15 Horrible Freak Accidents Caused By Random Things

There's no way of preventing an accident, that's why it's called an accident and not an on purpose. They happen whether you like it or not and as much as we don't want them to, they sometimes turn out deadly. In a world so advanced compared to a hundred years ago, you wouldn't think such tragedies could still occur. Then again, the light bulb only came to be 150 years ago. That means it took thousands of years to invent it and we've only actually had it for a short couple of years. You can also separate accidents into different categories. Accidents caused by people, caused by malfunctions, weather, animals— the list can go on. Someone could accidentally bump you into an aisle of glassware. A machine could snag the zipper on your coat and suck you into it. Lightning could strike down on you at any moment. And an animal... well, obviously you know what will happen if you're somehow in the same place as a hungry lion. They happen everyday and they can be anything from bad to worse. The only thing you can do is hope is that you come out a better person from it... or just alive. Yeah, you don't really want to end up dead fighting a vending machine. Here are 15 horrible, random accidents you'll be glad didn't happen to you.

15 Ever Been Trapped In An Elevator?


One of the greatest and most overlooked inventions in the world. It's amazing how something so helpful can make you feel so lazy at the same time. You know that thought process, when you hit the button and wait, then you see the sign for the stairs and wonder if you should use them instead, but you already hit the button so it could almost be there. Almost everyone has felt the shame while waiting for those doors to open.

Unfortunately, this particular Chinese lady should have taken the stairs. You're probably thinking of something gory, where someone's head gets trapped between the doors and the elevator starts to move, but it was actually much simpler than that, despite it being just as awful. The shaft needed maintenance and was to be closed for a month. Everything would have been fine had the maintenance crew run a proper inspection before shutting off the power. The woman was trapped inside the elevator the whole time. Witnesses say her hands were disfigured from trying to escape and she likely starved to death.

14 The Murphy Bed

It seems impossible for something you relax in at the end of every day to harm you. Especially when advertisers are constantly bringing up new life-changing products to improve your sleep. We've evolved from flopping onto a hay stack to sinking into a mattress that can mould around your body shape. Night was really starting to look bright; at least for most people.

That wasn't the case for two sisters on vacation in Spain. The hotel they were staying at used murphy beds, the kind that fold up into a dresser to make your room bigger during the day. Except their bed did the opposite of folding up, it folded down onto them. This caused the sisters to be trapped and suffocate to death.

13 Take Caution While Walking

It's physically impossible to go a day without walking somewhere. To the bathroom, to the kitchen, or to casually walk by the new attractive receptionist at work. Of course there are the few who don't, like people in wheelchairs or the severely obese and bed-ridden. Even then, being stuck in one place for very long can't be a good idea.

This is straight out of a Final Destination movie. A married couple in Oakland were taking a stroll down the street when a SUV swerved off the road and knocked a fire hydrant out of place. The hydrant then sprung into the air and hit the husband in the head, killing him. The police say if he were only one foot forward or back from where he was, the accident could've been avoided. Who would've guessed that walking one extra step was all it took to save your life?

12 Death By Garbage


Nobody likes to take out the trash. With it comes a long list of prep work; putting a new bag in the bin, tying up the full bag, putting on your shoes, going outside and lifting that nasty, fly-riddled lid— and god forbid you run into someone you know in the process. It's one of those things that's easier left to the very last possible minute— and hopefully someone else does the task before you get to it or until you've stuffed so much that you can't stuff anymore.

It was a bit of a different case for a Palatine man who believed he accidentally threw his cell phone away in the trash shoot of his condominium. In the basement, he climbed the side of the dumpster, looking inside for any signs of his phone, when debris came down from above and forced him into the bin. His weight triggered any person's worst nightmare— it turned on the compactor. Crushing him to death. Makes you wonder if taking out the trash really is the worst thing to do.

11 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished?


Whether you donate a dollar or avoid eye contact with the salvation army veteran, almost everyone believes either good or bad karma will come out of it. There are all sorts of ways to participate too. You can make it a selfie event where you show yourself donating blood. Or many a simple act like giving your change to the McDonald's cashier for the Ronald McDonald House. You can do it without even realizing you did.

Things happened a bit differently for a man in Pemberton. He was found dead, partially lodged in a one-way clothing donation bin. The kind with a trap door that prevents you from taking things out. It's unclear whether he'd donated something he wasn't supposed to or whether he was simply trying to steal, but let's just assume this was a case of bad karma for an immoral thief... really bad karma.

10 My Pet Is Cooler Than Your Pet


For a lot of obvious reasons, the most demanding pet as a kid has always been a cat or dog (if we're talking about traditional pets). But due to allergies and unwilling parents, most had to settle with a fish or if they were lucky, a hamster. Fish are simple creatures, they require cleaning only once a month and food twice a day. The only downside is their short life span, which if you're dealing with kids, isn't a good thing.

Then again, for a fisherman in Tanzania, having his fish die of natural causes would've been good enough. Unfortunately for him, the fish he had managed to fling itself into his mouth! The fish then was able to make its way down his throat and into the man's chest, slowly killing him. Talk about goldfish being easy first pets.

9 Escalator Swallows Woman


People argue escalators are a lot different than elevators. At least with escalators you can walk up or down them, so you're not a total couch potato. They came into play a lot later than elevators and exist in most malls today. Which is where this tragic accident happened.

A mother in China was riding up an escalator with her son when the top floor panel gave way. The mother threw her son to safety but was unfortunately pulled underneath and killed in the mechanical components that rotate the stairs. On top of the horrific tragedy, which was caught on tape and plastered all over social media, it took four hours for firefighters to locate what remained of the mother's body. Makes you want to start using the elevator... or let's just stick to the stairs altogether.

8 On The Job


It gives us the power to spend money on things that we don't really need. Working is a part of life. As soon as you're old enough, your parents encourage you to find a job. Some people enjoy their jobs so much that they don't even go to college and work their way up in the company. For the other 99% of people, that's not how it went down.

For a 24-year-old woman in Indonesia, work was her life, literally. After tweeting about her record-breaking 30-hour-shift, she fell into a coma and later died. During that insane work shift, the woman was basically surviving on Thai Red Bull and no sleep. It's unclear whether she enjoyed the work or not, due to the constant posts on social media bragging about her long work streaks. Let's just agree it probably wasn't worth dying over.

7 Next Stop, The Afterlife


Nobody gets excited about having to take the bus. Driving, taking a cab or even walking seem less daunting. With the growing population and little work available, people can't afford such luxuries and are forced to commute. However, that doesn't mean you need to see the estranged woman clipping her toenails in the seat across from you. It sucks, but beggars can't be choosers.

For a bus driver in Thailand, he didn't make it passed the first stop. In fact, he didn't even make it out of the depot. While entering or exiting the bus, police are unsure what led up to the accident, the automatic door malfunctioned and shut on his throat. With no emergency buttons or mechanisms, he choked to death and was found still stuck in the door hours later. As if taking the bus wasn't hard enough already.

6 Don't Force It


It could be the first thing you do when you wake up or the last thing you do before going to bed, either way, everyone uses it. The toilet is a beacon of hope after a night out drinking or an evening of eating Mexican food. It's surprising how un-worshipped this everyday necessity is. Then again, it's a toilet. Nobody thinks about it too hard unless they're writing some sort of article about it...

Oddly enough, someone famous is known for having experience a not so pleasant fate while on the can. It could be stipulation, but no one ever really found out the truth. In 1977, Elvis Presley was found collapsed on his bathroom floor. He had his pants down and was laying in his own vomit. One of the theories explaining the cause of his death was— and this is not a joke— from straining too hard while on the toilet. Apparently, you can die from trying too hard to poop. Hopefully that's not the case here.

5 Cell Phone Shocks


Imagine a world without cell phones. Can't? That's understandable, because apparently there are more cell phones than actual people in the world. Cell phones have become a huge advantage in the world we perceive today. They save hundreds of lives every year and to think how much help they would've been in some blockbuster movies. Take any cabin horror movie to date and throw in a cell phone. Probably wouldn't be as good on Rotten Tomatoes, but at least it would be more realistic.

A teenage girl in China was found dead next to her cell phone. She had burns all over her body, but it was not caused by a fire. Apparently her phone charger, which was not built by the same company of the phone, electrocuted her in her sleep. So it may be hard to imagine a world without cell phones, but how about at least imagining them a few more feet away?

4 Don't Drop Your Change At The Drive-Thru


It seems like an American pastime, the drive-thru. When you're too lazy to cook or simply craving a bacon-covered something, there's only one place to go. The best part is, most are open twenty-four hours. So even after a night out with the guys, you know there's a feast waiting for you not too far away.

For one 19-year-old, his time at a fast food restaurant turned out to be a bit slow. As he approached the window to pay, he'd dropped some change out of the window. So instead of putting the gear in park, he stepped on the break and reached out. Then the worst happened, his foot slipped onto the accelerator and his head was pinned against the drive-thru wall and his car. When bystanders were finally able to get to him, he was not breathing and quickly taken to the hospital. Luckily for him he survived, but it's likely he'll be going inside for food from now on.

3 Achoo!


People seem to underestimate how irritating sneezing can be. So it may not be a runny nose or dry throat, but it's definitely up there. Whether it be from a long lingering cold or incurable allergies, everyone has experienced a sneeze before. Dying from a sneeze, well that's a whole different story.

A seventeen-year-old boy sneezed six times in a row. Shortly after, the boy suffered from a seizure. His mother had to call for an ambulance after her son started complaining of pain and began vomiting. Unfortunately, the young boy died four days later in the hospital. It's said that the cause of his death was a brain hemorrhage that was most likely due to all the sneezing.

2 Knives Pointing Down - Always


A big cause for over-eating and hurting the environment is dishes. You heard right. See, because of dishes, people would rather go out and eat unhealthy things than make a mess in their kitchen that they'd have to clean up later. They'd also rather use paper plates and cups, if it means not having to wash a dang fork. They tried to help us by inventing the dishwasher, but even that became a nuisance after people realized it didn't do all the work for you.

For a 31-year-old woman in Lanarkshire, doing the dishes became her undoing. While filling the dishwasher, the woman decided it was best to place the silverware pointy-end up. Which turned out to be a very bad decision when she slipped and fell directly on them. Impaling herself with knives. Whatever happened to good deeds go unpunished?

1 Man's Best Friend?


Disclaimer: all of you men best sit down while reading this one...

You may think you know what man's best friend is. You're imagining a fuzzy creature that barks at you and licks you and rubs up against you, but in this situation, man has another best friend. It's a part of him that nothing can replace. Not even with a dog.

A paralyzed man adopted a dog and, for the first three weeks, everything was going great. Until one morning, when he woke up and saw that his new best friend had blood on his nose. Upon seeking the source, the man must have been horrified to discover that the blood came from one of his testicles, which the dog ate! After a trip to the hospital, he decided that solitude was better than friendship and returned the dog.


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