15 Most Shocking Things Ever Found In A Sewer

What do all sewers have in common? What brings them together in very strange ways and makes people think twice about going down below? Perhaps it's the waste that goes into the system of tunnels that run beneath the streets. Or maybe it is the many scary and fascinating things that have been found throughout the stinking tunnels.

Sewers have always been a great system to get the job done when it comes to collecting our nastiness and distributing it to where it needs to be. And even though sewers have been around for quite some time, some very strange stuff has been found in and around these systems of tunnels. From the famous alligators, to body parts, weird items and creatures have littered our sewers all around the world and they continue to do so. People dispose of all sorts of things via the toilet, but truly, how weird do the flushed-down items get?

15 Gold


14 Expensive Watches

13 Fatbergs


12 Alligators

11 A Sheep

10 A Cow


9 An Unidentified Jaw Bone

8 Marijuana Forest

7 A Vehicle


6 Grenades

5 Fax Machine

4 Giant Worm Ball


3 Dinosaur Fossils

2 Placentae

1 A Live Baby

Finally, here at number one, we have the freakiest thing to ever be found in a sewer system. While this particular being isn't exactly terrifying in itself, the fact that it was found in the sewers is very scary. In Sydney, Australia, a baby was found in the sewers by two cyclists who happened to be passing by. Apparently, a woman had left him there, moments after giving birth. It wasn't until five days later that the baby would be discovered and rescued. The child was taken to Children's Hospital and was treated by the doctors. It turns out the baby made a full recovery and is doing much better now. But, how can a mother be so cruel? The police did identify the woman and she was charged with endangering the child, considering the circumstances. Luckily, the drain where they had found the baby was conveniently placed along a bike path that many people frequented.

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15 Most Shocking Things Ever Found In A Sewer