15 Most Shocking Details Celebrities Revealed About Their Relationships

We all have those moments when we share just a little too much information. Thankfully, most of the time, we have our awkward moments in the company of friends or family. Why would we be thankful for that? Well, those moments could have been shared with a journalist, committed to print, and diffused the world over.

Sure, most people have gotten bitter about an ex and maybe blasted them on Facebook or Twitter, but that's small potatoes compared to having those words posted all over Cosmopolitan and any number of tabloids, or broadcast on television.

For the fans, however, these indiscreet moments of oversharing can give us an intriguing insight into some of our favorite celebrities; it almost makes them seem a little more human. Of course, in some cases, it's just downright hilarious and makes us feel better about our own blabbermouth moments and social media faux pas.

Here then, are 15 moments when celebrities opened their mouths and inserted their feet, bringing us unprecedented juicy details about their A-list liaisons.

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15 Nick Carter and Paris Hilton

Long, long ago, Nick Carter was famous enough to date spoiled heiress Paris Hilton. And after the two broke it off, the former Backstreet Boy had some not-so-nice things to say about his ex.

He told the now defunct British tabloid, News of the World, that Paris wasn't as into sex as she might want you to believe. In fact, he called her a drunken prude who relied on drugs and alcohol to bring out the vixen inside her. He also said that she had to carry around her own private stash of marijuana, and even smuggled it overseas once, inside a teddy bear.

14 Kendra Wilkinson and Hugh Hefner

Kendra Wilkinson was only 18-years old and fresh out of high school when legendary Playboy mogul, Hugh Hefner, asked her to be one of his girlfriends. Of course, being one of Hef's girls also meant getting to live in the luxurious mansion and getting a chance to party with celebs.

For a young woman living in a tiny apartment, this arrangement sounded amazing. Wilkinson later confessed that she had no idea what it meant to be Hef's girlfriend, nor did she know much about Playboy. She also said that she had no idea that sex would be involved in the arrangement until Hefner asked her to “come upstairs” with him. When asked if she'd have been shown the door had she said no, she chose to avoid answering the question and just left it at “he really looks at them as real relationships.”

13 Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Before there was Brangelina, there was Angelina and Billy Bob, a rebellious couple taking Hollywood by storm. The two remain close friends, and have openly talked about their relationship on numerous occasions.

One interesting, albeit odd, little detail they've confessed to included wearing vials of each other's blood around their necks during their relationship. According to Thornton, it was Jolie's idea and she brought a locket kit to seal the deal.

Thornton explained that Jolie thought it would be romantic to take a razor blade to their skin and spill some blood since the two were both busy and rarely got the chance to be together. Jolie clarified, in a 2008 Entertainment Weekly interview, that it was never a vial, it was simply a small flower press. She said that rather than opening up a vein, they simply made small cuts on their fingertips and pressed a fingerprint into each one. So maybe it wasn't as bad as it sounds...

12 Robin Thicke and Paula Patton

Robin Thicke may have seriously screwed things up with Paula Patton, but while things were good, they were apparently really good. At least - according to Robin - in the bedroom, that is.

Thicke confessed in an interview that he liked to drive Patton crazy, making love for two to three hours at a time and even getting her into double-digit orgasms. He admitted it didn't happen that way every time of course, but when he was really going strong, he could bring her hours and hours of pleasure. We can only assume that he was just as giving to other women as well, considering how their relationship turned out.

11 David Letterman

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After being married for only six months, David Letterman sat down with his former nemesis, Oprah Winfrey and admitted to the world – and his wife – that he'd had sex with a number of females he'd worked with over the years.

In a follow-up interview, Letterman talked about how telling his wife was the most difficult part of the whole experience, and that he worried she would leave him over the affairs. But ultimately, he said that he was trying his best to fix it, working on it with his wife even years later. Coming clean about the entire scandal was possibly the best thing he could have done since those involved were themselves threatening Letterman with the possibility of going public.

10 Crystal Harris and Hugh Hefner

This time it was ex-fiance Crystal Harris who was willing to dish out the dirt on the world's oldest living player. She spilled the beans on her relationship with Hef to Howard Stern.

Up until the interview, things seemed amicable between the two ex-lovebirds. Harris was engaged to marry the Playboy mogul when, just days before their nuptials, she called the whole thing off. It wasn't an acrimonious split, but when Stern asked her about their sex life, well, things were a little less than friendly.

Harris said that she'd only had sex with the 85-year old once – and when they did, it only lasted for about “two seconds.” She laughed while admitting that she was not turned on by her ex. Though she also admitted that she was in love with him when they got engaged – though it seems that Hefner wasn't so sure about that. Following the interview, he Tweeted “Crystal convinced me that she adored me. That was the first lie.”

9 Courtney Love and Gavin Rossdale

When it comes to Courtney Love, very little should actually surprise us. The rocker chick has been involved in her fair share of scandals over the years, but she told Howard Stern that she'd slept with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale – while he was married to Gwen Stefani. She even credited Gwen with making him better in bed, saying “Maybe Gwen taught him, for all I know.”

Of course, this led Stern to ask for clarification, and Love admitted that yes, he cheated on Stefani with her and not only that, but Stefani knows about it. According to Love, she was one of many. Ouch.

8 Tiger Woods and Jamie Jungers

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According to Howard Stern, Jamie Jungers was the hottest of Tiger Wood's mistresses. But not only that, she was the one Woods slept with shortly after visiting his father who lay dying in the hospital. She revealed that he came home for a quickie, and that they were even lying in bed together when he got the call that his beloved dad had passed away.

She claims that at the time, she was wearing nothing but her panties. But perhaps the most shocking tidbit she could reveal about the cheating golfer was that he was a cheapskate. Junger said that despite being worth hundreds of millions of dollars, he rarely tipped and often asked for the meals to be complimentary simply because, after all, he was Tiger Woods. Junger said that his skinflint ways often embarrassed her while they were out in public.

7 Kelsey and Camille Grammer

Maybe it's simply a case of a bitter ex hellbent on revenge, or maybe there's actually something to it, but Camille Grammer implied - again on the Howard Stern Show - that her ex-husband was a cross dresser.

She denied that he was gay, but hinted that he may have worn her panties – even calling is a special surprise. Camille declined to elaborate on that further, citing a fear of a lawsuit if she continued talking. And it wasn't the first time Camille had said such things about her ex; she apparently also revealed this to her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars as well. Kelsey unsurprisingly denies the allegations entirely, choosing not to respond to his angry ex's allegations. Which is probably for the best, considering that he was having an affair with a former flight attendant that he was already planning to marry before his divorce from Camille was even final.

6 Wilmer Valderrama and Mandy Moore

If you sleep with Wilmer Valderrama, the world will know it because this boy loves to talk. Though sometimes, you have to wonder if he's being completely truthful. Like the time he talked about taking Mandy Moore's virginity. He said the sex was good, but it wasn't like warm apple pie.

Moore denies the tryst, saying that Valderrama's comments are not only tacky, but untrue. Moore isn't the only female celeb to have denied sleeping with him. Jennifer Love Hewitt also routinely denies whatever scurrilous accusations Valderrama throws out about her.

5 Jesse James and  Sandra Bullock

Jesse James and Sandra Bullock seemed like an odd couple from the start. And no one will likely argue that Kat von D, star of L.A. Ink, seems like a much better fit for him. But when Howard Stern asked the obvious question about which of his lovers was better in the sack, James was more than certain of his answer.

Not only did he say von D was better, he said she was “100 percent better” than America's sweetheart, Bullock. He also admitted that life wasn't always peachy with Bullock, saying he never felt secure with his third wife the way he does with von D. He even said that, as she stood there and told the world that she loved him, he was thinking “Bullshit. You don't love me.” And things between James and Bullock only headed further south when news of his affair with another woman came out in the open.

4 Adrianne Curry and Christopher Knight

Adrianne Curry is known for posting incredibly sexy pics of herself on social media. And as she told Howard Stern, one reason for that is because her sex life with her hubby, former Brady Bunch star Christopher Knight, is so boring.

She told the shock jock that Chris rarely seems interested in sex with her, and while she used to chase after him, she now just waits for him to come to her, choosing to pleasure herself instead. She also claimed that sex with a vibrator was often better than sex with her own hubby.

3 Russell Brand and Katy Perry

Pop icon Katy Perry may be sexy star but her ex-hubby, Russell Brand, seems less than thrilled with Perry's abilities in the bedroom. He even went as far as to joke that during sex with Perry, he'd think to himself, “Think of anyone, anyone else.”

Considering the unlikely couple, and how mismatched the pop star and oddball comedian seemed to be, you would almost expect it to be the other way around. Perhaps she just has to be someone else's teenage dream, since she's clearly not Brand's.

2 Martha Stewart

What could Martha Stewart reveal that would shock us? That she once used mismatched bedding? Or that maybe one time she baked a boxed cake mix? Well, in fact, Stewart has more than a few skeletons in her very neatly decorated closet than you might believe.

On Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Stewart played a game called 'Did Martha Do It?” with Maggie Gyllenhaal playing along. When asked if Stewart had ever had a one-night stand, Gyllenhaal correctly guessed that she had. But it gets even better – or worse, depending on your point of view. Apparently, Martha Stewart has embraced the use of technology and actually sexted with somebody before.

She remained vague when asked about experiencing a threesome, merely smiling and saying, “maybe.”

1 Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey have shockingly revealed that they do the deed with Carey's music to get them in the mood.

Cannon went on the Howard Stern show and admitted that he thinks his wife makes sexy music – and that they've had sex to that music before. And as if that's not TMI enough, he also admitted that when she's not there, he's taken to pleasuring himself while listening to her music in the background. That's probably more than you ever cared to know about Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey's sex life, but there you have it.

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