15 Most Outrageous Employee Revenge Stories Ever

Employee revenge typically happens when a current or former employee takes certain steps to receive justice. Many disgruntled employees feel that they were treated unfairly by their employers, their fellow colleagues, and sometimes even the customers. While many may view workplace revenge as being an act of violence, that is not always the case, and there are various acts of revenge that were conducted using non-violent means.

In one case, an angry ex-employee hacked into the company’s computer system and deleted the whole contact database. Ouch. In another case, a woman who found out she was about to get terminated became adamant about making the affair with her boss known to his wife.

That’s not all. A former employee who was given a month termination notice took out his revenge by using the company credit card. He ordered a year's supply of male enhancement pills and they were delivered directly to multiple senior executives in the office. The list goes on. Keep on reading to find out 15 of the most ridiculous employee revenge stories.

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15 Deleting Of Company Data

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When a female employee, Marie Cooley, realized that there was a hiring ad for her current job, she automatically jumped to the conclusion that she was about to get canned. Out of anger, she entered her place of employment and deleted seven years worth of critical company data which included blueprints and drawings. Since this was an architectural company, the files were estimated to be worth over $2 million. Cooley not only lost her job, she lost her freedom. She was charged with a felony and released the next day. The company eventually recovered all of the files, but at a large expense of using a data recovery service. After all of that, it was revealed that the company was not going to fire Cooley in the first place. The hiring ad was actually for the CEO’s wife’s company.

14 Resignation On A Dry Erase Board

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There are clever ways of someone resigning from their position, but not quite like this. Jennifer, used a dry erase board and posted multiple photos of her digging up dirt on her boss. On the dry erase board, she wrote: “I quit.” She continued to write that she was going to miss everyone except for one person, her boss, Spencer. Apparently, during the course of the two years that she was his assistant, she did not have a pleasant experience. Jennifer wrote, “Being your assistant’s been a special hell. I put up with your temper and your bad breath because I wanted to be a broker. On Friday, I transferred you a call when I heard you call me a HOPA. HOPA?" Then, she displayed on the dry erase board what the acronym HOPA stands for…hot piece of a**. She continued on with, “Is that really all you thought of me? Did you ever wonder why everybody in the office called the trash a garbage dispenser? Office morale is down since you installed the ‘little office snitch’ so you could monitor how we spend our time online. So I wondered, how does Spencer spend his time online? You gave me the codes after all—4 hours a week on Scottrade, 5.3 hours a week on TechCrunch and drumroll, 19.7 hours a week playing Farmville." She continued on with, “So this HOPA’s moving on. Although I don’t have another job, something tells me I’ll be just fine.”

What Jennifer didn’t know is that Spencer had more responses up his sleeve, too. He posted photos of his responses using large paper. He wrote, “Happy Monday everybody. This weekend, the office got a little less hot and a whole lot smarter. We’re sorry that it took 2 years to get you to quit. Who’s going to run out for lunch now? Or drink smelly fermented tea? Or put their bare feet on the reception desk? Or hit on me and my brother @ the holiday party before throwing up in the recycle bin? Sorry you were grumpy about my nickname for you HOPA, you didn’t hear the others— ‘Spray tan’, ‘Tribal-Dolphin McToeRings’, ‘Useless de-jenny-rate’. If you wanted to be a broker you should have told me. I could’ve used a good laugh. I started this company in my dorm room and now we manage over 100 billion dollars in assets. And you just quit in the worst job market in 3 generations.” He continued on to say, “Oh, one more thing. You remember that employment agreement you signed on your first day? The one you just violated in like 15 different ways? Our legal counsel would like a word with you about that. Best of luck Jenny. You’ll be just fine.”

13 Adding "Special Toys" Into Cart

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A customer by the name of Pedro placed an order for an art textbook on Amazon, but the book was not the correct edition. He started to return the book to exchange it for the one he actually needed. He got in contact with Amazon who informed him that the correct edition of the book was not available and offered a full refund. Amazon stated in an email, “Regrettably, we haven’t received a response from our warehouse yet. We can wait a little longer, but they usually respond within those 2 days and the weekend is closing in.” After Pedro spent long days searching for the correct book, he grew frustrated with his experience with Amazon. In turn, he left negative feedback on the order page and went about his business. However, the following day he discovered a 10-inch toy called “The Hulk” in his shopping cart. What made matters even worse for the guy is that his co-workers were around when he saw this. Pedro was convinced that it was an Amazon employee who placed that item in his shopping cart and he once again, contacted the company. After he sent Amazon the screenshot, he was issued an apology and a voucher for his horrible experience. Pedro said, “The problem is, I was at the office, in an open space, with people behind me. A guy and two girls were sitting by me when I opened up Amazon and they saw the contents of my shopping basket.”

12 Worker Becomes Boss' Boss

Teddy treated his employees like garbage. In spite of the employee’s hard work and dedication, he micromanaged them like they were children. He would even get angry if employees had to leave work early for their sick children or doctor’s appointments. In one situation, he ordered the employees to work extra time on weekends for a software release that was already approved by the company. Months later, an employee by the name of Kelly, resigned to work for another company in a managerial position. Teddy went off the rails and shouted: “Kelly, you’re going to fail, don’t come crawling back looking for a job. I’m glad to see you go, now I can hire someone with real skills.” During the first month of Kelly being gone, Teddy would repeatedly complain to the other employees about how it was so messed up that she left like that and even said, “We’re probably going to miss our release date because of how she left things.” Just months later, the company was acquired by another company and eventually a meeting was set up to discuss strategic vision. Unbeknownst to Teddy, the executives with the other company brought in Kelly. The executives said, “I think most of you know Kelly Johnson, she used to work here. She’ll be the senior manager in charge of the products team moving forward.” Of course, Teddy looked like he had just seen a ghost. He was gone a few weeks later.

11 Employee Goes Nutty

Former employee Paul Bentley, was under investigation by the workplace for apparently tampering with its calendar. Because of that, Bentley decided to do a walk-through of the company’s premises and spread peanuts all over the grounds. Why is this such a big problem? The company, Pork Farms Factory, is established as a nut-free company by customer request. Bentley’s actions cost the company over $1 million in lost production. What happened afterwards between Bentley and Pork Farms is left to be seen. But it’s safe to assume that he no longer works there.

10 A Phallic Photoshop

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A graphic designer who was terminated unfairly found a creative way to take out his anger. In one of the catalogs, he tampered with an image of a family and a dog. He allegedly placed a photo of what looked like a human p*nis on the dog and featured it in the advertisement. Once IKEA realized this, they immediately fought for their brand by saying, “The picture had definitely not been tampered with. We can definitely say this is a picture of a dog’s leg, and it is not something else.” IKEA is one of the largest furniture retailers in the world and is known for selling ready-to-assemble furniture at affordable prices. Their products have modern designs for their furniture and various appliances.

9 Credit Card Frozen 

Employees do not only get revenge on their bosses, they also get revenge on customers. This is particularly true in hotels where employees may have to deal with some pretty rude guests. If you are a guest at a hotel, you may want to be careful not to anger the person who is checking you in. If guests are extremely rude or annoying, the employee can place a large hold on the card. When this is done, the customers are usually unable to use their card for purchases anywhere. There are cases where this can be unintentional and in one case, a couple on their honeymoon dealt with one of the most horrible hotel experiences of their lives. They checked into a hotel that placed a hold on their card and because of that, their card was declined for all of their purchases during their entire stay. In spite of contacting their card issuer, their problem was not solved until two to five days later. If you’re unfamiliar with what a “hold” is, a hold placed on a card is equal to the amount of the room (plus taxes) and possible cost of damages.

8 Jerks Always Wait Longer

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If you're already tired and frustrated, you’re not going to want to wait for an exorbitant amount of time in line to be checked into a hotel. However, that seems to be the case when hotel workers are dealing with unruly guests. It’s a little subtle way of the employees getting their revenge and if you ever wondered why your room was “not ready”, it was probably because one of the employees simply did not like you. Retired hotelier Michael Matthews, dished the tea on what hotel clerks do and why they do it. He said, “For guests who are obnoxious, a clerk may well make them wait. How long you spend in time out depends on the seriousness of their crime. It may be ‘Have a seat, we’ll be with you in a minute’ for someone with a less-than polite attitude to ‘Your room is still occupied, what’s your cell phone number?’ for something more serious.” Uh oh, you might want to mind your manners the next time you check into a hotel. Maybe you will be checked in much sooner.

7 The Worst Room In The Hotel

This is pretty bad. No one wants to check into a hotel, get to their room, and realize that it’s a less-than spectacular room. This is used as a revenge tool by hotel workers who feel that they were mistreated by the guests. One hotel guest, Ian Spector, experienced being booked in one of the worst rooms the hotel had to offer. He checked into an upscale San Diego hotel and from there, he was in for the long haul. Spector said, “I couldn’t help but think because I was under 30, the check-in staff figured they could put me in the crappy room. The in-room bathroom was really cramped and awkward. Are you worried yet? Calm down. There are ways to prevent this type of thing from happening to you. Simply be nice to hotel employees no matter what, especially if you want to stay in a nice room.

6 Sangria Spilled On Her Head

Kelli Jeffries was working at a restaurant where she was a waitress. The restaurant serves a tapas menu between the hours of 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., but a woman who walked in with a group of people wanted the full lunch menu. When the woman demanded the full lunch menu, Jeffries politely explained to her, “I’m sorry, but between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., we offer the tapas menu. It has lots of wonderful items.” You would think that the woman would just accept what the restaurant’s rules were, but she replied with, “That’s f--ing bulls--t. Bring me the full menu.” Surprisingly, Jeffries was able to remain calm and said, “I’m sorry Ma’am, but this is the menu we’re offering at the present.” The customer did not back down and got even more aggressive, saying, "F-- you and your tapas. I want to speak to your manager.” Now, Jeffries was starting to get a bit more shaken up and said, “I can arrange that, but I’m pretty sure she’s going to tell you the same thing I just did.” The situation went from bad to worse when the customer said, “Bring me your manager you f--ing little idiot.” The customer then turned around and spit on Jeffries' foot! While speaking with the manager, the customer threatened that if she did not get the full lunch menu, she was going to tell every person what a horrible establishment it is. Jeffries decided that she was not going to handle that customer’s table anymore so her co-worker Sara, took over. Sara brought the customer and the rest of the group their wine glasses. Then, Sara brought their table a huge pitcher of Sangria. Finally, when it looked like Sara was going to pour the sangria into their wine glasses, she actually placed the pitcher over the customer’s head and poured everything all over her.

5 Enormous Fees After Hotel Stay

Hotel workers have the power to make your stay easy or difficult, depending on what your attitude is and how they perceive you. Guests can easily wind up with all types of extra charges added on that they didn’t know about until it’s time for check-out. These charges can include room service, Wi-Fi fees, and other charges. An ex-hotel worker, Webb, said: “It is not uncommon for rude guests to have to pay for services that others might not have to. This includes long distance calls, the breakfast bar, drinks and food. These employees can also change prices such as advertised room rates." Once again, be nice and respectful to hotel employees and you will have a more pleasant experience.

4 Placed Boss On "Adult" Email List

After being terminated from her job at a college in New York, Diane Kuprewicz decided to take matters into her own hands. Kuprewicz placed real-looking job ads for a director of human resources. However, the college was never seeking out any of those applicants. Not only that, Kuprewicz took matters even further by using the director of human resources' email address on various "adult" websites. Because of her actions the director of human resources was subjected to receiving a large amount of "adult" emails while at the workplace. It seemed like the director could not get any peace at work when she received "adult" catalogs at the workplace, too.

3 YouTube Prankster Revenge

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The YouTube pranksters who are also known as Dynamic Duo decided to pull a prank on a McDonald's employee. As they were at the drive-thru to pick up their order, they beeped their horn for the purpose of scaring her. To make matters worse, they changed the horn to sound like a loud train. They initially got what they were looking for when she jumped from being startled, but they weren’t prepared for what happened next. The employee threw their drinks on them and even said, “You’re not getting your drink.” Afterward, she slammed the drive-thru window and went about her business.

2 Office Eater Revenge

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A female employee was getting annoyed when she realized that an unknown fellow co-worker was stealing some of her creamer that she left in the breakroom fridge. Well, this employee proved that there is no such thing as a free lunch, or breakfast. In an act of revenge, she left a note on the bottle of creamer that read, “Good morning. To whomever has been enjoying my coffee creamer all week… Surprise! You’ve been drinking my breast milk. Hope you've enjoyed. Cheers!” Her act of revenge gained more than 2,000 shares on social media and over 12,000 Likes. One user even joked that, that is the best coffee creamer ever. When you think something is for free, it’s really not.

1 Leaking Data

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Senior internal auditor Andrew Skelton, was scolded for utilizing the company’s mailroom to ship out his eBay packages. Out of anger, he decided to leak out confidential company data which included personal information of 100,000 staff members. The sensitive information included dates of birth, insurance information, details of bank accounts and salaries. The information was shared with numerous sharing websites and newspapers. This act caused the company to suffer a loss of $2 million A spokesperson for the company said, “When we found out about the breach we immediately put in place, at a cost of $2 million to the company, Experian protection to ensure that people’s accounts were protected.” Thousands of staff members filed a lawsuit against the company for allowing their personal information to be released online by the disgruntled employee. He was sentenced to 8 years in prison.

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