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15 Hot Female Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

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15 Hot Female Celebrities Who Were Once Homeless

When we look at celebrities, we see people that we consider to be huge successes. They have a lot of money, they drive nice cars, they live in huge mansions. They live a life that most of us can only dream of having.

The thing is though, it wasn’t always this way for all of these stars. Some of them struggled mightily before they became famous – so much so that they were poor or even homeless. Now being homeless when you are a guy is one thing, but being homeless when you are a young attractive woman is another thing altogether. Predators are everywhere. It says a lot about a woman that she can be homeless and make it out alive, let alone thrive and become famous.

The women on this list did just that. At one point in their lives they had no home and lived on the streets, in homeless shelters, or in cars. But now, all of the women on this list are rich, and are huge stars. Love these women or hate them, you have to respect their accomplishments.

Here is TheRichest’s list of 15 Female Stars Who Were Once Homeless.

15. Shania Twain


Shania is a well known Grammy award winner sometimes known as the “Queen of Country Music”  who was homeless with her mother and her siblings in Toronto when she was 14. They all stayed at a homeless shelter.  She was also homeless by herself when she was 16, and slept in a vacant house and on a bus. Shania is now worth a measly $350 million.

14. Jewel


Jewel is well known to all and was once one of the most popular singers in the world. She has won 4 Grammy awards and has sold around 27 million albums. For a time in the late 70’s she was homeless, and lived out of a van. She was only about 18 years old at the time. Her net worth is now around $30 million dollars.

13. Rose McGowan


Rose has always been a bit of a confusing figure to Hollywood. Rose is probably best known for the show Charmed but she has been a star of many movies and is now worth around $18 million bucks. But it hasn’t always been that way. At one point she was homeless in Portland, Oregon, where she slept on the street and in nightclubs.

12. Carmen Electra

Carmen was taken advantage of by a guy? How shocking. When Carmen was in her early 20s, she was homeless after her boyfriend at the time stole all her money. She was in Hollywood when this happened and has told reporters she just remembers sitting on benches crying because she didn’t know what to do, and because it was so hot. She seems to have recovered nicely.

11. Lil’ Kim

Lil’ Kim is well known to all as an actress. She also has had a bunch of platinum albums and she’s been on a lot of television shows. She is now worth around $18 million bucks. It wasn’t always that way though. She was born in “Bed Stuy,” (Bedford Stuyvesant) which is a bad neighborhood in New York, and at one point was living with her mother in a car and spent a lot of time homeless on the streets by herself as well.

10. Jennifer Lopez

Wait, say it aint so – J-Lo was homeless? How can a woman that hot, that talented, one who is now worth $300 million bucks, be homeless? Well she was homeless, but not in the streets. Jennifer moved out of her house at 18 because she and her mom were not getting along because of her desire to try and dance full time. She ended up sleeping on a cot for a while in a dance studio before finding success.

9. Natasha Lyonne


Natasha is back on top now but sadly she was homeless after she became famous. She was mostly well known for her roles in the American Pie films. She wound up disappearing for a while, then was found in a hospital under an assumed name, where she was suffering from Hepatitis C and was addicted to heroin.  She was homeless for a while, but seems to be doing okay now and has appeared in Orange is the New Black.

8. Heather Mills

Heather is known to most Beatles fans, but not very fondly. Heather sure has come a long way. She is the former wife of Paul McCartney. She asked for $125 million in the divorce settlement, and “only” got $50 million. She was homeless in a train station in England when she was 14 years old.

7. Traci Lords

An adult film star that had a rough upbringing? What a surprise! Traci is maybe the least surprising on this list. There is something about being an adult film star that makes others think you might have had it rough at some time in the past. If this is so then Traci is no exception. She was a runaway, before she was in the business sleeping under a bridge with other runaway youths.

6. Sonique

Sonique has been through a lot. While not known that well here in the States, she is well known in England, where she was born. She was left alone and homeless at the age of 16 when her mother decided that she was going to return to Trinidad. Sonique has also battled breast cancer, which she appears to have conquered.

5. June Fairchild


While most of the women on this list were homeless before they were famous, sadly June was homeless after she was well known. She was a famous actress who appeared in the  Cheech and Chong movie Up in Smoke and was once the live-in girlfriend of the lead singer of the band Three Dog Night. Drugs and partying eventually took their toll and June wound up homeless on Skid Row.

4. Lena Cardwell


Lena is an actress who has been in numerous movies, such as Jeepers Creepers. When she was a child, she and her mother went to New York to try to make it big, as Lena had displayed a lot of talent growing up. Things didn’t work out that great and they slept in subways and bus terminals. They supported themselves in part by Lena singing in the terminals for handouts.

3. Hilary Swank


Gorgeous Oscar winner Hilary Swank was homeless as a teenager. She and her mother moved to L.A with just 75 bucks in an attempt for Hilary to make it big. They slept in a car for a while until a friend gave them a place to stay. Looks like this seemingly crazy risk paid off for both of them.

2. Kelly Clarkson

Most people know Kelly as an incredibly popular singer who rose to fame on American Idol before winning Grammy awards. What most people don’t know is that she was homeless, although it was brief and because of a fire. She and her roommate slept in a car and in a homeless shelter after a fire forced them out of their apartment.  Her roommate, Janet Harvick, said “It was really, really rough because we had just moved here, and we had just moved in the day of the fire. We knew nobody here — I mean nobody, so the night of the fire, the next day, and night, we stayed in our car.”

1. Halle Berry


We all know Halle Berry. She is one of the world’s biggest stars and has appeared in numerous blockbuster movies and has been on the cover of many magazines. What a lot of us don’t know about Halle is that she was once homeless. Berry slept at a shelter in NYC after her mom refused to send her money.

“I probably was about 21. But a girl had to do what a girl had to do. You can do that when you’re 21 and ambitious, and your eyes are this big and you don’t want to go home,” she said. Halle is worth an estimated $70 to $80 million now.

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