15 Most Outrageous Addictions Outed On Reality TV

You are about to enter a world of addictions and obsessive behaviors, where people have 38KKK breasts, drink urine to stay young, film people in public toilet stalls, marry silicone sex dolls and do really gross things with dirty diapers. This land is where reality television meets addiction, a dysfunctional country where you may sometimes laugh, sometimes get outraged, sometimes gag and sometimes stare open-mouthed.

Reality television suits everybody. The "reality star" gets their 15 of fame and the production companies get a means of producing cheap content that (usually) pulls in big viewing numbers. Addiction reality TV is big business. TLC has the popular My Strange Addiction, and Investigation Discovery has just launched it's My Strange Criminal Addiction show. A kind of double whammy of over-the-top exhibitionism and true crime. Both are, of course, staged for maximum shock value. Some have even said, My Strange Addiction is more fiction than reality. But then again, most people say much the same thing about most reality shows.

Here are 15 of the strangest real life addictions exposed on reality television. Sometimes, it just amounted to 15 of fame. But sometimes, it was downright criminal.

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15 Addicted To His Sex Dolls - "Davecat"


He goes by the pseudonym " Davecat" (wouldn't you?). Years back, he purchased his first doll, Sidore Kuroneko. "Davecat" and his "doll" moved from dating to marriage (with matching wedding bands). Davecat admits that their relationship is about 70 percent sex. We wonder what the other 30 percent is? A few years back, he purchased a second doll, a Russian called Elena, as a mistress for him and a friend for Sidore. Oh yes, both dolls are bisexual, so they can enjoy one another and Dave. Very handy.

14 Addicted To Justin Bieber - Toby Sheldon


When My Strange Addiction aired his story in January of 2014, he was deluged with media attention. His addiction? Put quite simply, he is addicted to looking like Justin Bieber. Or maybe he is just addicted to Justin Bieber. He has spent around $100,000, had facial work, a chin reduction, dental work and even hair transplants (so he can pull off those famous bangs). The 30-something California resident, who says he is a "song writer", is absolutely thrilled with the results. It could have been worse though, he could have been addicted to Michael Jackson.

13 Addicted To Voyeurism - Laura Laibe


You may never feel safe in a public toilet again. Laura Laibe was a "normal" Arizona wife and mother who just happened to be into voyeurism. Her thing was filming unsuspecting women in public toilet stalls, as they undressed or did their business, sometimes with children in tow. She then posted the videos and photographs and sold them online. Neighbors suspected nothing until a SWAT team surrounded her home and carried her away. Why do neighbors never suspect anything? She went to jail for a year and a half. Reportedly, none of her victims have been identified. But if you were in Arizona over the summer and autumn of 2013, you might just wonder.

12 Hooked On Funerals - Luis Squarisi


Luis Squarisi is a 40-something Brazilian, who is addicted to attending funerals. Yes, funerals. So much so that he gave up his job and calls hospitals and funeral homes every day to get the scoop on pending services. He says it all started in 1983, when his father died. Luis has attended every single funeral in his town, for the last 20 years or so. The local funeral home likes to have him around, and has said they don't want him to get help because people have come to expect him to be there, and would miss him if he weren't there. It's nice to be loved.

11 Obsessed With Large Breasts - Sheyla Hershey


She's had implant operation after implant operation, and is obsessed with having big boobs. Some reports state she has a 38KKK bra size. The Brazilian bombshell is married and currently living in Texas. In addition to My Strange Addiction, she has appeared on Comic-Con television and (rather bizarrely) was profiled by the National Geographic Channel. And before you ask, no she is not the world record holder. That goes to one Chelsea Charms, with (reportedly) a 164XXX size. That amounts to about 52 pounds of implants. Look for Chelsea on some addiction show in the near future. When she's not striping that is.

10 Can't Stop Streaking - Jimmy Gascon


A recent profile on My Strange Criminal Addiction, Jimmy's addiction to streaking started with a (fairly innocent) dare by friends. He took the dare, streaked and felt such a rush, so he decided to do it again, and again, and again. Once considered a prank, streaking is now criminalized in some jurisdictions. While you won't spend hard time, expect to cool your heels in a local jail for a while. No word on whether Jimmy has taken the cure or is planning his getaway from his next gig. Reports vary on whether Jimmy is a streaker or a flasher. Streaker sounds like collegiate fun, while flasher brings to mind dirty old men in raincoats.

9 Chewing On Dirty Diapers - Keyshia


We arrive at our first big time My Strange Addiction gag moment. You won't be surprised to hear that we couldn't find a last name for this one. Her thing is smelling and chewing on dirty diapers. What some people won't do for their 15 of fame. Over on My Strange Criminal Addiction, they are one up on Keyshia with one Alex Davis. As far as we can tell, Alex is in the same boat with Keyshia, except for the fact that he steals his diapers from garbage cans. So it's trash theft, which is illegal in some States.

8 Addicted To Staying Young - Robert Wells


Another gag-making moment. Using an assumed name and disguised, "Wells" admitted to My Strange Criminal Addiction that he had an addiction to drinking young people's urine. Why? He thought it was the fountain of youth and that it would keep him young. He collected the stuff himself, and one day, was caught by a mom in mid-collection. He was arrested as a sex offender and jailed for 5 years. Only slightly less gag-making was My Strange Addiction's episode that told the story of Carrie, who had been drinking her own urine for years. Some 900 gallons of the stuff.

7 Obsessing Over Ken - Justin Jedlica


He's had over 150 cosmetic procedures to his face and his body. Five nose jobs and muscle implants all over the place. He has even been called a Ken wannabee, but he says that he was just after physical perfection. It is, he says, his very own way of expressing his creativity. There are certainly many other ways of feeling creative, that probably come at a cheaper price. Luckily, his husband is successful and reportedly pays and pays and pays. We wonder where Barbie figures in all this.

6 Sex Addiction - Rick Sciara


Clearly not in the fairly sanitized realm of the likes of Tiger Woods, Sciara was a pretty hard core sex addict. Calling himself "Master Rick" he ran an Internet ad, saying he was a dominant 60ish male who already "owned" 2 male sex slaves, but that he was looking to recruit new trainee sex slaves. He had converted his garage into an S&M "dungeon".   Apparently, there were takers. Now, this may be addictive behavior, but is it illegal?According to My Strange Criminal Addiction, the authorities got him on charges of unlawfully providing medical service. You see, he also performed castrations on (supposedly) willing men. Apparently, he had worked as a medical assistant, so he was not a complete novice. That's reassuring.

5 Addiction To Rock Music - Roger Tullgran


This is official. Roger Tullgran is so addicted to rock music that the Swedish government has decided to grant him disability benefits. Three separate psychologists have even certified his addiction. He reportedly goes to some 300 heavy metal concerts a year and spends much of his time at work (as a dishwasher) plugged into his player, on the stipulation nobody else can hear the music. Lucky for him, his job doesn't consist of having to be verbal with clients, or even communicating with people.

4 Addicted To Sexual Bumping - Billy Roberts


According to My Strange Criminal Addiction, Billy Roberts may spend the rest of his life in a jail cell. Why? Well, because of his extremely uncomfortable, strange addiction. Billy Roberts is addicted to aggressively grinding his pelvis into women, when standing in crowded New York City subways. Talk about creepy. He has reportedly been arrested about 53 times. And if you didn't think this was bad enough, it gets even more bizarre. Apparently, his twin brother does exactly the same thing.

3 Addiction To Being An Adult Baby - Stanley Thornton, Jr.


When he turned 14 years old, he started wetting the bed and wearing diapers. Whenever the now 31-year old Thornton is at home, he acts like a baby. He has giant baby furniture, drinks from a baby bottle and spends at least 8 hours a day, playing and acting like a baby. But unless he's at a park, he tries to behave like an adult out in public. Reportedly, his girlfriend plays mother when they are home. Sounds nuts? My Strange Addiction has reported that Social Security has deemed him disabled and sends him an $800 disability check every month. Go figure.

2 Gaming Addiction - Craig Smallwood

Between 2004 and 2009, Craig Smallwood reportedly played some 20,000 hours of the NCSoft game, Lineage II. He was apparently so obsessed, that it affected his health and well-being, and he was even hospitalized. So, it's the kind of story you've heard before? There's more. In 2010, Smallwood filed a $3 million lawsuit against the South Korean software manufacturer NCSoft, claiming they were negligent in designing the game. He claims that they had made it "too addictive". In other words, they did their job so well, he couldn't help himself. Right. Apparently, the suit is still grinding its way through the courts.

1 Addicted To Puppets - April Brucker


Her puppets are everything to her. April Brucker practices about 12 hours a days and reportedly takes them everywhere with her. When her boyfriend said, "it's me or the puppets", no prizes for which way she went on that one. Bye-bye boyfriend, to hello performing on Rachel Ray, My Strange Addiction and Good Day New York TV shows. According to her website, she is a comedian and an author. She and her puppets certainly put on quite a show.

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