15 Of The Most Malicious Computer Viruses Ever

When it comes to our antivirus software, we want to make sure we have the best in order to protect us from the dangers that can come from being online. There are threats like viruses, worms and malware, which scare us and make us ask questions about safety. Recently, people have argued that the antivirus programs which are available to the public do not truly have the requirements to secure your computer and insure defense against malicious cyber activity. Truly, however, antivirus software is up to par and ready for the job, but it isn't the software that has become the problem.

All throughout the world, cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated and better at what they do. They're learning and inventing new ways to become capable of breaching even the strongest cyber walls. And because of this rise in criminal cyber knowledge, there have been viruses and forms of malware that have amounted to money loss and even threats of deleting all information in systems. Compiled here are fifteen of some of the worst viruses to date. Some of them truly devastated the online community, while others sent scares throughout major companies.

15 Michelangelo

14 Skulls.A

13 Anna Kournikova

12 Sasser

11 Melissa


10 Storm Trojan

9 Zeus

8 I-Love-You

7 Sircam

6 Nimda

5 Code Red


4 Stuxnet

3 MyDoom

2 SQL Slammer/ Sapphire

1 Cryptolocker

The scariest virus to make it on the list is one that taps into our deepest fears. Is there anything scarier than having our personal data held at ransom? Even worse, is there anything that can compare to having the data we need deleted forever? That's what many people were asking themselves in 2014 when the virus Cryptolocker was released, infecting multiple computers around the world. Once the virus was inside your computer, you had a specific amount of time. If $300 was not paid to the hacker, the encryption placed on your computer could not be unlocked, leaving the files you hold dear to be deleted forever. It's something that the FBI stepped into and took very seriously. They halted the process at one point, warning users to take as many precautions as possible. At the time, experts were having a hard time finding a fix to the problem. Even to this day, professionals are having difficulty dealing with hackers.

Sources: TechRepublic, Sans.Org

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15 Of The Most Malicious Computer Viruses Ever