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15 Of The Most Outrageous Kylie Jenner Rumors

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15 Of The Most Outrageous Kylie Jenner Rumors


Kylie Jenner may be the youngest family member in the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty, but she still gets a ton of attention- and that is putting it mildly. The youngest of the brood is really giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money in pretty much every aspect of this fame game. From her constantly growing number of social media followers to the countless stories about Kylie, there are just so many outrageous Kylie Jenner rumors.

She is only 18, but Kylie has grown up in the limelight, so she’s been dealing with this celebrity craziness for most of her life. From awkward love triangles with her sisters and their boyfriends to alleged pregnancies to some other super-weird stuff, Kylie has been the victim of some really wild rumors and it seems like things are only just getting started.

In fact, I feel like there are enough gossip stories about Kylie and Tyga alone to fill up 1,000,000 articles, but that would only be scratching the surface when it comes to the self-proclaimed “King Kylie.” No matter how you feel about Kylie and the rest of her famous family, you have to admit that pretty much everyone and their grandparents talk about her all the time.

There is just something about Kylie. Whether you love her or hate her, it is pretty difficult to look away and not read the crazy stories that people write about her- even if you just want a good laugh at all the ridiculous rumors that people are blatantly making up. These, then, are the fifteen most outrageous Kylie Jenner rumors from the past few years.

15. Bill Clinton Has A “Secret” Crush On Kylie


Of course, I expected Bill Clinton’s name to be in the news during an election year, but that is because his wife Hillary Clinton is running for president- obviously. I never, ever expected Bill Clinton’s name to be associated with Kylie Jenner’s. According to a RadarOnline article from June 2016 titled “Secret Crush? King Kylie! See Why Jenner Could Be Bill Clinton’s Snapchat Idol” maybe I should have. Ummm, what the hell? That is the most random thing I’ve ever read. It gets better though. The subtitle says “The former president seems to REALLY like the ‘KUWTK’ star’s style.” I can’t even deal with that. What does Snapchat have to do with Bill Clinton being into Kylie? Check out this hard hitting evidence: “Is Bill Clinton keeping up with Kylie Jenner? A new report claims he’s ripping off the reality star’s Snapchat style! Bill took over his wife Hillary‘s Snapchat account earlier this week and the results were spectacular. The former president went on a tear, snapping pictures before the California primary of him with shades on, listening to Drake in the car.” This is hardly evidence. As far as I know, everyone loves listening to Drake in the car, so this doesn’t really add up to much.

14. She Dated Khloe’s Ex French Montana



There have been plenty of love triangles involving a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family, but it’s pretty ridiculous to assume that there’s actually a love triangle involving more than one of the family members. I know that they are a close family with ex- boyfriends who always seem to stay a part of the fold, but getting with two of the sisters is pretty insane. Especially for French Montana– of all the exes to get with Kylie Jenner this is crazy. It’s so obvious from interviews after he and Khloe broke up that he is still super into Khloe, so on top of it being insane for him to get with her sister in general, it’s still not something that makes any sense at all. Plus, who in their right mind would want to get in the middle of that mess with Kylie and Tyga? No one. Plus Khloe is the coolest of all the sisters so I don’t see why anyone would date another one after her- not that this scenario is at all realistic to begin with.

13. She Was In A Love Triangle With Scott Disick & Kendall Jenner



What is with people and the gossip over these sick sibling love triangles? It is absolutely absurd to think that Scott DisickKourtney Kardashian’s ex boyfriend and the father of her three children- would actually get with one of her sisters. Plus Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner are so much younger than Scott. Scott was around to watch them grow up. It would be creepy as hell (for many reasons) if Scott ever contemplated getting with Kendall or Kylie. Yet, apparently there is an insane story that Scott is in a love triangle with these two, and I guess a square if you count Kourtney. There have even been rumors about Scott getting with Khloe so I suppose this makes it a Kardashian/Jenner love pentagon. But either way, this whole thing is just an insanely weird rumor that could never possibly be true- EVER. They are a close family, but this is just too ridiculous to think about.

12. She Wants To Be A Rapper


Everyone knows that the Kardashian/Jenner family has a thing for rappers, but why would any of them want to be one? If you can be rich, famous, and beautiful without having to produce anything with artistic merit, then why would you give up all that to write rap songs? Kylie Jenner is already famous enough on her own. Kylie doesn’t need to be a rapper and it would be so weird if she ever actually tried. What is she going to rap about? The struggles of growing up in a Calabasas mansion? Struggling with naturally thin lips? It really makes no sense, but there are some “inside sources” who claimed, “Kylie has been in the studio the last couple of months with [her rapper boyfriend] Tyga recording her first song. She plans to debut the single on her app.” The InTouch article also claimed, that Kylie “has always been into rap music” and that she “eventually wants to record a whole album and top the charts.” Thankfully this hasn’t happened and Kylie has just stuck to selling those lip kits.

11. She And Tyga Wanted Mason To Move In With Them



This has to be one of the funniest headlines that I’ve ever read. Why in the world would Tyga and Kylie Jenner want Mason Disick to move in with them? Tyga already has a son with Blac Chyna to take care of and Kylie is just a teenager. I have no idea why they would ever feel the need to be surrogate parents to Kylie’s nephew. I would love for Keeping Up With the Kardashians to film an episode with Mason hanging with Tyga and Kylie for the weekend though. That would probably make for good TV. But anyway, according to the site HollywoodLife, “Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been begging an overwhelmed Kourtney to let Mason come live with them as she continues to deal with her split from Scott Disick.” It gets even better, though. Supposedly Tyga and Kylie were “hoping to give Mason that two parent family atmosphere that he needs!” I’m done.

10. She Is Going To Be A Host On The View 



This is one of the most random stories of all time. It really came out of nowhere. I could never imagine Kylie sitting on the panel at The View with a bunch of women who are her mother’s age. Sure, she would bring a different point of view (word play definitely intended), but it just makes no sense. Plus, after years of being stuck in the shadows of her famous siblings, why would she want to be a part of another show with multiple stars. But aside from my logical points, this is just way too weird to be true. This is a rumor on the never-reliable HollywoodLife and the quotes are just absurd. A “close source” supposedly said, “Kylie knows that at this moment in time, she’s gold! And while she loves her status as the queen of social media and the break-out reality television star, she wants more! She wants to show the world that she’s more than a selfie-taking Snapchatting guru. She’s got a brain, she’s educated and she has opinions that she wants the world to hear.” This is the most ridiculous idea. Those women would eat her alive. Seriously.

9. She Aspires To Be A DJ


Why would Kylie Jenner want to be a DJ when she can’t even legally get into a club? Plus, she has no music experience at all. Her older brother Brody Jenner has made a name for himself as a nightclub DJ, but I feel like Kylie is busy and rich enough being famous for being herself and selling that lip liner. Nevertheless, people know that Kylie’s fans will flock to where she’s at, so it’s not surprising to me that clubs would want Kylie Jenner to DJ at events, even if she does not actually know how to DJ. In fact, several clubs have advertised events with Kylie as the headlining DJ and she immediately quoted the tweets and denied any truth to them. So if Kylie is denying an opportunity where she can make a lot of money for not really doing much, then there is no chance that she has any DJ aspirations- at least not at this moment.

8. She Told Kim To Take A Break From Kanye


Unless Kim is looking for tips on how to succeed on Snapchat or how to apply lip liner, I really don’t see her turning to Kylie for advice on anything. And with that said, I really can’t see Kylie having the nerve to dish out unsolicited guidance to her older sister. Well, one site is claiming that Kylie told Kim Kardashian to take a break from Kanye West- as if that would ever happen. According to some supposed “inside sources”: “Following Kanye West’s crazy meltdowns and Twitter rants, Kylie Jenner is convinced that Kim Kardashian needs some time to REALLY evaluate the relationship. She’s even suggested that Kim temporarily split from her hubby!” Right. As if Kanye popping off on Twitter is actually going to affect Kylie. And even if this was true, there’s no chance in hell that Kylie could convince Kim of that. The source also said, “She just gave birth and is not sure she should temporarily take a Kanye break. It’s all so soon and overwhelming. But, she does like the idea and is considering her options.” RIGHT. That is insane and obviously it never happened.

7. She Didn’t Care When Saint West Was Born


It makes me laugh that this is an actual headline that was published: “Kylie Jenner Disrepects Kim Kardashian: Ignores Kim and Kanye West’s New Baby Boy, Considers Sister a Rival?” That is absurd. Oh and did you notice “disrespects” was misspelled. How would anyone know if Kylie was ignoring a newborn? The article itself was as ridiculous as the head line. Part of it read, “Is Kylie Jenner jealous of Kim Kardashian to the point of hate? It certainly seems Kim’s little sister isn’t a fan of Kimye after she ignored the birth of Kim and Kayne West’s new baby boy. It looks like Kylie considers older sister Kim to be her rival thanks to Kim’s habit of hogging the spotlight.” How can I even take this seriously when whoever wrote it repeatedly spelled “Kanye” incorrectly? Apparently Kylie was “ignoring Saint” when she refused to answer random questions from the paparazzi about the baby and because she posted on social media about her lip kit sales. None of that makes any sense at all.

6. She Stalked Jaden Smith’s Girlfriend


via huffingtonpost.coml

People act like Tyga is Kylie Jenner’s first boyfriend, but she actually had an age-appropriate relationship with Jaden Smith back in the day. Well, apparently some girl named Chelsea Clark, who was a love interest of Jaden’s freaked out on Kylie and accused her of stalking her. This chick says that she received threatening messages and calls with warnings from Kylie to stay away from Jaden Smith. And apparently the youngest Jenner “declared war” on this girl. Not only that, but she’s accusing Kylie of orchestrating a car accident that she was in. Not only is this all insane as it stands, but Kylie’s rep said that she “never heard of Clark,” and Jaden Smith was actually dating a different girl named Sarah Snyder at the time- so that makes this entire thing even weirder. So maybe the girl accusing Kylie of being a stalker was actually stalking Kylie in some unconventional way? Food for thought.

5. She Wants To Leak A Sex Tape


It’s really not fair when people say that the only reason Kylie’s sister Kim Kardashian got famous is because she had a sex tape. Obviously, her work in the bedroom contributed to her notoriety, but it was “Klever marketing” (spelling intended) that allowed her to spin that “scandal” into careers for her whole family. Kylie doesn’t need to leak a sex tape because she is way past the level of fame where that stunt could actually do something positive for her career. It would get her a lot of attention for sure, but she gets a lot of attention for simply existing, so it would be dumb as hell for her to purposely leak her own sex tape. Plus, knowingly releasing your own sex tape doesn’t count as a “leak,” so it’s not like she could get any sympathy if it came out. In addition we all know that Kylie has to secretly hate it when everyone keeps saying that she copies Kim- so a sex tape definitely wouldn’t be the move to make- ever.

4. She Gave Tyga $2 Million



It’s obvious that Kylie Jenner is the bread winner in her romantic relationship with Tyga. She is a teenager with more money than I could ever dream of and I don’t feel like Tyga is making any money unless Chris Brown is on a track. Needless to say, I can’t help wondering how this plays into their dynamic, and apparently I’m not the only one who is curious because there are rumors that Tyga owes Kylie Jenner $2 million. I really don’t think that the daughter of Kris Jenner would ever give away so much money. That does not seem at all realistic to me. She may not have the best judgment when it comes to men, but it is so obvious that Kylie has a tight grip on her money. According to RadarOnline, “Kylie had been bankrolling Tyga for well over a year and she’s finding herself short on cash as a result.” Not only that, but Tyga supposedly thought that the money was a gift and not a loan- something that Kylie allegedly disagreed with him about, but like I said, I’m not buying it.

3. She Is Pregnant With Tyga’s Baby



Not that I actually have anything to do with Kylie and her family, but I just could not handle it if Kylie got pregnant with Tyga’s baby at any time in the near future. I just got used to the idea of them dating, so a pregnancy would be a little much, but these pregnancy rumors have been going on for a long time. Even when Kylie was scandalously dating the rapper at age seventeen, people were saying that she was pregnant. And that would just be way out of control, especially since Kylie’s brother Rob Kardashian is having a baby with Tyga’s ex girlfriend Blac Chyna- it would just be way too much baby news right now and it would be so confusing trying to figure out the multiple ways that people in this family are related. Thankfully, the only mom Kylie Jenner is these days is a puppy mother to many dogs and other pets. Plus, Kylie documents pretty much every aspect of her life on social media and her app, so if she was pregnant, it would not be at all difficult to confirm.

2. She And Tyga Are Married



I have no idea why anyone in his or her right mind would ever believe that Tyga and Kylie Jenner are already married. They are constantly breaking up and getting back together, so it seems very far fetched that these two would actually be in agreement long enough to make this lifelong commitment. Second this girl is still a teenager- I know everyone is different and that Kylie grew up fast because of her famous family, but that is still so young to be married- especially to someone you are constantly breaking up and getting back together with. They need to be way more solid for this to be at all realistic. Plus, there’s no way that Kris Jenner would ever let her daughter pass up on a chance to profit off of a wedding with a wedding special on E! or a million dollar photo spread in a tabloid magazine.

1. She Fired Kris Jenner


I know that Kris Jenner is a polarizing presence in pop culture, but even her haters have to admit that this women knows what she’s doing when it comes to making (literally), promoting, and managing stars. Not one of those kids has artistic talent, yet they have been able to build an empire that is beyond impressive and a lot of that can be attributed to their mother, Kris. Sure, she seems like a bit much, but she knows what’s up, so I would be completely shocked if Kylie actually fired her. Plus, it’s really mean to fire your own parent. So why do people believe that this actually happened? According to some alleged “inside sources” (again) Kylie is supposedly mad that her mother sided with her brother Rob Kardashian over that weird love triangle with Blac Chyna- who in case you forgot is Kylie’s boyfriend Tyga’s baby mama and trashed Kylie on social media incessantly and in interviews. Well, obviously Kylie didn’t fire Kris, and I really can’t see that one happening either.

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