15 Hot Celebrities Who'll Gross You Out With Their Disgusting Habits

Ready to take a look at some celebs who have the nastiest and most dangerous habits? We bring this up because their bad habits are going to be responsible for horrible ageing and appearance in a few years. And don’t let their current appearance and attractiveness fool you - with the amount of smoking, drinking, and LACK of bathing that these celebrities do, they’ll be looking awful in no time at all. So let’s get ready for our list of 15 Hot Celebrities Who’ll Definitely Age Badly.

We’ve already seen celebs who have gone from hotties with bodies to oldies that reek of grossness. For example, supermodel Kate Moss was the face and body of “heroin chic” back in the 1990s. All that drug use and cigarette smoking has made her skin to be wrinkly, grey, and gross. Another example is Keith Richards, once again a celeb who took to drug and alcohol use and went to the extreme. It is so important that people take care of themselves, and we know that it is easy to assume that just because you look and feel good now, you might think you don’t need to. The truth is, however, that making smart choices now will benefit your health in the future.


15 Elon Musk

The 45-year-old Elon Musk sort of has an excuse for his bad habit, but it’s going to cost him greatly. The businessman and engineer has made a name for himself at Tesla Motors, where he branched off and created his own enterprise: SpaceX. Elon was also a co-founder for PayPal, so he’s a pretty busy dude. That is why he drinks way too much caffeine. In fact, his main beverage choices are diet Cokes and cups and cups of coffee. All that caffeine can’t be good for him. Too much caffeine can cause an increased heart rate, anxiety, depression, trouble sleeping, and more. Those risky behaviors can add up to make the 45-year-old look a lot older than he is. He actually has a good deal of life ahead of him, but if he keeps this up, he’ll look awful in a decade.

14 Jessica Simpson


If you thought that her deliberation over whether Chicken of the Sea was chicken or tuna was outrageous, then you’ll be horrified at her tooth-brushing habits. In short, she has none. That’s right, Jessica Simpson even stated on the Ellen Degeneres Show that she does not brush her teeth often, just about three times a week. A WEEK. Rather, Jessica sometimes uses a shirt because when she brushes her teeth they get “too slippery.” Ellen was grossed out by this, as any normal person would be, but Jessica tried to make it sound not as bad by saying that she does use Listerine mouth wash and she flosses. Sorry, but we’re not buying it. That kind of dismissal for the importance of oral hygiene is going to have her wearing dentures before she hits 50 years old. And that will age her a lot. We wonder if Nick Lachey knew about this?

13 Colin Farrell

The 40-year-old Irish actor is already starting to show his age, but if he continues his gross smoking habit, then in another 10 years he will be utterly unrecognizable. Colin Farrell is a heavy smoker, and about 11 years ago he actually had to go to a rehab facility to battle his substance abuse and drug addiction. Seriously overusing painkillers and recreational drugs, Colin had a lot of inner demons to face, and we hope that he is off of those substances for good. While he can still be found with cigarettes, we encourage him in staying away from other stuff. Even so, all of that drug use is coming back to haunt him, and if he had been clean his whole life, he would probably be looking like he was in his thirties right now, not his fifties. We’ll let you be the judge though. Check him out in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

12 Kendra Wilkinson


How long will Kendra Wilkinson be able to use plastic surgery to cover up the ageing process? We shall see, as the Girls Next Door star continues to primp and pamper herself with cosmetic treatments. While plastic surgery for cosmetic and personal preferences are fairly new, we do not know what to expect when clients become senior citizens. Well, we can think of one example: Dolly Parton. So if you want to look old as dirt but with a weird waxy veneer of youthfulness, go for it Kendra. Even so, that probably won’t disguise the facts that the actress has poor personal hygiene. She allegedly opts out of showers if she can. Ewwww. You’d be surprised just how many celebs deem themselves too high and mighty for a good soap scrubbing, and Kendra is definitely one of them.

11 Megan Fox

Transformers actress Megan Fox just welcomed her third baby into the world, along with her ex-husband Brian Austin Green and their other two kids. Megan still looks pretty good, but as a mother of three, she is going to have even more stress in her life. This wouldn’t be a huge deal, except for the fact that Megan is a big ol’ slob. She reportedly doesn’t clean her house, sometimes “forgets” to flush the toilet, and just leaves her personal belongings lying around. Come on - not flushing the toilet?! That’s disgusting, and all of that stagnant nasty water is bound to penetrate the air they’re all breathing. We hope that Megan has some kind of cleaning service to come in and tidy up, and that she pays them extremely well.

10 Robert Pattinson


Okay, so get this: half the time Robert Pattinson was working on the Twilight saga, he was “wasted.” That’s what he said himself, and we’re going to believe him. Moreover, this guy is not a clean dude. He goes weeks without washing his hair, and he prefers NOT to clean his apartment. He’s said that about himself as well. So, with Robert’s tendencies to blatantly ignore his living environment AND his personal health and hygiene, we would say that he is on the fast track to some ugly ageing. Just because someone is young and gorgeous right now, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have to invest in their health. Just look at Jennifer Aniston: she has taken care of herself and now she is middle-aged and FAB. We think that Robert Pattinson will end up looking drugged or boozed out within the next 5 to 10 years unless he makes some ch-ch-changes.

9 Victoria Beckham

Don’t get us wrong; Victoria Beckham is beautiful, but she is way too thin and fragile. She has been battling with criticisms over her weight and appearance for years now, but at 42 years of age, it is important that she take care of her body and get the proper nourishment or else she’s going to get pre-onset osteoporosis. That is when the bones become so brittle and fragile that you’re highly susceptible to fractures and broken bones, not to mention pain. The former Spice Girl has always been petite and very slender, but we think that she looked so much better in the 1990s when she was at a healthier weight and didn’t look so gaunt. There’s nothing attractive about looking like a skeleton. We fear that if Victoria doesn’t start nourishing herself and taking care, she may end up like a shrivelled old lady that needs to be pushed around in a wheelchair. But hey, it’s her life.


8 Brooke Hogan


It’s kind of hard to believe that Brooke Hogan is now 28 years old. About 10 years ago, we got to meet Brooke while her father, pro wrestler Hulk Hogan, was trying out a VH1 reality show, Hogan Knows Best. She loved to sing and dance, and she was solidly built with a female figure. She even got to record some songs, like “About Us.” And then she disappeared from the spotlight for a while. Whenever she does happen to show up, she looks like the poster child for too much tanning. All that sun exposure is going to make her skin all leathery, and she’ll start looking crinkly and crusty like her mom (no offense, Linda Bollea.)

7 Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld, you’re only 19 years old! Please stop smoking! The actress is barely of age to smoke, and yet she has been spotted by the paparazzi with cigs on hand in various locations. It looks as though this young starlet is developing a very nasty habit; one that could jeopardize her health, good looks, and singing voice before she knows it. As most of us know, Hailee was a force of nature in the film Pitch Perfect 2, in which she got to show off her natural singing talents. During the process of filming the movie, she was even signed by a record label. Go, Hailee! Now, if we could just get you to drop the cigarettes, you’d really be in business. Just so you know, it doesn’t make you look older or cooler or more mature. It makes you stinky and raspy and unable to hit those high notes.

6 Orlando Bloom


The 39-year-old actor used to be with Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, but she couldn’t take it anymore. You know why? Because Orlando Bloom has a nasty little habit of wearing the same clothes for days at a time. Without washing them, people! In fact, he rarely showers, and he prefers to just roll out of bed and get the show on the road. No wonder he and Miranda broke up. Now Orlando has been dating superstar artist Katy Perry, and the two seem to be having fun together. Remember, this is the woman who married Russell Brand, another grimy-looking actor. Recently, Orlando and Katy took a vacation together to France, where they were being “all natural.” Erm...

5 Amanda Bynes

It’s hard to believe that child actress Amanda Bynes is now 30 years old. Does that mean that she will adopt a more mature attitude and clean up her act? We hope so! Amanda’s adult past has been riddled with drinking and substance abuse. The actress’ career pretty much dried out as she kept racking up charges for driving under the influence and other risky behaviors. Now that her wild 20s are gone, we do hope that her 30s will be a blank slate for her to create a new life. We’ve watched Amanda grow up in the public eye, and sometimes that wasn’t pretty. We saw her looking disheveled and intoxicated and grungy. Yet is seems that nowadays she is trying her darndest to make a new living. A source close to her says she is now pursuing fashion. If her designs are anything like her acting, she could be in business.

4 Kesha


Anyone could tell you that Kesha does way too much partying. That is what her entire music career is about! Granted, Kesha knows that she is a bit much, and that is all part of her charm. She is using her music to poke fun at herself, and if you watch her music videos and listen to the lyrics, you can tell that she is doing a lot of stuff in jest. Still, it makes us think that Kesha could be pushing things too far with this “party girl” lifestyle. Drinking booze in the mornings and staying out all night seems like it would take a toll on anyone - even wild child Kesha. Yet she doesn’t appear to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, she was recently spotted in a Detroit entertainment hall, partaking in bad karaoke and putting on a show for the crowd.

3 Katherine Heigl

Right now, Katherine Heigl is 37 years old and the actress is expecting a new baby soon. Hopefully that means that she has cut back or quit her bad habit of smoking. She started when she was just 20 years old, so that’s nearly two decades of soot and grime and cancerous substances clogging up her lungs and airways. Not only that, but do you know that side effects of smoking? Brittle hair and nails, yellow skin and nails, premature wrinkles, and a gnarly rancid stench. Gross! It’s a wonder that Katherine gets film roles. We really hope that she’ll kick the habit especially with baby number three on the way! Although that gets us thinking if she smoked during her other pregnancies? It seems that these days, Katherine is more of a matriarch than an actress. Her last big acting gigs were The Big Wedding and a canceled TV series, State of Affairs.

2 Snooki


Well, this one is pretty obvious. With the partying lifestyle that fills Snooki’s days, she is bound to have some rough nights. And all of those rough nights will translate into an ageing process that is none too pretty. Snooki’s probably already using loads of cover-up for tired eyes. We will give Snooki some credit and say that she has been doing better things ever since her stint on the Jersey Shore. When she was on the MTV reality show, it was all booze, nightclubs, and late nights. Now Snooki is working on a show called Nicole and Jionni’s Shore Flip, in which Snooki and her hubby try their hand at being house flippers. What they do is buy homes along the Jersey Shore and renovate and remodel them to look gorgeous. Does it work? Not all the time, and there are certainly bumps along the way, but hey, at least they’re doing something productive.

1 Charlotte Crosby

Did you know that the United Kingdom had their own version of Jersey Shore? Geordie Shore was the U.K. spin-off, and one of the contestants was Charlotte Crosby. She was working as a model and fitness trainer when she decided to go on the show. She was definitely one of the hottest female contestants, but an inside source said that Charlotte had some nasty persona habits. She has been known to pee the bed as an adult, plus she rarely cleans her sheets. Leftover food, makeup, and self-tanner were all spread out on the linens, and it seriously grossed out the other people on Geordie Shore. In fact, some of the other contestants were reported as saying that Charlotte’s bed looked like some sort of monster from hell.

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