15 Insane Things Superfans Have Done

Whether it's movie fans, sports fans or music fans, we have seen all types of intense and crazy people. These superfans go to extreme measures to show their idol the proper devotion they think they deserve. Sometimes they take scary actions towards their idol, not realizing what they are doing can be viewed as psychotic and dangerous. After all, a lot of celebrities do not know every fan personally, so when an unwarranted encounter arises, some fans take it way too far.

Expressing your adoration does not always come in the form of stalking a celebrity's house or hacking their phones. Some fans have physically transformed themselves in order to mimic their devotion of choice. Ignoring advice from medical professionals or friends and family, there is no stopping some fans when it comes to their insane behavior. Some suffer severe mental illness and some just take on their fan role for fun and as a hobby. The results of the fandemonium is sometimes pretty cool. The creativity stemming from within the devoted fans can result in beautiful works of art or enormous collections of paraphernalia dedicated to their number 1 choice of idolization.

When it comes to expressing your love, there is a right and a wrong way to go about it. When the line begins to get crossed turning into a violent situation or invading someone's space, time or life, proper action must ensue to ensure the safety of the idol. Not all cases result in this extremity, but it is a common occurrence far too often. Take a look at these 15 insane things superfans have done.

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15 Bieber's Left Over Water Bottle Sold For Big Bucks

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This is a little mix between fan behavior and smart business moves. Beliebers are everywhere you look and they are probably some of the most devoted fans in centuries. Going to extremes to prove your love to the world is the norm nowadays, especially for young teens completely infatuated with Justin Bieber. When a 16-year-old belieber had the opportunity to meet her idol backstage, she had a television studio to thank. While backstage, Justin took a sip out of a sparkling water bottle and did not anticipate the fizzy taste. He spat out the drink and discarded the bottle. The fan and her mother took this opportunity to make big bucks. They salvaged the discarded bottle and posted it online with trademe.com. Beliebers living in all necks of the woods battled for this precious bottle and it found an owner. The parent's of another major Bieber fan had bought the bottle for a whopping $624 to gift to their daughter! The math wizards at TheRichest worked their magic and with the cost of that one bottle, you can purchase roughly 371 individual bottles of sparkling water.

14 The Superman Lookalike

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Herbert Chavez went to extreme measures to physically resemble his idol. Phillipines born, Chavez continually augments his features to resemble his favorite superhero Clark Kent/Superman. There is no arguing that Superman is an extremely dashing man, but completely eliminating your own physique to mirror another is insane. Chavez underwent a chin augmentation to obtain the classic cleft chin Superman sports. He added silicon injections to his lips, thigh implants to have more muscular definition. He also underwent rhinoplasty to remove any resemblance of asian features. The processes began in 1995 and continued on intensely.

Herbert is barely recognizable because he completely transformed his entire look. When a person wants to make their physical appearance vanish, that is probably a tell-tale sign that psychologically they can be suffering. Having low self esteem can also enhance drastic changes in appearance or a desire to be someone else. Not only are multiple surgeries costly, they are irreversible to a certain extent, so we hope Chavez is finally content and satisfied looking like Superman.

13 Taylor Swift's Swimming Fan

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On April 15, 2013, Taylor Swift got the most unexpected and unwanted fan encounter of her life. A 22-year-old male from Chicago was spotted swimming in the ocean around 2:20 am near the star's home. Thankfully, it was the police who spotted the late night swimmer. They thought it was quite odd that someone would be swimming alone at such a late time when it is so dark. They saw the man get out of the ocean and start to approach Swift's home. Obviously, it was time for the cops to intervene and begin questioning this bizarre behavior. The man stated that he had just went for a swim and that he intends to meet Taylor. This set off red alarms for the police and the swimmer was escorted to jail for further questioning. Thankfully, the fan never got to meet Taylor that night and his full intentions remain unclear. When fans begin doing bizarre things like this, it makes stars thankful they pay so much for their brigade of security always watching out for them.

12 Stealing Liam Payne's Boxers

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11 Jared Leto's Ear Necklace

This is by far one of the most disturbing things we have heard of not only fans being intrigued by, but humans in general. Jared Leto was sent several human ears with a note attached saying, "Are you listening?" The story continues to get even stranger based on Leto's reaction to this lovely gift. He decided to string the ear and wear it as a necklace. What? This is crazy! Most people would question whose ear it is, if they are okay (clearly not in the head) and why exactly they sent you it. The last thing most people would do is decide to turn it into jewelry. Leto confessed the story to a radio station based out of the U.K. He said, "...that was very strange. A whole ear. The Van Gogh move." After this story was released, many people online argued that the ear was actually a prop and is now sold as Bill Oberst Jr's severed ear.

10 Blackhawks Fan Ignores Labor At A Game

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When yelling and screaming at a hockey match, usually it is to encourage the team playing. It certainly was a mix of that and labor pains for this Blackhawks fan. Donna Lebano realized she had gone into labor during the second period of game 5 in the playoffs between Minnesota Wild and the Blackhawks. Instead of alerting her family that she was about to have a baby, Lebano kept her little secret and continued to watch the game refusing to go to the hospital until it was over. She lasted another hour and was able to see a 5-1 victory for the Blackhawks and then decided it was time to have her baby. She said, "We are a Hawks family. I had to see the end of the game." Owen Michael was later born and is described as a patient baby. We assume he earned that attribute because of the time he patiently waited to be born. Keep in mind, a hockey period is 20 minutes and the average intermission time is 17 minutes. This was an extremely dangerous move on the mother's part, but thankfully everything was a win in the end.

9 Alice Cooper's Mystery Wife

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8 Chris Brown's Naked Intruder

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This is a case of a fan with serious mental issues committing insane behavior and down right scaring the pants off of everyone who witnessed it. Chris Brown returned to his home in Agoura Hills, California after being away for a short amount of time. His security team knew something was wrong right away when they entered. They discovered a completely naked woman laying in Brown's bed. Nobody knew who she was or why she was there. She broke the hinges off of the doors to gain entry. She wrote "I LOVE YOU" all over the kitchen walls. Brown, being a big time car collector also had two vehicles damaged. "MRS. BROWN" was drawn all over his Rolls Royce and his Range Rover. The woman went on to  throw out his daughter's clothing as well as things for the dog. Brown reported seeing voodoo-like objects all over his house. They also discovered that the woman was there long enough to cook several meals for herself and leave dirty dishes. The police were called and burglary and vandalism were reported. The star hopes the woman gets the proper help she needed as she looked very disarrayed when apprehended.

7 Rihanna's Death Threats

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On April 30th, 2015, Rihanna's world was shook up by threatening messages she began to receive via social media. A man going by the name of Alex Mercer or Ralph Alexander began sending tweets to the star as well as her business partner and ex boyfriend. The first tweet was a selfie taken of the man standing in front of Rihanna's house. Following the image, a multitude of tweets emerged that were filled with violence and murder. Tweets ranging from, "Should have killed Rihanna a minute back, I would be good right now" to "Sorcery is a weapon. I use guns. Can't. Use hands" were released by the man. Twitter later suspended the account and police rushed to investigate the man's whereabouts near the home. The man later went on a new account tweeting Jay-Z in defense of himself and reporting his account being suspended. He later tweeted ex-boyfriend Chris Brown an image of a gun and bullets with the caption, "Don't run". This was not the first time Rihanna had to deal with violent stalkers and fans.

6 800 Hours Knitting For A Video Game

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On a little more lighthearted note, we come across a fan who is not causing harm to others, rather just creating a really cool art piece in honor of the amazing video game Super Mario Brothers 3. The skydiving champion, Kjetil Nordin spent 800 hours knitting the World One map together from the famous video game. Only Nordin knows the purpose and inspiration for partaking in such an obstacle, but the end result has been admired worldwide. Throughout the knitting process, Nordin remained extremely meticulous and strived for perfection. Halfway through knitting the famous castle moat, he realized the color blue he was using, was too purple and was not satisfied. He decided to start all over again on the moat costing him a week's work for the color error. The final product is 7 feet 2 by 5 feet 10. Nordin wants to preserve his work and wants to commence a new project once he decides what it will be.

5 Twi-hards

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Twilight took over the world when it was released and the vampire trend emerged starting the craze all over. Twilight fans known as twi-hards are a category all on their own for the extensive devotion to the popular series. There is a range of fan behavior from home decor to physically fighting in defense of the serious and it is nuts. When Eclipse was to be released, many twi-hards camped out in front of the movie theater in pajamas and sleeping bags in hopes to see the stars and get autographs. Security did have to intervene, but there is no stopping a diehard fan. Completely overhauling home decor to suit their twilight love is often done. Everything from pillows, bed sheets, shower curtains and coffee mugs have been produced in order to make a buck off their obsession. The main star of the series, Robert Pattinson is constantly being assaulted and harassed because of the character he played. A fan once tried to kiss him in the street causing him to flee and escape public harassment. Twi-hard? Twi-crazy.

4 Star Wars Home Renovation

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As the new Star Wars movie has just been released, its diehard fans are at an all-time high. With every occurrence from the series, new ammunition to glorify the multi-million dollar empire prevails. Dave Oldbury, a postman from the U.K has transformed his entire house in dedication to Star Wars. He has a collection of paraphernalia worth a little over $200, 000 USD, including posters, life-size storm troopers, figurines and much more. His collection includes roughly 9,000 cast and crew autographs as well as Star Wars tattoos covering his body. Oldbury has opened his house/shrine to the public to stay overnight and have an authentic Star Wars experience for around $70 USD per night. He did instill regulations for the guests throughout their stay such as limiting lightsaber use to the outdoors only. He also instructs guests not to use the side passage because it does lead to the dark side.

3 Gambling Fans

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In 1879, Sydney, Australia would be a day in sports history to change the country. A cricket match ensued between New South Wales and England on February 8th. A controversial call was made during the match causing havoc among fans. The call triggered passionate fans to storm the field and begin to attack and assault the England players. There were over 2,000 people on the field fighting and thankfully, only minor injuries were the result. There are several theories as to why this match became such a raucous affair. At the time, there was colonial tension between England and Australia and this created a boiling point for those involved. Another major reason was that there were many gambling fans spectating and were beginning to lose their money. They used the controversial call as an excuse to incite a riot in order for the bets to be called off. After the brawl, the match was rescheduled for February 10th ending with an England victory.

2 Doctor's Fan Saves Life

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If it was not for Dr. Andrew Deaner, a major football star would not be living today. On March 17, 2012 in Tottenham, London a football match between the Hotspurs and Bolton Wanderers was taking place. A mere 43 minutes into the match, panic, shock and fear struck the entire stadium. Bolton Wanderer's Fabrice Muamba collapsed on the field and nobody was 100% sure what to do. Thankfully, a fan in the crowd stepped forward. He happened to be a doctor. The problem was cardiac arrest and Muamba's heart had stopped for 78 minutes total. Dr. Deaner worked with the medical staff in directing the procedures in how to handle the football star. He instructed the medical team to send Muamba to London Chest hospital (where he worked) and not the local hospital closer by. London Chest provided all of the equipment needed specifically to save Muamba's life as opposed to the other local clinic. Dr. Deaner's actions literally saved this footballer's life and the roles have been reversed and Dr. Deaner is now Muamba's number one fan.

1 Damage To Trees

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In November of 2010 in Auburn, Alabama, Harvey Updyke would regret his fanatical decisions for the rest of his life. Football rival teams Auburn Tigers and Alabama Crimson Tide were in constant competition. Crimson Tide lost the Iron Bowl against the Tigers and Updyke was ready to lash out. He took it upon himself to go to the Auburn University grounds and poison all of the Auburn oak trees that have been standing there for a century. The trees were valued deeply by the community. Updyke called into the radio station run by ESPN to announce what he had done. Of course, nobody thought this was funny and the police began to investigate his whereabouts. Once apprehended, Updyke was charged with criminal mischief and sentenced to supervised probation as well as a ban on attending any collegiate sporting event. He was also summoned to repay for the damage of the trees amounting in $800,000. Thus far, Updyke has not been able to make proper payments for the damage. This is one mistake that will follow this fan the rest of his life.


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