15 Hollywood Men Who Are Real Douchebags

Some people have a tough exterior, but then you break through it and you realize that they’re not so bad after all. And then there are other people who prove time and time again that they are huge jerks and there is no changing their immature and bratty behavior. That is what it’s like for the guys on our list of 15 Hollywood Men Who Are Real Douchebags. Now we know that there are many tabloid and gossip magazines out there that will look like they are real jerks, but then you meet them or hear stories from other celebs about they’re best friends and all. Well, for these 15 guys, that isn’t the case!

There are a few key reasons why people can be complete and utter douchebags. For one, it might be that they are so insecure and down on themselves that they put up a wall of bad attitude and immature behavior. Other people are bitter about something or jealous of a co-star; that can cause a lot of douchey things to happen. And others just feel so egoistic that all they can think about is themselves. We imagine that this would be rather easy to do in Hollywood, when people are fawning over you and primping your hair and clothes everywhere you go. We’ll see a combination of these qualities in our list below, but that doesn’t give these guys the right to be complete a-holes to other people. Some of these dudes have even abused the people who are close to them! That’s a serious problem!


15 Christian Bale

Perhaps Christian Bale’s most iconic moment as a Hollywood douchebag was when he lashed out at a crew member on the set of Terminator Salvation in 2009. That poor Director of Photography was criticized and screamed at by Bale, for no apparent reason. Seriously, the guy was just standing there and doing his job. Bale threatened to have the guy thrown out and fired, but would Bale even have that kind of power or authority? Sounds like someone is a bit of an egomaniac! Whether he was joking or shining some light on his true demeanor, Bale was quoted as saying “If everyone really knew what a jerk I am in real life, I wouldn’t be so adored in the slightest.” Well, hold up! Who said you were adored? Family doesn’t count! Another interesting tidbit: Bale said he has a love/hate relationship with acting. He’s basically in it for the money.

14 Chris Brown


There is no denying that Chris Brown is one of the biggest male jerks in the public sphere. He was in the news a lot for domestic violence charges, both against his ex-girlfriend Rihanna and another former girlfriend, Kehlani. He also made a really rude and derogatory remark to his fellow passengers on a flight, proclaiming that he paid thousands of dollars to fly and that he owns the “plane and everyone in it.” Get out of here, Chris! In another incident, Chris was caught using homophobic slurs on social media, and he was previously involved in a fight against another guy while punching him and using gay slurs. Chris Brown has some serious anger issues, and not only that, but he seems to lack respect for everyone. He was even quoted as saying that he is a jerk, but “f**k it, I’ve got money.” Wow, what a prince.

13 Mike Myers

For a guy who has established himself as one of the most famous comedic actors, Mike Myers is disproportionately douchey compared to his on-screen characters. Sure, Shrek was mean, but he turned around in the end. Mike Myers is said to be nearly impossible to work with, bad at taking direction, and that he rarely gives his directors or co-stars the attention they need to film scenes. For some weird reason, Myers has a thing about making eye contact with people, which makes it really hard to get things done on set. Obviously. Sometimes, Myers would refuse to work altogether. He seems to choose to participate in a scene only when he feels like it. He also demands that certain amenities be provided for him on set, such as food and trailer accessories. Ugh, can we give a big eye roll, please? This guy really sounds like a total tool.

12 Tiger Woods


Well, this one is definitely a no-brainer. Tiger Woods ended up giving in to a “sex addiction” and cheating on his wife. Not with one, or two, or even three women, but with numerous women. Even Tiger’s ex-coach, Hank Haney, said that Tiger doesn’t try to be a jerk, but he is nonetheless. And there you have it. The guy just can’t help it, huh? Even in 2016, Tiger is still making headlines for being a total douchebag. He was at a golf tournament and spotted another golfer, who was from Korea. Tiger had heard that this particular golfer had been in the tabloids (possibly for an affair,) so what does Tiger do? He makes a sex joke, of course, and asks if the golfer is “getting a lot of ass.” That’s pretty darn despicable, and we can totally see why this guy’s wife left him for good. We honestly don’t know if his image can be repaired.

11 Chevy Chase

Chevy Chase started out as a comedic actor, and then he just turned into a complete a**hole. There was that time that he made everyone on Saturday Night Live angry by making insensitive and downright hurtful jokes. In fact, Chevy Chase seems to have made it his personal mission to use his humor to hurt others. In fact, other actors and actresses who have worked with Chevy Chase have said that he was very disrespectful and lacked a sense of honesty. Hmm, it looks as though common courtesy just isn’t his thing. When he divorced his wife, Jacqueline Carlin, he said he used a “blame the b**ch” strategy to get her out of his hair. Wow. Chevy Chase also developed a reputation for fighting with male celebs as well. In an incident with Bill Murray, some words were exchanged, and things actually got physical between them. This guy will never learn.

10 Ashton Kutcher


Actor Ashton Kutcher may be a cutie, but he is known for being rude to fans and lashing out at other celebrities. It’s all in a day’s work. He was married to Demi Moore for six years, but she just had to get out of that relationship. Good for her, because Ashton continued to allow his career and public image go down the toilet. Ashton was accused of cheating on his wife with a number of mistresses, and then he posted his approval of a coach who was involved in a sex-abuse scandal. What? Oh, and let’s not forget that Ashton was the first celeb to join Twitter, and he has been using it to promote his own agenda and backwards thinking, as well as slamming other celebrities. For being so outspoken online, he is very quiet and dismissive of his (dwindling) fans. Very soon you won’t have any, Ashton!

9 Spencer Pratt

If you were a fan of the MTV series The Hills, then you know about Spencer Pratt. This dude tried to say that he was being a jerk for the cameras, and that the producers of the show told him to be a douche, but how much of that can you fake? We’re sure that he was exaggerating a bit of his douchery, but in real life, he seems to exhibit the same kind of behavior. Every time that we see Spencer on the silver screen, he seems to be acting in a way that makes him look like an immature jackass. We want to believe that he isn’t as terrible in real life, but this track record of being a douchebag keeps adding up. A source from The Hills set said that Spencer had threatened a female crew member, which seriously endangered his role on the show. He was allegedly told to enrolled in anger management classes before returning to work.


8 John Mayer


Okay, there is no denying this one, because John Mayer himself has admitted to being a huge douchebag to his ex-girlfriends. So there you have it, folks. For a bit more background information, we will elaborate. John Mayer has backstabbed and bad-mouthed his exes, including Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston. He equated Jessica to drug use, and he strongly suggested that Jen is a dimwit who has no idea how to use modern technology. Ouch, what a jerk, John! He has also written about some of his ex-girlfriends in his songs, but didn’t notify them at all. He also referred to his past relationships in terms of “f**king” and he was even nicknamed “King Douche” after the whole incident with Katy Perry (they had a very public split.) And of course, John Mayer dated and broke up with Taylor Swift, so he will forever be remembered as a bad guy.

7 Russell Crowe

All right, so we have the scoop on Russell Crowe from a fellow actor: George Clooney. Allegedly, Crowe is a total petty name-caller who is always trying to pick fights with others. Sounds charming, no? No. Crowe was also called out when he just stormed out of the room during an interview. He was asked about his acting in a particular film, and he got offended and just left; couldn’t even take it like a mature adult. Crowe also used profanity during a radio interview, which was a really bad move. So many people heard him and he has since solidified himself as one of the brattiest adult celebrities in Hollywood. Seriously, there is probably almost no one who would like to work with him. Certainly not George Clooney, who claims that Crowe verbally lashed out at him for no reason at all. Clearly Crowe has some anger issues to sort out.

6 James Franco


Actor James Franco may be cute and funny on the big screen, but when the cameras stop rolling, he is like a totally different person. According to several sources, James Franco is a jerk, a tool, and an utter douchebag. There was also that high-profile incident about 2 years ago when Lindsay Lohan talked about sleeping with James Franco. So what did James do? Well, instead of being mature and just turning the other cheek, he decided to get back at Lohan with his very own written essay. Yup. In it, he describes how broken Lohan is and how she ruined her career and how she is desperate for the attention so she won’t stop her risky behavior. He details her shortcomings and personal struggles and then acts like he cares about her. And then he writes how she was obsessed with him. It’s pretty despicable stuff, and guaranteed to make you angry.

5 Val Kilmer

Hah, get this! Val Kilmer was riding on an American Airlines flight when one of the passengers called him a “pompous jerk.” It was only a short flight from New York to D.C., too. It looks like Kilmer feels a bit high and mighty, and that egomania has gotten to him. That is what plants him on our list of biggest celebrity douchebags. Apparently, Kilmer goes around with a personal assistant, who has to do everything for him. This includes organizing his travel, opening doors for him, and even ordering his food and drink because Kilmer refuses to acknowledge or talk to other “lesser” people. Wow, that’s terrible. What happened to the hero we saw in Willow? It looks like those days are long gone for the actor, and if he doesn’t lighten up soon, he will forever be remembered as a cranky old guy with a huge chip on his shoulder.

4 Hugh Hefner


Hello?! How could a crusty old man who is the king of the Playboy Mansion not be a complete douche? Hugh Hefner was even exposed in a memoir from one of his Playmates, Holly Madison. In the book, she writes that Hefner would pressure the girls to look their best and he even offered them drugs so that they would be less inhibited and more open to having sex with him. Hefner was also a guy who liked group sex and orgies, so the Playboy Mansion was always hosting those sorts of escapades. Hefner had no shame about masturbating in front of the girls, and he actually looked down on them if they didn’t join him (so most of them pretended.) Hefner has also been shown in numerous photographs to be posing inappropriately with the Playmates, sometimes having them dress up and wear collars and leashes. Are you feeling sick yet?

3 Kanye West

Ah yes, Kanye West. The expert at the male “Resting B***h Face” and the most publicized celebrity douchebag in the world. In fact, Kanye West has pretty much made his living off of being a total pain in the butt, and he wants to keep it that way. There was his widely famous interruption of Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, and then he almost did the exact same thing to Beck at the Grammy Awards a few years later. Kanye also gets angry easily, and he is known for lashing out at the paparazzi, everyday people on the street...pretty much anyone who looks at him the wrong way. We honestly have no idea how he is even married (but then again, he is married to Kim Kardashian who is not exactly the brightest crayon in the box.) As much as we want Kanye to be nice, he just isn’t.

2 Alec Baldwin


We thought that actor Alec Baldwin said that he was taking a permanent break from the public eye. What happened to that? Maybe he wasn’t done acting like an immature brat. This guy is definitely a douchebag in real life; there is no faking this amount of douchery. In 2014, Baldwin wrote a piece for New York Magazine in which he blamed the general public for making him act like a complete and utter jerk. Wow, what a jerk thing to do. Baldwin’s past antics have included a rant filled with racial slurs and hate, personal and direct hits at other celebrities (complete with insults about their acting abilities,) and a whole slew of name-calling, both at the rich and famous and the more average folks. Basically, Baldwin just wants to live in a huge mansion - one that is gated off of course - and have all his luxurious things and live in peace, away from any human beings.

1 Charlie Sheen

For years now, Charlie Sheen has been on a downward spiral to the pits of hell. At least, that is what it feels like! Charlie Sheen has been called out for his histrionics and spats throughout the years, such as his Twitter rants and disses to other celebs and his rampant insults and offensive language at women. For example, he “accidentally” shot Kelly Preston, who was his fiancee, and while married to Donna Peele, he was sleeping around with a female escort. When Denise Richards was married to Charlie Sheen, he would threaten to beat her up on a regular basis. They divorced and then Charlie married Brooke Mueller. The couple had two kids whom Charlie lost custody of for his dangerous antics. Charlie Sheen had also overdosed on cocaine and suffered a stroke. Now he’s waiting in limbo with no hope in sight. He’s been idle for the past three years.

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