15 Most Bizarre Baby Names Of 2014

Every child is unique, and every new parent wants to give their child a name to reflect their very own uniqueness. It's understandable that most parents want their children to stand out from the crowd, making a statement about their own creativity in the process.

There are millions of Elizabeths and Johns, but hardly any Apples or Blues, for instance. But giving children unique names is not always beneficial to the child. After all, most children really just want to fit in.

All of the names chosen here were collected by babycentre.com. They surveyed over half a million parents this year, and each name on this list occurred at least three times on the survey. Many have never been seen in previous years.

The following names will make many readers cringe, but these names might give some other parents a few unique ideas...

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15 Cheska / Juju

Cheska Hull from UK reality show “Made in Chelsea” shares this girl’s name. Parents like this name because it is filled with “emotional charge,” or maybe just because it sounds pretty and unique without being overly controversial.

The boy's name, Juju, on the other hand is definitely strange. It brings to mind those Jujubes candies! Still, there are at least three newborn boys rocking this name in 2014.

14 Cyan / Moon

Cyan is of course a colour, and it's not rare for children to be named after a colour - like Scarlett and Auburn, for example. But Cyan is rarely one of those colours chosen. It means greenish-blue, and actually doesn't sound that bad, especially compared to some of the others on the list.

Moon is one of those names that would be great for a black cat, or perhaps another sort of pet. But for a little boy? It's probably chosen by parents who think themselves mysterious and unique and want their child’s name to reflect that. Hopefully these children won’t grow up wearing those wolf-howling-at-the-moon t-shirts...

13 Harpa / Posey

At first glance, one might think the name is “Harper,” but no, it's a couple letters off. This is in fact an old name which comes from the first summer month in Iceland. This is one of those names that is unique, but not unpleasant.

For boys, Posey is showing up on the radar. This name has been popular with girls in the past, especially in England, but recently, it's being claimed by the less fair sex. It brings to mind a bouquet of flowers, which may or may not be to a male child’s taste.

12 Elowen / Sparrow

This name may remind some of Éowyn from Lord of the Rings. It does have that mystical ring to it. This name can be used for boys or girls, and means “Elm” in the language it was derived from (Cornish). If parents wanted a different kind of name that still sounded pretty, this would be the one.

Sparrow, the name currently emerging for boys, can be used for girls as well - but Nicole Richie and Joel Madden named their son this. The other parents who have decided to name their son Sparrow in 2014 may have been inspired by pretty little birds, but it seems more likely they drew inspiration from the celebrity couple's little boy.

11 Merci / Nisan

Merci may make one think of the word “thank-you” in French, but the name in fact derives from the English word Mercy. Because of this, it was popular with puritans who were looking for an innocent name for their daughters. Now, the name is rarely heard, but it is making a slight comeback with the kooky 'i' to distinguish it from the old-fashioned name.

Nisan has nothing to do with Nissan cars, but it does come from the Hebrew word with the same spelling. It means “miracle,” although a child with this name may be wishing for a miracle to change his name.

10 Monet / Wolf

Does Monet bring to mind the French painter Claude Monet? Or the singer Janelle Monáe? Either way, the name has been chosen for girls as of this year. It is a French name that can be used for both genders, but is more popular for girls.

Wolf is similar to Moon in that the name is meant to be mysterious and unique. This one may have been inspired by the recent werewolf trend, although one might hope not...

9 Nivea / Blayde

Nivea sounds familiar doesn’t it? This name,though, has nothing to do with the brand. Rather, it comes from Latin, “snow,” or “reflecting the snow-white colour.” Once that becomes clear, the name becomes a lot more bearable.

Blayde is another edgy or mysterious name for boys that has seen a rise in popularity. It comes from the English word, “blade,” of course, and is chosen to reflect all of the characteristics of a sharp edge.

8 Heavenleigh / Anthem

Yes, Heavenleigh is just heavenly. It is an alternative spelling of the word, and is meant to capture all the aspects of Heaven. It does sound like a cute name, but the spelling may make some cringe.

Anthem is another odd boy name that has been seen this year. If parents are particularly into their nation’s anthem, maybe they could consider this? Other than that, it seems like a strange name that would get more negative attention than positive.

7 Lynix / Rexx

Not to be mistaken for Linux, Lynix has seen some rise in popularity over the years, especially in the US. In 2011, at least 5 children were given the name, the same as in 2014. It is a unique name that's not altogether unpleasant.

Rexx may sound tough for a dog or some kind of lizard, but a child may not appreciate it.  There are many other “tough” sounding names to choose from, but some parents have opted for Rexx for their new sons all the same.

6 Esty / Dodge

Esty is an old name. It's given to the Jewish wife of the king Ahasuerus in the Bible and may mean any number of things. Most commonly, it's believed to come from the Goddess Ishtar of love and fertility. As far as names go, the meaning and history are quite interesting.

Dodge may be given when a parent loves Dodge cars, or maybe loves dodgeball? There might be another reason, but it's pretty unfathomable. It means quick and spry as well, but the meaning may be lost on the child when they want to 'dodge' their own name.

5 Tempest / Sea

These two names were in joint 5th place most bizarre of the year go together; maybe if someone was having boy-girl twins they'd be perfect.

The name Tempest means stormy and may be perfect for a little girl who just won’t settle down. Sea can be pronounced differently, giving it a different meaning, but if it maintains its aqua focus then hopefully the kid will grow to love the beach.

4 Gitty / Bender

Gitty comes from “Giddy,” and has the same meaning - namely, happiness and glee. It sounds rather old-fashioned but it's coming back onto the radar in 2014.

Bender is a bit of an odd name that will make some think of “Futurama”. It has been used more commonly as a surname in the past, and only recently has been used as a first name. Is it because of the popular TV show? If so, there's probably a better character to name a child after...

3 Violina / Rhythm

These two names also relate to one another, especially when seen side by side. Rhythm has been used as a girl’s name too, and it may seem a bit odd for a boy, but it is rising in popularity. Although both names are still quite rare, the former has, especially, been seen quite commonly this year.

2 Holiday / Hershey

The female name Holiday has seen a 6% rise in popularity just this last week! Is it because Christmas is coming? Parents who are considering this name may want to wait until their holiday spirit has diminished before choosing a permanent name for their child.

Hershey's chocolates also has to do with the holiday season. But giving your child this as a first name may not be in the best, ahem, taste.

1 Yolo

If you really want to name your baby Yolo, you're in luck. It doesn't matter if the name is given to a boy or a girl because it's unisex! But the name Yolo is likely one mistake that parents from this decade will be hitting themselves for in years to come.

Surprisingly, the name is moderately popular and seems to reflect the parents’ carefree lifestyle, "you only live once". Unfortunately, the child does too, and will have to live with this one for the duration.

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