15 Of The Internet's Most Must-See WTF Videos

After the birth of the internet, the world was once again blessed when YouTube came along. All of a sudden, we were able to see recorder footage of teenagers covering songs, or playing pranks on each other, and then some more professionally done videos as well. YouTube has grown, with videos reaching millions of views and people actually making money being “YouTube Famous.” Filled with wonderful videos of marriage proposals, heartwarming reunions, cute animals, and so much more, there is also the other side of YouTube.

This is the side filled with all the WTF (and somewhat NSFW) aspects of life, those moments that you may never see in your life and honestly may not ever want to see in your life. But for your convenience, we compiled them all here for you. These videos have a wide variety of topics, from the animal attacks to eating live animals, from heart-stopping stunts to stomach-turning documentations, and then round that out with all the gross bodily functions you may have never needed to witness, and some unique people. Now fair warning, some of these videos may make you want to cover your eyes, or leave your skin crawling for hours after you view them, so watch at your own risk.

15 The Girl Who Thinks She’s A Cat

14 The Pair Who Came Close to a Deadly Crash

13 The Man Who Really Wanted to Break a Record

12 The Guy Who Showed Us Way Too Much

11 The Pop Seen Around the Internet

10 The Process We Didn’t Want to See

9 The Duo That Decided to Race an Avalanche

8 The Poor Opossum With Worms

7 The Guy Whose View We Don’t Really Want

6 The Baby Spiders That Scurried Into Our Nightmares

5 The Spider We’re Way Too Close To

4 The Drainage for the Ages

3 The Kid Who Makes Us Want to Puke in Less Than 10 Seconds

2 The Head Cyst That Lived Way Too Long

1 The Doctor Who Shows us How Gross Our Bodies Can Be

Our final video in the countdown has to do with a common theme on this list, that of how gross our own species can be. This video shows yet another cyst being drained and poked and played with, but the common images don’t prevent them from making you want to vomit. This cyst, on the patient’s neck, not only drains, but appears to explode and rapidly shoot out a lot of pus and blood. For some reason his seems to be darker and thicker, making it even more hard to watch with food in your stomach. Also, the tools the doctor uses give it more of an aggressive feels, making your stomach turn even worse. It’s like watching a torture scene that we know really happened.


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15 Of The Internet's Most Must-See WTF Videos