15 Hot Celebrities You Don't Want To Sleep With

Normally, when you see a beautiful woman (or man depending on your preference) you can envision all kinds of carnal thoughts. When you see a sexy individual flaunting their goods, fantasies erupt. When you see a hot celebrity showing off their body, those thoughts go ten-fold. There is something special about imagining yourself mounting (or being mounted by) a beautiful celebrity. And when you delve deep into your thoughts, when you imagine yourself with that perfect 10, never does the idea that you could be contracting a STD come creeping into your mind.

We look at pictures of beautiful celebrities, their perfect airbrushed bodies, and never do we think about genital herpes. Disgusting bumpy sores spread like landmines throughout their pubic region isn’t exactly what anyone wants to envision when staring at a perfectly seductive body. Although that is always a possibility with someone you don’t really know, it is not the first thought when we stare at scantily-dressed beauties posing in bikinis and lingerie. But it is a fact of life that some celebrities have STD’s. STD’s come in all kinds of forms and it can be devastating when you are with a partner who doesn’t inform you they have an STD (See Charlie Sheen as “The Current Rule”).

So now, we break the terrible news of 15 Hot Celebrities You Don’t Want To Sleep With.

15 Jessica Alba - Herpes

14 Paris Hilton - Herpes

13 Scarlett Johansson - Herpes

12 Britney Spears - Herpes

11 Jessica Biel - Herpes

10 Pamela Anderson – Hepatitis-C and Herpes

9 Mariah Carey - Herpes

8 David Beckham – Herpes

7 Alyssa Milano - Herpes

6 Kristanna Loken - Herpes

5 Lindsay Lohan – Herpes (at minimum)

4 Derek Jeter - Herpes

3 Trey Songz - Crabs

2 Magic Johnson - HIV

1 Janet Jackson - Herpes

A Jackson finally makes an appearance on the list. The embarrassing nature of this is that Janet is easily the hottest female Jackson and back in the late 80s and early 90s was killing it. She was pumping out hit after hit and was on top of her game until she let Justin Timberlake expose her boob on live television during the Superbowl halftime show. The stunt caused all kinds of problems. It also seemed to put a fork in Jackson’s career which nosedived from that point on. She just hasn’t been the same since JT pulled her pasty off. As for her STD? Jackson was so embarrassed by contracting herpes that she was getting prescriptions for her medication under her chef’s name. When her chef found out, he sued her. The legal issues were cleared up, however, Jackson won’t be so lucky with the herp. That’s forever.


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15 Hot Celebrities You Don't Want To Sleep With