15 Hot Female Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

When we look at celebrities, we see people that we consider to be huge successes. They have a lot of money, they drive nice cars, they live in huge mansions. They live a life that most of us can only dream of having.

The thing is though, it wasn't always this way for all of these stars. Some of them struggled mightily before they became famous - so much so that they were poor or even homeless. Now being homeless when you are a guy is one thing, but being homeless when you are a young attractive woman is another thing altogether. Predators are everywhere. It says a lot about a woman that she can be homeless and make it out alive, let alone thrive and become famous.

The women on this list did just that. At one point in their lives they had no home and lived on the streets, in homeless shelters, or in cars. But now, all of the women on this list are rich, and are huge stars. Love these women or hate them, you have to respect their accomplishments.

Here is TheRichest's list of 15 Female Stars Who Were Once Homeless.

15 Shania Twain


14 Jewel


13 Rose McGowan


12 Carmen Electra

11 Lil' Kim

10 Jennifer Lopez

9 Natasha Lyonne

8 Heather Mills

7 Traci Lords

6 Sonique

5 June Fairchild


4 Lena Cardwell


3 Hilary Swank


2 Kelly Clarkson

1 Halle Berry


We all know Halle Berry. She is one of the world's biggest stars and has appeared in numerous blockbuster movies and has been on the cover of many magazines. What a lot of us don't know about Halle is that she was once homeless. Berry slept at a shelter in NYC after her mom refused to send her money.

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15 Hot Female Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless