15 Of The Creepiest Things Students Have Ever Told Teachers

Previously, we went over some of the scariest things that children have ever said to their parents, and there truly were a lot of things to raise concerns. From boys with knives hidden behind their back, to children talking about ghosts in their room that didn't seem so pleasant, kids have said some pretty creepy stuff.

But many teachers around the world have had the unfortunate responsibility to tell the parents of their students some very crazy things, not because the child is crazy, but because, once again, children can say some of the weirdest and scariest things, and of course, the teacher has to hear them. But what could a teacher hear from a small child that would be so disconcerting that parental intervention is required? Listed here are fifteen of the creepiest things that have ever been said to teachers by a kid at such a young age. Some entries also list kids from high school who were otherwise creepy and expelled for terrible behavior.

Notice that these entries are very real, and while the internet is obviously a very big place, making it hard for the truth to really be known, if you take these entries at face value, you will find some of the scariest stories from children that you have ever heard. Enjoy!

15 Serial Killer In The Making

via listverse.com

"Former teacher here. We had a student give other students advice on how to sexually abuse small children In graphic detail. He was soon expelled and reported to authorities. Soon after we learned that he had been arrested for posing to be injured on a road, late at night, and when someone stopped to check on him, he shot and killed him."

This Reddit entry comes from username PM_ME_DADJOKES and to say the least, this is certainly not something any teacher would look forward to hearing. Kids in high school are raised to learn many different things, but what this kid was doing can easily be deemed as sick and disturbing. There is no sure way to explain this type of thing to the kid's parents, but from what it sounds like, he wasn't exactly on the road to recovery. Hopefully the authorities have already taken care of this guy and put him away.

14 Ferret Killer

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"Broke into his neighbours yard, stole his pet ferret, killed it, skinned it, pinned it to the door of the neighbours house..... more than once.

The ferret was replaced and he did it again. It was suspected he was killing other animals too at the time.

The student was 12/13 at the time. He remained with us for less than a year after this before being removed from education. In his last year he was only taught in very small groups by large male teachers. He was suspected of burning down an abandoned pub but the police could not prove it. His family moved out of the region (common tactic to get social services off your back)."

Most people agree that before someone becomes a serial killer, it's a common thing to read about the murdering of animals in their past, and this kid definitely fit the bill.

13 Blackmail Child

"A student told us this story, and he's just awful enough that I believe it. So when he was a kid, he fell at a pool and his mom was able to sue. He then blackmailed his mom by telling her that if she didn't give him some of the money then he would tell everyone that he didn't really fall and that his mom made him lie to the court. I do not even want to know where his psycho self is going in life."

This story comes from username VSTRYKER and boy is it creepy. It makes you wonder about children and just how mean they can be. The mother of that child should probably start recording everything he says and does, otherwise, it probably won't end well for her. Believe it or not, there have been cases exactly like this one, where a child is manipulating the parent. Fortunately, there are measures the parent can take in order to ensure the truth is known.

12 Throat Slicer

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“Every Monday we take a trip to a nearby forest so the kids can run off the energy they've saved up during the weekend. During our walk between the school and there we walk in pairs in a line. This day, on our way back, I end up walking last with this kid who didn't get a walking partner. This particular kid is a very talkative, super cheerful little guy who's rarely down or grouchy.

Anyway, we're walking back to the school and about halfway there he says, out of nowhere: "Hey, notrandomatall?"

"Yeah?" I say, and turn to him.

He stops, looks me in the eye, sporting an ear-to-ear grin, and says: "I'm gonna cut your throat", running a finger across his throat, still looking happy as ever.

I kept a close eye on him the rest of the day.”

Username NOTRANDOMATALL submitted this story, and it is absolutely unnerving. Of course, there is the possibility that this child was simply joking about what he was saying, but what a terrible thing to joke about considering he is just a little kid.

11 Bad Parenting

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"I was a reading tutor. Had a first grade student we will call him R. Start of the year I'm having kids draw pictures to decorate the walls while I give them basic assessments.

First kid draws a giraffe, next one draws a heart with a smiley face. Then R comes to show me his work.

Ms. JixxyJexxy look look. This is a clown and that's the school! The clown has a lighter and he's going to burn the school because he's mad.

That was the first of many trips to the counselor for R. Turns out his favorite movie was Saw. Terrifying child with crazy parents.

Then there was M. He was in kindergarten. This kid was Ted Bundy is the making. He couldn't sit with the other kids, or have scissors, or go anywhere without an adult. He would say things like, "did you change your hair it looks wonderful" to the staff before stabbing another kid with a pencil, or cutting another student's clothing (before scissor privileges were lost)" - From username JixxyJexxy on Reddit.

10 "Drown In Your Own Blood"

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"I teach a special class for delinquents. In this class is the sweetest little grade 3 boy. This boy can't go anywhere without his stuffed animal that hangs around his shoulders. He regularly sits nicely with his legs crossed while doing math for fun. When the other kids are getting wild, he's the one child that will stay quiet and keep working on his art project. I couldn't figure out why he was in this special ed class....until I took his computer away for swearing.....he folds his hands, places them on the table, turns and looks at me with a completely blank expression, and then calmly begins telling me about how he's going to tie me up in the bath tub and cut my stomach open so I drown in my own blood...just like it was another day at the office."

The special education classes that children are placed in are often for a very good reason, however, this child sounds like he needed a little more than special education, perhaps a visit to a facility where they can help him?

9 They Need To Learn To Wait

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“I teach preschool and we have one girls bathroom and one boys bathroom each with two stalls in the front of the school for the kids to use I came back from my break to find my director and two girls from my class in the bathroom. THE GIRLS SHIRTS EACH HAD A SH-T HAND PRINT ON THEM. I asked what happened and my director told me that a girl who had just pooped reached in the toilet took out her sh*t and slapped it on the two girls shirts while they were waiting to use the bathroom.

The best part was my boss was trying to figure out how to get these girls shirts off without getting sh-t on their faces (as she is trying to lift the shirts over their heads) I ended up cutting the girls shirts off. Who in their right mind would want to keep a shirt with another kids sh-t on it anyway? When I confronted the sh-t smearer and asked her why she did it she told me "THEY NEED TO LEARN HOW TO WAIT!" with a very serious look on her face. It was creepy as f--. I have a few other stories about her and some other kids from the past but that one definitely sticks out in my mind.” - Entry from username Ms Winty.

8 I'll Kill You If You Make Me

via kidsactivitiesblog.com

“I'm a preschool teacher in the 3-4 year old room. The other day after putting a child in a "thinking time," which is essentially a time out, I went over to talk to him about what he had done.

Me: "Thomas, can you talk to me and tell me why you are on a thinking time?"

Thomas: (staring forward, not meeting my eyes) "No, and I'll come to your house and kill you if you make me."

I stood there completely shocked. Then, he stood up, looked me straight in the eye, and laughed maniacally for a minute before hugging me and sitting back down.

Kids are scary little sh-ts.”

This story is from username Focus on the Girl. Teachers have usually seen and heard everything, and when it comes to these types of situations, they simply don't make sense. The kid doesn't seem to care about how what he is saying affects other people, which is certainly an unsettling situation, not only for the teacher, but for the parents as well.

7 Dead Eyes

via wikimedia.org

This story is told by username Bohring1150, and while this account actually comes from a camp counseler rather than a teacher, it is still a terrible thing for a child to say at camp. It shows that the child probably has more going on than the parent or even the teacher realize, opening up all kinds of questions to the people involved, like: How does this kid even know what it really means? Will this child end up a crazed human being?

“When I was a summer camp counselor (does this count as a teacher?), our group of kids was getting ready to leave the building, but this one kid was sitting away from everyone else. I went up to him asked him what was wrong, and he said "I'm angry". I asked him what he was angry about, and he leans really close to me, and whispers, "The owls have dead eyes." Really creeped me out.”

6 "I Like The Way They Wiggle"

“Teaching swimming: This one kid was just a little abnormal. Not in the goofy kid way, in the "what's wrong with him" way. When giving him instructions or telling him what to do, he would look back with a blank stare like I was speaking another language. Now he looked normal and did the normal kid things, never got in fights yet showed zero emotion. One day instead of swimming with the other kids, I noticed he was staring at the corner...where all the bugs collect. He tore them apart limb by limb, head, torso all in separate pieces. WTF I'm thinking, that is a clear sign of a serial killer so I asked him why. He said "I like the way they wiggle when i take their arms off."

Just like her username says, Dontknowwhattodo5 sounds like they are in over their head with this one. When stuff like this starts happening, it's time to start asking the important questions with their parents.

5 Fish Eyeballs

This one from GodofSpam seems to speak of a kid who has already been diagnosed with a disorder, and therefore, anything they say can probably be amounted to that. However, that doesn't change the fact that the words which escape their mouth are any less creepy and worthy of mentioning to other people. Whether this little girl has a disorder or not, kids who say and do such things are in great need of help.

“I was working in a high school resource room. The class was dissecting fish. One of the girls with oppositional defiant disorder was convinced that the mushrooms in chicken noodles soup were really fish eyes. The teacher kept trying to correct her. So to prove her point she ate the preserved eyes of her anatomy project.”

Certainly not the best option she could have chosen, but that doesn't mean she wasn't willing to give it a go.

4 Swimming Lessons

“I teach swimming. During a lesson, I once had a 7-year old kid start laughing uncontrollably (not cute guffawing, but disturbing cackling) and chanting 'the guilt is making me laugh like the devil.'

I now regularly fill the pool with holy water.”

This is a post that leaves many wondering what the heck happened. Obviously, this child is highly disturbed and needs to be helped out by a medical professional as soon as possible. Or, perhaps he is in deep need of an exorcist. What did he do that he needed to feel guilty for though? And why was he laughing so hard about it in the first place? No one can really know, but can you blame the teacher for being so freaked out? Also, putting holy water into the pool does seem a little excessive, however, it doesn't mean he is crazy, just simply being very careful considering the circumstances.

3 "Let It Kill"

via amcnetworks.com

Had a student last year who came up to me and said, with this creepy twinkle in his eyes, "Mr. bretsky91, you know what my favorite song is?" I asked him what it was and he started singing "Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful. And since we've no place to go, let it kill, let it kill, let it kill." Then he started laughing maniacally. Left me with a seriously uneasy feeling. Thank God he's grown less creepy since then.

This came from username bretsky91 and seems rather playful, until the very end of the song. Few kids really know what the word kill means, much less laugh at the thought of it after ending the song. Maybe this teacher should be looking into calling the child's parents. Not only would this cause problems with other children, it could possibly cause issues with other parents as well.

2 The Friends Inside Her Head


Had a student (kindergarten) that was super intelligent and scary as hell. I swear she was schizophrenic but I was always told that 5 was too young an age to diagnose a person as schizo. She would often engage in discussions/arguments with friends only she could see. She'd stare out the window and describe in exact detail what she swore was lurking outside. Her visions gave me nightmares because she'd describe what I always imagined hell would look like. Terrifying stuff especially coming out of the mouth of a child so young. The scariest things was when she started physically beating herself in class and having a bizarre meltdown bc as she put it once she calmed down, the friends that live in her head didn't want to be her friends anymore. She said those friends were now hunting the rest of us in the classroom trying to see who they could be friends with instead of her. That's when she was finally removed from the general student population and her parents sought professional help for her. - Entry from username socalteach

1 Kid With A Cult

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"I was teaching 3rd grade. A kid who's usually under the radar, "Eddie", just lost it out of nowhere. A left handed girl was fumbling with the scissors and he snapped shouting "YOU'RE NOT ALLOWED TO CUT LIKE THAT!" I tried to explain to him some people are left handed but he just kept screaming it's "not allowed."

I thought maybe this was his parents doing so I took his mother aside after school that day. Come to find out, she's left handed, and has no idea where that came from. I wrote it off as an off day.

But it progressed. Eddie developed a bunch of arbitrary rules (what color crayons you can use in a picture, how many sheets of paper you can take off the shelf at a time, who can sit at which desks) and absolutely flipped if the kids didn't play along.

The thing was, he was super charismatic. He actually convinced a bunch of kids to follow his rules. Then when anything didn't go his or his friends way (did poorly on a test, recess cut short, even if they got a cold) he'd blame it on the kids who wouldn't follow his "rules". He was leading a bizarre cult of third graders, and got them to recruit others. Preaching following his rules would solve all their problems.

I tried to break it up one day and he started all out battling, pitting the kids who subscribed to his rhetoric against in a shouting match (only they were shouting, I was trying and failing to talk to them down.)

Foaming at the mouth, flailing his arms, shouting about how "the rule breakers are the problem. They made all the bad things happen to you! We have to get rid of them if they don't want to do things the right way!"

In that moment, he reminded me so much of Hitler.

It's four years later and Eddie's a smart kid, skipped a grade. But he's a misogynistic loner who's mad at the world. School shooter in the making if you ask me. He made a name for himself when he flipped a lunch table shouting at a girl who turned him down for a date "you don't respect me and everything I've done for you, for all women!"

He graduated from our school this year, thankfully....." - Entry by ligamentary

Sources: Reddit, WomensWeekly

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