacking their gum or loudly eating their food is something that annoys most people, but there are still so many out there who don't seem to notice or care that they sound like a cow chewing its cud. The best thing that anybody can do for themselves and those around them is really try and listen to the sounds they make while eating. If you do chew with your mouth open, fix yourself.

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