15 Of The Most Disturbing Mothers In Hollywood

It’s easy to assume that child actors were raised into a life of luxury or that they didn’t have to deal with the same things regular folks endured with parents. We all believe that the celebrity life is untouchable and that the people involved are good, decent people. Yet, many child actors are raised by women that don’t always have their best interests at heart. Often they appear clueless, heartless and downright neglectful towards their children. Hollywood isn’t kind to everyone and parents should be making their children’s lives easier. However, there are many times that celebrity’s mothers expose their children to the public to gain notoriety. They believe they are helping their child’s career but in fact, they are destroying their children. Many Hollywood children have been emancipated from their celebrity parents in order to protect their own interests. They try to escape the damage their parents have inflicted.

Hollywood is filled with disturbing mothers who shouldn’t be mothers at all. They come in all shapes and sizes, and they have done disturbing things in the hopes of blossoming their children’s careers. These mothers exploit their children in the hopes that their children will make more money. They begin to manage their careers, and often they never speak to their mothers again. It may sound harsh, and you may think that we’re not giving them a fair shake. Whether it’s the parents that are the celebrity or the children themselves, check out our list to see the worst of the worst. Welcome to the most disturbing mothers in Hollywood.

15 Kris Jenner

It should be no big surprise to find Kris Jenner on the list of disturbing mothers. She can probably take the cake on the whole list, though there are plenty of terrible mothers on the list. She has exploited all of her children in various ways, trying to further their careers as much as possible. None of them are talented for anything really, and their fame was brought on by scandals and reality TV. They call Kris "The Momager" and there’s a reason for that, she will do whatever it takes to make sure her children rise to the top. It is rumored that she was the one person that was solely responsible for leaking Kim Kardashian's sex tape. She convinced Kim that it would be the one thing that would help her claim celebrity status, and she was right. There is a reason why her children act entitled and don’t seem to have any shame in what they do.

14 Dina Lohan

There isn’t much else to be said about Dina Lohan, since Lindsay Lohan is her daughter and that says enough. She’s not as cutthroat as Kris Jenner is but she managed Lindsay’s career while the girl went into a downward spiral of destruction. She’s not as smart as Kris Jenner and is less shrewd about how she handles her daughter's career, but being less outright advantageous doesn’t make the situation any better. She’s also the kind of mother that abuses substances and often gets hammered with her kids, which may have had a lot to do with why Lindsay struggled with her own substance abuse issues. Lindsay Lohan’s career never survived, and she has never managed to become a comeback success. Currently, Dina Lohan is managing her younger sister’s modeling career. Hopefully, she does a better job with her life and keeps at least one child out of rehab. We wish her the best of luck!

13 Britney Spears

There is no doubting that Britney Spears has had a rough time of it during her time in the spotlight. She was on top of the world for many years, but like with a lot of child celebrities, she may have got a taste of fame at too early of an age. Everything seemed to go well in her life until she met Kevin Federline, and then suffered an injury while doing choreography for a video. She went through a period where she had a mental breakdown and her children suffered because of it. It was rumored that one of her children was dropped on his head, causing a head fracture. She was also often photographed driving with her baby on her lap which caused a media storm. During her breakdown period, she partied a lot, and her children were often neglected. Britney eventually lost custody to her ex-husband, who really wasn’t a much better parent.

12 Nancy Dow


The mother of Jennifer Aniston was not the sainted mother that she wanted people to believe. Once Jennifer Aniston catapulted to fame it appeared as if her mother wanted a piece of the pie as well. The two had a bitter rift, and their estrangement lasted many years. So why weren’t the two talking? Nancy Dow was not invited to the wedding between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, and it had something to do with a tell-all book that her mother wrote that exposed Aniston’s life to the public. Dow did not have Aniston’s blessing in writing the book, and she also did a TV interview discussing her relationship with Aniston. Aniston explained her relationship with her mother as, “This is my last chunk of disease in my life - my mom.” Later when Dow passed away, Jennifer was left out of the will. In the end, neither of them was willing to reconcile.

11 Brooke Mueller

The last thing that you want for your children is a drug addicted mother, but that’s not saying much for the father who happens to be Charlie Sheen. Brooke is the mother of their twins, and she’s been in rehab more times than you can count. It’s a sad thing when you consider the kids because between Charlie Sheen and Brooke it wouldn't be surprising if they need to dole out some money for some heavy therapy sessions. It’s hard enough having to grow up with a father like Charlie Sheen and the mess he has been in within the media, but Brooke hasn’t made their lives any easier either. The issues they may have to deal with in regards to their mother will be huge, and we’re talking crack pipe burns huge. It’s rumored that Charlie’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, often takes the twins and cares for them on occasion.

10 Teri Shields


Brooke Shields' mother was also her manager, and she took her job very seriously. She often put her young daughter in situations that were inappropriate for a child of her age, just to further her career. Her decisions were often controversial and put her in a negative light. Her mother dealt with alcoholism, often leaving her alone as a child to go to the bar. At times their relationship was very codependent which was very unhealthy for a young girl. Her mother often belittled her and made her feel insecure about herself. Brooke was forced to stage an intervention at the age of 13, finally getting through to her mother only to have her fall off the wagon again. She allowed her daughter to act in a movie about a child prostitute at the age of 12 and many people thought she was sexualizing her daughter at an age where she was very impressionable.

9 Farrah Abraham

The TV series, Teen Mom, has turned out some pretty repulsive human beings. If you have never watched the show, count your blessings because you will sit there wondering how on earth they find human beings so terrible. Farrah Abraham is one of the most repulsive individuals to arrive on the show. She has made it clear that she is willing to do just about anything to stay relevant. She has even been called a "fame whore" and between getting DUI’s and turning out adult entertainment flicks with titles such as Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom, she has nothing to be proud of. She has been known to wax her 2-year-old's eyebrows, which is something that we can’t even begin to imagine. When someone is that hungry for fame, you start to wonder if there aren’t some mental health issues there. Her 15 minutes of fame ended so long ago that you wonder if you should feel sorry for her, but then you forget why.

8 Courtney Love

It’s not a big surprise to find that Courtney Love has made her way onto this list, since she’s remained a train wreck for most of her career. She was married to the Nirvana rocker, Kurt Cobain before he took his own life. Courtney has always battled with drug addiction, and it has had a huge impact on her daughter’s life. The two have never been close and often would get into arguments as they never saw eye-to-eye. Frances Bean Cobain eventually had a restraining order put against her mother and also tried to emancipate herself from her mother as well. Courtney Love was caught and charged with drug possession after an OxyContin overdose. The arrest was made into a media storm, and she lost custody of Frances Bean. These days Frances Bean is an adult and no longer has to worry about being under the care of her mother. She lives her life apart from her mother and tries to stay out of the spotlight.

7 Kate Moss

Kate Moss lived the life of a model who loved to party all the time. She partied hard with heavy drugs, such as cocaine and heroin. She rarely thought of motherhood because she wasn’t around her child very often, if at all. These days, as the model gets older, she seems to have tamed down quite a bit. But in her heyday, she was not known to be a great mother to her daughter. She was arrested on drug possession charges quite frequently, and there were many times where her daughter was just left with her junkie lover, Pete Doherty. The guy gives the term psychotic a whole new meaning. Kate Moss spent a lot of time in rehab throughout her career and when she wasn’t in rehab she was high on a number of different drugs. There was a huge part of her daughter’s life that Kate Moss wasn’t even around for.

6 Octomom


Nadya Suleman was called the Octomom after she gave birth to eight babies at one time. Not only did she have the eight newborns to take care of, but she had six other children as well in her life. She’s the kind of mother who would terrify someone if she wanted to have a playdate. She’s another example of someone who was more focused on the fame she got for her actions than the children that were affected by her actions. At first, she was swarmed with offers and donations to help her raise her mountains of children, but eventually, her 15 minutes of fame were over. Now she struggles to support her 14 children and is often seen on weird programs about her life in order to pay the mounting bills she has. Her children will always have to live a life of struggle because she didn’t know when to quit.

5 Michelle Duggar


The strange fact that two people can have 19 children and raise them in such terrible circumstances is enough to shake your head. Michelle Duggar is one of the most disturbing mothers out there, and her husband is no better as a father. When it was discovered that their son was molesting his sisters, Michelle sent her boy off to church camp and considered it therapy. She believed their situation to be normal and thought that enough praying would eventually fix the boy. The topic of sex was forbidden from the household which may have been part of the problem. Michelle Duggar has done a terrible job of protecting her children and seems pretty clueless on how children should be raised in general. The last thing the parents should be doing when allegations such as that arise about their son is to try and condone his behavior. They protected the wrong child.

4 Susan Duff


Susan Duff is definitely your typical stage mom, and it was obvious that she knew she had a goldmine in Hilary right from the beginning. She got Hilary into acting at the age of nine and focused on her career the entire time. She had Hilary in acting classes immediately, and when Hilary had her first big break on Disney’s Lizzie Maguire, she became her daughter’s manager. That can be all well and good if your mother knows what she’s doing in the industry. Often, however, Susan Duff made some slip-ups that could have caused scandals in Hilary’s career. Her mother had a habit of discussing Hilary’s romantic life with the media. She was known to make rather awkward statements in regards to the young girl’s relationships that caused negative attention for the actress. Sometimes mixing family with business is not always the best bet. Often, actors have to fire their own parents due to negligence in business affairs.

3 Inez Rupprecht


Inez Rupprecht was another stage mom that put her child into inappropriate situations at a young age in the hopes that it would further her career. Inez had Kirsten Dunst acting at the age of three when she first starred in a cereal commercial. She continued to organize auditions for her child throughout her career. Her first big Hollywood hit came in the form of Interview with a Vampire, which starred Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise. Dunst first kiss came on set when she kissed Brad Pitt as a child vampire. Inez received much criticism for the role Dunst played at such a young age. The mother and daughter relationship became strained as Kirsten got older, as she felt that her mother worked her too much as a child. Kirsten once stated in an interview that she often felt resentment towards her mother because she was not allowed to have a normal childhood.

2 Kim Porter

Sometimes you need to watch who you hire as your nanny because not all secrets stay hidden. Nannies are usually good sources of information because they are around all the time, and people don’t usually mind talking in front of the help. In this case, it backfired on Kim Porter. There were many allegations that came out about Kim Porter in regards to her parenting style from a former nanny. One of which was that she used to smoke weed in front of her kids while they were home. She is the mother of P. Diddy's children and it was said that the kids were sometimes covered in a “white powdery substance” when they would walk to school. The nanny was ruthless in her allegations towards Kim Porter and her reputation as a mother certainly took a hit because of it. With rumors like that floating around, Kim should probably not expect to get any Mom of the Year awards.

1 Linda Hogan

The Hogan’s, in general, have put their children through multiple reality shows since they were very young. Linda Hogan is one of the most inappropriate mothers out there because she acts like a teenager. Since her divorce from Hulk Hogan, she has been seen making out with her 19-year-old boy toy in front of her son who so happens to be his friend. She was once known as a nurturing mother to her children, but it wasn’t long before she sought out celebrity fame all on her own and became obsessed with being in the spotlight. Her daughter, Brooke, has discussed her disappointment with her mother for leaving her father and carrying on with a much younger man. Brooke doesn’t like her mother’s choice of boyfriends and believes the guy is only using her mother for material gain. There have been so many scandals revolving around the Hogan clan that it’s any wonder that the kids haven’t had to go into therapy.

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