15 Inspirational Celebrity Health Changes That'll Make Anybody's Day

It is a topic of conversation among so many circles, especially in Hollywood. Yes, we are talking about weight, and it seems that everyone, not just celebs, are being critiqued each and every day. Body image and self-esteem fluctuates as people see body ideals and try to measure up to PhotoShop. Of course, there are some people who could do well with some weight loss, and that’s what we’re going to focus on today. This is our list of The 15 Major Celebrity Weight Loss Success That’ll Get You Going. If you are struggling to lose the weight or adopt a better lifestyle for health, then you want to read through this list and pay attention to what these famous people did. Some of them have lots 50, 60, 70...even 100 or more pounds!

So, want to know what their secrets are? Odds are, it isn’t really a secret. It turns out that celebrities have the same physical makeup as the rest of us. There are no shortcuts for these celebs. Sure, they could have gotten severe or drastic surgery, but these guys and gals decided to do it the right way. Just to clarify, we’re not saying that gastric bypass surgery is a bad thing, we’re just saying that there is a very small group of people who absolutely need it. These celebrities lost their weight through efforts to change their diet and exercise. And of course, they had to overhaul their attitude towards themselves. Now that’s a lesson that we can all benefit from!

15 Chaz Bono


Chaz Bono has been out of the spotlight for a while, but when you see the celeb, you will notice his amazing weight loss. He has dropped 85 pounds and he is almost unrecognizable. The priorities for Chaz are focusing on healthy diet and exercise, even when he doesn’t want to. He will commit to a few days a week of working out, and a balanced diet is the key to sustained weight loss. The efforts have really paid off, as Chaz looked smashing on stage when he performed in last summer’s theatrical production Down the Road. In the play, Chaz took on the role of a serial killer, but the only thing Chaz would ever destroy is his poor body image and self-esteem. Now he feels good, he looks good, and he’s doing what he loves! A success story that we can all appreciate. Who knew just typical gym workouts and a balanced diet could work such wonders?

14 Christina Aguilera


Serving as a judge on the singing competition show The Voice, Christina Aguilera was constantly in the spotlight, and some people started talking about her weight and appearance. It was clear that she was heavier than her “Genie In A Bottle Days,” but she was older now and she had gone through pregnancy. Even so, Christina decided to get back into shape and now she is looking fit and fine. She is careful with her food intake and tries to steer clear of foods with loads of unhealthy ingredients. She doesn’t totally abstain from alcohol, but she has severely limited her drinking time. Healthy fats and lean protein play a major role in her diet, as do fruits and veggies. She gets her healthy snacks in (almond butter is a fave), and she isn’t piling on the carbs. Instead, it’s a lot of protein to keep her toned and she has replaced bad fats with healthy fats from shrimp and nuts.

13 Alec Baldwin


When actor Alec Baldwin was told by doctors that he was on his way to developing diabetes, he knew that he needed to make a major change in his lifestyle choices. So, he got to work and he ended up dropping 30 pounds! With the fear of being pre-diabetic looming over his head, Alec got to work on overhauling his diet and adding exercise to his daily routine. Little by little, the small changes added up, and now Alec has a much healthier lifestyle that should keep a diabetes diagnosis at bay. People with diabetes or pre-diabetes need to be especially careful of their insulin levels, which means being careful at meal times. Portion control and monitoring carb intake is a huge part of staying healthy and fit for Alec. He also needs to keep moving and getting his heart rate up. It seems to be working quite well for him!

12 Miranda Lambert


Blake Shelton, eat your heart out! His ex-wife Miranda Lambert is smoking hot (well, even more than before) as she has dropped some serious weight. Now she is lighter in body and mindset, and she feels so much better about herself. To lose 45 pounds, Miranda had to monitor her portions and make sure that she wasn’t overeating mindlessly. She also hired a personal trainer to help her stick it out with an exercise routine, which she keeps to this day. Even when she doesn’t want to work out, she does it and then she feels so much better afterwards. Miranda incorporated her hobbies into workouts: riding horses or going for a jog.

11 America Ferrera


The lovely America Ferrera was fed up with dieting and hating on her body. Once she learned to bring love to herself, she was able to focus on her weight loss as not a way to “look better,” but a way to have a healthy relationship with herself and her body. Her weight loss journey was definitely focused on self-acceptance and self-love. She takes care of herself and she realized that making sure you are nourished and getting in your exercise is not selfish, it is a form of self-care. Now she doesn’t feel bad about putting herself and her health first because it allows her to be happier and more enjoyable to be around. She also had to deal with a lot of body image pressure, and she has come out on the other end not only looking fabulous, but feeling so much better about herself and the way she looks. She never wants her bottom line to be having the “perfect body.” Rather, she wants to be the best America Ferrera she can be!

10 Jordin Sparks

Cutie American Idol alum Jordin Sparks is now looking super sleek and sexy. The starlet dropped 50 pounds in a year and a half, but instead of focusing on how she would look, she focused on how she would feel. That’s the key to her success! Instead of counting calories, she asks herself if she is truly hungry for food or if it’s an emotion that’s causing her to eat. She tries to go low-carb in the evenings, and she swears by berries. She also began her exercise routine with simple walks around the block. Next she started doing strength-training, which revved up her metabolism and helped her gain muscle and lose fat. She loves going to Zumba classes, but she also gets active just in her day-to-day life by walking her dogs or going for a swim. She took it slow, and now she is one of the best role models for young women who are looking to get in better shape.

9 Rosie O’Donnell


In case you haven’t been keeping up with Rosie O’Donnell, she has lost 64 pounds in the last two years. If you see her nowadays, you might not even recognize her. After all, she was the fat comedienne for years - loveable, but definitely not in shape. Now, Rosie says she feels so much better and she is so happy with her weight loss. How did she get to be 65 pounds lighter? Well, after getting gastric sleeve surgery, she still had work to do. She had to control her appetite and watch her portions at mealtimes. She was scared into weight loss after suffering from a heart attack when she was 50 years old. She had to drop some weight immediately, which is where the surgery came in. Now she has a different relationship with food and she sees it more as nourishment to thrive, rather than something that she turns to in times of stress or sadness.

8 Shonda Rhimes


Shonda Rhimes is down nearly 120 pounds, and her weight loss journey has been inspiring for many women in the African American community. The mastermind behind the hit TV series Scandal did nothing scandalous to lose the weight; she watched her portion sizes and ate less at each meal, realizing what her body felt like when she didn’t consume food mindlessly. She also has three young daughters back at home, and they provide the perfect motivation that Shonda needs to get moving and watch what she eats. Not only is she setting a good example for her kids, but she is also more energetic thanks to her weight loss, so she has more fun with them! Shonda has been very upfront about her weight loss approach; she doesn’t like exercising at all, but she does like the result of moving more. And while she may have griped about not getting to eat her favorite junk foods, she does find that over time, she started to crave healthier foods.

7 Jonah Hill


Having a solid career as the funny fat dude, Jonah Hill was an awesome celebrity who starred in hit films such as Superbad and 21 Jump Street. Now he is some 30 pounds slimmer and he is still going! It only took him two months to drop the weight, and he did it by giving his diet a major makeover. That meant dropping the junk food and filling his plate with fruits and veggies, as well as the staples of proper nutrition: whole grains, lean protein, and low-fat dairy. Jonah also said “no” to alcohol, which greatly contributed to his dramatic weight loss. He started slowly incorporating exercise into his days, beginning with the basics (walking, sit-ups, push-ups.) He was able to build up his endurance and strength and now he enjoys harder workouts that challenge his muscles. The biggest take-away for Jonah was paying attention to what he puts in his mouth. Is it filling and nutritious? Or simply a quick temptation?

6 Michael Moore


Film director Michael Moore really does have an incredible weight-loss story to share. And while he has the money to attend fancy health spas, you can take a lesson from his experience for yourself without shelling out the big bucks. Michael lost 70 pounds with the help of a regimented routine at the Pritikin Longevity Center and Spa, where he noshed on fiber-rich foods and ditched white flour, salt, and sugar. As for his exercise routine, Michael does not focus on any one form of workouts, but he does make sure that he moves a lot more than he used to. For him, he sticks with the 80% nutrition, 20% exercise rule. Paying close attention to what he eats plays a major role in his weight loss, while the movement is a great complement. And he basically considers salt to be from the devil, but that sounds a bit extreme.

5 Ricki Lake

Now this is a super-inspiring celebrity. Ricki Lake lost 130 pounds and slimmed down her 260-pound frame in a max effort that has lasted for 15 years. She has even begun to help others slim down and get healthier, and a new passion for her is tackling childhood obesity. If there is anyone that we are going to trust from a first-hand experience, it is Ricki Lake. She lost a huge amount of weight and she is going on two decades of prolonged success! To keep the weight off, Ricki knew she had to get moving and she could gorge herself on junk food all the time. She measured her portions to be sure that she was eating appropriately, and she had to turn to more greens instead of french fries. She also had to come to terms with her secretive and emotional eating, so some deep soul-searching was included in her extreme weight loss. Now she is healthier on the inside and outside!

4 Drew Carey


These days, Drew Carey is one hundred pounds lighter and he looks great as he energetically hosts The Price is Right. Drew Carey spent so many years being the super overweight guy, and because he is super funny and hosted Whose Line is it Anyway?, he was kind of stuck in that “funny fat guy” persona. Well, he got tired of that, and he wanted to have a healthy lifestyle so he could be there for his kid. To lose all that weight, Drew stopped drinking so much and he started eliminating processed food and junk from his diet. For him, it was all about sticking to a plan that he could stick with for the rest of his life. That means that he doesn’t do supplements or weird diet foods. Instead he focuses on eating whole, natural foods and giving himself the grace to enjoy treats every now and then. It seems to be working!

3 John Goodman


When we saw actor John Goodman on the red carpet last, just wow. This was the guy who was severely overweight and was most famous for his role as the heavyset dad on the sitcom Roseanne. Now John is looking svelte and sleek, and he lost over one hundred pounds over a 36-month period. How in the world did he manage to do this, especially without surgery? First of all, John decided that it was time to get up and get moving; no more lounging in front of the TV. Secondly, he had to pay attention to his diet and do a major overhaul. He cut back on the sugar and he monitored his food portions. He also remembered that if he was going to celebrate lasting weight loss, then he needed to take it slow. It looks like slow and steady wins the race, and now he has a sustainable lifestyle that he can keep up!

2 Jennifer Hudson


This diva made the world fall in love with her when she appeared on an early season of American Idol. Now she is an idol in her own right, and people look up to her for her amazing confidence and her singing abilities. J-Hud is also a wonderful weight-loss role model and she is helping to bring more people to the Weight Watchers program. From 2010 to 2012, Jennifer followed the Weight Watchers method, and she managed to lose 80 pounds. During that time, and up to 2014, she was a spokeswoman for the weight-loss brand, and her tried and true method for keeping the weight off is to keep the foods that she’s tempted to overeat out of her kitchen. She still enjoys chocolate, but she really pays attention to what she is nourishing her body with. Hey, we’ve heard that our body is a temple, and it looks like Jennifer only wants to put good things into it.

1 Kelly Osbourne


If you remember Kelly Osbourne from her past life on her father Ozzy Osbourne’s reality TV show, then you remember her as a goth-looking, overweight teenage. Now she is all grown up and she has a healthy attitude towards not only her body, but her whole self. And she looks amazing! Kelly lost the weight in a healthy and committed way, which makes her a truly inspiring weight-loss role model. So, how did she manage to drop 70 pounds? For one, she stopped her stress and emotional eating. Lots of people tend to overeat or turn to food to fill the emptiness they feel in their hearts. That is never a good way to relate to food. Kelly also turned to exercise that she loves, such as hula hooping and challenging her friends to get out and play with her. Nothing like some friendly competition to get you actively moving!

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15 Inspirational Celebrity Health Changes That'll Make Anybody's Day