15 Indestructible Creatures That Will Outlive Armageddon

Our world has been around for billions of years, and in that time, there have been millions upon millions of different species and creatures who have called this world home, and what might surprise many people is the fact that around 99% of all life that has ever existed on Earth has gone extinct. Species die out on a fairly regular basis, but in terms of widespread extinction, there have been five major events in the Earth’s history that resulted in nearly all life being wiped out. Many observers believe that in 2016, the Earth is currently entering into a sixth mass extinction, which coincides heavily with the fact that many people believe that the world is heading towards armageddon.

Armageddon can be reached through several means, whether it be due to climate change, an immense solar flare, a worldwide plague, or as most people believe, nuclear fallout. Either way, no matter how armageddon comes about, it likely will be what truly causes the Earth’s next mass extinction. With every mass extinction however, there have always been creatures who managed to survive thanks to some special skills and abilities that they possess, and it is a trend that will probably continue whenever armageddon rears its destructive head. Here is a list of 15 indestructible creatures that will outlive armageddon.

15 The Devil Worm


14 The Fruit Fly


13 The Scorpion

12 The Immortal Jellyfish

11 The Himalayan Jumping Spider

10 The Braconidae Wasp

9 The Red Flat Bark Beetle

8 The Lingulata


7 The Pompeii Worm


6 The Mummichog


5 The Amoeba

4 The Cockroach


3 Human Beings

2 The Tardigrade


1 Deinococcus Radioduran


Most people believe that if the world were to experience armageddon, that it would likely be the result of a nuclear war or some other form of nuclear catastrophe, and based on the state of the world right now, it is fair to see why many think this way. It is true that if the Earth were to experience a nuclear fallout, that most of the planet’s surface would be irradiated with extremely high and deadly levels of radiation, and as this list has shown, only a few species will be able to survive such an event. Deinococcus Radioduran is a bacteria (yes, bacteria are living creatures as well) and it has been nicknamed “Conan the Bacterium” by scientists because of the incredibly high resistances it has to extreme environments. In the prior entry on this list, it was mentioned that the tardigrade is known as an extremophile, but this bacteria is considered by scientists to be a “polyextremophile” because it is even more resilient than the tardigrade. This bacteria not only has the ability to quickly repair any damaged DNA (an ability which is trying to be used to help treat humans), but it also holds the record for being the most radiation resistant creature on Earth.

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15 Indestructible Creatures That Will Outlive Armageddon