15 Of The Internet's Most Must-See WTF Videos

After the birth of the internet, the world was once again blessed when YouTube came along. All of a sudden, we were able to see recorder footage of teenagers covering songs, or playing pranks on each other, and then some more professionally done videos as well. YouTube has grown, with videos reaching millions of views and people actually making money being “YouTube Famous.” Filled with wonderful videos of marriage proposals, heartwarming reunions, cute animals, and so much more, there is also the other side of YouTube.

This is the side filled with all the WTF (and somewhat NSFW) aspects of life, those moments that you may never see in your life and honestly may not ever want to see in your life. But for your convenience, we compiled them all here for you. These videos have a wide variety of topics, from the animal attacks to eating live animals, from heart-stopping stunts to stomach-turning documentations, and then round that out with all the gross bodily functions you may have never needed to witness, and some unique people. Now fair warning, some of these videos may make you want to cover your eyes, or leave your skin crawling for hours after you view them, so watch at your own risk.

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15 The Girl Who Thinks She’s A Cat

This woman, in her young twenties, gained fame after this video of her explaining her true identity made its rounds on the internet. She believes she is a cat trapped in a human body, which she considers obvious since she hates dogs and water. She also sites her heightened senses as another reason to why she knows she was born into the wrong species. She also purrs and meows to communicate sometimes, with a friend of hers who also speaks cat. Now, while this video is not gross or nerve-racking, it definitely makes you turn your head and ask “WTF?”.

14 The Pair Who Came Close to a Deadly Crash

Skydiving, while on many bucket lists around the world, can be dangerous if you are not trained properly. While, with proper training and certifications it can be a perfectly safe and thrilling adventure. However, there are always outside factors that you have no control over that can go wrong. In this video, the pair make a normal and routine exit from their plane for their descent, and then realize something is going wrong. The plane they just exited is heading right for them. The camera stays on to witness the entire incident, as well as tumbling and spinning as the certified jumper tries to regain control.

13 The Man Who Really Wanted to Break a Record

The Guinness Book of Records is filled with all sorts of crazy and intriguing records that make you wonder how, or why, humans ever set out to set them in the first place, let alone break them again later. One of the themes with a lot of their listings involves eating things that you really probably shouldn’t. This could be bugs, inanimate objects, or basically anything under the sun. In this video, a man attempts to break a record for most live scorpions eaten. Seems normal enough I guess? I mean who doesn’t want to eat 22 scorpions, especially when they’re alive and wiggling around.

12 The Guy Who Showed Us Way Too Much

While this video did not gain instant internet fame or a viral status, it still makes your stomach turn and body hurt watching it. The creator apparently dropped a weight on his toe at the gym, which sounds terrifying enough already, and decided to show the internet what happens afterwards. Who thinks that this is something people want to see? I don’t know. But the north of 60,000 views says he was right. He goes down nice and close to his feet, and shows us as he wiggles and pulls off his nail, which is now discolored and ready to come off. Gag.

11 The Pop Seen Around the Internet

Everyone has experienced a pimple or two I’m sure, and whether they are big or small they have to go away eventually. Most of the time, it’s pretty small and unnoticed, maybe comes with a little pain. Lately however, and especially with the internet, it seems there has been an influx of ridiculously large pimples that need to be popped. Some of these even require medical attention, and this is definitely one of those. It’s a nausea-inducing two minutes filled with blood, puss, and needles- basically everything you need in a video to get a “WTF” out of your enthralled viewers.

10 The Process We Didn’t Want to See

One of the most American meals you can find is a good old hot dog. Fourth of July is filled with them, as well as summer lunches and school functions all across the country. However, did you ever wonder how they got the meat in there? Or how it looked so smooth in the casing? Or what was actually in it? Well, this video tells you, and shows you, probably more than you ever wanted to know. Feel your stomach ache as you try to bring up every hot dog you've ever eaten, all while watching how hot dogs are processed and made.

9 The Duo That Decided to Race an Avalanche

This daredevil video really strikes a terror or anxiety chord for those of us afraid of heights, including myself. It shows a pair of skiers trying to out run and parachute away from an avalanche. Thank goodness the two adrenaline junkies had parachutes, otherwise they might have free fallen onto the rocks down below. It especially gets scary when they turn around to look at the falling snow, which would have covered them completely, and rather easily. Try to look at this video without your heart racing, and possibly your palms getting a little clammy. Safe to say I may avoid this type of activity in the future.

8 The Poor Opossum With Worms

The poor opossum and our poor stomachs for experiencing this video. This video, taken at an animal hospital, shows a cut open opossum and its stomach being examined by veterinarians. His/her stomach happens to be covered in slimy, energetic, ever-moving worms, that the veterinarian thought the internet should be exposed to. With over four million views, it is clear that the internet took to it, and is thankful they decided to share. Just try not to have your skin crawling as you watch these little fellas squirm all over the poor animal, and the veterinarian pull and tug on the little organ.

7 The Guy Whose View We Don’t Really Want

Over the past few years, one of the more common type of videos popping up online has been those filming death defying stunts and their searches for adrenaline. With the invention of the GoPro came a new level of those videos, the idea of point of view angles during these stunts and adventures. This one takes us up nice and high for a terrifying climb up a crane, mostly in POV. Watch the daredevil climb up and play around on the crane, and feel what it’s like to dangle from one hand with no safety equipment, in other words- watch and feel terrified.

6 The Baby Spiders That Scurried Into Our Nightmares

Arachnophobia, more commonly known as the fear of spiders, is one of the more common phobias. The internet has made these phobias much, much worse. You can go online and see videos of people eating spiders, playing with spiders, trying to catch them, and even trying to kill them. This video features the latter of them, only it’s intensified when we find out the spider is pregnant with hundreds of little terrifying babies. Watch this poor guy try to kill the momma and then have to sweep up the babies with a broom. My skin hasn’t stopped crawling, and yours probably won’t either.

5 The Spider We’re Way Too Close To

This next video bumps up the fear of spiders angle, by bringing us way too close with a point of view camera attached to the vacuum as they try to catch it. The video shows the spider moving extremely fast and unpredictably, something that makes spiders so scary in general. The most anxiety-driving force in this entire video, is the fact that repeatedly the spider gets out of view of the GoPro. Is it on them? Is it on us? Where did it go? You may feel the need to scream or move or itch all over. The video is so nerve-racking, it even comes with a warning at the beginning.

4 The Drainage for the Ages

A common thing with videos on YouTube is gross bodily functions. Fair warning, if pus and blood make you want to throw up, I wouldn’t watch this video. It involves a very close view of the abscess being poked, prodded, squeezed, and manipulated to get as much bodily fluid as possible out of this poor person. You can see the skin get loose and empty as the pus drains, all while creating a red milky substance pouring down the side of the arm. They even make it better, if you consider wanting to puke a good thing, by taking the camera in even closer occasionally.

3 The Kid Who Makes Us Want to Puke in Less Than 10 Seconds

Few things can gross a person out as quickly as this next video. Quite honestly, children are wonderful blessings to this world and our future, but they can do some really disgusting and unappetizing things. This is the perfect example of that. This close-up video shows us first hand how gross a kid can be, as we witness one eating snot, that is still attached. That’s right, literal snot hanging out of the nose and being pulled into the mouth by the tongue. We have to imagine that it can’t taste or feel good. I really hope they stopped filming and got a tissue.

2 The Head Cyst That Lived Way Too Long

Human beings have bodies capable of many wonderful things, but also some really disgusting things. This video shows a cyst being popped and drained. It shows not only the infected cyst, but the procedure to drain it, and all of the fluids that come out of it. It also contains some nice and entertaining audience reactions to the video, giving your brain and stomach a little bit to recover in-between nausea-inducing shots. If the bodily fluids don’t get you, I’m sure you might fall victim to the way the doctors are playing with and moving it to get the best drainage.

1 The Doctor Who Shows us How Gross Our Bodies Can Be

Our final video in the countdown has to do with a common theme on this list, that of how gross our own species can be. This video shows yet another cyst being drained and poked and played with, but the common images don’t prevent them from making you want to vomit. This cyst, on the patient’s neck, not only drains, but appears to explode and rapidly shoot out a lot of pus and blood. For some reason his seems to be darker and thicker, making it even more hard to watch with food in your stomach. Also, the tools the doctor uses give it more of an aggressive feels, making your stomach turn even worse. It’s like watching a torture scene that we know really happened.

Sources: youtube.com

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