15 Of The Most Repulsive Sounds In The World

There are some people who are very affected by sounds - others, don't really seem to notice or care what's going on around them as far as noises go. Sound is a huge part of life, obviously, seeing how it's one of the five senses. Sometimes though, it's hard not to wish to go temporarily deaf.

Some people are pretty open about their aversion to certain sounds; there are some people who get really angry, so it's pretty clear when something or somebody around them is making an awful noise. Whether it be smacking gum or crinkling a bag way too loud, over and over, there's only so much a person sensitive to sounds can take. There's actually a condition that's related to those individuals who can't handle listening to certain noises without getting upset or very frustrated, and it's called misophonia. Misophonia is literally "the hatred of sound," but not just any sound. The sounds are often really specific, like somebody chewing with their mouth open, and it'll drive the carrier of misophonia to an almost breaking point.

People with misophonia can either get mildly annoyed or even go as far as a full rage and panic from being exposed to the sounds that they hate. Personally, we know that most of us probably don't have a severe case of misophonia, but chances are most people probably register somewhere on the scale. Unfortunately, there are tons of sounds that we just can't deal with without getting extremely annoyed. Some sounds are just too much to handle - and here are 15 of them that'll make your blood boil at just the thought.

15 Fork scraping on a plate

14 Whiny adult voices

13 Nails on a chalkboard

12 Alarm clock

11 Grinding teeth

10 Coughing

9 Crying babies

8 Crinkling bags

7 Gulping while drinking

6 Someone eating something crunchy

5 Throwing up

4 Burps

3 Consistent sniffling

2 Dogs licking

1 Someone chewing with their mouth open

The holy grail of every worst sound possible is the sound of somebody chewing with their mouth open. Most children are taught from a really young age that chewing with your mouth open is not only rude, but annoying, and this is great parenting. The sound of somebody smacking their gum or loudly eating their food is something that annoys most people, but there are still so many out there who don't seem to notice or care that they sound like a cow chewing its cud. The best thing that anybody can do for themselves and those around them is really try and listen to the sounds they make while eating. If you do chew with your mouth open, fix yourself.


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15 Of The Most Repulsive Sounds In The World