15 Mind Blowing Facts About The New World Order Conspiracy

Perhaps the biggest conspiracy theory out there these days relates to the New World Order. The theory goes like this: a group of blood-lined groups, dating back to the Middle Ages, is secretly trying to take over the world, and to an extent, it already has. Unlike dictators of the past, this group is not— at least, not yet— seeking a military coup on the governments of the world, but is rather trying to create a single world government, which this elite group of individuals, this global elite, control in its entirety.

The idea and the research behind it has proved so compelling that it might surprise you that this is not a fringe movement. According to a 2013 poll, about 28 percent of Americans believe in the New World Order, or global elite— whichever term you prefer.

As paranoid as it sounds, we might remember that the warp and woof of history is replete with dictators who’ve tried exactly this sort of thing. Napoleon. Alexander the Great. Hitler. Only they didn’t really seek to do it this unobtrusively. When you look at the key ideas behind the conspiracy theory and how this group allegedly functions in society, you realize that the dictators of today, if the New World Order exists as such, is probably smarter than most of its predecessors. First, you have a general public who is not willing to accept the idea of a single world government of tyranny. So instead of creating such a government openly, you create an appearance so that what you are proposing is democratic. You take over the high reaches of democracy and corporate controls. You instigate messages in the media that support your arguments.

This is all speculation, of course. But many researchers and even government officials such as former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer have attested to its existence. Whether this group is almost wholly in control of the world's governments, as some speculate, a powerful lobby in Washington, or just a cultish, intriguing footnote to history remains to be seen for many.

With that said, here are 15 scary and unusual allegations about this alleged movement.

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15 Reduce Global Population

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If you’ve ever listened to the anti-globalist talk show host Alex Jones, you might have heard of this allegation against the global elite. In his documentary, Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement, Jones reports that a major mission of this conspiratorial agenda by the New World Order is to systematically reduce the world’s population. A lot of these insights are built upon Jones’ own investigations into the Bilderberg Group, a secret annual meeting by top political and corporate leaders from across the globe. The press has never been allowed to attend the event, but Jones has obtained leaks from inside sources here and there after the conferences. The most chilling of reports to come out of the event in a while has indicated that the global elite want to reduce the current world population by 80 percent by attacking our immune system through food, water, and inoculations. The global elite’s depopulation program is a familiar centerpiece of Jones’ talk show.

14 It Started With The Illuminati 

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The Illuminati is said to be a collection of 13 bloodline families involved in a secret society hell-bent on world domination. It is thought to be heavily involved in occult sciences, such as astrology and numerology. The upper tiers of this hierarchal system supposedly have committee names like Council of 3, the Grand Druid Council, and the Committee of 300, all of which are pyramid-like in structure and authority.

In 1992, Dr. John Coleman, who claims to be a former intelligence agent, published a book called Conspirators' Hierarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300, a book which details how the Illuminati promotes an oligarchical agenda of worldwide control, one-world government, and a single-unit monetary system. The book also talks about how the Committee of 300 controls a great portion of industry, media, and science. The Illuminati is thought to have been founded in Bavaria in 1776, but most scholars believe this original organization went extinct due to early repression in Bavaria.

13 They're Working With Aliens

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Another major conspiracy theory is that the government is secretly covering up the existence of UFOs and aliens. Many conspiracy believers think this conspiracy is intimately linked to the New World Order and its desire for world conquest. British author David Icke believes the so-called Reptilian species of ETs, who are thought to be less benign than other species, have mastered shapeshifting technologies that enables them to roam freely in government positions, similar to what you might see in X-Men. This group of reptilians he refers to as the Babylon Brotherhood, a group pushing civilization into a new world order. Other ET believers also contend that the New World Order, or shadow government, negotiates with the ET races to obtain their advanced technology. In exchange for this trade program, the Grays are allowed the freedom to conduct alien abductions on the human population without the order’s interference.

12 They Want To Be Genetically Superior


Adolph Hitler believed that the Aryan race was superior to all other races, but, according to some anti-science conspiracy theorists, the global elite is obsessed with actually becoming superior. The New World Order wants to create a “post-human ruling class” by refining their genetics through technology, these theorists say. Sometimes called technological singularity, this concept means an eventual human race that is fused with robotics, or the best that technology can offer. This is similar to what Darth Vader was in Star Wars, both a man and a robot. Some of these conspiracy theorists worry that if this were to take place, human society would see the emergence of a totalitarian dystopia, similar to what Aldous Huxley envisioned in his book, A Brave New World. This, they theorize, could ultimately lead to the end of humanity as we know it. Instead, we’d just be robotically enhanced humans.

11 Gradual Takeover

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Conspiracy theorists who believe in the New World Order often argue that the world takeover is being implemented gradually over many decades. Their evidence for this is the gradual centralization of world federations and governing bodies that often use the word world in the title. Examples include the World Trade Organization, the World Bank, the United Nations, and the World Health Organization, all of which create a pyramid of power that has the capability to have wide-reaching control over society as a whole. Some of these theorists opt for libertarian candidates in elections, since these candidates are anti-federal or anti-globalist control and are more in favor of localized control, where corruption can be kept away from the global elite’s influence. Some are concerned about the possibility of an upcoming move to globalized currency, after the Council on Foreign Relations proposed a new type of currency called the Amero. This currency could be used in Canada, Mexico, and the US.

10 Military Takeover


Although many believe the New World Order will remain secret, there are some who have taken another viewpoint. Some in the militia movement believe the New World Order may be getting ready for an eventual coup d’état by a secret black ops military team, although it is currently using behind-the-scenes methods of obtaining power. This military coup, employing a more typical approach by dictators, could involve the elimination of democracy via the “suspension of the Constitution,” the takeover of martial law, and the election of military commanders to oversee state and local governments, these theorists suspect. Militia movement members who believe this are also worried that any gun control legislation will eventually lead to the end of gun ownership in the US population, which they see as another possible move by the global elite to stop anything in their way from a full political takeover.

9 Mass Surveillance


Conspiracy theorists believe that the New World Order at its core is a “cult of intelligence,” which involves an almost Matrix-style level of surveillance of everyone in the world. This, they believe, is being achieved through the use of social security numbers, bar coding of retail purchases, and radio-frequency identification. This last one is a type of micro-chip, or RFID, that can be used to track a person's or item’s whereabouts or even to listen in on conversations. Some believe that RFID implant chips on purchases now resemble a totalitarian state, such as in the book 1984, where all consumers are being constantly tracked and spied on as part of a mass surveillance project.

8 Dark Occult Practices


Often seen as an Illuminati symbol, the Eye of Providence (the pyramid with an eye hovering over it) is often viewed with intrigue. But due to its connection to secret societies like the Illuminati and Freemasons, some anti-globalists, especially Christian right conspiracy theorists, view this age-old fixture on the dollar bill as a sign that our monetary system and government are occultists at heart.

These theorists believe that, through the use of numerology and other occult methods, the New World Order is in touch with Luciferian forces, like the devil and dark spirits, to bring about their desire for world power. These symbols, which were imbedded into Washington DC monuments and into our monetary system, stress their underlying interest in occult forces to bring about their objectives. Some of these theorists are convinced the global elite is also pursuing an agenda to unify the world under one religion, which worships the Anti-Christ. Underneath the pyramid on the dollar, you’ll notice the Latin words, Novo Ordo Seclorum, which means “New Order of the Ages.” Or maybe does it also sort of mean, “The New World Order”?

7 They Worship An Owl Statue


In one of Alex Jones’ rarer and more fascinating moments as a documentary filmmaker, he sneaked into Bohemian Grove in 2000 for a sneak peek into the global elites’ Dionysian party in the hills of California. There, he witnessed some unusual events happening, including a ritual called “The Cremation of Care.” The ritual, narrated by Walter Cronkite and shown in the above photo, was performed in front of a large statue of an owl, which is sometimes associated with Canaanite religion in the Bible. He also noticed a hideous, demonic face upon entering, which led him to believe the global elites were engaged in some sort of diabolical worship. While Jones was never able to confirm what was really going on there, many are haunted by these revelations. Some might speculate that the event was merely a sort of fraternity party joke. Maybe, but Jones is freaked out by what he witnessed there— and maybe we should be also.

6 Mind Control


Some theorists about the global elite also speculate that the New World Order is engaged in creating a national consensus for their agendas. This involves the utilization of propaganda, mass media, and advertising to lull consumers and employees into buying products or not rebelling against the established economic structure. Some anti-globalists also fear that some of this manipulation will eventually advance further and become a type of global brainwashing or mind control that utilizes a variety of techniques like hypnosis. Some mind control tactics anti-globalists express concern over include the use of water fluoridation, mind-controlling microwave signals, subliminal advertising, and parapsychological methods, such as those investigated in the Stargate Project of 1978. This popularized project was initiated by the Defense Intelligence Agency to investigate the possibilities of using psychic phenomena for military and domestic intelligence agendas.

5 Skull And Bones

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Skull and Bones is a secret (yet infamous) senior society at Yale University, which is believed to be a breeding ground for the global elite. The society, and its members, typically come from 'old money' families across America. Two high-profile members that come to mind easily are George W. Bush and John Kerry. Interestingly, the society has some illustrious figures in the media, including both Time magazine co-founders, Briton Hadden and Henry Luce. Anti-globalists have long suspected the ominously titled society, the oldest of its kind at Yale, is a haven where insiders of the Illuminati converge for private meetings and forge long-lasting connections for future business and political ventures. Members of the secret society are known as “Bonesman,” and the society is informally known as "Bones."

4 They Make Money Off The War On Drugs 


We might wonder sometimes where the money goes when the DEA seizes a vast quantity of drugs, as well as the money and loot that goes along with it. Some researchers in the conspiracy theory movement against the New World Order allege that the vast amount of money seized each year by the government is really being used to finance New World Order agendas. These seizures are believed to be used for paying off numerous “black projects,” which, in the most extreme levels, include the construction of cities beneath the earth. These cities are said to be where the government and aliens work together on clandestine advanced military and technological projects, such as the alleged back-engineering of UFOs at Area 51 in Groom Lake, Nevada.

3 The Knights Templar


If you have ever read the book or saw the movie, the DaVinci Code, you might have heard of the Knights Templar and the Priori of Sion. Both are thought by some to be secret societies that, in the Middle Ages, worked as an early Illuminati organization. The Knights Templar are believed by some to be the military arm of the Priori of Sion, and it is believed that it was the Knights Templar who orchestrated and started the Crusades for over a century and a half. The Knights Templar and the Priori of Sion eventually parted ways and became antagonistic. While many of the Templars were seized and eventually tortured, many of them are thought to have escaped only to reappear again in Scotland as the Scottish Rites of Free Masonry and in Portugal as the Knights of Malta. If this is all true, then the Illuminati and New World Order are much older and much more entrenched in history than some suppose.

2 They Start Wars And Depressions

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The global elites are also responsible for the major wars and economic downturns in recent history, according to many conspiracy theorists. The wars were mainly started because wars, as all historians will tell you, are a profitable action for any country that gets involved. Some of these wars include the Spanish-American War, World Wars I and II, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, the Korean War, and the two Iraq wars. The movement, or NWO, is also credited by some conspiracy theorists for having started the rise of Nazi Germany and the Great Depression of the 1930s.

1 All Major Leaders Are Involved


A central belief of the anti-establishment, anti-globalist movement is that virtually, if not, all major world leaders and key world players are involved with the New World Order in some capacity. In addition to finger-pointing the Royal Family of England and the House of Windsor, the anti-globalist conspiracy theorists also mention international bankers, oil barons, and pharmaceutical leaders as major players in the New World Order. Many anti-globalists like Alex Jones view neither Democrat nor Republican candidates as the answers to the dilemmas society faces, since they believe these candidates are almost always members of the New World Order or have strong ties to them. Some often opt for a third-party candidate such as Republican/Libertarian Ron Paul, who sometimes expresses the same views as the anti-globalists.

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